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Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
« Reply #120 on: September 22, 2022, 02:46:29 pm »
Commander Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - s'Lhoell quarters]

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - s'Lhoell quarters]

Tess was about to burst. If she had been quite vocal earlier, she now held back with some effort and said nothing. Although she was rightly upset, she still had to be careful to maintain a certain etiquette. After all, she was a captain around the clock, not just on duty. And she had to stay calm for Fvienn, too.

She listened silently as Rayek accepted Taheen's demand, but not without adding a condition to it. Which Taheen refused. Tess clenched her jaws so hard they began to ache.

She waited until Taheen and tr'Hei had left, waited a moment longer to make sure they had moved away far enough so that they couldn't hear them anymore, before turning to Rayek and venting her frustration.

"I just don't believe this! You're really going to have this ridiculous fight with her now? You can't be serious!" She paused as she realized that this was all for cultural reasons that they couldn't really do anything about. That didn't make it any better, though. "Is this like the kal-if-fee on Vulcan?" She hoped not. After all, it usually meant fight to the death. She didn't think Rayek would have agreed to this one. She was just confused, and if she was honest, she was a little scared.

Rayek hadn't gotten the compromise he'd been hoping for but Taheen's spiteful words suggested that as long as he accepted his punishment that she would at least considering meeting his request.  Since he was uncertain of the legalities otherwise, Rayek was willing to take the beating.  Besides which he couldn't dispute how badly he'd wronged not just Taheen but her whole family.

Tess' reaction was more vocal than he'd expected but he could understand her frustration.

"I'm sorry e'lev. I wish I could say differently, but.. I owe Taheen this." He held out his arms to her hoping she might be willing to find some comfort in his embrace. 

He knew his words would be confusing to Tess so he continued on to explain.  "It was my investigation into her father - using the deception of courting her - that resulted in her entire family's execution.  Until just last month, when Kemala informed me of her presence on the Narvasam, I had thought her dead too.  That she was avoiding meeting me, I attributed to her knowing of my involvement in their deaths... to learn I had unintentionally dishonored her by not acknowledging the engagement my father never told me of..  is minor in comparison.  But I dare not tell her now."

Rayek then spoke to Tess' question regarding the Vulcan kal-if-fee challenge. "The Romulan ritual is quite similar." he admitted with a look of distaste.

"It is likely based from that Vulcan tradition.  As I explained earlier, in ancient times the challenge would be to the death, but Rhienn has already stated that Taheen has agreed to the rule of 'First Blood' - which isn't exactly as it sounds.. It isn't until the first hit but rather the fight continues until one side admits defeat.  I have no doubt that I could win but... I'm not certain if that is best."

He reached out a hand towards his son, still held in Tess' arms and stroked the 10-month's soft hair gently.  That his son, by Romulan law, might be born out of lawful wedlock ate at him.  "I tried to accept the challenge with a condition because I don't want our son to be seen by other Romulans as born out of wedlock." 

He looked from Fvienn to Tess hoping she understood.  "If I merely put up a weak show of defense and allow her a few good hits, accepting the beating as a punishment, then her honor will be sated... and there is a chance she and the Embassy may still recognize the lawfulness of our wedding.  That to me is important... more important than any injury she may cause me.  I know a rather exceptional doctor who has a soft spot for me, who I hope would be willing to treat my injuries afterwards."
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