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Personal Log - Rayek tr’Lhoell (encrypted)

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Rayek tr'Lhoell:
Personal Log of Rayek tr'Lhoell

Terran date:  Sept 23, 2394
I personally believe the keeping of a personal log to be a foolhardy practice.  Too often they become the holder of not just general recollections of accomplishments and day-to-day moods, but keepers of mistakes and secrets; secrets that can then be retrieved by others.  I know this all too well, because I for many years was one tasked with discovering and unearthing such secrets.

I am however complying with Starfleet counsellor orders and attempting to ‘keep a personal log'.  It is the counsellor's belief that I need an outlet for my underlying frustrations. 

This is the start of my 2nd year at the Starfleet Technical Services Academy and I still am of the belief that I could easily instruct many of these classes but I ‘bite my tongue' and follow orders.  In that respect, Starfleet is similar to the Empire.

Terran date:  Oct 9, 2394
I received the oddest video comm call this evening from Dr. Kahn-Mountain.  She called from Earth to wish me a "Happy Thanksgiving".  She said it was an old North American celebration that has fallen into obscurity, but that her family still followed the tradition.   So I did a bit of research on the subject. 

"In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies."  Given Lt Kahn-Mountains ancestry, it is not unreasonable that her family continued to observe the celebratory date.

It is encouraging for me that she continues to keep in contact despite the time apart.


Rayek tr'Lhoell:
PO3 Rayek
Earth date:  Oct 29, 2395

I've received my first Starfleet enlisted promotion in recognition of my efforts aboard the alien ship that first day - Petty Officer Third class.   I am looking forward to contacting Dr. Kahn-Mountain with this news once she returns from her current mission.  I have no doubt that she will be pleased with my promotion.  She has always believed in my ability to adapt to Starfleet, even when I had doubts myself.

As for the crew, their reaction to me has been lukewarm at best, and while I can't fault them for their suspicions and hesitancy to accept me fully, it does make for some less than open working conditions.  It actually reminds of the distrust found on a Rihan vessel - where others are watchful of your actions, second-guessing your motivations - except in this instance I'm the only one being watched.   Saqa7 no doubt would say I'm being paranoid but I can sense it - can hear their surface thoughts when they brush past in the hall.

Which reminds me, it has been far too long since I had access to my beta-inhibitor.  I've avoided the ships ‘fit-for-duty' medical for as long as is possible but if I don't get it done soon, I'm certain Dr. Vaughn or the new counsellor will revoke my duties.   I just don't know how to explain my ‘sudden' telepathic abilities. 

Accessing a medical grade synthesizer had been much easier on planet than it is aboard a Starfleet vessel.

Rayek tr'Lhoell:
Personal Log entry - Stardate 71057.8

The mission to PT1-9537, the O-class planet on the edge of the Idran system, to retrieve the Leviathan station staff from their emergency submerged station in the midst of the planets hurricane season was a bit of a disaster in that the entire station staff and Challenger away teams were inexplicably transported from the collapsing station to a crash-landed and equally submerged Constitution-class starship- namely the USS Excalibur.

Our eventual rescue was only made possible due to the remarkable efforts of the engineering team, who managed to bring the over a century-year old ship to life long enough to surface her.

Overall only one life was lost. Not bad considering; but I am certain Miss Moors and Mr. Cleroux, who were present at the time, will no doubt blame themselves.   A useless sentiment but one that I think fits both their personalities.  I suspect that Dr. Maddux is aware of the incident and is particularly watchful for signs of emotional or mental issues in the two.

As to my own actions, I was called on to keep control of the uninjured staff... not an overly difficult task but one that I didn't do as well as I should have.  One officer left the muster point after my assuming control and he was severely injured.  It is still uncertain if he will make a full recovery.

Given Petty Officer Cleroux's recent avoidance of me, I suspect that one or more of my actions during this mission  - possibly the unfortunate incident with Ensign Aldin or the altercation with Lt Beckett -  has heightened the man's suspicions of me. Perhaps Cleroux thinks I  intentionally let harm come to the Lieutenant?

I will continue to attempt to speak to the Petty Officer to clear up this misunderstanding.

Personal Log entry - Stardate 71057.9
I have just been given notice of my promotion.  It appears I was mistaken on how my actions on the last mission were perceived.  I look forward to mentioning the promotion to Dr. Mountain-Khan during my next scheduled long-range comm time.

Rayek tr'Lhoell:
Personal Log - PO2 Rayek
Stardate 71080

The ship is stranded in the Gamma Quadrant without a warp core and of course I am at least partially to blame. 

The ship had been stuck in a temporal causality loop according to the Ferengi engineer.  At first, I would only get a vague sense of ‘deja-vu' but by the end recollection of past loops became almost indistinguishable from reality to such an extent that it was overwhelming.  In several loops, I ended up attacking my cabinmate for just suggesting the idea of a time-loop. 
Thankfully that didn't occur in this last loop but I did ally myself with the Ferengi engineer and stun an superior officer so that the Ferengi could eject the warpcore so we could stop the ship from exploding and time resetting.

Needless to say the Captain is furious; and though he did give both myself and the Ferengi an opportunity to speak to justify our actions, the Captain evidently doesn't trust a word I say so I have to rely on the Ferengi to back up the reasons for my action. Thankfully the lieutenant and several others on the ship confirmed the theory of the repeating time-loop for the Captain.  However, in spite that proof it would seem our actions are viewed as less than appropriate.

Currently, both Lt Lek - the Ferengi engineer, and I are confined to quarters until such time as the ship can make it to the Alpha Quadrant.  I could be here for quite some time.

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Rayek tr'Lhoell:
Personal Log - PO2 Rayek
Stardate 71080.2

I almost forgot to mention prior to the time-loop fiasco I was sent on an away mission to Naraka Five with a half dozen others to investigate a distress signal emanating from the surface.  It ended up being a ploy by a species naming themselves Lorkiraki, to lure us to the planet so we could be their prey for some manner of hunt. 

The Away Team got separated almost immediately.  I found myself with Dr. Vaughan and the new helmsman Mr. Creary.  Dr. Vaughan and I were both injured slightly during the attacks, but we managed to prevail and the aliens withdrew.   The doctor is surprisingly reckless and independent at times; quite strong willed; and yet disturbingly unprepared and dependent at others.  She is very much a mystery. 

While I see many of the same qualities in her that Dr. Mountain-Kahn possesses, there is a fierceness in her that I have never seen from Saqa7.

One other notable thing about that Naraka Five mission, I think that was the first day I haven't had to concede a discussion to the doctor.  She actually let me take lead, though by that point I figured given my past experience with her I though for sure she'd try to make all the decisions, she didn't.  I don't think that has happened in any of our other conversations. 

In all, I think it was a very good mission - even if nothing was really accomplished.  I felt better for having shot and stunned someone. 

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