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Amalthea Profile Bulletin Board
« on: May 08, 2021, 10:02:27 pm »

The 'Home away from Home' of what is sure to be known as Starfleet's Finest Officers.  Please take the time to introduce yourself to your fellow crew by telling us a bit about yourself.

Include:  A color you like; a food you are able to make/cook; a place you would travel to if able; and something about yourself that others likely don't know.

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I suppose I should be the first to begin this. 

Jolan tru. My name is Rayek ir'I'Ramnau tr'Lhoell.  I am the XO of the Amalthea and husband to Tess t'Lhoell.  Together, Tess and I have one son - Fvienn - and a ship full of crewmates that I hope will be as close as family as we grow to know one another.  That is why I started this Bulletin Board - so that I could get to know each one of you.

I was born on Romulus, in the city of I'Ramnau, on stardate 37397.5.  I served my time in the Romulan Star Navy when I was in my 20's and was assigned as a centurion guard watching over the Romulan Ambassador to the Federation after Hobus.  It was my experiences in the Federation during this time that helped me decide to leave the Empire and restart my career and life anew.   I was in my early thirties at the time.   

I started off as an enlisted crewman, the only position Starfleet would grant me at the time.  I was assigned to the USS Challenger and worked my way quickly up to Chief Petty Officer under the command of, then Captain, Dylan Torngate and First Officer Solluk.  Then on the anniversary of my first year leaving the Mars Academy, Starfleet in a unexpected change of mind, recognized my past officer experience in the Empire and after a brief command course, I was assigned as First Officer to Katra Station - first under Admiral Rellak, then Captain Solluk and now on the Amalthea under the command of Captain t'Lhoell. 

I would be lying if I said my journey to this role has been smooth.  I am fallible and likely still have much to learn about what it takes to be a fine Federation officer, but it is something I am committed to becoming.

To answer my own questions in the intro to this bulletin board: My favorite color is blue - especially the color of my wife's eyes; I am a passable cook when it comes to herbed rice and vegetables - notably Romulan and Ba'ku dishes mainly though I am willing to try my hand at other recipes from various cultures and species; If I could travel anywhere I think I would like to return to Ba'ku - where Tess is from and where she and I were married.  Perhaps we will retire there in 30 or so years.

As for something others likely don't know about me, is that I am a close-range telepath - a rare and frowned upon trait to have in the Empire, so I've kept it hidden up until recently from all but those closest - however as I stated earlier I hope to make all aboard this ship my family so... now you know.

I look forward to reading and hearing about the rest of you all.

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