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« on: March 09, 2021, 02:56:45 pm »
Welcome to the 10th Fleet!  When you apply, please entitle your application 'CHARACTER NAME REPORTING FOR DUTY' where 'CHARACTER NAME' is the name of your character.

Now, just a few questions about your character:

NAME: What is your character's name?
AGE: How old is your character?
YEAR OF BIRTH: What year was your character born?
SPECIES: What species is your character?  Note that some species may be disallowed at Admin discretion.
GENDER: What gender, if any, does your character have?

HEIGHT: How tall is your character?
WEIGHT: How much does your character weigh?
EYE COLOR: What is your character's eye color, if any?
HAIR COLOR: What is your character's hair color, if any?
ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: What additional description would you like to provide for your character's physical appearance?
FACECLAIM: Are you using an actor or model to represent your character?  If so, please let us know which one so we can reserve it for you.

FAMILY: If your character has close family (parents, siblings, etc) what are their names and ages?

REQUESTED SIM: Do you have a preferred posting (particular ship or station)?  If so, please declare it here.

REQUESTED DEPARTMENT: Please list your top two preferred departments, in order of preference:

OFFICER, ENLISTED, OR CIVILIAN: Please indicate whether you wish to be an officer, enlisted person, or civilian:

DISCORD ID: If you don't mind being reached through Discord, please indicate your Discord ID, if any:

CHARACTER HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY: Please describe your character's history up to the current day.  Include tidbits about their childhood, upbringing, education, and Starfleet training.  Please also touch on your character's interests. This section should be at least 250 words long.

SAMPLE POST: Please write a sample post from the perspective of your character.  This section should also be at least 250 words long.

Thank you for applying!  An administrator will respond within 48 hours. 


(Application Code is Below.  Just copy it and paste it into your response.)

Code: [Select]

[color=beige][b]YEAR OF BIRTH:[/b][/color]

[color=beige][b]EYE COLOR:[/b][/color]
[color=beige][b]HAIR COLOR:[/b][/color]
[color=beige][b]ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION:[/b][/color]


[color=beige][b]REQUESTED SIM:[/b][/color]

[color=beige][b]REQUESTED DEPARTMENT:[/b][/color]

[color=beige][b]OFFICER, ENLISTED, OR CIVILIAN:[/b][/color]

[color=beige][b]DISCORD ID:[/b][/color]

[color=beige][b]CHARACTER HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY:[/b][/color]

[color=beige][b]SAMPLE POST:[/b][/color]

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James Bryson

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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2021, 10:06:40 pm »
James E Bryson (Jeb) reporting


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« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2021, 10:57:44 pm »
Ora Loxis reporting

Juraan Ren

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« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2021, 01:35:16 pm »
Alt of Tess t'Lhoell, I'd like to join please
Species: Bajoran

Alt of Tess t'Lhoell

Rojol Takima

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« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2021, 09:48:44 pm »
Rojol reporting, sirs!

Rojol Takima

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« Reply #5 on: May 03, 2021, 10:04:20 pm »

NAME: Rojol Takima
AGE: Twenty three
SPECIES: Romulan

HEIGHT: 6’1”
WEIGHT: 150 lean  with muscles
EYE COLOR:bright blue
ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: Brown hair for a Romulan says enough

 Star Trek Online character — not correct picture Discord is not working for new down load for now

Mother  - Alive on New Bajor Taretha
Father  - Alive on New Bajor Paleel

REQUESTED SIM: not sure what this question is about


First choice : Flight

Secondary : security


DISCORD ID: secret for now (lol)


Rojol was with his parents since they settled on New Bajor. Nothing truly happened. Except growing up fishing, hunting with his dad and learning farming from his mother. You can say Rojol got tired of it. He shared his feelings like any youngling.

He grew up playing sword fighter with some of his old friends who liked this life on New Bajor. One day he decided to join the Academy. It was better doing the same thing over. Truly who could fish, farm and hunt all their life. That what his parents had liked.

Sadly there was no blowing ships and danger to this fellow story. It was boring. And he wanted to move on.


The Academy was much better. He just did not like drills, studies and all the hard work. He sighed. Then he recalled putting his hands in the soil and planting a seed and covered it up.

“Hey, Rojo what you dreaming about?” Flora asked. She was a youngling like him. She wanted to be a Scientist. Come up with questions and find answers. He cringed at being a Scientist.

He sat up. “First it is RojoL! Don't drop the L! Graduation. I am tired of this studying, getting up early crazy hours, studying, and studying, and reading...blah blah. The same old routine. Why can’t I just be in the cockpit and fly and graduate!” He paused. “Graduate and fly!”

Flora rolled her eyes. “You are good but your attitude needs adjusting,” she said.

Rojol rolled his head and gave her a look of your kidding me. “Don’t you want to graduate? And go do your science stuff. Like why is this data pad cold? I need to find out why? Maybe these molecules in the air was disturbing a wavelength of cerbeol thingies.”


Floral smacked Rojol’s head.

“Hey! I am trying to be all Science here. You want me babble in engineering...gizmo forlorn to the ligilistic barrier to the quadruple drive within the flipping what you call it!” He was fooling with her.

“And how you gonna work on a ship with orders? Are you going to give command staff your peace of mind!” she exclaimed as she placed her hands on her hips.

He looked down, thinking that out. “Possible. Or not,” he said. “You never see me in a class room did you? I got great grades. I follow orders. Go ask my teachers. You be amazed!” he folded his arms with a foxy grin.

“I don’t know to believe you or not?” she asked.

“Your scientist go find out. Ask and learn,” he gestured his hand toward the classrooms.

“You are crazy,” she said and walked away.

“Hey don’t forget dinner today!” he shouted out to her in the Library.

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« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2021, 09:03:42 pm »
NAME:  A'Thaton
AGE: 45
SPECIES: Caitian

HEIGHT: 180.34CM or 5’11”
WEIGHT: 193lbs or 87.5kg
EYE COLOR: dark brown with yellow sclera
HAIR COLOR: Dark moderate orange
ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: Long loose mane that is styled such that rank pips are visible; in times of crisis is able to quickly fit emergency gear. Has brilliant orange(brown) fur with age discolorations around the muzzle and eyes; well kept tail; and lightly filed claw tips.

FACECLAIM: side note: will have to customize the uniform a little to bring it in line with current era.

FAMILY: Father Srelle (87) & Mother C'Mala (88); Romantic Partner: Rahma (47)





  • 2350: Born aboard Cait Spacedock (CSD) with parents serving aboard the Planet's spacedock.
  • 2350-2368: 18 Years (Starfleet Upbringing) Grew up around the enlisted security and damage control teams of the station. Was a mascot of the lower decks who had the unique experience of learning how much work was done to get the work of Station Operations wanted achieved.
  • 2368-2372: 4 Years Starfleet Academy Flight School
  • 2372-2376: Flight Control Ensign (Astronavigator), U.S.S. Yeager, one of the first Sabers fielded. In 2373, fought in Battle of Sector 001 under the command of Admiral Hayes. Engaged the Borg to defend Earth from their efforts to assimilate Earth. Initially we were overwhelmed and scrambling to hold the cube back to no avail. It would not be until the U.S.S. Enterprise-E along with its reinforcement fleet destroyed the cube. I had read the reports of the Borg, I had been told the stories by people who were at Wolf-359, but nothing could ever brace an officer for facing such a powerful and overwhelming foe.
  • 2376-2380: As LTJG, received a Special Commendation from the CAPT for thwarting an attempted smuggling operation of illegal volatiles that endangered the ship and crew. It was bad enough that diplomats were abusing their authority but also exposed that the ship's Chief of Security was assisting in the operation. Work saw the diplomatic credentials revoked of corrupt officials and the end of superior officer who, to this day, will never forgive the slight. Does not feel bad that they were stopped, feels bad that such a great security officer's career was effectively ended. Made LT on the back of that and was invited to transfer into the Security Division.
  • 2380-2384: Was transferred to Internal Security to assist the new Chief of Security. With special classes in forensics and administrative training was not the best security officer in the room, but made sure the best officer aboard was there; fellow officers nickname was "bulldozer": the sort of officer who removed obstacles and hindrances for those under command so subordinates could do their job. Eventually would make LTCMDR and become the new Chief of Security.
  • 2384-2388: On encouragement of Captain, cross-trained with the Chief Engineer and trained them in unique their command style. This experience revealed the intricacies of the engineering department as well as prepared for the track to own command.
  • 2388-2390: On recommendation of Captain and fellow LTCMDR in the Engineering Department, was made Commander.
  • Mid 2390: Assumed command when my previous captain was incapacitated over an alien world while we were attempting to detain a fanatic cult leader who was fermenting war on a pre-warp world against a neighboring warp-capable world. there was a desperation and frantic feeling by that point in the mission. By the end of the mission the cult leader was arrested by allied forces, at least one of the away team had perished, and thousands of local pre-warp inhabitants near the cult leader’s hideout were killed by the allied forces (in an attempt to destroy all the stolen property the cult leader had.)

    In a fit of righteous Caitian rage, ordered the Yeager to attack the alien ship. The vessel was a battle cruiser of advanced design and proved an incredible foe of firepower and raw engine strength vs the Yeager’s agility and its well-trained crew. The battle lasted long enough that nearby Starfleet vessels were able to rush to Yeager's aid (the USS Monitor & the USS Gallant). Many Starfleet lives were lost and the Captain of the Yeager perished during the chaos.

    Later that year, was court martialed for unnecessarily engaging in hostile conflict that resulted in bodily harm and death of sentient life: of special note was costing the life of the Yeager’s captain. Was demoted to present rank, transferred off the Yeager, and subject to 1 year of confinement and rehabilitation.
  • Mid 2391-2395: Assigned to flight duties over New Bajor in the Gamma Quadrant. Subsequently applied for transfer to Katra Station.

A’Thaton walked into his quarters and collapsed into a chair looking out on the view of New Bajor. Managing the traffic of the New Bajor system was either very boring and quiet or busy. No two days were the same. But, A’Thaton found himself finally able to adjust to his new posting.
As tired as A’Thaton felt the one who made it all much easier to tolerate stepped behind him and squeezed his shoulders. “Hey, long day?” Rahma’s voice was rich and deep and soothed him as much as her firm grip on his shoulders did.
“Busy day, but a good day.” he said, taking a paw and gripping one of her hands back. “Some civil captain was adamant that he could go whatever speed they wanted because some ambassador said they could.” He grinned a bit. “Commander was having none of it and I had to spend over an hour keeping traffic clear so the joyrider didn’t hurt anyone. But then Lieutenant…” and on he went recounting his day as he always did to Rahma.
Rahma in turn detailed her day of speaking with various local and visiting artists at the end of her last tour. For her, she was able to see the stars and hike with with him no matter where his career took them. That said, she knew her favorite Caitian was getting restless. "A'Thaton, have you thought about applying for a transfer?"
As he was standing by the replicator recycling their drinks, he looked over his shoulder. "I thought you liked New Bajor?"
"I do, but you've done your time by now you old Cat." She grinned and stood up to rest a hand on his arm. "You took this with no complaint, not a word. Went where ever they sent you. But it's been years and there's no shame in trying to chase the career you want." She took out a PADD from a nearby drawer and handed it to him. "I know one place that's looking."
A'Thaton read it over and grinned, "Oh, and there happens to be a new world with new art for you to admire? What a coincidence."
"Yeah, very big coincidence" she smiled back at him. "So you going to give a shot?"
"Katra Station," he scrolled through the document. "Seems like another station posting, then again it is a frontier posting." He ran a paw through his hair and mumbled more of his thoughts about the specs of the place and its protectorate. "I cannot see a reason not to. I just hope..."
Rahma took the PADD from him, "There's nothing to hope for, you know what you want." He grin widened as she backed away and waved the PADD at him teasing. "So are you gonna come get it?"
There was no better person for A'Thaton in the whole universe, a thing she reminded him of every day. He growled in response and chased her around the quarters like he was a young Cait all over again.
"The Hardest Work Is Done By Those You Rarely See" ~A'Thaton


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« Reply #7 on: June 18, 2021, 11:45:06 am »
Chiree -- reporting for duty!
Civilian - Changeling - Nonbinary (they/them)

NPCs: Hebrin Tayel


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« Reply #8 on: July 08, 2021, 08:42:46 pm »
NAME: John Williams
AGE: 42/419

HEIGHT: 176cm
WEIGHT: 80kg
HAIR COLOR: Dark Redish Brown
ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: Character is bald with a beard.
FACECLAIM: Hugo Weaving

FAMILY: 8 times great Grandson, Simon Bresnik (52)





1980: Born in Sydney, Australia, into a nuclear family and was baptised Catholic.
1980-1998: Grew up with a keen interest in aviation, amateur electronics and astronomy. Highly bright, but due to being on the Spectrum his upbringing was often difficult due to peers, teachers and family members who either didn't understand him, or didn't want to.
1999-2002: Attended technical school, gaining trade level electrical engineering qualifications.
2005-2007: Attended University of New South Wales and attained a Bachelor of History due to limited employment opportunities.
2008-2014: Worked in the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney as a curator.
2009-2010: Met and subsequently married Melody Parsons (29).
2011: Matthew Williams (son) is born, followed by Susan (daughter) a year later.
2013: Diagnosed with a highly aggressive and inoperable brain tumor. After much deliberation, the family decides to place John in cryo-stasis.
2392: After having drifted out of Earth orbit, John's cryo station is discovered by the USS Hood and John is revived and cured of his cancer.
2393-2397: Enters Starfleet Academy after aclimatising as best he could to life 400 years into the future, graduating with a major in xeno-archaeology and a minor in warp field mechanics.
2397: Posted to the USS Lexington. Earned a reputation for being a workaholic that was austere, but whose loyalty could never be questioned. Was promoted to LTJG within a year of posting.
2398: Received commendation for saving the crew, with quick thinking, when an alien artefact was discovered to be destabilising the warp core's containment field. Was subsequently promoted to full LT.
2399: At the encouragement of and on the recommendation of his Captain, John was transferred to the USS Amalthea.

John heard the alarm going off and his usual sense of bittersweetness overcame him. In many ways, this would have been the dream of many of his time - to see and live in some fantastical future, but dreams often come with a price. The empty side of the bed next to him reminded him of the wife he had left behind when illness robbed him of his life - of the friends and family who were now nothing more than glorified characters on the page of history and not even footnotes as far as the wider world was concerned. There was Simon, but it was always weird. All these generations he'd missed and he had an 8 times great grandson who was either 8 years older than him or 411 years younger than him, depending on how you looked at it. He was a like a neanderthal thawed out and suddenly forced by fate to live in the modern world and everyone made sure he knew it. Some had made crude comments that he knew better than to respond to with a well deserved smack in the mouth - that would only prove them right. However he saw it in people's eyes. He was like a carnival freak-show. "Come see the bearded lady" he'd often humourlessly joked to himself. He knew that no matter how hard he worked, that most people would never see themselves as an equal, but he also understood that he represented the past they were so ashamed of and that if they saw him as an equal, it would mean to so many of them, that they weren't as evolved as they liked to think they were. He had thrown himself into Starfleet, after his cryopod had been found by a random act of luck in deep space and he had adjusted as best he could to life in the 24th Century and had even amazed many of his instructors, but he knew that deep down, they would never see him as an equal. He had always been spiritual, but his faith had become essential to him as a means of making sense of everything and trying to find hope that things might improve.

"Computer," he called out, "load Catholic Reflections Library. Play daily prayer readings for Stardate 76210.96."

As the readings played, he lay there, listening attentively, not only with his mind, but his heart, drawing the inspiration he could to find hope for the day, then preyed the Rosary as he did every morning, before climbing out of bed, beginning the daily ritual of preparing for his shift and hoping that maybe today might be the day that things begin to finally change.
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« Reply #9 on: July 08, 2021, 10:29:35 pm »
NAME: John Williams

Welcome John!

Please place your application in the thread I've just created for your application.
Mrht Heis'he ehl'ein qiuu
Rayek's BIO : Romulan male. 6'1" (1.8m)
NPC's Lt JG Saqa7 Mountain-Kahn (Human Female) / Ensign Jayce Fuller (Human Hermaphrodite) / Telmuk tr'Lhoell (Romulan Male)

Peter Dannenberg

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« Reply #10 on: August 28, 2021, 10:49:59 am »
This is an alt for Tess. Ready to apply :)

Amarande Xiiv

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« Reply #11 on: September 03, 2021, 10:08:36 pm »
Amarande Xiiv, reporting for duty if you'll have me.

NAME: Amarande Amara Xiiv
AGE: 36
YEAR OF BIRTH:  2362.12.20
GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 4'10
WEIGHT: 100lbs
EYE COLOR: Hazel green
HAIR COLOR: Brown, white streak
FACECLAIM: Phoebe Tonkin

Mother:  M'yriat - [Ret.] Vulcan ambassador to Trill (adoptive mother), now living on Vulcan, Professorial posting at Vulcan Academy of Communications
Father: Gentan (adoptive Trill father; Xenobologist), Vulcan, posting on Vulcan Academy of Medicine
Sisters: 2 (older; Vulcan/Trill), Starfleet
Brother: 1 (younger; natural fraternal twin, distinguishing features: white forelock, adopted with her) - Symbiont candidate
Children: None


REQUESTED DEPARTMENT: Medical, Chief Medical Officer


DISCORD ID: Mageling#0007


Symbiont: Xiiv

Tarvia (f) - PRE-WARP
Interspecies Integration Communications Director
D'jiani Institute of Communications, Trill Homeworld
💠  Calm, dignified, penchant for hard liquor and the ladies but never forgot a face or a language
💠  Hated wine
💠  And the outdoors
💠  Weirdly, she enjoyed the water,which was outdoors.

Noirya (f)
Transit Race Pilot
💠  Held the fastest recorded time at the Anyanati
💠  Galactic Races for 20yrs
💠  Daredevil, stubborn, acerbic wit
💠 (d.) Shaving that last second off her own record well into her 10th decade, with a smile

Lorisa (f)
Xenobiologist, Virologist
Polloi Station
💠  Helped cure 109 variants of Xenobiologic viruses as part of a team of scientists at Polloi Station near the edge of Federation/Klingon space
💠  Loud, mischievous, terrible at finishing jokes because she was always getting distracted by that one idea that leads to a breakthrough, fearless, loved bloodwine, and Klingon, Vulcan dishes, a wide range of gastronomical delights, really.
💠  Practised mixed martial arts from several different worlds

Matenen (m)
Artificial Intelligence Specialist
Daystrom Institute, Earth
Doctor of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Bionics, Positronic Relay Enhancements Specialist
💠  He had a very mild temperament
💠  Insatiably curious about artificial life and the amazing directions it could be used in
💠  Actually, really funny and a born storyteller
💠  Couldn't dance (all left feet).

Koris (m)
Asst. Liaison Director of Surgery
Vulcan colony of Telek IV
Symbiont Selection Committee member for Telek IV
💠  Cranky at the end of his life
💠  Pushed his proteges extremely hard and broke far than a few of them
💠  Held himself to a higher standard than anyone around him
💠  Ruthlessly loyal

Beloiz (m)
Vulcan Colony of Asaris III & Starfleet Academy
💠  Obtained 3 PhDs. from Astrophysics, Mathematics, and Biology (a fondness for Orchids)
💠Won several awards for groundbreaking contributions to the field
💠 V. quiet, extremely focused, published 59 books - among those published were works on advanced mathematical theory as applied to subspace harmonics, astrophysics, and cross-breeding rare orchids, and a memoir about his colony life and interactions.[/i]
💠 Blunt force wit to the back of the head
💠 Hated being interrupted
💠 Hated it when someone was wrong but he couldn't do anything about it because of seniority issues
💠 Detested power plays and politics

Amarande Amara

Born on Vulcan to unknown mother and father, adopted with younger twin brother by Vulcan Ambassador to Trill, M'riyat, and Xenobiologist Gentan who had two children of their own already. Early on she had talents for the Sciences and a keen sense of empathy for other living beings. Her vivacious, bright and bubbly nature wasn't frowned upon so much as it was gently encouraged to flourish elsewhere in her life than within the realm of academics. Every educational challenge she met and excelled in but her favourites were Science and Linguistics. She figured that learning a language without a universal translator was better than needing to rely on one. After all, there were new aliens out there whose languages wouldn't be in the catalogue. Amarande decided that if her mouth could make it, she'd learn it. If it couldn't, she'd find a way to learn it. It didn't matter what the science subject was, she was enthralled but astrophysics, mathematics, and medicine (from herbology to medicinal practices across cultures and species) were her early favourites.

In transit to Trill, their diplomatic transport vessel was hijacked by terrorists, leaving dozens critically injured during the attack. The doctor on board, Elisa Trent and the medical staff were severely understaffed as many of the personnel injured were their own staff. Trent enlisted young Amarande's aid to stabilise as many injured as possible before proper aid could arrive in the form of Starfleet assistance. Amarande continued to assist the injured, staying by the medical personnel's sides, watching and learning, eyes wide with fascination. When they lost several of the crew to trauma too advanced and beyond the capabilities of even the Federation's medical teams, it began her decades-long love affair with medicine and was the flashpoint for her perfectionism when it came to the treatment of alien species' traumatic injuries.

She immediately began courses in emergency medical procedures, even if her "patients" were holographic in nature. Amarande learned at light speed, never satisfied with her results, always adding more casualties, different kinds of wounds, replicating the hijacking victims over and over trying to save them in and around regular coursework and through several different programs as a medic. Her efforts paid off as her dedication was noticed when her application to become a Symbiont candidate was received - her reasons for wanting to be Joined were not only the preservation of knowledge but a driving need to further her own knowledge in medicine and the preservation of life itself. She was more than just bright, she had the spark the selection committee had been looking for. Xiiv was chosen for her symbiont because each of their previous hosts had the same sort of pioneering spirit and drive that resonated so strongly with the 19yr old's keen need. Not only would Amarande give Xiiv's long line of fascinating characters' legacies life, she'd add to them with her own accomplishments and feats - wherever they took her.

Joined to Symbiont Xiiv pretty much three hours into her 20th birthday, considered a rising star on her own with a talent for language, mathematics, astrophysics, and showed a high aptitude for medical theory with several courses in emergency medical intervention prior to her enrollment at Starfleet Medical with the express purpose of punching through Starfleet Medical as fast and as high scoring as possible. She started early and considered several research grants after applying at 18 and graduating Starfleet Medical at 25 with top honours in Xenobiology, specialising in surgical intervention across a wide range of species. Amarande found it wasn't enough to sate her own need to be more proficient and looked back several of her offers, one from a Vulcan Science vessel due to depart for its own research purposes.

Her leave from active service was approved by Starfleet Medical for the mission duration of 5yrs, then another 6yrs spent working with new species to aid in their adaptation into Starfleet life, culture, and health catalogues and surgical needs. She repeatedly denied promotion for that six-year period, preferring to work directly at that level so as not to intimidate them.


Rather than begin serving aboard a Federation ship, she found herself taking a completely different path -  a posting with a Vulcan crew as their resident trauma surgeon. Their mission was to relieve war pressures in what could hardly be said a jaunt around space. It did mean she'd get non-stop practise on a staggering amount of war casualties from one conflict to another.

She took the lessons the mission gave her and embraced them, honing her skills in the medical field and expanding them each time she treated a new patient. Amarande also learned that she couldn't save everyone, even if she worked harder and faster than she ever had before. Not everyone was a win, not everyone could be pulled back from the brink of death. It was the way of things, of life, really.

It was a hard lesson to learn and she knows that the faces of the dead will haunt her until she learns to let their deaths go.


Piloted Special Surgical Needs for over 15 different new species, designing, building, and fitting implants, micro-ecosystem cultures, nano-implant solutions, and significantly speeding up the process of adaption to non-oxygenized species into primarily oxygen-rich habitats - like starships, medical bases, etc., etc. Previous work in artificial intelligence under Matenen helped pioneer several different kinds of A.I. assisted bio-implants that not only aided in medical efforts but also helped linguistically challenged species find their voices.


There was nothing quite like the sight of Trill's amethyst waters. As a child, they had been a wonder as they crashed ashore, so very different than anything on Vulcan. The sheer amount of humidity was exotic, the taste of the water on her tongue a strange other. Even the rain felt somehow more alien than her spots had been in a school of boys and girls with ears that were unlike her own rounded ones. Then and now were years apart and her orange flecked hazel eyes were older, far older, than they had been so many years prior. Xiiv's fingers brushed through her dark hair until she found the shock of white in it. Her mother, M'yriat, said it was a genetic trait, her father said it's where all her light got in and swung her around until she felt the world spun. It had made her laugh when she was younger and still knew better.

Who are you, Amarande?

It had been one of the first questions her mentor had asked her. She had been sure of who she was, what she wanted, how fast she wanted it.

I want life, all of it, to make the darkness into light, to ease the suffering in the universe, to share the joys and heartbreaks. I want to learn and know as much about life and death as I can.

Amarande was patient in some respects but she wanted knowledge like growing things wanted the rain, sun, earth, and wind. She wanted it with a ferocity that had waylaid most of her plans for Starfleet and pushed her in unexpected directions that challenged her to think and grow and learn. To become, even, who and what she felt she needed to become to be more than of service to Starfleet and the people who existed within it.

Where are you going, Amarande? Her mother's question sang in her blood, a proud question, a good question.

Forward. She was going forward again, in the direction she'd always been going. At 36, she was going to begin that climb but as she'd seen, promotion wasn't everything. Sometimes, it didn't help or it got in the way of something far more important. Not every step up the ladder was a good or right thing.

"Are you getting on this shuttle or not, Starfleet? It will depart very soon." Blinking in surprise, she glanced up at a very large, very tall Klingon, his shadow blocking the light of the midday sun. "If not, step aside, or you might wind up in water instead of space." She shifted her weight and made a face.

"Well, it's space I'm headed into again," she said, gesturing courteously for him to precede her. "Falling into the water hasn't been an option since I was eight and learned to swim." She was more than competent at that and every other challenge she'd met along the way. Rank was not a final challenge but it was in the way of everything else.

Her companion for the duration of their off-world launch laughed and she followed him in, finding the surface to spacedock shuttle somehow smaller than it usually was. It wasn't just because of the Klingon, either. Sure, she could have beamed up to the orbital station but the travel wasn't scenic. Maybe the space seemed smaller because she was leaving her brother behind to find his own dreams, still waiting for his symbiont, still frustrated but making his own way stubbornly forward. She set her carryall down, looking out at the bay once more until it became a glistening feature and then a planet.

Amarande left her family behind once more for the space between the stars as she sent off a message to Starfleet Command for her next mission. Who knew where she'd be tomorrow? But there was the pleasure of it - anywhere there was a ship, a station, an outpost the Federation touched.

And anywhere was a beautiful place with a beautiful view.
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