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Rayek tr'Lhoell:
USS Amalthea Welcome and Recognition Board
Welcome to the USS Amalthea.

You can access the ship's roster here.

This thread is for you, the crew, to welcome new crewmates to the station and to recognize positive qualities of a players posts - whether it be a nifty piece of technobabble or an innovative solution during the mission, feel free to post it here!

We start this simm off with Captain Tess t'Lhoell as the USS Amalthea's Commanding Officer and with myself,  Commander Rayek tr'Lhoell, as her Executive Officer.

As my first act of welcoming, allow me to introduce to you Ensign Mas Molane, the Amalthea's Chief Engineer (given our crew is made up of mostly Cadets and new Ensigns.)

Also welcome Ensign Verlok, one of the ship's junior science officers.

I look forward simming with you all.

Mas Molane:
I am excited that we shall soon begin our adventures.  :-)

It is agreeable to be here.

Tess tLhoell:
Thank you Rayek for setting this up! :) Welcome to both of you, I'm excited to get started!

And please also give a warm welcome to Ensign Ora Loxis who will join us on our adventures!

Mas Molane:
Welcome, Ora!  :-)


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