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Tess tLhoell:
Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 4 - Ready Room]

Captain's Log. Stardate 76433.79144469828

I just have received word from the Romulan Ambassador Jarok on Katra Station, who wishes to meet with us. It appears to be his mission to hear out every single Romulan in this area. Since we have a Romulan family on board, it seems only ... logical that he would take up the long way. So I should not be surprised. But I am. Of course we will comply with his request and meet up with him.

This will be my crew's first official diplomatic encounter, so I will call in a meeting with the department heads to give them time to prepare properly. We might not always be able to enjoy the luxury of advanced planning for such an event. It will be a good training for them.

I am looking forward to this meeting for another reason. More about that later.

End Log.

Tess leaned back and took a sip of her tea mug. The tea had turned cold by now and she put it aside with a slight grimace. She glanced at the chronometer to check the time. The meeting was about to begin. Time flew by every day. She would have thought she'd have another ten minutes.

Grabbing her PADD, she locked the access to the computer at her desk and then took the private turbolift that led directly to her Ready Room. Riding one deck down to deck 5, she stepped out of the turbolift and walked quite elated down the hall as she headed towards the briefing room. Today was a good day.

Rojol Takima:
[USS USS Amalthea- Lobby]

Computer had shared where  Cadet Tordel t'Movel  was located. The Romulan had planned to go say hi to her. He had got far as walking down the corridor and then as he was getting closer to her he lost his confidence. Perhaps there was another way to tactical way to approach her. He had decided to turn to head to the lounge where he had sat down to think was he up to wanting to ask her for a date?

Then he noticed he was being summoned to the bridge a little before his shift. It seemed Chief of Flight, who was the father of the Romulan he was fancy over. He was interested in Lared’s family. Not only his daughter but also his mother. She had the old Romulan military in her which he had liked. Perhaps the t’Movel was a family he was going to feel close to home with on the ship.

He had some time before heading to the bridge. He had decided to chill for the few moments he had. Who knows if there was anyone interesting crew member would walk in the lobby.

Mas Molane:

USS Amalthea - Engine Room

"Stand by on the hot update," Mas said as he prepped the release on his console, "Vrix, confirm we are on auxiliaries on all channels."

The trill cadet nodded at his console.  "Aye, Sir.  Confirmed- all computer functions are being handled by the auxiliary core.  Primary core is entirely isolated and in standby mode for update."

"Acknowledged." Mas pressed an icon, "Hot Update Initiated... This will take about five minutes."  He tapped his badge,   =/\= Engineering to Ops.  The software update is now underway.  It should be transparent to you, but let us know if anything seems amiss. =/\=

At that moment, T'Pan entered engineering to take over the shift.  "I see the software update is proceeding on schedule," she noted.

Vrix nodded, "That'll be the last time a holodeck program leaks all over the ship.  Every system will be firewalled from every other system, with command-level authorization needed to pass between them."

"I remain concerned about the safety bypasses for the Medical hologram," T'Pan said, as she came up beside Mas.

"A legitimate concern," Mas acknowledged, "but I think the authentication system we came up with will prevent any problems, be they false-authorizations, or authentic authorizations that get rejected."

T'Pan nodded once, "I shall endeavor to adopt your optimism.  I stand ready to relieve you, Sir."

Mas stood, "You know the protocols.  Call me if there is a problem."

T'Pan took the seat he'd vacated, her eyes studying the progress updates.  "Of course."

With that, Mas took his leave of Engineering.  He had a meeting to get to.

Ora Loxis:
USS Amalthea - Phaser Range

Droplets of sweat beaded on her skin, as Ora wiped her blue forehead with the back of her sleeve. Her eyes laser focused onto the blackness that surrounded her. Her entire body tensed up, the anticipation had her heart pounding in her chest, as she waited. Each second that ticked by, made the waiting longer, that made the tension even stronger inside of her. Suddenly the blackness erupted into bright lights, one after another, until all four of them had been extinguished by her phaser fire!  Twelve perfect rounds.

Ora was about to start another round, when her combage beeped loudly. She had it programmed to give a specific tonal sound when any communication came in from either the Captain or the Commander. She refused to be caught off guard when they finally announced her replacement. She didn’t know what was taking so long with her demotion, clearly she had not only broken the chain of command during their first mission, but then when the holodeck went wonky she allowed the Commander to become injured. Those kinds of failures did not make for promotion, but a demotion.

It was one of the reasons she was training and pushing her body so hard lately. She wanted to be the best security officer, and to be able to get back to where she once stood. She might be down now, but that didn’t mean Ora was out of the fight. No, the battle would continue, and she would end up victorious once more!

Ora got out her PADD, and read the message for all of the department heads to meet up. She wasn’t sure what it was about, perhaps this was the announcement for the new Head of Security? She would have thought she’d have been informed first, but there was no actual regulation of such a requirement. She returned to her room, quickly showered off the sweat, and put on a clean uniform. The last thing she wanted to do was be smelly and sweaty for the somber occasion.

Ora nodded to those that had been gathered in the meeting room. She greeted her acquaintance like friend, “Ensign Malone, I have to thank you for the latest update to the phaser range. It is quite challenging.”

Rayek tr'Lhoell:

Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 5 - Briefing Room]

The request for a visit from the Romulan Ambassador was unwelcome news to Rayek.  Unlike his wife, he didn't view this meeting in any sort of positive light.   A request to meet with every Romulan on Amalthea would necessary have to include himself and their son.   Yet it was Rayek's fervent wish that the Romulan government not be given any information about him or his family here among Starfleet. 

He'd managed to keep himself busy and elsewhere every time that there had been some diplomatic function that officers were supposed to attend, so Rayek had yet to meet the either the diplomatic envoys.  But he'd reviewed the aptly named brief on the Ambassador when the man first arrived on Katra back in December.  The information available had been limited.  And it was even more so when it came to the Ambassador's Aide.  It would have been more advantageous to ask for the man put in a resume for a local position and use that information - there would be just as much intel from that as from the brief he'd been handed at the time as StratOps of Katra.  While it was true the Romulan's had agreed to share information about the Embassy staff, it didn't help much when that information had huge gaps in it.  But limited information was to be expected when the hub of all Romulan Intelligence had been lost with the destruction of Hobus and Romulus.

In a way, Rayek had been relieved when Tess and he had been assigned off the station.  It put distance between him and the face of the new Romulan government.  While it was true this government, the  was not technically the same as the one that had he'd been warned was going to 'clean up' after Ambassador Kalavak's death - he had no doubt that at the time they would have viewed him as expendable as well. 

Now six months later, the Ambassador was making a house call.  Yeah, Rayek was not happy, especially since to do his job effectively during their time on time, he would need to be actively involved.   Yeah, Rayek was no happy one whit about the upcoming news.

Currently, he was already in the briefing room with the intel on the Amabassador, and his entourage of one aide, set up on his PADD ready to share.


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