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Task Group Bravo => Mission Logs & Archives => Katra Station => Holodeck Archives => Topic started by: Rayek trLhoell on September 15, 2018, 11:35:50 pm

Title: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 15, 2018, 11:35:50 pm
Prompt -  Sacrifice

SCPO Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Challenger - NCO Quarters - Deck 5]

Rayek read through the electronic notification from Starfleet Command for the twelfth time - and yet still was disbelieving of it's message.  This had to be some mistake or prank.  But every check Rayek ran on the letter and it's source came back as verified.  He covered his gaping mouth with a hand that shook slightly in excitement.  A a commissioned officer... and not to some low level Ensign.   Starfleet was finally recognizing his skills!

There was just one catch.  To receive the promotion he had to accept a transfer to a newly built starbase in the Gamma Quadrant.

Some might need time to think over the offer and it's impact.  Not Rayek.  He was experienced enough to realize that opportunities like this did not come along often.   While a transfer to a starbase might seem a bit of a sacrifice -  giving up what was fond and familiar such as close friends and amazing shipmates - Rayek knew he had to accept.  He had sacrificed far more on his path to this point  - family, home, even his precious loyalty to the Empire -  and now with his goal within in sight, there was nothing that would hold the Romulan back. 

(OOC feel free to post your own characters reaction to their transfer orders.  However please wait until your transfer has been fully approved.)

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Solluk on September 17, 2018, 03:42:16 am
USS Challenger - SCPO Rayek tr'Lhoell's Quarters

Solluk hesitated outside the quarters of the Senior Chief. 

Well... Senior Chief no longer.   Rayek had done very well in his Officer Candidacy training, and his extensive experience in service had not been ignored.  Soon he would be not only an officer, but among the most senior of officers at a distant posting. 

So the time had come to bid farewell to the Challenger's recent Chief of Tactical and Security.

Yet Solluk wasn't sure if they had developed the sort of working relationship that would make a visitation welcome, even if it was from the ship's XO.  Rayek had always been eminently professional, and that came with a certain professional distance.  Solluk had not done much to close that distance, despite the occasional felt impulse to do so. 

But Solluk had been down this path before.  Now, having fostered such an advancement for another, he felt a certain pride in and kinship with the man.

So here was a Vulcan, standing in the corridor of a Starfleet ship, coming to wish a Romulan the best of luck on a new command level assignment.

Perhaps the Galaxy had a sense of humor.

He reached out to touch the door chime with his right hand.   In his left, he clutched a long wrapped package with oddly shaped ends, nearly as tall as Solluk himself.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jeric Th'Zan on September 18, 2018, 09:55:16 am
[Starfleet Command - San Francisco - Earth]

Jeric Th'Zan relished his position as a civilian. He never had to attend formations, stand at attention, or show up anywhere on time. Officially, if his service to Starfleet could be categorized as such, his position was that of an adviser. There were a few others like him: mostly non-humans who had something to offer. Criminals, code breakers, social outcasts. There were even a few very hush hush former military officers, the kind of people who had done unspeakable things, but Starfleet still needed them. It amused Jeric to no end: the idealistic utopia of the Federation employing a former deserter like himself. At the end of the day, they were just hypocrites who did what they deemed necessary, like any other government.

"Officer Th'Zan?" The pretty young admin assistant said, breaking into his thoughts.

"That's me, gorgeous," Jeric said in a breezy tone. He stood. He was wearing a crisp business suit, the one concession he always made to Admiral McGavin. That, and his lack of a weapon. After a lifetime of carrying one Jeric always felt out of place without it. He supposed that was the good admiral's way of keeping him off balance. The human bureaucrat would have been better off severing one of his antenna. Jeric was just as dangerous without a weapon as with one. He might have been in his fifth decade but his body was still strong and fit, though wiry in build. A dad bod, humans called it.

The admin assistant wasn't impressed by his words or his body. She sighed, used to his tone and disrespect and every other adviser she had to deal with. She buzzed him in.

[Admiral McGavin's Office]

The admiral certainly looked the part, Jeric had to give him that. Even with his chair turned around to face the splendor of San Francisco, McGavin had a depth of presence and a magnetism. An allure. His office also faced the sun at this time of day, and Jeric found himself squinting as he approached the desk. An old tactic, but it worked.

He glanced idly around, not announcing his presence. McGavin liked stone: furniture, sconces on the pre-fab walls. Stone was what he likened himself to. A replica of a paleolithic age throwing stick adorned one wall on a plaque. A Roman scourge on another. An abstract painting depicting a battle on the third. Not for the first time, Jeric was struck by what an odd man his handler was.

The chair swiveled about, catching Jeric off guard. A man sat in it, not so tall as him, but far wider. His uniform stretched around his frame as if someone had wallpapered a refridgeration unit. He had a gaudy blonde mustache with a soul patch, intense dark eyes, dyed blonde hair. It all was to servce as a distraction for his craggy, lined, scarred face. Scarred too were the square palmed, wide hands that were clasped in front of him on the desk. They looked dangerous, flowed upwards into thick wrists, forearms, biceps to shoulders, all of it corded with an obscene amount of muscle for a man so old. Before he had reached the dubious rank of admiral in Starfleet Intel, the gossip around the replicator was that McGavin had been a dockside thug. Jeric could believe it.

"You're late, officer." The voice sounded like a stone, too, one shattering multiple times as it tumbled down a craggy cliff face.

"I'd say court martial me, but I don't think that'd get you very far." Jeric said with a smirk.

"You know our ways of dealing with wayward advisers, and if you don't, you're a willing fool." McGavin told him, dark eyes unwavering.

Jeric did. It was a subject he would love to change, so he said, "You have an assignment for me?"

In response, McGavin laid a PADD on the desk, and beckoned Jeric forward with a shovel like hand. He kept one sausage like finger on the PADD, nailing it to the surface. His eyes were locked onto the Andorian.

Antennae tilted back in apprehension, Jeric approached. He held out a hand to take the PADD, and found he couldn't remove it from the old admiral's single digit grip. He tugged a bit harder, frowned.

"Can I--"

"This one is a permanent assignment, Th'Zan," McGavin rumbled. "For a flag officer. Not one like me, either. Command. Admiral Rellek. You know the name?"

"Vaguely," Jeric said. "Science officer?"

"Used to be, now she's an admiral. So mind your Ps and Qs."

The Andorian frowned. He hated human idioms, especially those in English. So confusing. He hadn't grown up dealing with humans steadily until a few years back. Well, Commander Cole was human, but was as much a spacer as he was. And McGavin always used slang to confuse him. But in general the admiral's message could usually be boiled down to: Do your job and don't make an utter balls up out of it or I'll break you in half. Jeric could live with that.

"Location?" The Andorian asked.

"Gamma Quadrant."

"Gamma?!" Jeric asked in a disdainful voice.

"You heard me. Starbase Katra. You're to keep an eye on things out there and perform whatever task they set before you."

"I'll have my own office and department, right?"

"You'll have whatever Admiral Rellek gives you. No more, no less."

"You expect me to scrub the deuterium tanks or clean up the mess?!"

"If that's what she wants. After your last assignment on Rigel you're lucky to have this at all."

"Why don't you just throw me out the nearest airlock?!" Jeric wailed. He could see it already: the stuffy admiral, pup cadets, no luxuries of any kind. What kind of starbase could they haul through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, anyway?

"I've been sorely tempted, and no one'd miss you."

"You might. I've made your career so far. Maybe it's time for a promotion?"

"Don't push your luck, old man, it'll run out." McGavin lifted his finger and handed over the PADD. "Your travel itinerary and orders. Off you go."

Great, Jeric thought as he snatched the PADD away from the admiral's big, dangerous hands. Some infested starbase in an obscure sliver of the galaxy. The Gamma Quadrant! What kind of ragtag crew has Starfleet thrown together for this farce?

Apparently, him, and a few other unlucky souls.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 22, 2018, 01:58:26 am
[Admiral Rellek's Office
Jupiter Station - Sol System]

As Julia packed a few remaining things she couldn't help but to look fondly at the time she had spent in her small office buried deep on Jupiter Station. She always knew it was a temporary home but it had given her a nice quiet place to work on research while advancing the Omega projects she had been working on for years. In her time there they had successfully made modifications to the directive to make it stronger than ever and gained a better understanding of the power and beauty of the dangerous molecule. As her final classified PADDs went into the secure case she looked around the room one last time.

"How could i forget you?" She mumbled to her self with a small grin as she noticed the old beat up tin coffee mug on her desk. It was Starfleet standard issue from the tempest but it had been through a lot with her. As she picked up the mug memories flooded with it. She ran her hand over a small dent near the top of the handle. It was a clear as her hand in front of her; she could see the mug falling from a spot near her chair aboard the Tempest during the final battle with the Tzenkethi. She smiled as she recollected K'Lizh's rant regarding the stain it created on the carpet of the bridge. On the bottom of the mug was another dent along with a black scuff mark where it had fallen from the side of the Harmonic Resonance Chamber aboard the Challenger. With a warm smile from the stories the cup held she placed it in a small bag along with a few other personal belongings and turned as she started to exit the office. Her love for cosmology and the cosmos had littered the office in the forms of books and other personal effects however, the office had transformed back into a clean and sterile environment for its next inhabitant.

"Computer, lights off." She said as she passed through the doors and headed for the docking bay. It would be a long trip to Deep Space 9 followed by a quick jaunt through the wormhole and onto the next chapter in the young Admirals life.

[To Be Continued]

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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jeric Th'Zan on September 22, 2018, 11:02:30 am
[Transport Ship Defender - Lounge]

The Defender was the least aptly names ship Jeric had ever been. From the outside it resembled a squashed ice worm, long and narrow and flat. Even he had never grown over six feet tall and his build was skinny he had been banging his head on beams or onto bulkheads. It made his moods even darker and more confrontational.

Jeric moved his glass of human style coffee across the gritty table, looking like a perpetually hung over rock star in his scarf, tight pants, and open throated black shirt. Last night had been an ice melter. There was another Andorian aboard, Shreck. They had a bottle of ale each among them, but before they could be friends they had to fight. Such was the way with Andorians.

Shreck was young, green and strong, and Jeric was old, experienced and quick. It had been quite a battle. His eye still hurt, drawing and aching in its socket, and his ribs had taken a thumping. Even breathing hurt. Still, Jeric had left the other man with a dark blue bruise on his thigh and a bloodied lip. Tradition was then satisfied, each one had proven their mettle, and the drinking could begin.

The coffee swirled and steamed. Black. Jeric’s belly couldn’t handle human milk without making him sick  and it tasted sour and flavorless to him anyway. Coffee was all the Defender had, it was a human civilian ship. And so he eased his aching head with caffeine and slumped in his chair, wishing for a hole to crawl into and die.

“Seat taken?”

Jeric glanced up, expecting Shreck, which was strange since the other Andorian would have simply joined him, not asked. But it wasn’t Shreck, it was some wet behind the ears Starfleet ensign. Human, female, earnest faced and wide eyed. She wasn’t bad looking, though awfully young. The red of her uniform did set off her dark hair well, though. Openly, Jeric ogled her. She was unwrinkled and innocent looking, and her body was slight and frail. He grunted in mild dejection. Not his type.

It was on his lips to say ‘piss off’, but he found himself kicking out the table’s other chair, nearly colliding with the human’s shins. A Starfleet officer on a ship like the Defender was rare, and Jeric needed to know why. Duty. It never leaves us. Even when we’re hungover.

“Whoops, ok, thanks,” The human said as she sat. The young woman  nearly dropped the plate of food he was balancing with one hand, slopped a little coffee out of a mug with the other. She got herself situated finally.

“I’m Ensign Stewart, Jessica P,” She said, smiling slightly. “Bound for the new Starbase Katra.”

Now that was interesting. Jeric rose his eyes from his coffee grudgingly, studying her again.

“Jeric.” He told her. His teeth ached where Shreck had landed a good one. He frowned. “Also headed for the Katra.”

“Is that so?!” Stewart exclaimed. “Why? Are you out of uniform?”

“I’m a civilian.” By choice. “I don’t report to you people.”

His tone was throwing her off. The smell of the food from her plate was turning his stomach. Who could eat at a time like this?

“What...what will you be doing on the Katra, Jeric?” Stewart asked. “Setting up a shop? A restaurant?”

“Do I look like some shopkeep to you, ensign?!” Jeric said in an arrogant voice. “I’m a contractor.”

“Jeez, sorry,” Stewart said. Jeric wished she’d hurry up and eat. Her food still reeked, upsetting the delicate balance of comfort he was getting from resting and caffeine.

“Jeric, do I...” The human was saying. “Wait, I know!”

Stewart reached into her pocket, digging around in it, causing the Andorian renegade to nearly upend the table and alarm. Was she going for a weapon?

No, it was a PADD. She handed it to him. Reluctantly, he took it and activated it. It was a crew roster.

“We’ll be serving together!” Stewart said in a high pitched, excited voice, causing him to wince. Heedlessly, she went on, “I’m your pilot, sir. We are both in Flight Control! What kind of piloting experience do you have?! In the Academy my instructor used to pilot a cargo skimmer on Pacifica! I learned a lot about maneuvering in an atmosphere, I can tell you that! Were you in the Guard? Sir, what’s your stance on formations? 0500 is fine by me, I-”

It was too much. Jeric shuffled to his feet, banged his head onto a beam. He cursed it and Ensign Stewart and the good Admiral Julia Rellek and the whole of Starfleet and the Federation. He was on quite a streak before he started repeating himself and finally made his exit.

A jury rigged Starbase with this ensign serving under him. In the Gamma Quadrant. What a lot in life. Jeric had thought to go back to his quarters, but his feet were finding their way to Shreck’s. Day drinking was a thing among humans, why not Andorians? Tradition demanded that they square off again, but despite his head and ribs and eye Jeric didn’t mind. Right now, he needed to hit something more than he needed a drink.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Mondo'li Nari on September 22, 2018, 11:20:20 am
USS Shran - Enlisted Quarters

"I don't think I've actually been inside any enlisted quarters before," Ensign James Grant said, glancing about briefly before returning his gaze to Irene.  She had the most startlingly blue eyes he'd ever seen.

"Aye, slummin' it a bit, aintcha?" Crewman Irene O'Connor said, teasing the senior officer.  Her accent drifted between Irish and Scottish, thanks to her mixed heritage. 

To James, it was as magical a sound as a mythical Pan's flute.  He could listen to her talk for hours.  "Not at all.  There's important work done here in the lower decks."

Irene's eyes twinkled mischieviously, "Is that so?  And aren't there a rule or two about fraternizing with we lower folk?"

James stepped closer to her, snaking a strong arm around her petite waist, "Well... I won't tell if you don't."

Irene found herself on her tiptoes, her pink lips slightly parted to receive a kiss.

And then the door to the quarters slid open, and Mondo came stomping in.  "Good Morning, Irene. Ensign Grant."  He proceeded to the room's computer terminal, tapping his PADD once on the terminal display as a signal to transfer his secure correspondence from the ship's computer to the handheld device.   Such a gesture wasn't strictly required, but he enjoyed the tactility of the act.   The PADD bleeped obligingly, indicating his mail had been downloaded.

James practically dropped Irene when Mondo appeared, straightening his uniform and clearing his throat.  "Well, thank you for your assistance, Crewman O'Connor.   Hello, Crewman Nari.   I was just leaving.  Good day."  And with that, the Ensign departed the room.

Irene stood, gape-mouthed, before marching over to Mondo and giving him a swat on his forearm.  It might have been intended to be his shoulder, but the height disparity between them was too great to easily allow such a feat from the comparatively diminutive Irene.  "Yer a right big Galoot, do ye know that, ye Galumping Giant?!"

Mondo blinked, surprised at Irene's ire.   But before he could inquire further, she went out of the room in pursuit of her startled paramour.

Shrugging his shoulders, Mondo lifted up his PADD and read the first message.


Mondo blinked again as he continued to read, surprised anew.

Katra?  What was a Katra?

Some kind of outpost, apparently.  This was terrible news.  Going from a ship to a fixed base was the opposite of what interested him.

He read further.

This base... it was on the frontier! 

He was being transferred to the farthest edge of everything.  To the very cusp of the unknown.

He was going to be seeing things... doing things... that had never been seen or done by anyone in the Federation before.  Even the Ferengi Alliance had barely seen such reaches in their eternal quest for profit.

Excited to tell someone, Mondo went back out into the hall to see if he could catch up to Irene.

But then he paused, finding Irene and Ensign Grant engaged in a deep, passionate embrace.


Well... perhaps another time...

Returning to his quarters, he sat down in front of the room's dedicated terminal. 

He would tell Irene later.

He would tell grandfather now.

As he recorded the message, he beamed with pride.  He had joined Starfleet to serve the Federation, much as his grandfather served a wealthy Ferengi Daimon.   But at times like this, service truly was its own reward.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 22, 2018, 01:01:58 pm
[Jeb's Dorm Room - Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth]

Jeb, after his brief tour of duty on the Discovery, had signed up for training to become an Officer. That meant, for the first time, that he was based out of San Francisco.

He couldn't wait to get out of there and back to space.
San Francisco was crowded, and loud, and smelly. Even in the 24th century, there seemed to be no way to get rid of the smell of human waste that overpowered the nose when crossing some districts, such as the Embarcadero. It made Jeb miss the smell of cow and chicken poo, which he found to be preferable.
His courses were rather boring - mostly theoretical stuff, including a course in a dead language (Intro to French, taught over telepresence by a condescending science officer who seemed to struggle with her Rs in Standard) - and gave him much time to tinker with software and hardware (knives on Roombas included).

Jeb socialized some, which was cool, but there was only one thing he really loved about city life: his Segway. Not a hover Segway - a Segway with wheels. He loved to ride it around San Francisco, weaving through pedestrian traffic without a care in the world.

It brought him considerable joy to receive an assignment on the Starbase Katra, in cargo management. That meant he'd be going around the base, conversing with cargo captains and helping to solve their needs. This was golden! He could even bring his Segway!

Jeb almost squealed. This was bound to be awesome!

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on September 22, 2018, 02:55:39 pm
[USS Lirpa]


EQ was on the Lirpa.  He was in the middle or near the end of a mission.  Once could never tell with these things.

He was in between dispatching repair teams when his data padd rang.  He pulled it from his holster and read the message that awaited.  "The Katra" he thought absently as he returned the padd to it's home. 

Kimball had bounced around from ship to ship as needed.  He was an enlisted guy and did not complain.  But he was kinda happy about the prospect of serving on one place for a few months - even looking forward to it.
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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 22, 2018, 06:37:34 pm
[Hrafn's Office - Sciences, USS Tempest]

Hrafn took a deep breath... this one was going to be hard to play down with what had gone on with Cmdr. K'lizh and convincing everyone that it really wasn't anything to do with that.  Simply that Admiral Rellek had asked her to be Chief Science officer and well... it was what she was born to be. 

The USS Tempest had a perfectly wonderful CSO in Judy, and even the rather inept Dihiq, they really didn't need her, and a base would be good for the kids and the cats, somewhere safer, stable.... somewhere that possibly they could see their Dad more often as he might potentially put into the base. 

Either way she now had to acquaint both Judy and James at the very least with the information, and then go see Ozu, Malik, Govorov and Jada, the other people who had really made her time on the Tempest more bearable, especially since the incident.  She and Cmdr K'lizh had managed to make a working relationship without rancour but they could hardly be called 'friends'!

Looking at the transfer orders she was pretty sure that James would know already but it would be polite to go see him, first though, Judy.  She wanted to explain to the woman who had become a very dear friend...

[to be continued...]

[OOC I'm including this in a post on Tempest so I can tie up loose ends there]

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Bonnie Moors on September 22, 2018, 09:06:03 pm
Waterside Cafe - San Francisco, Earth

The past couple months for Bonnie had seemed to be a series of trials and tribulations set up to try and make her trip and drown in a pool of her own mess. She could feel herself at biting point at one point but struggled through, eventually coming out the other side for the most part unchanged. Things could've gone much more tragically for her, she was just glad it worked out. And 'What was it all for?', she asked herself, failing to come up with any answer which seemed to make logical sense. Truth was, nothing had come out of any of it other than her losing 2 months of her time.

The series of unfortunate events started when her father passed and she was called to Betazed to clean up the estate he had left behind, timely followed by her mother resurfacing from obscurity. Her mother attempted to make contact with her and Bonnie did best to entertain her as much as she could, but after some thought she realised it wasn't what she wanted. Bonnie bid farewell to her mother and told her to reach out again. It closed a book which had been left open for so long, and Bonnie felt herself freed a bit from the grip of a shadow which had clung onto her for so long. She still had something to remember the both of them though, their wedding rings, both placed on her left ring finger.

Bonnie had managed to find herself a nice place to sit down and have a drink before she made her way onto what would presumably be chaos if the Challenger was anything to go by. A new adventure was just what Bonnie felt she needed, and being back in medicine was the icing on the cake. She would miss the Challenger though, a great deal in fact. She had reinvented herself on the ship and started fresh, it was an experience she would never forget.

Turning away from the waterside and refocusing her attention to the PADD placed on the table she begun to skim through the assignment orders again. Things looked promising, she was finally in medicine, she was placed in an area of relatively unknown space and with a new crew. The idea of new crew excited her a little, a contrast to before she was in Starfleet. Granted, she would still be the shy one, but it was certainly an improvement.

Picking up a mug of warm coffee which was placed on the table in front of her, she took a sip, revealing a small grin after. 'This will be interesting.' She thought to herself.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 23, 2018, 01:51:38 am
[Deep Space 9 - Habitat Ring]

Julia stepped onto the habitat ring and was immediately struck by the hustle and bustle of the busy hub. She had been on the station several times before. Deep Space Nine had always been a logical stopping point for any ship going through the wormhole. In fact, one could argue that the wormhole made this place the hub it had become. With her bag over her shoulder she made her way towards the familiar replimat for a quick snack and coffee before the last supply ship left. She knew she'd be eating on the fly as she only had a few minutes before departure. She had boarded the station quietly and foregone the normal humdrum of an Admirals arrival.

This trip would be a special one for Julia. Not only would it take her to the newest addition to her task group but she would also get to meet her Executive Officer on the trip. The selection process had been quick and although they had exchanged communiques they had yet to actually meet. However, they would get plenty of time while enroute to their new home.

[Supply Vessel]

With her scone and ever important coffee in hand she made her way towards the docking station housing the supply vessel. With haste she ate her scone leaving just her coffee in hand as she passed through the airlock and boarded the vessel. She looked around for a familiar face but didn't recognize anyone. With few options for where to pass the time she made her way to a small lounge on an upper deck of the vessel. As she entered the lounge she was immediately struck by the basic nature of the accommodations. The room was nearly empty and only offered a replicator and a smattering of tables and chairs that seemed arranged with little logic or thought. In the corner she saw a table surrounded by three empty chairs facing a window. She smiled as she realized she'd be able to get some work done with some stunning views of the womrhole. 

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 23, 2018, 05:19:22 am
Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell

[Transport to DS9]
The transport from the starbase where the Challenger put in for repairs to DS9 gave Rayek plenty of time to look over the Katra's roster.  The first name he noted was of course the Commander.  Admiral Julia Rellek.  Rayek recalled working with her about 6 months back.. in the mission that officially never happened.  He wondered if Katra was going to more of the same and the command of a starbase in the gamma quadrant was just a cover for something more classified?  Time would tell he supposed... though he made mental note to keep a close eye on things.  He didn't want to be caught unawares by yet another Omega incident.

Moving on, he read over the department heads.  Security was a..  oh?  Lt. Tanibak Black.  The name gave him pause a moment.  Surely it was just a similar name.  Rayek hoped to do a background check on the man, but the file he'd been given only contained the sparsest of information.  The man, like Rayek himself, was Romulan, now under oath to the Federation and Starfleet.  Neither of them were the first or only Romulan's to have 'made the move' to the Federation and Starfleet - especially after losing the homeworld.   

It was the name however that raised alarm in Rayek. Tanibak.  Could it be the same man that trained him just over 10 yrs ago?  Unfortunately his file on Lt. Tanibak was conspicuously missing a photo of the officer.  Rayek would have to wait to check on the name later, once he'd arrived at either DS9 or Katra herself. 

Still somewhat concerned at this potential threat, Rayek continued on.  Engineering - Lt Cmdr Becker... a quick skim of the man's information showed nothing of note to the former security chief... as XO Rayek supposed he'd have to get to know the man better.  Next Operations - Lieutenant Yulia Regenkov.  Again nothing of concern or note caught his attention about the officer. 

The Chief of Science - Lt Hrafn Falleg - seemed a competent much like the others, but what caught his attention was her familial details.  She was the mother of 4, ranging in ages from 10 months to 14 yrs, and had requested living quarters to house the entire family.  There was no mention of a spouse that he could find her dossier.  Curious.

He moved on to the last of the department heads - Chief of the Medical Department.  Rayek broke into a smile at seeing Dr. Bonnie Moors name listed there.  A Lieutenant junior grade now.  She'd risen quickly in a short span of time.  He wondered what she might think of his own rise in rank.

Regardless she was a welcome name - someone familiar from Challenger.  Perhaps this mission would not be quite so solitary as he had first imagined it would be.  Rayek was still troubled by worry for Lek.  Who would keep the Chief Engineer from overworking himself?  Perhaps he should write a missive later to Dr. Vaughan asking her to keep an eye on him - as a friend not as his superior? He wondered if Lek would ever consider meeting up with Liz to have coffee at midnight when Alys was having a sleepless night.  The thought of Lek playing with Liz's daughter brought another smile to his face.  He really was going to miss his friends aboard Challenger... 

With his transport arriving late, Rayek had to hurry across the whole of the station to make his connecting flight or else he would have to wait til the next scheduled supply shipment the next day.  Perhaps not the worst thing ... as there were lots of things to entertain on the station but as the Admiral had made arrangements for the two to meet prior to arriving on the station, Rayek did not intend to miss this flight.  His long legs strode swiftly across the promenade with his attention focused on finding his route through the stations docking ring, until he arrived at the proper supple vessel.  With him he only had his carry-on.  The rest of his belongs would likely not make it aboard this flight and so would be sent on the next vessel.   

He glanced down at his uniform.  Anticipating the late arrival, Rayek had managed to change into a fresh uniform just before departing the Transport.  Now as he made his way through the airlock,  after being cleared by security, Rayek smoothed his short dark hair and straightened his tunic - he might be on the verge of being tardy but he was at least presentable.

[Supply vessel -Day 1]
Rayek was directed to the seating area, or lounge and informed the ship would be launching shortly.  Rayek thanked the helpful crewman and stepped inside the rather sparsely furnished room.  At first Rayek thought the room was empty but on a second glance he spotted the Admiral seated at a table in the corner - hard at work.  Yes, that was what he recalled of the woman - from her brief time aboard the Challenger - very hard working. 

Rayek made his way over towards the table, stopping at its opposite edge to assume an 'at attention' stance silently until she acknowledged his presence and offered him the opportunity to introduce himself.  It was overly militaristic for Starfleet but Rayek couldn't quite rid himself of his Romulan Star Navy training.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 23, 2018, 09:52:36 am
[Turin, Italy - Earth]

The news of her first assignment have Tess left excited to no end. Starbase Katra in the Gamma Quadrant! This was as far away as she could ever get. Deep in space, so close to the unknown. Though she can't deny, she was a little disappointed at first, when she received the message from Starfleet Command. On a starship, you wake up every day at another location, see new things, see places you've never been. On a starbase, you're stuck in one place and that didn't sound like what Tess imagined for herself.
But as she kept on thinking about the opportunities serving on a starbase in the Gamma Quadrant, the thrill of anticipation took over fully.

As excited as she was, to say goodbye to her adoptive father Fabiano and her younger brother Benjin was not easy for her, knowing it would be a long time until she would see them again. She would miss the long and open talks with her dad in the evening hours with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, the good advice he always had ready for her when she was stuck in a problem or temporarily lost the faith in herself.
And her little brother, he just handed in his application for Starfleet Academy. She would have loved to support him, give him tips and just watch him becoming a Starfleet officer too. To miss all of that made her heart sting with regret. With a ‘I'll miss you’ for her dad and a ‘Behave yourself’ and a grin she kissed and hugged her family goodbye and finally left to start her journey.


It was a long way ahead of her and after several stopovers she finally reached Deep Space Station 9, from where she was bound to take a vessel that would bring her to her final destination, starbase Katra. She expected the thrilling excitement to subside as she travels, but rather the opposite happened. She took in all the impressions and her surroundings like a sponge, getting eagerer to arrive and meet the crew by the minute. On DS9, time allowed her to go for a little bit of shopping on the station and type down a message for her dad and brother while having a coffee.

[Supply vessel - Day 7]

Finally boarding on the vessel that would bring her to Starbase Katra, she took the opportunity to change into a fresh uniform and freshen up a bit, before she made her way out on the corridors. As she walked down the hallways, she wondered if any of her future crew mates or even some of the commanding officers were aboard too.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 23, 2018, 02:07:50 pm

[DS9 - Habitat Ring - 2 days after the CO left.]

It had been a tearful and emotional farewell to her friends on the Tempest.  They were few that she called true friends but Judy, Malik, Jada and Ozu were definitely amongst them and she hoped she'd hear from them in the future.

The twins were another matter.  While Hrafn herself was mature enough to shed a few tears, then have a private bawl to herself in the bathroom, the almost 4 year old twins were having a full on melt down.

"Tidu, Nerys, hush will you, it's bad enough that we have Mr Mestopheles and McCavity hissing at each other and mewing like their world is going to end but your vying with them to make the most noise is not helping matters.  You should be setting a good example to your baby brother.  And you promised Daddy you'd make him proud by being good, I don't call this being good... hmm?!"

Nerys, always the more mature of the two sniffed back the tears, wiping her nose and eyes on the sleeve of her princess costume, little Bajoran ridges furrowed on her nose even more with the concentration of not crying more.

"But Mu-mummy... you packed Miss Puppydog, you know I can't fly without Miss Puppydog!  She protects me!"

"Oh Nerys I wouldn't do that look... here she is!" Hrafn swiftly took the dog plushie off the top of the bag of toys that she had indeed tossed the toy towards, head in a muddle and not thinking.  "Now take your little brothers hand and help him."

"Yes Mummy, c'mon Lamar you have to be big and brave boy for Mummy now!"

Hrafn smiled at her brood.  She was proud of each of them in their way.  Nerys for being a serious little girl, a true beauty that would make hearts break in about 12 years or so but for now still turning heads with the cute mix of nose ridges and spots.  Tidu the quiet one that was always thinking behind the piercingly blue eyes that he had, and Lamar who was almost 10 months and going to be spending his first birthday on a new base, holding firmly to his older sister's hand and looking at Hrafn with wide eyes not fully understanding everything that was going on. He was just starting to take some steps but the Nanny had the pushchair ready with teddy if he really didn't want to move under his own steam!

"Come Tidu you take Nanny's hand and be a big brave boy for Mummy!" Crista the nanny, a big bumbling woman of colour that the kids all loved.  It was a bit of a home-coming for her since they'd picked her up there looking for a job once when their previous nanny had left to get married.

Hrafn smiled gratefully and they walked to the area for the Supply Vessel.

[Supply Vessel]

Appeased with a jumja stick apeice the kids had calmed down and walked pleasantly onto the ship, Nerys giggling when the Security Ensign winked at her.

Hrafn gave him a bemused grin, nodding and giving their particulars before finding a seat in the Lounge area with a view out of the window for the curious Nerys to take in everything whilst clutching Miss Puppydog in one hand like she was going to loose her toy again.

The Trill let out a weary sigh... running the Science Department was going to be easier than wrangling 3 small kids from a ship to a base as a perma (as much as postings were permanant!) move rather than just putting into base for a few days!

Looking around she pulled out her personal PADD and drafted a message to Nevir.  He would likely find out on the Fleet News but she thought she'd better let him know personally and then do a video call when they both had the time.  She did try to do that once per week with the kids so that he 'saw' them as much as possible.

With Nerys nestled in the crook of one arm gazing out of the window, Lemar and Tidu playing on the floor under the table she'd sat at with Crista keeping an eye on them, Hrafn found where she'd left off in the novel she was reading and settled down for the trip.
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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 23, 2018, 02:29:28 pm
[Supply Vessel - Lounge]

Jeb was downright giddy with excitement. Finally, he was out of the hellhole that he considered San Francisco to be, and on his way out to unexplored space, where he longed to be.

Being a friendly type, Jeb spent a lot of his travel time making conversation. Now was no exception. He had made his way to the lounge, gotten a very large bacon cheeseburger with mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, hot sauce, and arugula along with a side of very greasy fries, and now looked for someone to talk with.

He sighted a red-headed trill with a few children around her, and pulled up a chair nearby.

"Mind if I sit here, ma'am?" Jeb asked, smoother and more confident than he was in the past.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Bonnie Moors on September 23, 2018, 04:54:19 pm
One Week Later...

Day 7, DS9

The journey from Deep Space Nine from Earth had been a fairly straightforward one, little interruptions and only a few short stops had made the journey pleasant. The duffel bag which she had been carrying made a large thump as it clashed with the metal ground, she lowered herself into a bench on the Promenade, taking a deep breath and putting her head back to take a rest for a moment. Her eyes felt heavy and she could feel herself wanting to yawn but she shook her head, retaking hold of the duffel bag over her shoulder and fighting off the sensation. Not long now and she'd be on her way to Katra, she just had to hold in until then.

As she picked up the PADD which she had placed down beside her telling her where she needed to be, she gently tapped the side of her face with the PADD in an attempt to wake up a bit more. Shaking her head and letting a little sigh escape her mouth, she read the PADD and then made her way for the supply vessel. Not much longer now, and Katra would finally be in her reach.

Supply Vessel

Bonnie walked onto the vessel which would take some of the Crew to Katra and made her way for her temp room, absent mindedly thinking about the assignment in her mind. She was excited but as always, she had a few questions about what the aims of the Starbase was. Making her way down the corridor, she paid little regard to anyone until she walked into a woman of similar age of her. Bonnie jumped, slinging her duffel bag and watching it as it slid along the floor. She took a deep breath, looking at the woman and realising her mistake.

"I'm so sorry, I was thinking. I didn't notice you there. So sorry." She said biting her bottom lip as she quickly picked up her duffel bag and then returned to the woman. "I'm so sorry." She finished.

Bonnie noticed the woman's blue uniform, noting her as a possible member of the medical department at Katra. Bonnie herself was dressed in all black civilian attire. Black t-shirt, black fitted trousers tucked into black boots and a black leather jacket. She wondered if she would go by undetected for now, she certainly didn't look like someone who would be in the fleet. Returning her gaze to the woman in front of her, she bit her lip gently hoping that the woman wasn't hurt or irritated.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 23, 2018, 05:11:01 pm

[Supply Vessel]

Hrafn looked up from her PADD and smiled.  "Feel free, please, be warned tho you may, despite my and Crista's best efforts you may find yourself child wrangling at some point!" she said indicating the twins and Lemar who was thankfully fast asleep looking like an angel sucking his thumb and clutching his teddy in his other fist.  Smiling with the 'awww' and pride welling up in her it was one of the moments she felt proud to be a mother.

She thrust out a hand "Hrafn Falleg...technically Falleg-Tekin since Captain Tekin Nevir is my husband and Daddy to these 3 little terrors!  I'm off to Starbase Katra taking up position as the Chief of Science but lately of the USS Tempest. And the little terrors - that's Lemar the sleeping angel there, tho don't be fooled he can be as mischevious and the other two, and the twins, Nerys and Tidu."

Nerys turned hearing her name mentioned, and the young man caught her interest.  "And Miss Puppydog!" she said thrusting the toy forward. It was a spaniel like brown dog with a cream patch eye and a pink dress and bow behind one ear. "Oooh what you eating? Mammy can we have something to eat?!"

"You've just had a jumja stick, maybe a bit later!"  then turning to the young Operations crewman she smiled.  "Bottomless hollow legs even at that age I swear!"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jortaal on September 23, 2018, 05:21:24 pm
[ Supply Vessel - Jortaal's Quarters ]

Jortaal stood in front of the mirror. He had cut his robust beard down to a more professional goatee and was not sure how he felt about it yet. A warrior is unbridled with cosmetic concerns he grumbled to himself. But he had trimmed to make a good impression. He was on board a ship headed for his new home and new duty station, The Starbase Katra. He was one of only a handful of Engineering officers and was looking forward to the challenge of a brand new facility.

"Computer, what is our ETA to Katra?" he called out to the omnipresent system.


Good, Jortaal thought. Time for a review of station's systems and some holodeck time with his mek'leth.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 23, 2018, 05:38:47 pm


"Schrock, Jeb Schrock, Ops," Jeb introduced himself, fidgeting with his Ensign's pip ever so slightly. He then sat down.
"Captain Tekin, you say?" He asked between bites of fries. "I served under him for a brief while. I could've sworn he was just married to his job." Jeb chuckled. "Phenomenal captain he is, loved and respected, believe me."
After a big bite from the burger, he moved on to her mention of the Tempest.
"I've actually heard of the Tempest. Apparently a science officer there was shanked by a robot. That wasn't you, was it?"

Jeb omitted the part where he felt inspired to tape knives to robots in order to replicate the feat. No one need know.
Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 23, 2018, 05:45:35 pm

[Supply Vessel - Day 7]

Tess' eyes roamed over the people coming towards her and those she passed by herself as she walked down the corridor, busy with her own thoughts for the moment. Her gaze was already going further to the end of the hallway, wondering where it might lead her when she suddenly felt a jolt that made her stumble backwards. At the same time she saw a duffel bag sliding past her across the floor.
Dragging her eyes up to the young woman, dressed completely in black and her blonde hair giving a nice contrast to that, she lifted her hand defensively. "No worries, everything's fine." Along with that she gave a genuine smile before she watched the woman pick up her duffel bag. As she watched she noticed the nice leather jacket the woman was wearing. Wow, I'd die to have one like that, Tess thought. I wonder where she got it from.

When the woman straightened up and apologised again, Tess noticed her deep black eyes, that made her give her a curious look. She never had seen such black eyes. "It's okay, really", Tess assured her. To Tess she seemed to feel uncomfortable, though she was unable to say if it was just because she ran her over or if it was because of something else. "I'm fine, I hope you didn't hurt yourself though. Or your... duffel bag." She tried another small smile as she gestured towards her.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 23, 2018, 07:37:05 pm

[Supply Vessel]

Hrafn let out a delighted peel of laughter, heartfelt and earthy.  "Oh my stars yes... even when we served together the problem that I had getting him out of the lab to come to meal times... you bet your Ensign pip that he's married to the job!  Having said that..."

Her fingers that had been fidgeting in her pocket found what she was looking for, she pulled it out.  "He's a good husband, and even when we were first dating when he made Ensign he gave me this... " she laid the silver cadet pip on her other palm.  "I keep it as a talisman, we've had our ups and downs..." she looked with a wicked grin at the 3 of her 4 children that were present and sired by Nevir, "...some of them in bed! But we have 3 beautiful children together and I have a 4th that he's an excellent Dad to, so much so that they filed the paperwork and Ruthie who is at Academy now is going to become Tekin Ruthie rather than Ruthie Falleg-Grix.  And I'm perfectly happy for that to be so, after all she saved Nevir's life and they got very during and after her recovery...that's a long story tho!"

She grinned at the memory of Stabby the Roomba.  "No, Stabby wasn't me, it was the now CSO Lt. Judy Eastman a dear friend and colleague, and her rather inept Klingon assistant, Cadet Dihiq.  However thankfully Judy wasn't hurt badly but I do feel it might've been a reaction to the My Little Targ band aids!"  An impish grin spread across Hrafn's face.  "Did that part of the story make the transition?"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 23, 2018, 08:02:34 pm


"Man, oh man, this one's a talker," Jebby thought to himself as he listened. It was really more information than he wanted, and made him chow down his burger just a little less ravenously. Imagining other people's sex lives did that.

At least the TMI he could make sense of. The band-aids confused the young Amish officer completely.
"What's the story with the band-aids? And how would that make this Dihiq want to kill his superior officer?" Jeb asked, curious about the Stabby story much as one would be about a soap opera - it was too salacious to turn the other way.

He continued to munch away and smile at the children (Jeb was great with children, being a middle child from a family of 12) as he listened.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 24, 2018, 06:52:44 am

 [Supply Vessel]

Hrafn smiled semi-wickedly.  "Well... from what I can remember basically the superior officer in question had been wittling, you know carving wood, there were little wood chips all over the carpet.  He was charged with the task of cleaning the carpet, he got splinters and then ripped up the the carpet in frustration.  Then I, looking for Judy came in, saw the little rivulets of blood running from his fingers and, having these three..." she bopped her head in the direction of the kids, "... always having booboos I invariably have band-aids in my pocket, and because of Miss Nerys there, the ones that I had in my pocket were My Little Targ, puppies or kittens I forget which and little puffy hearts with faces.  I think possibly it wasn't so much the band-aids that was just the proverbial straw on the camel's back.  I think he had a few grudges against Ms. Eastman."

She smiled.  "His proud Klingon heritage wouldn't stand for it I guess!"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Bonnie Moors on September 24, 2018, 12:17:58 pm

Day 7, Supply Vessel

Bonnie didn't like her telepathy sometimes, it seemed rude to just intrude on people's thoughts but she heard the young woman complementing her leather jacket and cracked a smile, raising her head and giving a nod of thanks. "I'm glad you like it." Truth was, Bonnie wasn't completely convinced on the jacket herself. To hear someone else compliment it made her feel better about it, much better. She pulled the duffel bag a little more over her shoulder and straightened her posture slightly, that mess certainly had woke her up. "I got it from a shop in San Francisco. Think it was about 20 minutes away from Starfleet Command." For a moment, Bonnie contemplated whether she should have said anything or not. People usually find it rude when Betazoids did that, but it had happened now and nothing would change what she had said now. If she was offended, Bonnie just hoped she could make it up to her.

Looking down for a moment, Bonnie noticed something missing from her person. She patted her pockets down, shaking her head and then spinning around and scanning the floor of the area. "My transfer papers, where are m-" She stopped herself mid sentence, breathing a sigh of relief and walking over to the PADD which seemed to have been slung across the floor as well. Going red slightly in the cheeks, Bonnie looked back at the woman and revealed a small smile. She wasn't good at travelling.

Bonnie nodded, summing up a small smile for the girl who seemed to be unaffected by her clumsiness and letting out a small sigh of relief. She stood for a moment, giving the petite woman a look over before returning her gaze to her face. Her left hand had drifted to her right ring finger and she begun to mess with one of the two rings on her finger. She was nervous, that was certainly visible. "My name is Doctor Bonnie Moors, it is a pleasure to meet you." Bonnie offered a hand to the woman, nodding slightly in greeting.

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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 24, 2018, 02:23:54 pm

[Day 7, Supply Vessel]

Tess gave her an irritated glance when the woman in front of her cleary made a comment on something she just thought. "How the hell did you- ..." Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion before the solution to the mystery came to her. That again made her brows move in the other direction - upwards - as she looked at her. "Oh ... you're a Betazoid, aren't you?" She knew the species from the books and database entries she read and of course to study the characteristics of other species have been a part of her medical trianing. So she knew about the Betazoid's ability to read minds, but she never met one before or even had someone read her mind. Until now. Admittedly, it felt creepy and made her feel a little uncomfortable. She cleared her throat quietly and was then distracted from the woman's next comment. Oh yes, right. The leather jacket. Tess looked at it once more in awe and finally she cracked a smile. Her face lit up and she rose her hands in excitement. "Oh! Do you mean the AllSaints Shop at Union Square? I know the place!"

She then watched the woman patting her pockets and finally watched her picking up her PADD from the floor. Tess noticed the faint shade of red on the woman's cheeks now and the fiddling with the rings on her finger drew her attention to them for a moment. Why was she so nervous? Tess hoped, that it wasn't she herself who made her feel that way. Wanting to made her feel more at ease, she searched for her eyes and gave her a smile. "Nice to meet you! I'm Tess Moreno, Crewman Tess Moreno." In a playful gesture she pointed at the insigna on her uniform, proud to be part of the fleet. It was only then, that she recognized the name. "Wait. Dr. Moors? Dr. Bonnie Moors?" She read that name recently. On the roster list of starbase Katra, and Dr. Moors was ... "Oh, you are ... you are the CMO of the starbase Katra!" Surely she sounded like a fool to point out something that obvious, but Tess was so surprised. She had imagined Dr. Moors to be ... different. She didn't even know exactly different in what way, but Bonnie seemed to be like a very nice woman to work with.

"I'm sorry", Tess breathed with a smile and calmed her voice down. "It's just ... I'm very pleased to meet you. I'm assigned for the Katra too. Medical department." The fact that she was standing in front of her boss made her feel a little insecure about how to act in front of her now, after all she was a senior officer and she was just a crewman. Though her guess was, that Bonnie didn't mind it that much. But she couldn't be sure.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 24, 2018, 04:17:30 pm

[Supply Transport Lounge]
[Day 1]

Julia was sipping her coffee and reviewing a detailed schematic of the new addition the her Task Group when a shadow seemed to creep over her. She was in the middle of a drink as she looked up and coughed, clearing her throat. “Commander.” She said slightly startled. It was clear that Rayek was strict to protocol. “At ease Commander before you break something.” She said with a chuckle as she stood up and extended her hand. “It’s good to see you again and congratulations on your promotion. Please join me.” She added.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 24, 2018, 04:53:23 pm

Jeb was rather startled by this aspect of the story. "Shouldn't you have called a doc?" He thought but did not say. Instead, he said something a little more polite.
"It sounds like a crazy ship," he uttered. "Hopefully we'll have it a little calmer."

In his mind, Jeb noted to keep an eye on Hrafn and the science department. If she was a friend of the crazies involved in this insanity, there was no saying how much insanity she'd tolerate. It was exciting, but also frightening.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Bonnie Moors on September 24, 2018, 05:47:22 pm

Day 7, Supply Vessel

Bonnie's cheeks went a little more read with embarrassment as the woman made the connection to her black eyes. She bit her lip slightly, shrugging and giving her an apologetic look. "That doesn't normally happen, I just wasn't sure about the coat and the fact that you liked it- I'm sorry, it was rude." Bonnie bit her lip a little harder hoping she'd accept the apology. "I'm half Betazoid, half human." She added. The look on the young woman's face was certainly not a face you made when you were comfortable. She let out a little sigh, slapping herself gently on the arm and looking at the woman. "I'm so sorry, please forgive me." She finished.

Her sudden change of expression from discomfort to excitement somewhat startled Bonnie, she nodded in reply to the young woman returning the smile. "Yeah, I think that's the one! There's some good stuff in there." She said, looking down at herself then grinning slightly. "Not that I'd know." Bonnie admitted, pointing out the all black attire. She was plain, but she liked it.

Bonnie had always been nervous in social situations since her mum had left her behind. It seemed to be something she lost without her, and even her return hadn't made a difference. Casting her aside and forgetting her return forever was the best option in Bonnie's mind and she didn't regret doing it. She wanted nothing to do with her mother, even if she was a part of her. The introduction of Tess made Bonnie smile slightly, she was enthusiastic and Bonnie liked that about her. She was certainly here to do good, not for the paycheck at the end of the month. Nodding in greeting to the young woman once again, Bonnie cracked a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, crewman Tess Moreno." Bonnie still hadn't properly acquainted herself with the roster, she wanted to do it in person rather than looking at people's files. It seemed more genuine that way. The sudden realisation on the face of the new crewman made Bonnie's grin widen. She nodded in confirmation, noting that her nervousness seemed to have subsided for now. "Yes, I was reassigned to Katra." She added.

Waving off her apology Bonnie smiled. "No apology necessary, it's good to see enthusiasm from you. I look forward to working with you!" The woman seemed clearly uncomfortable in how she was postured, moving her positioning from one way to another. She waved her down again, brushing her hand down her civilian attire. "No formalities are necessary, Tess. Please, call me Bonnie." She added, signalling for her to follow and making conversation. "Tell me more about yourself Tess, I like to know the people I'm working with." She finished.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on September 24, 2018, 06:02:34 pm
[Supply Vessel]


EQ had made it to DS9 just before the Supply Vessel left.  "Hold on, wait" he called out as he ran down the corridor.  Luckily they had held the door for him.

Out of breath, the liberated borg leaned against the wall to catch his breath.  He dropped his duffel on the floor.  And just took it easy for a minute. 

A few second later his padd rang.  People were gathering in the Lounge.  He liked a drink just as much as the next guy, but he needed a shower first.  So, he pushed himself off the wall and made his way to a place to shower and change.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 24, 2018, 07:38:23 pm

[Supply Vessel]

"Crazy is one way to describe it, however we worked well together.  Something you'll learn as you progress in the fleet is that sometimes you have degrees of crazy, it's our way of coping with things.  Some drink, some have personal vendettas about a particular race, some go and fight things in the holodeck, or in my case I sit and wade through pages and pages of ancient Bajoran and translate for their Archaeological Department.  People think I'm utterly mad with that one but if I say I'm a Xenolinguist and Anthropologist, that suddenly makes it all better!"

She winked at the young Ensign and then gave a rather wry smile.  "Jebidiah, there will come a time in your service where you think you're going to break, you're going to have to make decisions on the spot that you'd rather not... that sort of thing marks you.  I'm not the woman I was 10 years ago, I have been to my own personal hell and back, but somehow I have to hold it together for my kids and my husband.  That doesn't mean that I don't go and hide in an office and lock the door then sob my heart out for some of the things I've had to do.  You're heart gets put through a mincer, you watch people you love get hurt, die sometimes, they get posted away, and people you thought cared turn their back on you and not give you another thought.  It's a hard life but it's rewarding.  So please, before you say someone is 'crazy', consider the reason for the crazy.  I'm not saying that the crewmembers of the USS Tempest aren't... but they're no more wacky than the rest of the Fleet!"

Giving a half smile she continued "I suppose I should have listened to Dihiq's protests that he could walk to Sickbay... but it was a minor wound... if I sent the kids to Sickbay every time they scraped themselves then the medics would be sick of them, and not be free to deal with more important injuries and ailments.  Seriously it only required a band-aid, and honestly I don't think it was the band-aid incident alone that made him retaliate against Lt. Eastman.  I'd best not tell you the nickname she has, I won't give you any pre-conceptions about her, because her heart is very definitely in the right place, I know that one from personal experience."

Hrafn suddenly laughed.  "That doesn't stop her telling you that you're a damn fool idiot or other more colourful epithets if you are!  As for having it calmer at Katra- I wouldn't stake my life on it.  I've got a feeling we'll have our own amounts of drama there as much as anywhere!"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 24, 2018, 09:42:52 pm

Jeb didn't really agree with Hrafn. He felt that the craziness was inappropriate and detrimental to the crew's morale. He also reasoned that belittling other officers was behavior unbecoming of a member of Starfleet - and that was coming from the kid who fell out of the ceiling.

"I know it won't be like back on the farm, but... I hope we won't have anyone trying to stab other officers or talking trash about them," Jeb said at last. "With all the powers of the Gamma Quadrant, I think we'll have enough on our hands anyway."
Jeb wasn't expecting calm, but shankings weren't on his bucket list - exploration was.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 24, 2018, 09:51:38 pm

Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Supply Transport Lounge - Day 1]

The Admiral's attempt at humor in regards to his attentive stance was noted and Rayek relaxed somewhat.  He appreciated that most officers that he'd met in Starfleet were more approachable than those in the Empire.  He made mental note to himself to endeavor to work on being more approachable to other below him in return. 

He shook her extended hand, as she offered congratulations on his promotion.
"Thank you, ma'am.  I wasn't sure you would remember me from on the Challenger." he remarked as he accepted her offer to sit.  He glanced about the lounge briefly assuring himself of their seclusion before continuing "Though I had wondered if perhaps that involvement in the mission at that time might have had some influence on my selection for the Katra.  Starfleet Command is well aware of my steadfastness when it comes to discretion." 

Rayek was risking much and being overly bold in his statement, especially given the non-disclosure rules that were always in place in regards to that particular mission but he wanted her to be aware that if there were a hidden agenda to the base, that he was willing to be a part of it from the start. It would save them both time.

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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 25, 2018, 12:07:46 am

[Supply Transport - Day 1]

"Of course I remembered you. How could I forget your steadfast hours outside that cargo bay." She moved her coffee to the side and leaned in closely. She was naturally hesitant to discuss the infamous Challenger mission. It was a sensitive subject and she knew full and well that a Federation supply transport was neither the place or time... yet she still went on. "How could i forget..." She whispered. She gestured towards her secured bag containing the classified files. "I'm still filling out the reports." She chuckled slightly before sitting back in her chair. "So anyway. Would you like a sneak preview?" She asked as she spun a PADD around displaying the schematics for the new station. "I hope you don't mind missing out on a few creature comforts." She added.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 25, 2018, 02:56:43 am

Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Supply Transport - Lounge - Day 1]

The ability to stand guard for hours on end did not really seem to be a highly required skill for an officer - at least to Rayek's thinking; however, for whatever reasons, Starfleet Command had changed their mind on his usefulness as an officer, and had assigned him to Katra station as XO.  He couldn't imagine that the Admiral hadn't had a say in who would be assisting her, so his unasked question - unanswered - still nagged at him.  Why him? Was it because of something that occurred during the Omega incident?

Rayek leaned in when she did, conforming to her desire to further seclude their conversation.  He would have offered to do a scan for listening devices (it was a feature that he'd added to his personal tricorder) but knew such precautions were often viewed as excessive and paranoid. 
He noted his pulse race slightly in anticipation of her confiding in him, only to have her make what he imagined was a meant to be a joke.  Evidently, he still needed to earn her confidence.  Very well, he thought and leaned back into his chair. 

"I'd offer to assist with the paperwork, but honestly, I feel that may be my one weakness in this new position.  My previous work - in the Empire" he added, to clarify he wasn't talking about the Challenger, "wasn't big on reporting out all it's dealings." It felt somewhat good to be able to speak - even in code - about his history to someone. He didn't have to worry with the Admiral that she didn't know about his past.  She would have the clearances necessary and had no doubt looked into his background before offering him the position.  She would also know - if she cared to look at his file closely enough - know about his telepathic ability, and his current medical issues with it.  Miss Moors as well,  would no doubt discover his 'secret' as the Chief Medical Officer.  No doubt Dr. Vaughan had left detailed notes in his file to be intend for use by his next physician.  He wasn't looking forward to his next "Fit for Duty" medical. 

Rayek's attention was called back to the Admiral when she went on inquire if he would like a 'sneak preview'.  "I would" he answered and leaned in again to get a better look at the PADD which now faced him.

The station was smaller than he anticipated. But then size wasn't always important.  What concerned him was the lack of any serious armaments, and after coming off of the Challenger with her point of impact shielding, standard defensive shields just seems pathetically inadequate.

The Admiral's comment about creature comforts hung in the air, keeping him from voicing his opinions.  Were additional weaponry and better shields truly necessary or were they luxuries?  Rayek grimaced but then thought back to his lowest time.  He still had more safety then he did then.  "I think I'll be able to manage roughing it, ma'am"

He looked again over the schematics, "The ships compliment I see lists civilians occupancy to be nearly equal to the enlisted?  Surely those are anticipated and available occupancy not what will be present initially?"  Romulan miliary outposts rarely, if ever, permitted civilians among their contingent - it had been something of a novelty for him when he first began touring across the Federation with the Romulan Ambassador. 

Thinking about the Ambassador reminded Rayek about a question he had, regarding the roster.  "Also if I may ask, I noticed on the ship's - or rather station's - roster, there are no diplomats or ambassadors listed.  Is that an oversight? Or does Starfleet not feel that such positions are needed here at this time?  Because to me, it seems like the station will attract new species to us. And I'm relatively certain you will find I do not make a good diplomat."

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 25, 2018, 08:43:34 am

Supply Vessel, Day 7

Tess started to feel bad now for having Bonnie make apologize to her. Surely it wasn't easy to live through your life with the ability to read minds. She had no idea of how it must feel. She had many questions about it, but she didn't feel right now was the right time to ask them. Lifting her hand, she shakes her head with a small smile. "It's alright. Thank you."

Tess was relieved that Bonnie dind't seem to be that formal of a person but rather easy-going. That was something she was worried about the whole time. She fit into that military structure, willingly, but she preferred a casual working atmosphere to deal with every day and with Bonnie it seemed to be just that.
Mentioning that she was reassigned to Katra, another bunch of questions popped up in Tess' head. She still was so curious like she was as a little girl when she drilled her future adoptive father with questions about technology when she still lived on Ba'ku. And still it was difficult for her to keep those questions in her mind and not let them out all at once.

"Okay ... Bonnie", Tess beamed, when she was offered to be on first-name terms with her and didn't hesitate to follow her down the hallway.
"Well, I was born on Ba'ku, but live with my adoptive father and my younger brother on Earth since I was twelve. He's in Starfleet to, Lt. Fabiano Moreno, maybe you heard of him? Or maybe not", she shrugged with a grin. "He was assigned many years at the cultural observation post on Ba'ku." Tess gestured while she spoke, bright blue eyes shining. "I always wanted to join Starfleet and I wanted to be a doctor since I lived on Earth and now I've got both." She chuckled, clearly Tess didn't realise that she really achieved the dream she always had. "Where has been your previous assignment?", she then asked, letting off one of the more innocuous questions she had.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jeric Th'Zan on September 25, 2018, 10:00:16 am
[Supply Vessel - Day 7]

"Blue, two matches," Pip the Grip said in an Earth accent. British Isles, somewhere, Jeric thought. He'd been around humans enough to recognize it.

"Block, green, three matches," The Andorian had his slim butt down on a cargo container full of self sealing stem bolts, the Tongo board between him and the human. It was a popular game because all one required to play was a PADD of any design, and the board folded up to be stowed away easily in a pocket. It could even be swallowed, should a snoopy SNCO come around the bend and find his or her men gambling when they were supposed to be working. Jeric had first played it as a cadet in the Andorian Imperial Guard. He'd seen it on Starfleet and commercial and pirate vessels for decades. It was truly a working man and woman's game, something to do after the officers had their briefings and issue their orders and went back to their offices.

"Concede. Good round." Pip the Grip was a cargo hauler, spent his days behind the wheel of a big anti-grav lifter. Transporter energy was too precious and the amounts too relatively small to bother. Plus, it gave Pip a job, made him looked rehabilitated and reformed. The politicians like that. The human had a streak of blond hair and big, dirty hands that clutched the PADD.

Jeric reset the game for another go. So far, he was up, had two strips of latinum next to his name. Pip the Grip may have excelled at extorting other dock worker's pay, but the man was a degenerate gambler who always lost.

"What do you hear about the CO, where we're going?" Pip wanted to know.

"Another bureaucrat. Scientist, I think, but an admiral. Starfleet wants a big showing. Red, one match."

"Don't they always. Block, silver, three matches."

"What do you have planned for the dock when we get there? Block, green, three matches." Jeric asked, tapping on his PADD.

"Same old. I figure if it works in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants it should go for the Gamma. Take a few weeks to set up shop, but even with how few of us will be on the Katra it's still game on. My go?"

Jeric repeated his last move. "Skim the cargo, shake down the staff, that kind of thing?"

"Like I said, same old. What are you going to be doing Block, black, four matches."

"You know me, I have always got something cooking." Jeric half smiled and showed the human his PADD. "Block. Pink, twelve matches."

"Damn!" Pip cursed, and tapped on his PADD. "I'd better quit while I am ahead. Besides, my shift starts soon."

"You could win it all back from me tomorrow, don't worry. Or if you're tired of getting your big butt kicked you can pay me four slips when we get to the base." Jeric said with a grin, blue teeth and gums showing.

"Not on your life. See you around." The dirty human left.

Jeric had an appointment of his own soon. He gathered up the Tongo table and exited the program on his PADD. While he was nominally on the Katra to pilot, if a starbase needed one, he had also been tasked by Admiral McGavin to keep an eye on the place. That required socializing with the soon to be crew. He heard voices around him, and drifted towards them, making sure the gambling paraphernalia was out of sight.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 25, 2018, 10:34:01 am

Supply vessel - Day 7

Walking next to Bonnie, Tess let her gaze roam over the many different people that were aboard the supply vessel - civilians, officers in uniforms, cargo haulers, not to speak of the many different species. It was a mixed bag of anything you could think of.
While they were chatting they stopped at the entry to what seemed to be a cargo storage room. Tess watched a man - a human apparently - coming out of it with a smug grin on his face and leaving in the opposite direction to where they just came from. A moment later she caught the glimpse of a middle aged Andorian. She didn't exactly know what made her stare at him, but for a moment, her gaze was stuck on him, eyes darting up to his peculiar antennae. Noticing that she's staring, she briefly looks at his face - wondering what he might have been doing there - before she drags her eyes back on Bonnie while they were talking about Katra.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jeric Th'Zan on September 25, 2018, 10:48:56 am

[Supply Vessel - Day 7]

"Ladies!" Jeric boomed as he caught sight of the two women chatting. Unasked, he joined them. "I assume you two are headed for the Katra as well. Jeric Th'Zan."

He wasn't dressed as a Starfleet officer and certainly didn't look the part. He was wearing a pair of tight leather pants, a jacket open to the middle of his chest, and a scarf despite the fact that the inside of the ship was temperature controlled. Jeric liked to think that it gave him a distinguished, eccentric air.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Mondo'li Nari on September 25, 2018, 02:29:51 pm
Deep Space Station 9, Bajor Sector

Mondo raced onto the docking pylon, a gray travel trunk of impressive size clutched in his right hand.  Alas, when he arrived, the airlock was closed.  A security crewman was standing beside the gateway, looking somewhat bored.  As Mondo approached, he perked up, tilting his head back to take in the Hupyrian's full form.

The crewman's eyes widened slightly.  Hupyrians had visited DS9 with surprising regularity over the years, but they'd always arrived as part of Ferengi delegations.  None of them had ever been seen here wearing a Starfleet uniform.

"Looks like you're just a few minutes too late," the man said with a sympathetic frown.

Mondo sighed, his shoulders slumping.  "My shuttle was held up due to all the traffic in your nearspace.  I don't suppose there's any chance of being beamed over to the transport?"

The human seemed momentarily taken aback, and then shook his head, "I doubt it.  By now that supply vessel is almost through the wormhole, far out of beaming range.  I think you're the first Hupyrian I've ever spoken to.  All the ones who've come here before have been pretty quiet.  I'm guessing you're one of the crew for Katra Station?  We've had about a hundred of you folk come through."

Mondo nodded, "I did not include a Vow of Silence into my Oath of Service to the Federation.  It seemed... ill advised.  But yes, I am bound for Katra.  And now I may be late in reporting for duty.  Do you know when the next transport is scheduled to make transit?"

The human made a kind of wince.  His pained expression was an appropriate external representation of the anxiety Mondo felt for failing in his duty.

"As you said, traffic around here has gotten pretty tied up in the whole Leyton thing.  And the Challenger tussle on the border has thrown everything off-kilter even more, what with two enemy cruisers taking up space in the traffic pattern.  This place has been a beehive lately.  You might be able to get a Runabout cleared for your use in the next day or so, if the station Commander is feeling generous.  But honestly?  If you've got any favors you can call, or any latinum stashed aside to rent a spot on a civilian rig, I'd use it.  The term 'anything could happen' hasn't been so appropriate around these parts since the end of the Dominion War."

"I saw the cruisers docked here when I came in on my shuttle.  The Setlik and Bunker Hill, wasn't it?"  Mondo asked.

The crewman nodded, "Yeah.  Crazy to think of them being 'enemy ships,' but I guess that's the world we live in now.  The Station CO is having them repaired and re-crewed.  The Task Force outside is pretty desperate for personnel.  You could probably get yourself re-assigned to one of them, if you wanted."

Mondo shook his head, "I hope you won't think me a coward, but I'd prefer the thrill of the frontier to the trevails of war."

"You won't get an argument from me.   Good luck to you, however you manage to get there."

Mondo bowed, and then heaved up his luggage again, "Thank you...  Perhaps there is someone I could call for help with this matter.   Is there a public vidcom terminal?"

"On the promenade.  Watch out for Quark's.  Not exactly the most honest of establishments.  The proprietor will sell you your own shirt off of your back, and then add a fee for the wear and tear you put on the merchandise prior to the transaction.  But I guess I don't need to tell you about the dangers of dealing with the Ferengi."

Mondo couldn't help but smile slightly. 

It was a terrible racial stereotype.

...But it was also probably true.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on September 25, 2018, 05:08:04 pm
[Supply Vessel - Day 7]

[Crew Quarters]


EQ looked at his reflection in the mirror while he finished dressing.  The doctors had done a great job of removing his external implants.  But his eyes, they just could not fix.   

They still looked like pieces of black glass.  Obsidian to be exect.  But they allowed him to see - on a very wide spectrum mind you.  So there was that.

And, of course, his skin has not fully recovered yet.  There were still serveral green patchs that lingers.  And even some gray/white spots too.

That and the eyes still gave him away as a liberated borg.  It was less obvious than it was before.  But still his cross to bare.

"Knock em dead" he said aloud as he buttoned his last button.  It was a little montra he had started using recently.  Just a little pep talk to lift his spirits.

[Lounge - Day 1]

Minutes later, Kimball entered the lounge.  His eyes immediately went to the food.  He had not eaten in several hours.  His stomach grumbled as a reminder.

"I hear ya" he said to his stomach absentmindedly.  Then his eyes focused in on all the people in the room.  Some he recognized.   

So now he had a decision to make.  Eat or socialize?   Socialize or eat?
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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Bonnie Moors on September 25, 2018, 05:11:38 pm

Day 7, Supply Vessel

Bonnie listened closely to the young woman as she explained her life in a few brief statements. She nodded at each statement, retaining a small smile as she listened closely to the young woman and did her best to note anything particularly interesting about her. The sound of the name Fabiano Moreno stuck in Bonnie's head to make sure she remembered to look him up, however the name seemed to have no value to her. She was a baby to the fleet for the most part, if he was particularly well regarded Bonnie still wouldn't know. She shrugged at the woman in reply to his name. "I'm still relatively new to the fleet I'm afraid. I was picked up as a civilian so I'm afraid I've never heard of him. I'll be sure to look him up though." Bonnie said, offering Tess a smile as they continued down the corridor.

Bonnie was happy to hear that she had managed to achieve the goals she had set for herself. It was important you were doing a job which you enjoyed to Bonnie, and the fact that it was her dream proved this to her. At least Bonnie knew now that she would always put in maximum effort, even if she made a mistake or two along the way. After all, it was part of the learning process.

Looking up from the floor as Bonnie was asked where her previous assignment was. Thoughts flashed back to the people she had left behind. The crew which had raised her and incorporated her into the fleet. The crew she would never forget. She smiled slightly, doing her best to show a strong face even if she had left behind many friends for life. "My entrance into the fleet was not traditional. I was picked up as a civilian to work independently in the science department, but because of staff shortages on the voyage I was appointed as head of science." She paused for a moment, taking a deep breath and gently biting her bottom lip. "I think the less said the better, but I had a spat with the captain on one mission which led to his dismissal as the captain for commanding irrationally. During the interim, the XO was appointed as the acting captain and he sponsored me to join the fleet. I was made an acting ensign and was made to complete the initial training, however my course was shortened because I already had my Medical Doctorate." Realising she had completely ignored the question of the young woman and gone on a long winded explanation, she paused for a moment. She looked at the woman, smiling and finally answering her. "The USS Challenger, my first home." Bonnie added.

As Tess came to a halt to watch an exchange between two men, Bonnie stopped beside her watching closely. The smile from her face disappeared as she assumed they'd probably seen something she shouldn't have. Bonnie wasn't one to make a scene though and knew when to keep quiet. After all, it was only a innocent game of gambling, right?

Bonnie watched as the man approached the pair and greeted himself. She summed up a small smile, offering her hand and a nod. "You'd assume correctly, Jeric Th'Zan. My name is Bonnie Moors. It's a pleasure to meet you." Bonnie said, lowering her hand back down beside her after and taking hold of one of her rings and spinning it around her finger. She was nervous again, she hated having to meet new people.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Solen Cenn on September 25, 2018, 05:31:42 pm
[starfleet Academy, -14 days]

Solen sat at his terminal staring at the screen in front of him.  He knew he have to go back some day. He knew some ship at sometime would carry him through the celestial temple.  But he never thought it would be be his backyard.   He didn’t even go to Deep Space Nine anymore, because it was too close. 

The prophet had made one thing clear to Solen.  Don’t. mess. with. us.  And he had no intention of disobeying. 

“This looks promising.”Solas said cutting through Solen shock and surprise like a plasma cutter.

“Wait!!! What!?!” Solen asked. 

“This maybe just what we need.”. Solas replied. 

“We need to stay away from the worm hole.  Not wave our butt in front of it.  We should ask for a new assignment.” Solen said, and started pulling up a new document on their terminal. 

“That would be a mistake”. solas said, but solen ignored him.   And start typing his request letters.  But he only got so far as “Hello Commander...”. When he stopped and sat back in his seat.   His brother was many things.  One thing he wasn’t often was wrong. 

“Why then?” He asked.

“Because, it going to happen sooner or later.  One, if we’re going to reverse this, it is only logical to be at in place where it began.   We will have to go back someday.  Two, a starbase will have more resources, to take advantage of.   New cultures and possibly new technologies.  And three, they will not allow a ensign to choice where he is posted.   Not even with our recent notoriety.” Solas finished, solen crosses his arms working it through.

“Damn it.” Solen finally said, ultimately his brother was right.  They have to go back.  And it was a great opportunity for his career and to Possibly find some answers.  Beside he doubted they’d resign him anyways. 

“A month then I’ll put in for a transfer.”

“A month is not long enough to...”

“It’s long enough to determine if it safe whether or not.  If the Prophets haven’t tried anything then we’ll stay.” Solen said. 

“Agreed” Solas said a little to fast for Solen.  Solas continued before solen could respond.  “We should start preparing for our departure.”

“We have plenty of time.”

[Deep space nine - docking bay  7 days]

Solen ran as hard and fast as he could.  His travel pack slang across his chest.   All the last minute details, on Bajor,had taken longer than he’d expected.  The last he heard the supply ship meant to take him to his new home was boarding and set to leave in five minutes.  That was eight minutes ago.    He’d forgot just how big of a station DS9 was.   

As he rounded the bend he saw a human and a Hupyrian with a truck.  A passenger!  His heart leap.  Maybe there was a delay. 

“I won’t be so sure” Solas said, from somewhere in solen head.  Solen ignored him running harder.   

“Hey! Hey!” Solen called out as he got closer.   He stopped short of ranning in to the Hupyrian.  Once stopped he double over taking long deep breaths.  It took a few seconds to catch breath.  When he finally straighten up.  He looked to the Hupyrian than to the human and back.

“Did I... did I make it?” he asked before look out the air lock into space. 

“I told you”

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Mondo'li Nari on September 25, 2018, 06:57:46 pm
Deep Space Station 9 - Docking Pylon, with Solen

Mondo was just beginning to make his way out when a young cadet came racing into the docking area, stopping abruptly when it became apparent that he had missed his departure.

"Did I... Did I make it?" The cadet asked.

But it was clear from the way the second half of his query audibly deflated, that he already knew the answer to his question.

"I'm afraid not, Sir," Mondo said, trying to show the same empathy on his wrinkled face that the human security crewman at the airlock had shown to him.  "I was just discussing it with this crewman here.   If you are bound for Katra, as I am, you may need to make other arrangements if you wish to arrive on schedule.   The recent upheaval with the Leyton treachery has created quite the traffic snarl here on the station."

Mondo glanced up the way back to the promenade, before returning his attention to the cadet.  "I was about to make a call to make arrangements for... private transportation.   If you are indeed bound for Katra, Sir, I could attempt to include you in my request."

He realized he hadn't properly introduced himself to either individual, and added, "Forgive me.  I am Crewman Mondo'li Nari.  If it pleases you to do so, you may call me Mondo."

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 26, 2018, 12:20:53 am

Supply Vessel - Day 7

Tess listened carefully to Bonnie's story. From what she heard she believed that a very smart and clever woman was standing in front of her. It surely meant something when a captain made a civilian an acting ensign. Tess imagined it to be the much harder way to get into Starfleet. But still here Bonnie stood, as a Lieutenant by now.
Tess reciprocated the smile Bonnie was giving her after she told her story, nodding in acknowledgement to her former assignment. "I'm glad I'll get to work with you." She figured there was a lot to learn from her.

It was then that she was distracted by the Andorian and that he actually came over and spoke to them came unexpected to her. Even more so that he seemed to be assigned for the Katra too. Leather seems to be the height of fashion among the Katra crew, she thought to herself with a grin that didn't show on her face though. She made a mental note to herself to check on something for herself as soon as she got the possibility.

Meeting another crew memeber of hers so unexpectedly, it made her wonder even more how many of the people around her were her crew mates without her knowing. Nonetheless the way the Andorian greeted them made Tess chuckle quietly. After Bonnie introduced herself, Tess did the same. "Tess Moreno. Nice to meet you", she smiled. "We were just talking about how we got into Starfleet", she gestured to Bonnie and herself.
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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 26, 2018, 01:05:01 am

[Supply Vessel - Lounge]
[Day One]

"Good." She said as her new executive office mentioned his willingness to rough it. She wasn't quite sure what to expect from this assignment. She had read the schematics over and over again but she still wasn't quite sure she was prepared for what would come next. "Y'know?" She said picking up her cup and staring out the window; her mind seemed lost among the stars. "My first assignment was on a remote station in the middle of nowhere. We were conducting research in the isolation of deep space... I can't help but feeling like I'm coming full circle here." The memories seemed to flood her mind and she found herself wanting to tell the whole story. Perhaps one day she would be able to confide in her new XO but that day was not today. She smiled warmly and looked back to Rayek as her mind seemed to return back to the present. "My apologies. I digress."

Cupping her coffee in both hands she returned back to the conversation at hand. "Where were we?" She asked as she looked back to the schematics. "Ah yes. I'm sure we'll have our fair share of diplomats in and out but I doubt they'll hang around long. As far as civillians go... i'm honestly not certain. We have informed our allies in the region that their people are welcome to visit or live aboard the station. I know of a few planning to move in but only time will tell." She added.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 26, 2018, 02:29:41 am
Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Supply Vessel - Lounge - Day 1]

Rayek listened while the Admiral spoke personally about 'coming full circle'.  That certainly wasn't his perspective - everything from this point on was brand new.  While he had been a Major amongst the Tal'Shiar - the majority of his missions were very much solo operations.  This command position would be a real test of his abilities.  But he was confident he was up to the task or he would not have accepted. 

As she smiled at him warmly, he noted once more just how young she appeared, to be in such a senior position said a lot about her abilities as a leader.  He would definitely be wise to learn from her experience.  Rayek offered a smile back.  "No need for apologies, ma'am."

The Admiral went on to answer his question somewhat regarding the civilians with an 'only time will tell' response - the gist of which said that she didn't know.

He glanced around the room the empty lounge again, before looking back to her "Well," he remarked, "While we have this time to ourselves, do you have any questions for me, personally?  Or would you prefer to use this time to go over the roster?  I have a few observations regarding it that I feel should be brought to your attention."

[18 hrs later]
After their talk, Rayek had tried to get some rest but sleep eluded him.  The fact was - that he was nervous.  He refused to show it but it was there.  Now, as the supply vessel made it's approach, Rayek found himself eagerly staring out the ship's viewport, in hopes of getting a look at it. 

The moments stretched out, impossibly long, then as the supply vessel turned slightly there she was.  Katra Station. 

She was beautiful.  Her lights shining like a beacon in the vastness of space.  Rayek found himself staring.  As he took in the station that would be his home from the next foreseeable future, his nerves settled and a peace came over him. 

He was exactly where he was meant to be. 


NPC Lt JG. Saqa7 Mountain-Kahn
[Supply Vessel - Lounge - Day 7]


Saqa7 was in the lounge, had been for a while, sitting alone at a small table, her fingers fiddling nervously with the beads of her necklace and hair ties. Every so often she would catch herself gnawing on the small bone pendant that hung from the necklace and would spit it out and clasp her hands in her lap to stop herself.  Also in the room were several other Starfleet personnel who had been assigned to the newly commissioned Katra Station, but Saqa7 didn't know any of them and so kept to herself.  She had never been the social one - that had been Jureena.

Saqa7 watched a pair of officers talking animatedly.  One male, one female.  From her position, the former medical doctor, didn't have a good view of the man - but from what she did observe he seemed young and polite. However, it was woman who caught Saqa7's attention the most - a red headed Trill, if she wasn't mistaken, the visible spotting along the sides of the face and down along the neck were a dead give away.  Saqa7's heart gave a slight tight squeeze as it always did whenever she saw one of that species.  The Trill appeared to be the mother three children, a set twins who sat restlessly beside their mother while she talked, and young child - less than a year old who was asleep in a carrier. 

With a slight wistful sigh, she dragged her gaze away from the talking pair to look out at the wormhole as the supply vessel began to move away from the docking port and towards the portal to the Gamma Quadrant.  This wasn't her first time through the portal... no, she'd made the trip as often as her position in Starfleet would allow, searching.  But now, with being assigned to the Katra Station, she hoped to have even more opportunity.

She had been hoping to receive this transfer ever since she'd heard of the stations construction from acquaintances she'd developed with staff on DS9, but had been concerned that her recent demotion and reassignment following  her actions on Silgrim Beta II, would prevent her from being selected.  It seemed some people in Starfleet Command were still looking after her.

Hearing another set of footfalls in the hallway outside the Lounge, Saqa7 looked over towards the doorway to see another enter. The person was a bit startling in his appearance - from the facial features and ridge she might have believed him to be Vulcanoid but for the mottling of his skin that made him seem sickly, and his unnatural looking black eyes that glittered as if they were made of glass.

Years of being a medical caregiver had Saqa7 rising from her table approach the man gently.  "Excuse me, are you feeling alright?"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 26, 2018, 12:43:57 pm   

[Supply Vessel Day 2]

Julia had spent the remainder of her time in the small guest quarters provided by the supply transport vessel. With her seemingly endless amount of work she had decided to pause and she spent the evening working on some research of a far more personal nature. Even with the bars on her collar she was a scientist at heart and she often tried to make time for passion projects. That was one thing that she was eagerly awaiting in regards to her new assignment, the station was equipped with a wide array of scientific labs and equipment... it would allow her ample space to get her work done.


In Julia's mind there weren't many perks to being an Admiral but one thing she did appreciate was the ability to stroll wherever she pleased. She wanted to get the best possible view of the new station so she made her way to the bridge. As she stepped off of the lift and onto the bridge the captain began to stand. Julia very gently waved her hand signifying that the protocol of announcing was unnecessary. He smiled. "On screen." The captain ordered.

The new station filled the view screen as Julia stood quietly in the back of the bridge with a bag draped over her shoulder and her hands locked in front of her body. She watched in awe as the realization sunk in. After all of the efforts... all of the conflict... all of the missions... they finally had a permanent presence in the gamma quadrant. She fought the tears back as she was struck by what this station meant to the Starfleet and the Federation as a whole. After a few moments the captain ordered docking procedures and the small vessel maneuvered in landing on one of the docking pads. As the pad lowered she smiled. "Thank you captain." She said as she stepped back onto the lift.

=/\= Rellek to Rayek, im heading to the airlock now. =/\=


Julia looked around waiting for Rayek to arrive before asking for the airlock to be opened.
Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 26, 2018, 01:09:14 pm

[Supply Vessel]

"I think, or least I hope we can guarantee that... or if not whomever we have as a Security chief is slacking.  I haven't had a chance to check out the manifest yet, so I don't yet know if I've served with anyone before.  I know Admiral Rellek of course."

She smiled.  "I'm sure we won't have to deal with each other in terms of harming one another, we're better off projecting that sort of energy towards any enemies of Starfleet that we encounter out there.  Any idea how long this flight is supposed to take incidentally?" Hrafn asked flicking a look to her offspring.  "There's only so long they will sleep or be otherwise engrossed in toys!"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jeric Th'Zan on September 26, 2018, 02:48:47 pm
[Supply Ship - Day 7]

Jeric's smile was easy, but there was something else to it. An off putting quality that was hard to define as it flirted across his face. He did the human custom, exending a hand to each of the women in turn.

"Pleased to meet you both," He told them in a voice that could be either dutiful or bored. "As I said, i am Jeric. Late of the Andorian Imperial Guard, but that was some time ago. I have been contracted to Starfleet as an advisor, though I believe I'll be serving as chief flight officer aboard the Katra."

The Andorian renegade thought it was a pretty plum position, truth be told. What would the head pilot have to do on a starbase, anyway? It gave him a chance to slack off on some duty and make some real money, all the while fulfilling his real duty to Starfleet: keeping an eye on things. Isn't that what Admiral McGavin had said? And if he put a bit of latinum in his pockets, well, that was just a bonus.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 26, 2018, 04:20:12 pm

[Supply vessel - Day 7]

Tess watched the smile on the Andorian's face, not really sure about what it meant to say. It is stated that people, who meet others for the first time, form their opinion about them seconds after they first met and have a vague idea of what kind of a person stands in front of them. With Jeric, Tess found herself completely clueless. She only met him a moment ago but already read many different things in his face and his composure and his words. He picked her curiosity - which admittedly wasn't that hard.

Tess shakes the offered hand with a firm grip, giving him a nod of her head along with it. "Chief flight officer", she echoed his words, raising her eyebrows in. It seemed weird to Tess. An Andorian renegade and then give him an assignment as a pilot on a starbase? But she wasn't one to doubt Starfleet Command's choice of occcupying their positions. "I guess I'll know where to go to get some tips on how to kill time then, 'cause you'll probably be an expert in it soon", she grinned.

Directing her words at Jeric and Bonnie, she asked: "I think there is a lounge somewhere here. I was on my way to it when Dr. Moors ran into me." She gave Bonnie a warm smile, before speaking to both of them again. "I'd love for you to join me. What do you think?"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 26, 2018, 05:50:58 pm
 [Lounge (day 7)]

"Days," Jeb answered. "They put us nice and far, right on the edge of Federation space. Exciting but far."

He took another bite of his burger, chowed it down, and swallowed it. Delicious!
"Have you had lunch yet?" he asked Hrafn. "The replicators on this ship are actually pretty good. You could mistake it for real food."
That was an exaggeration. Jeb, who grew up on a farm, could pick up on the oh-so-subtle differences between real and replicated food, but he had to admit that this fake was a good fake.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on September 26, 2018, 05:59:41 pm

[Lounge - Day 7]


EQ stood that the door for a moment.  The great debate of food vs being social stil raged.  Finally though he arrived at the conclusion that he could do both.

So, he headed to the nearest replicator and looked at the display.  He had been on enogh suppy ships to know what to get and what to avoid.   So that helped him make a quick choise and his food arrived quickly.

With tray in hand, he turned back to the group.  There was a pair of people and a trio.  So, he headed off to the offically meet the pair for one reason and one reason only - to have less people to share his food with if anyone at the table be hungry.

"Hello.  Mind if I join you?  I'm EQ Kimball" he said as he neared the table.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jeric Th'Zan on September 26, 2018, 06:54:43 pm

[Supply Vessel - Day 7]

“I’ll kill time,” Jeric said breezily. “Or whatever else comes our way that wants killing. The Gamma Quadrant! Must be a place rife with both enemies and deals to be made.”

At the suggestion of relocating to the lounge, Jeric nearly purred.

“I thought you’d never ask, crewman. I could use a drink.” Then again, he could usually use a drink.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 27, 2018, 12:46:39 am
Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Supply Vessel - Lounge - Day 2]

Rayek felt only the slightest 'thunk' as the supply ship landed on one of the docking pads.  From the viewport, Rayek could see the docking mechanism extending out towards the ship smoothly.  The process was not one he'd seen in quite some time and would have stayed where he was to observe - much like he used to as a child, when the Admiral's call for him sounded from his comm badge.  Rayek straightened slightly, before tapping his badge in response. 

=/\= Acknowledged, ma'am.  I'm on my way. =/\=


Rayek arrived moving to stand at the Admirals left hand side, as she ordered the airlock opened.  Rayek waited for the Admiral to enter first, then followed a step or two behind.

The first thing Rayek noted about the hallway that they stepped out into, was that it was narrower than that of the Challenger and that colors scheme was a very neutral grey.

He'd read once that neutral palettes like that were designed to highlight the people within the space.  He wondered if that were the case here or if Starfleet was as unimaginative as the Empire when it came to interior design.

Just to the side of the hatch, stood a Chief Petty Officer, who gave the Admiral and him, a sharp salute before smiling widely.  "Welcome aboard Katra Station, Admiral Rellek, Lieutenant Commander Rayek."
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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Mondo'li Nari on September 27, 2018, 01:52:30 pm

FAS Latinum Lobe, in orbit around Caldonia 
Conference Room

"I do not know how to convey this without disrespect," the Caldonian said, declining its massive head slightly in a gesture of apology. 

Nalg glanced back at Malro, exchanging a familiar look with his servant.  Sooner or later, every meeting with a new client came to this.  The reputation of the Ferengi was an omnipresent shadow through which all transactions had to be conducted.  Malro's expression would have seemed utterly stationary to any casual observer, but Nalg recognized the knowing look, and smirked briefly.  Then he gestured to the replicator before returning his attention to the Caldonian.

"Tulia... can I call you Tulia?" Nalg asked.

Tulia nodded, "That is acceptable," she offered.

Malro's towering form gravitated to the replicator, and his fingers danced on the controls briefly.  Shortly, a tea set materialized in the alcove.  For most clients, an alcoholic beverage would have been more appropriate.  For a Caldonian, however, intoxicants were forbidden while work was being conducted. 

"Tulia, I'm going to stop you, and I hope you won't mind,"  Nalg held up a hand, "I know what you're about to say, and I don't want you to have to be uncomfortable by repeating it aloud."

Malro set the tea set down, and carefully poured the tea for his Master and his Caldonian guest.  He managed this without a single tinkle or clatter.  It was like being served by a specter.

"You've probably heard that Ferengi are untrustworthy.  Maybe you've heard even more disgusting things about us.  You don't need to repeat it, because I've heard it all.   I should be outraged about it.  Maybe someone else would be.  A generation ago, it might have been profitable to pretend at outrage.  A negotiating tactic, preying on your desire not to be seen as a racist bigot."

Tulia's eyes widened slightly, and she seemed about to stammer an objection.  Nalg raised his hand again, shaking his head.

"I don't think you're a bigot.  I might, if your preconceptions were baseless.  They're not.  Ferengi culture has had much to admire over the centuries since we came into the galactic sphere.  Honest trading is not among those things.  We actually had an instruction book that governed our trades.  It explicitly stated that 'a contract is a contract.'  He paused, picking up his tea cup and taking a sip.   As he set it down, he added, "But only between Ferengi."

Tulia didn't seem to know what to say to this, so she lifted her own cup in her three-fingered hand, taking a sip.   Her expression revealed some surprise. 

Well, it was very good tea, from a very good replicator. 

"What can be said about such a philosophy," Nalg asked, rhetorically.  "Ferengi culture was immature, back then.  Selfish, concerned only with the individual.  Quite lamentable.  The rumors you've heard about us are all true, or at least based on something true.   But times have changed, Tulia.  It has been a generation since Grand Nagus Zek began his great reform of the Ferengi people.  Twenty years since he ceded power to Grand Nagus Rom, who carried forward those reforms, even extending them."

Nalg glanced at Malro again, nodding to a bookshelf along the back wall of the conference room.  The Hupyrian glided to the bookshelf and retrieved a gold-gilded tome from it, which was nestled between two other books.  'Holg's Guide To Commerce,' on one side, a Ferengi text published ten years ago in a failed attempt to compete with the Rules of Acquisition.   On the other side, 'Fairness in Trade' by Sumver Silz, a Saurian with an idealistic view of economic relationships.   

Malro lifted the tea tray away, and set down the book in its place, turned so that it faced the Caldonian.

"An entire generation of Ferengi have grown up since these reforms.  An entire population has learned from them.  But the Legends of the Ferengi have not kept up."   Nalg opened the book, knowing precisely upon which page the text he wanted could be found. 

And there it was, 'A Contract is a Contract is a Contract.'

No contradictions followed.  No exceptions.  Just the definitive period.

"It is not an interesting story, to talk about the reformation of the Ferengi people.  It is not selacious.  It does not allow one to sneer.  But it is true.  And I assure you, when you and I make a deal today, it will be fair, solid, and reliable.  We will both profit.  And you will have no cause to regret it.  Perhaps you may even help to tell a new Legend of the Ferengi.   One which does not revel in the failings of our past, but rather appreciates the progress of the present age."

Tulia's expression softened as she listened to Nalg speak.  Finally, she nodded.  "I think we can do business."

          An Hour Later

The Caldonian was gone, and the deal to sell her 10 units of Iconian polyphase tachyon emitters was complete. 

The ones he'd sold her were not authentic Iconian tech, of course.  Genuine Iconian components were almost impossible to come by, thanks to the end of the Iconian/Federation conflict.  The governments on both sides had salvaged everything from the battlefield, and in the case of the Federation, it had all been secreted away into R&D vaults.

But these were very good copies, based on black-market schematics stolen from Federation computer banks.  Chances were, the Caldonians would never know the difference.  The Caldonian tech museums would be able to proudly display the forgeries, and no one would ever be the wiser.

Malro picked up the book- also a forgery- and placed it back upon the bookshelf.  There was something in his manner.  Something only a long-time associate would be able to recognize.

"Well, go ahead and spit it out.  She's gone, now." Nalg said.

Malro finished setting the book down, and turned to face his Master.  "I have received a message from my grandson.  He is on Deep Space Nine, and requires a favor."

Nalg spun his chair, regarding his Hupyrian servant.  "What kind of favor," he asked.   Even when not constrained by his Oath of Silence, getting anything out of Malro was like pulling teeth.

"It will be difficult, because of Daimon Sorq," Malro explained.

"What could your grandson's favor have to do with Daimon Sorq?  Isn't the boy in Starfleet?  Poor kid.  I could have easily gotten him a job with my cousin, you know."

"He felt a debt to Starfleet, because of the medical treatments," Malro explained, not for the first time.

"Yeah, well, that's stupid.  The whole point of getting something for free is that you don't owe a debt.  It's free.  And not fake-free, like with everyone else in the universe.  When the Federation gives you something for free, it's actually, honestly free.  I'm constantly amazed their economy is still functioning."  Nalg shook his head, genuinely mystified.

"He requires transport to Katra Station," Malro said, returning to the topic at hand.

"Ah... that's why you've been dribbling this out in pieces.  Sorq bought exclusive rights to that territory from the Nagus."

Malro nodded, "And hence, you are forbidden from going there."

Nalg stared at his servant for a long moment, "You know, Malro, you're the best servant I ever had.  Best I ever saw, even.  But sometimes you're still dumb as a stone."

Malro gazed impassively at the Ferengi, saying nothing.

"I'm forbidden from doing business at Katra.  But if I have another excuse- like transporting a starfleet officer for Free in the hopes of securing future business in the Beta Quadrant- well then, I can go there all I want.  And even better, I can visit whenever I want, because we have the excuse of you visiting a family member.  We're not doing a favor for Mondo, you thick-headed giant!  He's doing a favor for us.  We can circumvent the travel restrictions, do secret deals in Gamma, and all without getting in trouble for being there!"

Malro allowed his mouth to open slightly, as though in surprise.  "That had not occurred to me," he lied smoothly.

"Of course not!  You're a fine Hupyrian, my friend, but you are no Ferengi.  Come, we're not too far away, and these old engines can still manage Warp 9.   We'll be there before tomorrow's breakfast!"

Daimon Nalg trotted out to the bridge, his face bright with the pleasure of new schemes.  Malro followed close behind, a very faint smile touching his lips.
Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 27, 2018, 04:55:22 pm

[Supply Vessel - Day 7]

Tess listened with interest what Jeric replied. She knew that Andorians are fighters and Jeric seemed to be no exception. "I won't doubt that for a minute", she chuckled.

"Great!" Pleased, she started to head towards the lounge with Jeric, trusting Bonnie would follow if she wanted to join them, which Tess hoped.

"Well, let's see what they got here." Tess entered the lounge. Stopping next to the Andorian she took a moment to take in the scene. It was very inviting to stay and have one or two drinks. Tilting her head up she looked up at him."So, what does an Andorian Chief flight officer have for a drink?"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 28, 2018, 12:04:15 am
NPC Lt JG. Saqa7 Mountain-Kahn
[Supply Vessel - Lounge - Day 7]

Saqa7 had always been a quiet speaker, often overlooked, and it seemed today was no different.  The man she had queried, didn't even glance in her direction, but instead headed straight to a replicator, ordered a meal and then after a brief glance about headed towards the pair of women Saqa7 had been observing, and introduced himself.

She envied that socialness.  That had been Jureena, except Jureena would have dragged her along so that she wouldn't have to feel alone.  But she was alone now.

With a slight shrug, Saqa7 returned to her secluded corner table and her people-watching.  With any luck, now that she was stationed at Katra, she wouldn't be alone long.  'I'll find you, Jureena.'

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jeric Th'Zan on September 28, 2018, 01:58:32 pm

[Supply Vessel - Day 7]

"I guess I'll have a beer, right?" Jeric said back in a tired voice, but lightly. "This vessel doesn't have much in the way of Andorian food or drink, sadly."

Truth be told, his hangover was starting to creep up again. He could already hear the replicated glass of ale whisk into existence. Or better yet, the tinkle of a real glass against the metal tap, the refreshing gush of air, and the homey, musical sound of the amber, cold liquid filling its vessel. It was perfect.

"How about yourself?" He asked the human female as they queued up for their drinks.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 28, 2018, 02:36:40 pm

[Supply Vessel Lounge - Day 7]

"I haven't, and Miss Hollow Legs here will be complaining she's starving to death soon."  Hrafn rolled her eyes in the direction of Nerys.  She was having fun at the expense of her children much the same as any parent does, harmless and she'd make sure they all had some treats on the journey.  She'd even picked up things for Ruthie to make a goodie package when they were at DS9.

"What do you recommend? I eat pretty much anything, and the kids... well about the only thing they turn their nose up at is same as me... oysters, raw oysters.  They're not too keen on sushi yet but they like calfornia rolls, if they can pick it up and not worry about chopsticks, and nothing with lots of wasabi... otherwise... gannets!"

She smiled "You're a fair bit younger than me I'm guessing, but I mean that as a compliment.  You're more likely to remember games you played to keep you from being bored.. I'm being nosey now, do you have any siblings? What did you do before joining the fleet?"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 28, 2018, 03:18:20 pm

[Katra Station - Docking Ring Day 2]

Julia stepped from the transport ship and onto the deck plating of the Katra for the first time. "Thank you chief." She said as she stepped past the chief with a brief salute. As the interior became visible it was a familiar site. It was a stale design that the federation had become known for. Much of the interior seemed dated, even though the station was new. LCARS displays lined the walls and soft blue lights seemed to emit from the walls and ceiling. It wasn't lost on Julia that the architecture reminded her very much of an intrepid class starship.

As the pair made their way through the docking area Julia made careful notes of everything around her. She could't help but notice the cleanliness of it all. Teams of starfleet engineers and operations officers had been working around the clock securing the final completion of the station. "Welcome home Commander." She said with a warm smile. "Let's head to operations on Deck one. We can get the lay of the land and see what's functioning." She added.   

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 28, 2018, 03:30:39 pm

"Yes, certainly, sit with us," Jeb answered. "The name's Schorck; Jeb Schrock; Ops. My lovely colleague here is Hrafn Falleg, science."

And so, the fiery-haired woman's verbal fire continued, not stopping for politesse. It seemed Jeb had to be polite enough for the whole table.

"I grew up on a farm in Ohio; I'm a 5th child of 12," Jeb answered, honest as ever. "We mostly played simple games at home, like throwing and catching balls. Sometimes, we played pranks, but Maemm didn't like that. I still remember her flying into a rage when my brother Mose and I put a goat on the roof."
Jeb grinned mischievously at the memory of that glorious practical joke. They had to build a ramp onto the roof of the barn to bring the poor thing down.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Bonnie Moors on September 28, 2018, 06:42:38 pm
Supply Vessel, Day 7

Bonnie followed closely behind her new workmate and the rather large Andorian male who also seemed to be posted on the ship to the lounge area. Stepping up to the bar, she took a seat at a bar stool with the two, allowing them to converse freely. Bonnie was quite happy being the quiet one and listening. It's what she always had done and after all, she was still somewhat nervous. Everything was new, she could feel herself getting a little overwhelmed with everything.

Hoping she could take the edge off and calm down a little, she looked at Tess and then back to Jeric. "I'll have a glass of wine, red please. If they have it." Bonnie smiled, attempting to look a little more comfortable in the situation. She was doing her best with what she had, even if she clearly looked somewhat on edge.
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Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 28, 2018, 06:53:09 pm
Lt Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Katra Station - Docking Ring  - Day 2]

Rayek also gave the Chief a bit of a nod while the NCO motioned for another security crewmember to watch the airlock and then turned to Rayek.  "Shall I give you a quick tour."  To which Rayek glanced away from the petty officer towards the already departing Admiral.  Rayek chuckled. "I think the Admiral would prefer to look about on her own. We'll call if we get lost."  He then hurried to catch up to the Admiral.

He too looked around, maybe a bit more in wonder than he'd normally care to show, but this was a novel experience.  Soon this station would be up and running with him as it's second in command.  It was a lot of responsibility but then Rayek did like a good challenge.

The Admiral didn't speak much as they walked and Rayek was uncertain if that was a good sign or not.  Not wishing to intrude if this was her own way of 'settling in', he too kept silent.  He did however observe things about him as they walked.  He hadn't had much time last night to commit to memory the schematics that the Admiral had provided but he had done his best so for the most part knew where exactly they were and how to a specific place.

So when the Admiral suggested they head to Operations on Deck One, Rayek was rather certain he knew the quickest route there.  He nodded and stepped ahead to lead the way. "I believe I know a short cut that should by-pass the promenade." He turned down another bland looking hallway and motioned towards a grey slate door with a notice that read: 
Restricted Access. Station staff only beyond this point.

Rayek was about to enter in his security access code, then on hunch, tested the door handle first.  It opened easily.  Rayek gave a slight disappointed snort. He'd definitely have to have security tightened. 

Rayek held the door for the Admiral then followed her through and continued to lead her along through the service way. "I suspect these service tunnels will be easier to navigate through than the promenade once the station gets fully operational."

The engineers service walkway had an exit that opened just a few meters from the main turbolift. Once more Rayek held the door for the Admiral.  A quick trip up the turbolift  - which thankfully for Operations level DID require him to enter his access code before the turbolift would move -  and they had arrived.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Tess tLhoell on September 28, 2018, 07:16:01 pm

[Supply Vessel, Lounge - Day 7]

Tess smiled at Bonnie and watched her sitting down on one of the bar stools. She managed to get their drinks - she got a glass of wine for herself too - and gave them to Jeric and Bonnie before she joined the doctor at the bar and sitting down on one of the bar stools. She always found it difficult to sit on those because her legs always seemed to be too short. She finally managed a position she felt comfortable with and feeling in the mood for a toast she rose her glass to Jeric and Bonnie. "To whatever may lie ahead of us!" She grinned at them and then took a sip from her wine. It tasted okay, sweeter than she expected. "Do you like it?", she asked Bonnie, nodding at her glass.

Putting her glass down on the counter in front of her she looked at Jeric. "I've never had the opportunity to try Andorian drink or food. I hope I'll remember to ask you for recommendations if I ever should." She always liked to try new things, it was one of her weaknesses. Now and then she'd do unreasonable or outright dumb things just to satisfy the urge of curiosity.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on September 28, 2018, 08:54:14 pm

[Lounge - Day 7]


"Thank you" EQ said.  He put his tray on the table.  "Nice to meet you both.  I have extra to share if you would like octopus" he added.

He pulled a seat back.  Sat down in it and listened.  He waited to eat before he knew if he was going to be sharing or not.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Julia Rellek on September 30, 2018, 01:27:14 am

[Katra - Operation]
[Day 2]

Julia had appreciated the quiet of the walk up. The lift opened into station operations. A large round command desk dominated the space and drew her eye in. The table contained a circular LCARS display and notably lacked any chairs around it. Arranged in a circle in an outer ring of the command deck were eight work stations each facing the outside wall with 2 command chairs facing one viewscreen. The sites and sounds were familiar as the chirps emitted from the console. The room was empty and Julia and Rayek were able to take in the space in peace. Drawn towards the center desk she set her bag down on the edge of the desk and ran her hands along the edge. "Interesting, i've never seen a command center quite like this." She said to Rayek. Glancing to her left she noted her office. "Looks like the Commanding Officers office is over there." She said pointing across the room. "If i recall correctly I think your office is on deck two. So what do you think Commander? Looks like home to me?" She said with a chuckle.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 30, 2018, 10:26:20 am

[Jeb and Hrafn and EQ's table - Lounge - Supply Vessel]

"My apologies Mr Kimball, like my young colleague said, Lt. Hrafn Falleg, don't know about the lovely but thank you Jeb..." she blushed slightly clashing with her red hair, ".. depends how these miscreants have been.  My children, Tekin Nerys, Tekin Tidu..."  she indicated the slightly sullen boy who was busy colouring in a book of starships,  belly down on the deck plates, quietly enough.  "... and the baby is Tekin Lamar with my super nanny, Crista LePrant."

Hearing her name Nerys, ever the quizzical little girl came closer to her mother, bringing with her the dog toy and one of her many 'My Little Targ's', Hrafn didn't have a clue which... but get it wrong and she'd get the lecture so she elected to stay schtumm.

"Oooh hello what's your name?  I'm Nerys, are you a Vulcan man?"

Hrafn looked uncomfortable and gave EQ an apologetic look, mouthing 'Sorry but I do encourage them to ask questions!' with a little shrug.

"What's an octy-pus?"  asked Nerys  "Octy is eight, do you have 8 cats?"

Hrafn had to suck her top lip in and bite on it to stop from laughing.  Miss Nerys hated being laughed and, all her lipstick was now bitten off the top lip and yet she was impressed by the little girl's mind.

"No Nerys nothing to do with cats, you got the Octo, oct-OH, not -y, bit right tho.  It's a sea creature with 8 legs erm tentacles.  And you can eat it and it's yummy.  And since Mr Kimball has offered you may try it if you'd like, it is rather delicious if cooked right."

"Well if you're su-sure you don't mind I'll try a bit!"  Nerys said.

In an aside to EQ and Jeb above the heads of the children, Hrafn muttered 'Octopus, what you have to be even with a Nanny to keep up with these 3, thankfully my eldest, Ruthie is 14 and at Academy!'

Tidu regarded all this lazily.  "Can't I have a burger like Jeb had?"

"Tekin Tidu, you will refer to your superiors by rank or title, please ask that again."

"Sorry Mommy, May I have a burger like Mr... oh I can't remember his name...Sock?"

"Schrock, but ok.  Jeb forgive him he's only nearly 4 but I'm trying to teach him manners.  Could I possibly ask a favour and get you to take him to the replicator to get what you had please?!  Mr Kimball, may I have a bit of your delicious looking octopus?  And what brings you on this Supply vessel?  We're off to serve on Starbase Katra, you?  Oh Nerys seems to like the Octopus.  Jeb.. I think maybe another tray of Octopus for Miss Hollow-Legs too so that poor Mr Kimball gets some food!"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Rayek trLhoell on September 30, 2018, 11:43:12 am
Lt Cmdr Rayek tr’Lhoell
[Katra Station - Operations]

Rayek stepped out following the Admiral and took in the spacious design.  It’s white walls, and open lighting - with its giant viewscreens along nearly a full quarter of the curving outer wall - visible the moment one stepped out from the turbolift - really gave the impression of space all around. Romulan Command centers in comparison were brutally small and cramped areas with poor lighting, poor ventilation and no privacy. 

“I like it” Rayek remarked as he moved further into the room; this time not following the Admiral but walking around its circumference - envisioning himself and a team of fellow Starfleet officers working at its consoles.  He nodded to himself, pleased with that picture.

For a moment his mental image shifted and he was picturing himself in charge of the Challenger.  He chuckled and set that goal aside - for now.

The Admiral’s comment about the location of her office drew him back to the here and now.  He glanced in the direction she pointed to and recalled the stations schematics.  “Yes.  Your command office, and across here should be...”. His voice trailed off perplexed as he turned around to face where the door to a briefing room should be but found only wall instead. 

Rayek’s brow furrowed slightly, making the ‘V’ ridge on his forehead more pronounced momentarily.  Apparently the build hadn’t gone completely to design.

The Romulan made his way over to one of the consoles and typed in his access code to gain access to the computer.  He then called up the most recent station schematics.  No, he hadn’t been mistaken.  It showed a room where there currently was a wall.

He tried again.  This time opting for a vocal search. “Computer, please locate the briefing room.”

The computer responded in an unexpected male voice with a notable accent that Rayek was certain was Terran in origin but couldn’t name. “The operations briefing room is located on deck two”

Deck Two? “Computer, display route to briefing room from this location on a suitable schematic and send to ... communications station.”. He had named the station he was at and a moment later a schematic and route appeared.  Rayek worked on the console a moment before sighing. 

“Admiral, it would seem that the Operations Command Level is based off an older design schematic than the ones we were provided.  Thus the missing Briefing Room.  There may be other discrepancies as well.”

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on September 30, 2018, 12:36:51 pm

Jeb was hardly a quiet person, but Hrafn's loquaciousness was too much even for him. However, he still focused on the positives, on helping the chief of science and her children.

"No, no, he can call me Jeb, you all can. I come from a society where titles don't exist," Jeb told them all. "I can go get you all some food, but I'll warn you, kiddo, that burger is big."

Jeb smiled, polite and optimistic as always, as he went off to get the food in question.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on September 30, 2018, 01:17:20 pm

[Lounge - Day 7]


EQ smiled at the Science Officer.  Then he leaned down and turned to each of the children.  "It's nice to meet you Nerys, Tidu, Lamar" he said.

He had learned long ago to speak to children like they were adults.  It helped them grow up quicker.  Or so he had been told.

"No, Sir.  I am a human" he replied.  Then he leaned down a bit fuller to the child.  "My haircut makes me kind of look like a Romulan though, don't you think" he said in a hushed tone as if he were sharing a secret.

"This is boiled Octopus.  I find it taste just a bit better with some lemon squeezed over it.  There is an extra wedge of lemon if you want to try it like that" he said to Hrafn.

"Thank you, Mr. Schrock.  An extra tray would be great.  You need an extra hand?" he volunteered.
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Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
« Reply #10 on: March 21, 2021, 03:22:34 pm »
Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on September 30, 2018, 05:25:46 pm


Hrafn smiled gratefully at Jeb "Thanks, and since you have permission, you may call Jeb... Jeb!" she laughed. 

"Me BIG boy,.."  Tidu maintained, "I need big burger!" he picked and chose when he used more grown up speech patterns and when he resorted to those more suited to someone around 10 years older than he was.  His brain certainly worked out when to use each.

Exasperated at his resorting to baby talk Hrafn let it go figuring that he was getting a little bored and tired and he wasn't even yet 4 so she could make some allowances.

"And Mammy, I need... you know..."  he looked desperately around and started dancing on the spot.

"Hold on there I'll take you, once I work out where they are myself."  she looked around for a sign but found none.  "Anyone know where they are?"

"I can wait Mammy but I do need... you told me to tell you before time." Tidu said almost proudly...proud that is that he'd remembered and felt he was doing something right that justified the big boy burger in his eyes.

"Yes, yes, good boy."  Hrafn said while still looking around rather frantically.

Nerys, always more mature than her twin, nodded sagely at the words of EQ.  "Yes Mr. Kimball.  I haven't met many Romulans tho.  Only Auntie Archangel.  And she's a lady, I'm not sure how many Romulan men I know.  Mammy?  Will there be lots of different people on this new base like there are on Deep Space 9 base?!"

"Meet Dr. Tekin Nerys, wannabe Anthropologist! She has been known to walk up to Cardassians and say 'Are you a Cardassian?  I'm Nerys, I'm half Bajoran and half Trill, pleased to meet you!'  Thankfully most of them see her as a cute kid and just take the proffered hand and look for the harassed looking mother, yours truly!"  Hrafn laughed.  "And thank you Mr. Kimball, I'll try it with the lemon."  She squeezed a little of the juice onto a piece of the octopus and the same for Nerys and ate it.  "This is very good, thanks for the recommendation.  May I ask, what's your background, where will you be serving?"

She also smiled approvingly at how he was talking to the children.  "Thank you for not babying them.  I do a little if they are tired, upset, hurt, but mostly, Nevir - my husband - and I prefer to talk to them as we would one another, if it's too difficult for them to understand it promotes questions.  We are both scientists... asking questions, and indeed finding answers to them, is our job!"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Jebediah Schrock on October 01, 2018, 01:06:52 pm

"Yes, yes," Jeb answered the general cacophony of voices, as he went off to fetch the food. Of course, he got a much smaller burger than his own for the kiddo (he ate the rest of his burger, to cover it up), along with a platter of octopus, and a few cups of orange jell-o. That dessert reminded him of STEVE, the lovable little holographic therapy-raptor on the Disco.

"Wow, wow, wow," Jeb said once he sat back down. "Hrafn, I have a scientific question: how do you manage?"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on October 01, 2018, 05:32:17 pm

[Lounge - Day 7]


"Thought so" Kimball replied.  He offered a shrug as if to say 'what can you do.'  Then he offered a nod to the child to indicate that yes, indeed, there would be lots of different folk on the station.

"An Anthropologist.  That sounds like a lot of book work as anything with that 'ist' at the end of it tends to indicate.  But she'll have one up on many other children with the expose to uniquie species she will get on the Katra" he commented.

"It's no problem.  My grandparents were like that with me when I was young.  It just seems to be the right thing to do" he added.

"I'm glad that you liked it.  When I find something unique, I like to share it.  Makes the experience better in a way.  As for myselt, I was born and raised on a colony on Mars.  My background is mostely in Ops, but I have been knows to help out in other departments when needed.   I take it that your are in the Science Department?" he said.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on October 02, 2018, 05:57:07 pm

Hrafn let out a delighted peal of laughter at Jeb's question.  "Well let's see, the square of the hypotenuse... oh wait that's math... seriously? Necessity, you just get on with it, and with practice it becomes a little easier and... Crista!  I honestly couldn't do it without an extra pair of hands.  I assume you were talking about being a Starfleet Officer and mother to 4 kids?"

"Thankfully Nerys here is a veritable bookworm already.  Sure she likes My Little Targ level comic book type things but she'll sit and actually read my Scientific journals on my PADD, and I know that cuz she'll come out with 'Mammy what's....' and struggle over a word that even I would have difficulty pronouncing were I not a Xenolinguist and Scientist.  So yes a lot of book work, but hopefully that's not going to be that much of a chore for her and like you said, she'll have the practical or field work already done!"

She smiled "As for me being in Science... whatever gave it away?!  Also thank you for sharing you culinary discovery... I'll be having this again... and erm- Miss Nerys here I think will be begging me for it!"

"What's it like on Mars, Mr Kimball?  Or do you have something I can call you like Jeb?"  Nerys asked.  "I can call you Uncle... whatever your name Mammy's friends who aren't her brother.  I know about my dead Uncle Ragnar. Ruthie wouldn't be alive if he hadn't died, tho Mammy says none of us would be cuz she wouldn't be."

Her questioning came to a close as she stuffed another bit of octopus into her mouth.

Tidu meanwhile was stuffing his face with the burger and fries, Nerys cheekily stole one and world war 3 broke out "Mammy!! She's eating my fries!"

"Share nicely with your sister, you can't possibly eat that pile all by yourself!  Nerys you should have asked your brother before just taking one now..."  Hrafn took a small pinch of fries off Tidu's plate, and deposited them next to Nerys.  "There, no more taking them from Tidu's place, and you..."  Hrafn held up an admonishing finger as Tidu opened his mouth to protest.  "...IF you eat all those I'll be surprised but I'll treat you to ice cream, but only if.  And not if you're just eating and going to make yourself sick!"

"The joys of Motherhood!   Anyone want a child, I made them myself, free to good home!" she joked with EQ and Jeb.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on October 04, 2018, 07:38:38 pm



"She sounds like she has a great head start" EQ agreed.  "And you are quite welcome for the suggestion about the octopus.  I'm guessing we will be sharing more meals in the future" he added.

"Mars?  I have not been there for a long time, mind you.  But I remember it as being kind of like the beach.  Most cause Mars is covered with red dirt.  It's everywhere.  And just like sand at the beach seems to get in you clothes and on your skin no mater how careful you tip toe through it" he explained.

He leaned down a bit.  "If you mother is ok with it, then I would be ok with you calling me Uncle.  I'm going to warn you though, I'm a bit out of practice.  You might have to give me lessons to help me remember how to do it" he said with a smile.

He pulled back up.  Took a bit of his cooling food.  He put up his hands flat though as if to say 'no thank you' when asked if he would like to take one of the children.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on October 08, 2018, 11:28:13 am

Hrafn nodded at the 'permission' for EQ to be called Uncle and smiled when he said he was out of practice.

"I've not been on Mars but I'm guessing since I hate sand both for the gritty texture and the 'it gets everywhere' I'm sure I wouldn't like it.  Also isn't it pretty hot with it's proximity to the sun?"

She grinned "As for taking one of the children, just joking but if you're going to be Uncle EQ you're gonna get roped into babysitting, you and Jeb both as you seem to have hit it off with the twins!  And the first things you need to know are for Tidu, bring something he can take to bits and it doesn't matter if he can't put it back together again, or construction, and know everything to do with starships, that's an engineer in the making, takes after his godfather 'Spots' Dorran that one.  And with Ms Nerys, My Little Targ, flowers and plants, languages and star systems.  Get them down pat and you're fine!"

She winked and lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper "I still fudge it on the My Little Targ and just pull out distinguishing features if I can't remember names like 'The pretty purple one with wings' or whatever!  She soon provides the name!"

[...a few days later]


Nerys was running around like a headless chicken.  The adults, bar Crista who had been awake for 2 hours seeing to the children's breakfast but had left the 'young officers' to get their sleep while they could.


Blinking sleep out of her eyes and not having had her first coffee of the day, Hrafn resisted the urge to snap at the child but tried to calm her down where she was pulling on both EQ and Jeb's arms in turn to bring one of them to full consciousness!

"LOOK!"  she pointed out of the window and there it was. Their new home, Starbase Katra

"Wow!" said Tidu pressing his nose up against the window of the supply ship.  "Uncle EQ can we go look round the docks one day?!"

Hrafn looked in wonder.  She didn't have much experience of bases bar passing through on route to one ship or another or a couple of days lay over while a ship got supplies.  This however was going to be home.

"Well guys, there she is, Katra, Welcome to our new home eh?! What do you think?!"

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Kirok on October 08, 2018, 03:11:39 pm


"I don't much care for the dirt either.  But what can ya do?  It gets up over 70 on the warm days.  It the cold I don't like"" EQ replied between bits.

When he was told about the baby sitting gig he just smiled.  "I knew there had to be a catch.  But I'm happy to help" he joked.

[A few days later]

EQ was impressed by the image too.  "Sure.  We can take a look at the docks on one of our adventures" he replied.

"All hands and guest prepare for docking" came a call over the ship's communication system.  "Ok.  Looks like we might get to walk threw one of those docks when we arrive" Kimball said.

Title: Re: Katra Station (Prequel) - The Transfer Notice (Open to Katra personnel)
Post by: Hrafn Falleg on October 08, 2018, 06:12:45 pm

[Lounge > Docking Ring]

Thankfully Crista had already gathered up all the children's things, bar the toys they were carrying.  Nerys with the well loved Miss Puppydog and Tidu with his miniature Enterprise-E model.  Hrafn just had to slip her PADD into a duffle bag.

The twins both looked at Jeb and EQ and without even saying a word Hrafn knew they wanted to go onto the base with their new friends.

"Tidu, Nerys... once we get through the security checks then you may if Jeb and Uncle EQ allow you to walk with them then you may.  But see we come in as a family and have to be checked off as such. once we're all through that, then it's up to our new friends if you go with them."

"Well I'm holding Uncle EQ's hand till we get there!" declared Nerys with a little stubborn streak her nose ridges rippling even more and the bull-headedness of her mother showing through.

"Looks like you get a choice then EQ!" joked Hrafn.  "Honestly tho if she's being a pest Crista or myself will take her!"

"Will you tell me what is important as we walk through the docks tho please, Uncle?"  Tidu asked politely.  "Girls know nothing!  Just want to know about dolls and My Little Targ."

"I'll have you know I am friends with a fair few women who are Security Chiefs, doctors, Engineers... so you'd best not say that around me again Tekin Tidu! And I reckon your sister is going to make a fine Science Officer, or whatever she wants to be.  And what's wrong with Science and wanting cute things hmm.. I'm the CSO of this base we're going to and I have you two and Lamar... 3 of the cutest things ever!"

"Sorry Mammy! And Ruthie, and the kitties!"

Hrafn beamed glad that Tidu remembered his big sister and how stunning a young lady she was becoming.  The cats were arguably gorgeous being two Siamese.


"Yes and those 2 and Ruthie as well, be a good boy for now and take Crista's hand." 

"Come along Tidu!" Crista encouraged having already passed the bags over to one of the porter staff.

Together they walked to the airlock and joined the queue to leave the ship.
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