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Tess tLhoell:
The crew of the USS Amalthea begins its journey to discover the unknown space of the Gamma Quadrant. But not only that, they must also try to find a way to reopen the wormhole, and to do so, make contact with known and new powers. Their first destination leads them to a race that is not entirely unknown to them ...

This space is for tagging players and to have discussions about the plot :) Have fun!

Ora Loxis:
Tags from Ora to Commander tr'Lhoell

Rayek tr'Lhoell:
tag to Ora and Tess.

(edited to fix a Deck listing mistake)

(And fixed again -cause apparently I’m still half asleep)

Ora Loxis:
Tags to the briefing.

Ora Loxis:
Tags to the meeting


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