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Site Rules
« on: March 29, 2021, 01:58:24 am »
Welcome to the 10th Fleet!

The 10th Fleet is all about writing good stories and having fun in the Star Trek universe.  As a consequence, we have crafted what we consider to be a minimum quantity of rules needed to keep things running smoothly. 

1) Have Fun!  Collaborative writing roleplay is all about having fun telling a good story together, under the gentle guidance of a storyteller. 

2) Try not to keep your writing partners waiting.  Every effort should be made to reply to direct tags within 48 hours, and to post at least 2 times in a seven-day period.  Missing these goals occasionally is okay, but if it becomes habitual then have a talk with your sim command staff about the possibility of taking a Leave of Absence until things get less busy for you.  Otherwise, if you don't post within 14 days, your character may be reserved and removed from a sim's roster until you feel ready to return.

3) Don't write the actions of other players' characters, unless you have their permission.  The singular exception to this is that the command staff may assume some actions from unresponsive players merely to the extent needed to move a scene forward.  For example, if waiting for the Transporter Officer to beam a team down, and the player controlling the Transporter Officer doesn't write any actions, it is okay for the command staff to assume the landing party got beamed down.

4) NPC's (Non-player characters) are used to fill necessary positions that player characters aren't available to fill, to fill out personal friends, family, and coworkers who must naturally exist, and as special protagonist and antagonists created by the command staff to help tell a story.  In general, they should not be used to do something that a player character should be doing.  The player characters are meant to be the primary heroes, and they are meant to get most of the glory.  It's okay to make NPC's competent and even occasionally important, but in general the spotlight should be on the PC's, not the NPC's.  If the answer to the question "Could a PC be doing this?" is Yes, then maybe offer the role to a Player character instead.  Most NPC's are usable by any player of the game, although certain special NPCs will be marked as controlled by a particular player (Often used for family members or special storyteller characters.)

5) Avoid the use of real-world foul language beyond what is found in the Original Series.  (Damn or Hell is okay, but f*ck or sh*t should be avoided, for instance.)  If it couldn't be aired on network television, it's probably not appropriate for our games.

6) If you have a complaint or request, submit it up through your chain of command if possible.  First to the Executive Officer, and if the Executive Officer is unresponsive, then to the Commanding Officer.  Allow a couple of days for issues to be resolved unless they are very urgent.  There will also be anonymous surveys every year where players can anonymously describe their satisfaction (or lack thereof) with the game.

7) The Administrators of the site have ultimate authority on what corrective action to take, if any, regarding any complaints or concerns. 

8- Do your best to keep things thematically and technologically appropriate for Star Trek, and to the story being told.  Creativity is welcome, but the impact of unusual choices should be considered.  If you have a character carrying a Colt Peacemaker as their sidearm, or maybe a lightsaber, that is not usually appropriate.  If they are a Vampire, or if they can cast magic spells, they may not be appropriate either.  The command staff of your sim has the ultimate authority on what sorts of species, technology, and other elements are allowed in their game and in the specific story or plot currently unfolding.  If you think your idea may be borderline, check with the command staff.  Also, try not to inject world or plot-changing events without checking first.  Saying that the Klingons started a war with the Romulans, for instance, is something you might want to check before declaring. So is saying that a flotilla of Tholian ships arrives to vanquish an enemy and save the day.  You wouldn't want to derail the story everyone is collaborating on, so if something has the potential for dire impact to the universe or the story being told, check first.   

9) Try not to make posts with less than 50 words in them.  It's okay to occasionally do this, but in general it should be possible to write about your characters observations, feelings, and actions in such a way that responses are longer than just one or two sentences.  If your post is much shorter than this rule, try to flesh it out and give your writing partners something to work with.

10)  Try to help others have fun, too.  If you can help others to achieve their goals or look cool, do so.  Share the glory.  There is plenty for everyone.
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