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Juraan Ren - Reporting In - April 16, 2021
« on: April 16, 2021, 02:04:58 pm »
Please post your application below
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Re: Juraan Ren - Reporting In - April 16, 2021
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2021, 02:20:19 pm »
Personnel File: Juraan Ren

Personal details

Basic profile

Name: Juraan Ren
Date of Birth: July 17 2350
Gender: male
Species: Bajoran
Height: 1.86 m
Weight: 80 kg
Hair color: brown
Eye color: blue
Additional features: several scars along his body


  • Mother: Juraan Malika (teacher), deceased
  • Father: Juraan Anto (doctor), deceased
  • Brother(s): none
  • Sister(s): none
  • Spouse: Former wife Omanos Pola (divorced)

Requested Sim: Katra Station

Officer, Enlisted or Civilian: Civilian

Discord ID: #5877 Teatime

Early life
Juraan was born in a small settlement on Bajor. When he was 6 years old, the Cardassians occupied the province. Juraan's parents tried to escape to the refugee’s camp of Relliketh, but they couldn't make it. They were brought to the labor camp Batal where they had to work and suffered from the Cardassian's rulership. His mother soon died of an infection that normally had not been fatal, but in that case it was because of Malika's bad physical and psychological condition. Juraan remembered how helpless his father - a doctor - felt, being unable to save her. Antos never told him what infection killed his mother, but Juraan believed it had something to do with the 'visits' she had to make to some of the Cardassian guards in the camp.

In 2366 (16) the oppressed Bajorans attempted to free themselves in an armed revolt. Juraan was one of the few who made it, the majority had been caught and executed, Anto was among them. With the help of two other Bajoran fellows who were able to escape too, they managed to meet one of the resistance cells with whom Juraan lived from then on. Traumatized by the events he had to witness since the age of 6 he found his calling in fighting with the resistance against their oppressors.

When Bajor was freed in 2369 (19) the young man found himself feeling confused and disoriented. He realized that the resistance had become his family, he had no home and no family to return to now that the occupation was over. While he should have been happy about it, he still felt so much hatred and frustration inside that left him anxious.
Soon he got in contact with 'The Circle' and found a new home and a new target to direct his frustration on. He was open to the message they directed at the young man and soon he found himself being a fervent member of the terror cell. However, when one year later it became public that the Cardassians were supplying them, it left Juraan shocked. ‘The Circle’ dissolved and Juraan once more faced the question where he belonged. He returned to Bajor in 2370 (20) without a prospect whatsoever, which drew him to submit himself to alcohol and drug abuse while he struggled with the effects of PTSD.

About three years later his life changed when he met Omanos Pola, a young Bajoran female nurse who took care of him after one of his breakdowns. Being patient with the embittered young man she soon won his heart. It was her support and love that helped him coming back to life and even make plans for the future. In 2374 (24) they got married and a year later he decided to become a doctor like his father had been. The thought of spending his life being a 'country doctor' in the province didn't appeal to him though. Even subconsciously, there was something that drove him to still seek the battle. He decided to be of better help in the army. He joined the Bajoran militia and graduated as a doctor in 2379 (29). The whole time he kept his participation in ‘The Circle’ hidden and unmentioned.
Being in the Bajoran army, he now went on to fight against terror cells that formed now and then, just like the one he used to be in. But now he was on the other side. During a conflict with one of those organizations Juraan had been shot in the back which almost had cost his life. The event got to him and ever since he occasionally suffered from a psychosomatic limp. Whenever asked what happened he would reply that he got shot - though it had been his shoulder, not his leg.

However, while holding the rank of Lieutenant in 2382 (32) it became known that he had been part of the circle. The Bajoran militia discharged him and deprived him of military honours including his rank. He was handed over to the authorities and after a trial where he admitted his participation imprisoned in Kran-Tobal for eight years.

Having been ripped out of society once more, Juraan suffered from depression after he returned from prison in 2391 (41). Once more it was Pola who supported him and a couple of years later he felt that he was too young to give up. There was still something inside him that longed for his attention. And Juraan gave in.

Starfleet career
After applying to the Starfleet Academy in 2396 (46) he completed one year of training since he'd been trained as a doctor already and now waited for his first assignment which turned out to be on the USS Discovery.

Juraan had a good start in Starfleet and soon was promoted to the rank of Lt. jg. However, still not having learned to deal with his traumatic past, Juraan was involved in several altercations with a Cardassian crew member. Even after one of those encounters had turned into a physical fight for which Juraan received an official reprimand in his Starfleet record, more incidents happened which led to his expulsion from Starfleet in late 2397.

Time after Starfleet and service on the SS ‘Wonderland’
After Juraan returned home after his involuntary discharge from Starfleet and a very bad relapse into old habits, his wife for over 20 years filed for divorce. Juraan knew he was the one to blame which didn’t soften the impact on his life any.

The desire to leave Bajor behind, Juraan managed to travel around the quadrant. In 2398 he met Finn Moreno, a Freighter Captain, and Cathy, a human girl, in a bar on a planet near Earth. It turned out that Moreno was seeking for a crew and Juraan signed up for the crew of the SS ‘Wonderland’.

Service history

  • January 2019 - USS Discovery

Effective dates of promotion
  • Ensign - January 2019
  • Lt. jg. - April 2019

Juraan at the age of 20, 40 and what he might look like in thirty years
Species: Bajoran

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Re: Juraan Ren - Reporting In - April 16, 2021
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2021, 02:33:46 pm »
Excellent Application.  Approved.  :-)