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Ora Loxis Reporting In - March 03.09.2021
« on: March 09, 2021, 11:01:53 pm »
NAME: Ora Loxis
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 6’ or 186 cm
WEIGHT: 220 lb or 99.8 kg
ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: She is tall, lean, and muscular in form.

FAMILY:                                       Mother: Oma Loxis
                                                     Father:  Tro Loxis
                                                     Brother (older, twin of Mix): Mar Loxis
                                                     Brother (older, twin of Mar): Mix Loxis




DISCORD ID: Beja#4396


Ora’s father and mother both served in the Dominion War, wanting to keep the Bolian borders and colonies safe from the Dominion forces that threaten to take over the galaxy. The right of people to choose their way of life, and be in charge of their own destiny was at peril against the Dominion’s desire to enslave everyone under their rule. But with the help of the Federation and their allies, right won over those that wanted to wield might.

Ora was born after the war had ended, a surprise child that brought the Loxis family true completeness with their twin boys born several years earlier, and now their girl. Ora grew up seeing her family put the importance of rebuilding at the forefront. The need to make sure that their homes were restored to be better than before, and that they would create such defenses so that neither Bolian planets and colonies could be threatened with conquest again.

It was only natural that when Ora reached the age of adulthood that she would join the academy of Starfleet. Starfleet helped to keep the Bolians and galaxy free from dictatorship rule. The only thought to Ora during her childhood was ‘when can I join Starfleet and be one of the protectors of the galaxy too?’

Naturally she was interested in security, that being her biggest passion. She dreamed of one day running security operations on a big starship, enforcing the rules to protect the crew and any civilians aboard. Chaos and anarchy would surely rise if the rules of law were not obeyed and strictly followed. No one wanted to see the galaxy fall into disarray like the Children of the Hill had! (A favorite book of hers, that she has read so many times she has it memorized.)

Ora's aptitudes at the Academy included Federation Law, Marksmanship, Martial Arts, and Shuttle Piloting.

On her watch, the hill will never fall into tyranny.


Ora was nervous, she had just freshly graduated from the academy on New Bajor, when the galaxy had once more been plummeted into darkness. The entrance into the wormhole had been collapsed by the Thinkers, a power just as dangerous as the Dominion had been a quarter-century ago. Different names, different races, but still the same desire: The Thinkers wanted everyone to bow down to their authority and be enslaved to their reign.

Ora watched with interest as Commander t’Lhoell became Captain t’Lhoell, assigned a mission to sift through the Gamma Quadrant in order to help find a means to open up the wormhole again. With that came an order to build relationships with those in the gamma that could help assist in this task. Just like the great alliances of the Dominion War.

Of course the biggest hurdle that Ora saw to the new Captain and the crew of the USS Amalthea was the lack of experience. Mostly fresh graduates from the academy, they all lacked years of being mentored by others higher in rank. They were going to forge this way forward with only their wits and pluck to guide them. That, and the Captain. 

No other time was it so important that law and order be maintained. They could not reach the Federation, there was no more communication or support they could get. Now they had to stand tall and follow their rules of operation to the letter. They had to show the Gamma Quadrant and much more importantly, The Thinkers, that they were still Starfleet. They would still be the ones that fought for what is right, that protected those that could not protect themselves.

Ora Loxis

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Re: Ora Loxis Reporting In - March 03.09.2021
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2021, 11:12:04 pm »
Sorry I had posted on the wrong account. It is new to have 2 accounts :)

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Re: Ora Loxis Reporting In - March 03.09.2021
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2021, 12:58:52 am »
Nice application! Thank you for supporting us with a second character :)

You'll be assigned to the Amalthea. I'm looking forward to rping with you!

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