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Tess tLhoell:
Hello folks!

The new mission 'Cloak of Deceit' is up. We will unveil some secrets and mysteries, some in the main plot and some in the sub-plot, in this mission.

We start off with a staff meeting. All of you may feel free to attend!

Below, I will post a rough mission outline, but will hide it in a spoiler tag so only those of you who would like to know what is planned this months can have a look. Anyone who might like to have more details in advance, feel free to ping Rayek or me!

Good luck and I hope you have fun!

Synopsis: The USS Amalthea receives a distress signal and arrives at the coordinates to come to the aid of a Karemman cargo vessel under attack by a schooner ship flying a skull and cross-bones flag!

Starting Point: The USS Amalthea enters a section of space that has seen a drastic increase in piracy in the past month, believed to be the Wanderers.

End Goal: The USS Amalthea manages to locate the fabled 'Treasure Planet' where the attacking ship is from; retrieves the stolen goods - and finds something that nobody would ever have hoped to find!

Ora Loxis:
tags to the briefing

Ora Loxis:
tags to the meeting

Ora Loxis:
tags from Ora

Ora Loxis:
tags from Ora


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