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Rojol Takima - Reporting in May 4, 2021
« on: May 03, 2021, 11:01:47 pm »
Welcome Rojol Takima!

Please post your application below. You can find the template here.
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Re: Rojol Takima - Reporting in May 4, 2021
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2021, 11:05:31 pm »
NAME: Rojol Takima
AGE: 21
SPECIES: Romulan

HEIGHT: 6’1”
WEIGHT: 150 lean  with muscles
EYE COLOR:bright blue
ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: Brown hair for a Romulan says enough, he carries a necklace with a arrow head from Captain Tomahawk

Jude Law

Mother  - Alive on New Bajor Taretha
Father  - n/a  Paleel - possible alive



First choice : Flight

Secondary : security


DISCORD ID: Don adams/Cupid #6526


0 - 6 years Hobus exploded and it was the USS Esper who saved us with the Tomahawk the Captain. The one who had passion to help us. Everything I thought was my home was taken away. Dreaming to be part of the New Romulan Empire. To be my own captain of my own ship. To be great. Which was robbed from me. It had happened so fast then I could ever dream of. I believed that the gods had hated us. I could still taste the tears that rolled down from eyes to this day.

I was told that Ambassador Spock had been warning us Romulans that our sun was going to supernova. Both ways it angers me. Perhaps I was young and not fully understood. Suns just don’t blow up. We were one of the greatest empires as ancient as space. Perhaps death comes to universes.

6-10 years We were moved location to location. We were not welcome. Others threaten us to move. Other ships and species had attacked us. We had to move on and move. No home. No place to settle to make friends.

My parents had done their best by cheering me up. I could not help having nightmares. Even my parents had nightmares. I was awoken from their yelling at night.

Don’t get me wrong we were loving people. We just were trying to find a place to call home. It was not my fault I was born who I was. They even hate us. We were a plague to them.

My people we had dislikes with arguments and politics. Never enjoy politics but it was what it was.

11 years old when we started to feel comfort we were attacked by others who wanted us off their planet. That when I had lost my father. Who fought and never to be seen. My mother and others all scrabble away. Here we go. Running forever will this however be? We were thankful for Tomahawk and his ship saving us. I sometimes wonder are we better off dead when our sun gone supernova.

We were lucky a Romulan who had his own ship had saved us. His name was Talamor. Our life was in his hands. He to was finding life difficult. There was a time we were being gunned by Tal-shar the pilot did not share his history. I remember he was angry as hell and he was scared. I think he done something to upset them or something shady.

12 - Age 12 hopping here and there because whereever we gone we were threatened by every species which my people had attack. Then I was starting to get an understanding. Putting pieces together like a puzzle. We were at war with Klingons, Romulans, and Andorians and many parts of the universe. It was a battle of ownership and politics.

Thank the Captain had learned about New Bajor which was on Gemma quadrant and not Alpha. He said it was a new start with many new horizons. A whole new start. Another location which did not know about Romulans and others in their space. I felt there was new hope! We might find a place to call home! To be not feared or looked at as we scum of the universe.

13  years old.  That was how we got to New Bajor and I was feeling some what safe because they had a place for us Romulans. Still I felt they distrusted. I started to make friends. I had done agriculture stuff with my neighbors as there was much work to be had.

Then joined Starfleet academy there and would you believe a twisted happy ending with a new start. Well in my point of view. Not for Starfleet. The gods smiled on us. They closed the wormhole protecting us. Its a new start! We would not be here if it was not Tomahawk who picked us up in that last split second.


Rojol is a very excellent pilot which he does not brag about. His Academy records say he is young for very dedicated and there is possible a great officer career for him. He just needs to be more open and trust others around him.


Rojol stood front of the mirror. Titling his head  to different angles as he was examining the uniform on him. It was not Romulan uniform but a Starfleet, He worked hard throughout Starfleet Academy to be where he was. This was him giving back to the god he called his own patron. Tomahawk. It was Tomahack who saved his family and others of his home world. He gave a nod to himself and turned to leave his quarters.

As he walked he was thinking how long will this last. The odds this was going to be rob from him. Since the worm hole closed it cut them away from the space he grew up. What was this every 10 years something big disaster going to blow up on him.

As he was walking down the corridor he saw people giving him side glances which he was assuming he was not wanted. Will he ever feel belonged to anyone. The older Romulans who was away from the super nova had that pity look.

His mother had decided to settle down on New Bajor and hope to find a new mate. That even was something he did not agree with. His father could still be out there alive. Where he was unsure.

He stepped on the turbolift as he saw the Commander of the ship. He felt disconnected from Starfleet when he saw the older Romulan.  Not sure why but he had to figure it out. It could be that this “one” was not there when things blew up.

Why did he join Starfleet now? He was feeling lost in his world again. He was Romulan and surrounded by them. He was chased with the others and this other Romulan has a Starfleet uniform on and he is a commander. Is he a spy? Can be trust him. Or was he a Tal’sar spy? He felt he was sinking in the floor now. Perhaps he would have to watch over him and see.

[Edit May 6, 2021 Brain storming to know my character as I wait]

Rojol was standing aside with other cadets as they were hearing the speech of the final day.

“As the last day here at the Academy Starfleet High Command Chain sends their congratulations,” the man in charge had paused.  “They would be here if they could. You all should be proud. Each one of you. Your talents, skills and wits will all be challenged ondayward. With such young and . . . “ he scanned the crowd. “And very mature Cadets. We all will soon enough find a way to open the Wormhole and you can be seeing your loved ones and family. We got each other. We will achieve this! And I believe in each one of you. So congratulations!”

The high chief came down to congratulate each student by name, rank and where they are being stationed. He had them all memorized. He watched each one get better every day in their training.

 Then Head Professor moved over to Rojol, the young Romulan cadet who showed his talent in flight. He held his hand out to the Romulan and Rojol paused as he looked at the hand. “I am very proud! You are going to be an excellent pilot for USS Amalthea. She has a great command staff. The Commander is a Romulan,” he had to share. Then he had to bring up. “There is another Romulan who’s a pilot and he has his family. Wonderful people!”

Rojol tilted his head. Commander of Starfleet is a Romulan? That was strange. Then this Romulan had been in Starfleet for a long time. And a family of Romulans on the ship too.

He had wanted to investigate like he had on his secondary career as Security. Was the family refugees who escaped the supernova where they had lost their home planet? He decided not to ask questions to the Head Professor.

He bowed his head to the Head Professor. “I will do my best to do my duty, sir,” he said calmly. This too was another departure. Rojol prefered not allow people get close to him. At the end they would be gone. They leave an empty place in his heart. This was normal to young adults how they view the world around then.

“And Rojol you make a great officer. There is something about you. And I know you do great, and word advice. Risk make world changes,” the older man said.

Rojol never looked in the future. He knew his mom wanted to find a new mate and stay on New Bajor with the other refugees. Her son had nothing to do with that. You think a Romulan young man like him would want to stay with his own mother and be safe.

No. There was more for him. A calling. The universe was calling for him. He could  bring the Romulans back and unite them. Would he want to be the leader of them and rebuild them? He was not sure. That could be a route for him. A very challenging one. Timing. Planning. Execute. Patience what they need. That could be something.

How would he fit with other Romulans? In his short life he saw so many and lost so many that could last a hundred life spans to a human. They might not take him seriously cause he was young. Leaders are elders. He was far from being one.

What if he adapted to all this. He could have them see that he wanted to bring Romulans back? Then there was the Tal’sar who wanted nothing of that. Was that true? He truly does not know the politics of his own people. He will need to learn. He will have to buddy up with other Romulans around him. Rojol felt this was going to be a challenge. Who knows he will stay Starfleet  or find enough Romulans to rebuild and be allies or go back to the old ways. Or he could have Romulans be different, better, and have a better mark in the space they are in. Who knows?

“Son, I will beg you once again please don’t go,” Taretha said as she held her son’s hand in her hands. Her eyes were full of passion and desire for the best of her son. She can see he was lost in his life. There was no place to call home. She knew just not willing to lose another of her family. He was much like his father. The way he stood up. His silence was much like Paleel.

Taretha could not take Rojol anger away from her. She was lonely. She did not want to be in Starfleet. She wanted to stay on New Bajor to be with the other Romulan refugees. She wanted to feel the comfort of a husband.  She had always had that since she was Rojol’s age.

In a way she did not like Starfleet much because she grew up as Romulan and her son was in Starfleet. She still can he parents saying how they will defeat the Federation with Klingons. The Romulans wanted it more but they had lost it all from a Supernova. A very sad ending.

What if her first husband finds out that his son was Starfleet. How will that stir emotions. She was going to play the guilt card on him. “Rojol. What would your father think of you being in a Starfleet uniform?”

“What will he think of you living on a Starfleet planet?” he asked. He then turned to look at her before he walked away. “You forget it was STARFLEET who saved us!” His hand moved up to stroke the ancient india arrow that Captain Tomahawk gave him.

Tomahawk was a native North American Indian from Earth. Tomahawk was a proud man and Rojol automatic like the Captain. The Captain had invited him to a holo deck program showing him how his people used to hunt for buffalo.

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Re: Rojol Takima - Reporting in May 4, 2021
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2021, 10:14:06 pm »
Welcome Rojol
You will be assigned to the USS Amalthea
Species: Ba'ku
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