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Rayek Lhoell

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Rayek tr'Lhoell
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Personnel File: Rayek tr'Lhoell

Personal details

Basic profile

Name: Rayek ir-I'Ramnau (ei-Moreno) tr'Lhoell  -name addition pending application approval
Date of Birth: D'ruh 32, 1127 years after settlement 
(Shadow fleet date: May 25, 2360)
Gender: Male
Species: Romulan
Height: 6'1" (1.854m)
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown
Additional features:  Notable blade scarring on left creek, scarring also present on both arms and back, and down left side of chest to last rib.

Family: CLASSIFIED to Command Level ONLY
  • Mother: Aen t'Lhoell (Deceased - was on Romulus when Hobus went nova)
  • Father: Talen Khellian tr'Lhoell (former Proconsul)(prisoner on mining asteroid)
  • Brother(s): 1 younger (Telmuk tr'Lhoell- born 2367) (Open for plot device use)
  • Sister(s): 1 younger (Kemala t'Lhoell - born 2365)  (edit Dec 14/17- engaged to Jaron Man'dak)
  • 1 aborted sibling after Telmuk
Other Family - none known
House:  Lhoell
Married:  Cmdr Tess (Moreno) t'Lhoell
engaged: July 17th, 2397; married: January 2nd, 2398
Children: 1
Fvienn ir'Katra tr'Lhoell  (October 17th 2398) - Meridian citizenship

Closest Friends: Latihk tr'Kheiin (assumed deceased), Saqa7 Mountain-Khan, Lizzie Vaughan, Lek, Solluk, Hrafn Falleg-Tekin

Early life CLASSIFIED to Command Level ONLY
Rayek grew up being groomed for command, and had little in the way of outside hobbies, though he was known to have a fondness for Romulan ale and an absurd fetish for Terran women. Rayek is the eldest son of former Proconsul Talen, an 'old school' Romulan who used to try to sway the Senate away from the reforms that the Emperor was initiating.

Languages spoken: Romulan (native - both dialects), Federation Standard (self-taught), Klingon (self-taught), learning Ba'ku.

Starfleet career

Service history
Mandatory Romulan military service (2380-2385) Rank: Centurion  CLASSIFIED
- IRC Aehallh
- ChR Hathan

Commissioned service Tal'Shiar (2385-2387) Rank: Major  CLASSIFIED
- IRC 1964 T'Met
- IRC Kaleh
- assigned as liaison aboard USS Courage
2387/2388 - decommissioned and imprisoned without trial  CLASSIFIED
prisoner number: 3J4S735GL
2388-2392 - commissioned as military attache and bodyguard Rank: Centurion CLASSIFIED
- IRC Ll'hval
- guard for VIP patient aboard USS Pasteur
- guard for VIP patient aboard USS Vanguard

2393 - defected to the Federation  CLASSIFIED
2393/4 - enlisted in Starfleet  (Starfleet Technical Services Academy)

  • Oct 15 2017 (2395)- USS Challenger
  • May 1 2018 (2396) - USS Challenger-A
  • Oct 1 2018 (2396)- Katra Station

Effective dates of promotion
  • PO3 - Oct 18/17 - completion of EPC / in game date ??
  • PO2 - Dec 1/17 -completion of mission - Under the Sea
  • CPO - March 1/18
  • SCPO - June 1/18
  • Lt Cmdr - Oct 1/18
  • Cmdr - April 18/19. The Binds that Tie S1 M6 #224
  • Ensign - April 30/20. The Spaces Between Us S2 M5 #1
  • Lt Cmdr - July 15/20.  Seed of the Garden S2 M8 #11


Medical Sheet -  Rayek tr'Lhoell

Species: Romulan
Blood Type: T-positive (copper based)
Preferred Hand: (Right handed naturally with practiced ambidexterity)
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: black
Hairstyle: short with tapered v
Skin Tone: rough
Complexion: olive
Makeup: none
Body Type: Mesomorph to Ectomorph
Build: Long legs, athletic build yet lean
Height: 6'1" (1.854m)
Weight: 190 lbs
Facial Hair: none
Shoe Size: 11
Birthmarks/scars: Notable blade scarring on left creek, scarring also present on both arms and back. (sources unknown to Federation doctors), Left side chest scar (Tess S1 M3)
Distinguishing Features: Forehead V ridge (typical of Romulans)
Health: Fair
Energy: Quite active
Memory:  Excellent memory and recall
Senses: Keen eyesight (better than Romulan average), good olfactory, good hearing
Allergies: None known
Handicaps: none
Medication:  none on record (at time of Academy posting)
- prescriptions for drug addiction weaning (Oct 2395)
- prescription for daily beta-inhibitors (Oct 2395 til May of 2396)
Phobias: Fear of extreme height (ever since his Romulan military days)
Addictions:  Illegal beta-inhibitor drug (drug-addiction has been dealt with)
Mental Disorders: Paranoia
Major injuries:  Severe head trauma in April of 2396 (Challenger - S2E1 #1)
C5 spinal injury, head trauma, electrical shock (Katra - S1 M5 #121)
Minor injuries:  Sprained ankle December 2395 (Challenger - The Hunted - #48)
Collapsed unconscious due to overdose/withdrawal (time-loop)  Dec 2395 (Challenger - S1E8 #133)
Thermionic radiation exposure  January 2396 (Challenger S1E9 #189 and not played out)
Additional Notes: Telepathic abilities discovered in Oct 2395.  CLASSIFIED to Command Level or CMO only

Initially the telepathy was contained through use of beta-inhibitors, but following the head trauma the use of the inhibitor doesn't keep the telepathy control and it worsens the headaches experienced by the patient. 
One reported incident where the patient's pain was shared through the telepathic link.
Treated for Pa'nar. Trained in Vulcan meditation techniques and mind-melding.

Past ID Images:
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Rayek Lhoell

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Re: Rayek tr’Lhoell
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original application on Shadowfleet:

 Rayek tr'Lhoell - Reporting In (15 October 2017)
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Character Details

Character Name: Rayek tr'Lhoell 
Character Age: 34
Character DOB: D'ruh 32, 1127 years after settlement 
(Shadow fleet date: May 25, 2360)
Character Image: (face claim: Ben Affleck)
Character Species: Romulan
Gender: Male
Character Family:
Spouse:  none, though has interest in Dr Saqa7 Mountain-Khan
Children:  None
Father:  Proconsul Talen tr'Lhoell  (prisoner on penal mining asteroid)
Mother:  Aen Khellian tr'Lhoell  (dead - was on Romulus when Hobus went nova)
Brother(s): 1 younger (Telmuk - born 2367) (Open for plot device use)
Sister(s): 1 younger (Kemala tr'Lhoell - born 2365)  (edit Dec 14/17- engaged to Jaron Man'dak)
Other Family - none known
House:  Lhoell
Character Bio:

Personality & Traits:
General Overview
Rayek was a low-level Tal Shiar operative (Major) who though disgraced in the past, in the aftermath of the destruction of the Romulan homeworld was given a second chance to prove his worth to the Romulan Praetor but after a second failed mission has opted to defect to the Federation for the love of a woman, Dr Saqa7 Mountain-Khan (and also to possibly save his life).
Strengths & Weaknesses:
Telepathic abilities, while rare in most Romulans, is a hereditary trait of his family though only evident if cultivated.  Rayek has been trained via the Tal Shiar, in shielding his thoughts, as well as reading the surface thoughts of others.  In depth 'melding' is not something he's attempted before though he does believe it to be within his capability.

Slightly paranoid - he knows there are those like himself who could be watching his every move. He suspects Tal Shiar retaliation eventually for his defection but as yet no one has come for him.

Fetish for Terran women.
His ambition used to be to rise up in the ranks of Tal Shiar and become someone in power, now he's just hoping to gain the trust of his new Shadow fleet shipmates while proving himself worthy to the widow, Dr Saqa7 Mountain-Khan
Hobbies & Interests:
Rayek grew up being groomed for command, and had little in the way of outside hobbies, though he was known to have a fondness for Romulan ale and an absurd fetish for Terran women - Romulan women are often too self-assured and empowered for his tastes.

Personal History:
Rayek is the eldest son of Proconsul Talen, an 'old school' Romulan who has been trying to sway the Senate away from the reforms that the Emperor has been initiating in terms of the Typhon Pact.

Nearing the end of his mandatory military service, he was approached by a Tal Shiar operative (unnamed) and offered a proposition and membership into the Tal Shiar.  Rayek jumped at the opportunity and has worked his way up the Tal Shiar ranks with ruthless cunning.  In 2387, he was given secret audience with the Praetor. Praetor Vaden  (name can be changed to fit Shadowfleet history) spoke to him of an upcoming initiative thought up by the Emperor.  The Praetor offered him a quick way up the ranks, in exchange for his loyalty.  In addition the Praetor had added sway, in the form of blackmail.  It seems that Rayek's father had been a little too open in his opposition of the Emperors reforms, despite Rayek's warnings and efforts to cover up his father's actions.  The Praetor had enough evidence against him and his father to have both tried and sentenced for Treason against the Empire. It was either pledge loyalty to the Praetor and be rewarded or die - easy choice.

After his failed mission aboard the USS Courage (a now disbanded simm/rp group outside of Shadowfleet that I played with for a year before leaving out of loyalty to another player that had big conflicts with the admin), Rayek was disgraced and his rank stripped from him.  He and his father - disappeared' shortly afterwards. In truth, they had been sent to a remote asteroid penal mining colony to work as punishment and were there when disaster struck the homeworld. 

In 2388, after the destruction of the Empire's homeworld and 90% of its noble families including the Emperor but unsurprisingly not the Praetor, Rayek was recalled from the mining colony and put back into the service of the Tal Shiar.  Rayek was sent on an undercover assignment as a Romulan bodyguard in the guise of a military attache to the former Romulan Ambassador the United Federation of Planets' Ambassador Kalavak - that had trace familial ties to the former Emperor.   

The former Ambassador, that had been replaced 7 years earlier when the Typhon Pact was initiated, had grown old and somewhat senile in the meantime.  The destruction of Romulus affected the man greatly and Kalavak initiated a plan to seek aid for his people regardless of the edicts of the Typhon Pact.  He became known as the Crying Ambassador.   

The entire traveling embassy consisted of 5 staff - the Ambassador, his aide, his military attache (Rayek), his cultural attache, and the travel - financial administrator and secretary to the traveling Embassy.  Rayek's mission was to keep close watch on the Ambassador, and staff and report any attempts to gain his standing as next Emperor. 

The Embassy roved the Federation and Klingon empires via commercial transport ships seeking trade and aid after the disaster.  In most places they were tolerated, though mostly from pity.  Rayek found the situation very belittling and was tempted on more than one occasion to do the Praetor a favour and kill the Crying Ambassador himself but for some reason Praetor Vaden did not want that and Rayek could ill-afford to fail the Praetor yet again so he stayed his hand.

2391 - The roving embassy arrived on Vestus IV to meet with planetary officials, to seek aid when the ambassador fell mysteriously ill and had to be hospitalized.  Kalavak remained ill for several months doctors on Vestus IV unable to explain or cure the unknown ailment, and Rayek as his bodyguard remained with him.  It was during this time that disaster struck the planet - its' sun went nova.   (planets name and destruction can be edited to match Shadowfleet history)

When Federation relief efforts arrived, it was Rayek that greased the correct influential hands to get a spot on one of the rescue vessels for himself, the Ambassador and the embassy as a whole. 

(This was to be the start of my simming with USS Vanguard - a 2nd simm group that I tried to play at with this character but after a few short weeks I had to go on rping hiatus for a few years due to marital issues.  During that time the USS Vanguard has disbanded to my knowledge... I am hoping to adapt Rayek's history so that he can fit in with the Shadowfleet game.)

(Shadowfleet addition..)
2392:  During his time aboard the USS Vanguard, Rayek grew close with the ambassador's doctor (Lt Saqa7 Mountain-Khan  -another of my characters on the USS Vanguard - a possible future 2nd character if Shadowfleet fits well with me).   It was at her prompting at the end of their extended mission, following the death of the Ambassador to Pa'nar Syndrome, that Rayek ignored his Tal Shiar orders to return to Rator III and instead offered himself to Shadow fleet as a defector.
2393/94: Fast tracked through Shadow fleet Technical Services Academy.
2395: 1st posting to a Shadow fleet vessel

Service Record
birth: 20yr (2360-2380) 
Mandatory Military service (2380-2385) - obtained rank of Centurion during that time
Tal Shiar training and service (2385-2387) - rank of Major  (CONFIDENTIAL WITHIN STARFLEET - Admiral, Captains and XO of assigned ship only)
Assignments (past roleplay/simms)
2387 Acting Diplomatic Liaison to the USS Courage and USS Bradbury
-   Escort the USS Courage and USS Bradbury to Romulus at invitation of the Emperor
--   Oversee the investigation into the murder of Romulan officer - Commander Delat
--   Oversee see justice for the murder of Commander Delat
-   Fendox VI 
--   Represent Romulan interest during encounter new telepathic species within Romulan territory (gigantic interstellar telepathic species - Gomtuu)
2387/2388: decommissioned' and imprisoned on a penal mining colony along with his father.
2388: recommissioned after the destruction of the Romulan homeworld
2388-2392: Undercover as military attache and acting bodyguard (rank of centurion) to a travelling Romulan Ambassador.
2293-2394: Starfleet Technical Services Academy (Enlisted with goals of eventually applying for commissioned service if Shadow fleet works out)

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience: D&D table top since 1985, Whitewolf online chat since 1996, AD&D, Supernatural and Star Trek rp/simm since 2009 via (yahoogroups mainly and email posting)
Owner/moderator for of 2 small (2-7 person) yahoogroups (SPN_RP_ROTA: Supernatural themed - active since 2013) (USS Pheonix: Star Trek themed - active since 2011)
Department Preference: Security/Tactical
Secondary Department Preference: Operations
Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Enlisted

Sample post:

Rayek paced his small sparsely furnished bachelor apartment; an apartment he'd lived in during his placement at Starfleet Technical Services Academy since his defection.  For the past 2 years he'd jumped through every hoop Starfleet had put in front of him to prove himself trustworthy.  Every hoop except the one the Starfleet brass wanted the most - information on the Tal Shiar since the destruction of Romulus. Yet despite his repeated refusal to lay bare those secrets, Rayek swore his new allegiance to the Federation and Star Fleet, all in the hopes of gaining the love of a woman.

Today was the day that he would find out if his time spent jumping through hoops and assurances of loyalty would come to fruition.  Today was the day he would receive his first assignment.

"If you receive one at all," he reminded himself. These past two years could have all been in vain and if that were the case, Rayek wasn't sure what other options would be available to him within the Federation where he could prove his worth to Dr. Mountain-Khan. To Rayek, he would not be a suitable mate for the doctor until he was of comparable Starfleet rank or had considerable civilian authority. Given his particular skill-set, he felt Starfleet offered his best hope.

Rayek's pacing and concerns were put on hold when his comm unit chimed. An incoming message - this was it.  After a cursory glance about to be sure he was alone, he sat down at the computer, double checked that the electronic locks on his door were still in place, then keyed in his passcode to open the missive.  Dark eyes quickly scanned through the long and carefully written message, pausing at the paragraph that answered his pending question.

After a moment he nodded. "It'll do for a start."