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Tess tLhoell:
Hello dear crew

We are starting with a new mission! About a week has passed since the events of last mission and we currently are on the way to a star system named P-161.

You can assume your charachters on bridge duty if you don't have other plans at the moment.

Have fun!


Rojol Takima:
Are we going to wait for other players or are we going to use NPCs?

Rayek tr'Lhoell:
We are continuing.  We will just avoid tagging those who are not currently active.  Easy, right?

Rojol Takima:
Last week of October I be away. I be able to check in to read but won’t be able reply. Or I might not check in. Depends how vacation goes

Rayek tr'Lhoell:
Thanks for the heads up.  I hope you enjoy your vacation.  I'll put in an LOA for you for that time period.


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