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Tess t'Lhoell
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Personnel File: Tess t'Lhoell

Personal details

Basic profile

Name: Tess'ana t'Lhoell (née Skúyanhjin; adopted Moreno)
Date of Birth: January 7th, 2369 (30)
Gender: female
Species: Ba'ku
Height: 1.68 m
Weight: slender
Hair color: black
Eye color: blue
Additional features: none
Family status: married (husband: Commander Rayek tr'Lhoell - engaged: July 17th, 2397; married: January 2nd, 2398)
Children: Fvienn Talen ir'Katra tr'Lhoell (born October 17th, 2398)

  • Mother: Ehak'la Skúyanhjin (deceased)
  • Father: Ishto Skúyanhjin (deceased)
  • Brother(s): Rahúl Skúyanhjin (older brother), Benjin Moreno (Skúyanhjin) (younger brother), Tamonar Skúyanhjin (oldest brother; Son'a (Tolun))
  • Adoptive father: Lt. Fabiano Moreno

Early life
Tess was born as a Ba'ku. Her mother died when she gave birth to her younger brother Benjin. From then on she lived with her father and her brothers. She was six years old, when VA Dougherty tried to help the Son'a carry out their plan for forced displacement of the Ba'ku from their planet. Lt. Fabiano Moreno, who was assigned for many years at the cultural observation post on Ba'ku, was one of the Starfleet officers, who supported Cpt. Picard and his crew to spare them the experience of forced displacement.

After the incident was over, Lt. Moreno asked for permission to stay on Ba'ku for further studies of the Ba'ku's development, culture, language and lifestyle, which he was granted, after he agreed to live like a Ba'ku and integrate into their community. Tess though, being a curious girl, kept asking him about the technological stuff. There was not one day, she wouldn't drill him with questions. Moreno told her everything she wanted to know, but never violated the rules of the community. Though the bond of friendship was formed between the little girl and Moreno, who became Ish'to's close friend too.

About a year later, Tess' father died and Moreno adopted Tess and her brothers.
As she grew up, her interest in technology increased and she would try to build technological things she heard of from Lt. Moreno. The Ba'ku weren't pleased and Moreno never got tired of telling her to stop it. Tess' older brother Rahúl always got angry, when Tess chattered on about technological things or even tried to build them. It made him furious, the shock of the events from the So'na affected him very much. Her younger brother though showed interests in these things too, but was too shy to admit it openly.

When Tess was 12 years old, Lt. Moreno heard of his own father on Earth being very ill and he decided to return to Earth. Leaving the decision to Tess, she decided to come with him, so did Benjin, but Rahúl refused to join them. So he stayed behind on Ba'ku while Tess and her brother return to Earth with their adoptive father.

Tess learned English and Italian very quickly and soaked up everything around her in no time. As a Ba'ku she was a quick learner and it showed even more in the time she became a teenager. Due to the life-giving conditions of her home planet, Tess was rarely confronted with the effects of diseases until she reached Earth. Seeing the grieve and suffer from their illnesses, something she never knew, it made her want to become a doctor. As a teenager she did many voluntary internships in the medical field.

Around the age of 18 she wanted to join Starfleet. While her adoptive father encouraged her to do that, her older brother Rahúl tried to argue it out of her. Being influenced by him, it took about three years until she made her decision to do it and at the age of 22 she joined Starfleet.

  • being able to slow down the passage of time
  • due to the events in her childhood she tends to panic in caves or dark and cramped places

Starfleet career
Training at the Starfleet Technical Services Academy, graduaded as Medical Crewman.
Shortly after that she got her first assignment to serve on Katra Station. She got commissioned while serving there.

Service history

  • October 2018 - Katra Station

Effective dates of promotion
  • Crewman - September 2018
  • Ensign - November 2018
  • Lieutenant j.g. - February 2019
  • Lieutenant - April 2019
  • Lieutenant Commander - October 2019
  • Lieutenant Commander - XO - May 2020
  • Commander -  August 2020

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