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Sirol's Quarters
« on: March 08, 2021, 10:33:49 pm »
Location: Deck 5, Room 181
Size: 35 m²
Residents: Ens. Dvenn Sirol [Xenology], Ens. Aurora Murphy [Astrometrics]

Sirols quarters are standard issue Junior Commissioned Officer Quarters, equipped with a bunkbed for two residents, one replicator and one small restroom.
The lighting of the rooms is kept in welcoming, warm colours and is lowered enough to not strain Sirol's light sensitive eyes while still permitting Aurora to conveniently see.
Many corners of the rooms are have been decorated by Aurora with succulents and crystals to give it a more natural feel, while Sirol had been the one to decorate the desk/work space with little ship models and sci-fi items.

Since both inhabitants work different shifts, a lot of times they have the quarters to themself. Because of this, telling which one is 'home' right now is easily done by the fact that Sirol always keeps the door locked and will open upon request, while Aurora always has the doors unlocked, eagerly welcoming every new guest.

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