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USS Amalthea / S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
« on: December 09, 2021, 05:09:58 am »
[USS Amalthea - Deck 4 - Ready Room]

Their new mission took them deeper into the Gamma Quadrant to pursue the only clue that might give them hope of opening the wormhole. At their past meeting with the Atrosians, Governor Wye had mentioned a kind of primordial whale that, according to Atrosian legends, possessed special powers in relation to the Bajoran wormhole. Tess knew that there were quite a few critics of this theory among her crew. She herself was more skeptical than convinced, but she also knew that there was a grain of truth in every legend. While previously to her assignment in the Gamma Quadrant she would have doubted the existence of 'space whales', she now knew from her own experience that these Ooroyan really existed. The only question was, how could they be tracked down? They didn't know very much about this species. While they had data from 'Urulei', the astrocetus that had been genetically and technologically modified by the Atrosians to function as something they called a 'Finder' to track down and catch criminal escapees, the question was how representative that data was to apply to the rest of the individuals in the species. At least they knew that it was possible to communicate with them telepathically. That was probably their best approach.

Two other things that weighed on her mind was the change in discipline and behaviour of her brother, Benjin. He became noticeably tardy in his duties and seemed overall drawn back and distanced. Tess wasn't sure what was wrong but hadn't gotten around to have a quiet conversation with him yet. Nor was she sure she was the one who should be talking to him. Rayek probably was the more appropriate person to deal with him regarding this.

The other thing was the still ongoing investigations about the explosion of the shuttle that had Lared still not recovered, Rayek severely injured and Verlok even dead. She hoped the cause would be found out soon.

All this was on her mind while waiting for Rayek, whom she had asked to come to her Ready Room. She wanted to discuss her approach with him before calling a meeting with the senior officers.

Federation News Network / Post of the Month - August 2021
« on: October 03, 2021, 07:52:17 am »
Welcome to the POTM award of August 2021!

This month we want to recognize a former member who was greatly appreciated and is sorely missed. While this post might not have been his most impressive, it surely was the most touching and moving. "The need of the many outweigh the need of the few" another great Vulcan once said and Verlok lived up to that principle.

It's my pleasure to posthumously recognize him with the POTM award! Please help me congratulate him!

[Shuttle Kourete]

Time seemed to slow down for Science Officer Verlok. His ears registering a discordant pitch from behind a console near the Commander 2.13 seconds before Ensign tr'Movel communicated both its correct existence, and its subsequent cause.

The whine, beneath the hearing of those other than Vulcanoids, was reaching a level that almost became uncomfortable, which - coupled with the cascade failure hampering any mitigation, made it clear this was inevitable.

The close and contained environment made any explosion all but fatal, and whilst the suits could protect from much, injuries could be significant; and yet, the First Officer was far too close to survive even with such.

For the second time in short succession, Verlok took a somewhat uncharacteristic decision. Perhaps it was symptoms of a lack - or perhaps a symptom - of the Trellium narcortic he had been applying to himself of late. First his consistent alter-absent consciousness, and now actions that were quite against character.

But the solution was clear. Logical.

The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few. Or the one.

In one swift movement, Verlok grabbed the Romulan Commander with one hand, and threw him bodily across the compartment, a singular display of strength that demonstrated how potent a Vulcan could be if properly unfettered. In concert with the Ensign reporting the computer unable to intervene, Verlok calculated the precise epicentre of the imminent detonation, and thrust the densest part of his suited chest upon it, his splayed arms accounting for likely shrapnel and secondary plasma tendrils

Heat and light was, perhaps appropriately, the last thing the Vulcan of Science experienced.

Federation News Network / Post of the Month - July 2021
« on: September 16, 2021, 12:07:24 pm »
Dear community,

it's my pleasure to announce July's Post of the Month recipient!

As the Amalthea's crew faced an attack by holo-piratrs, Ora Loxis write this awesome post that has won by vote of the admins.

Congratulations, Ora!

Karemma Transport KSS Flessan - Bridge

There were several options as to what was the issue: 1.) It could be a trap, the two ships working together to make it look like they needed rescuing only to steal from their rescuers, 2.) The ships had been attacked, but the attackers had sophisticated technology that altered their victims memories so that they would not be found and brought to justice, 3.) The entire thing was a practical joke, and the two ships had bets to see if they could get anyone to believe them. The list could go on and on, but it was hard to actually refute the fanciful tale when an actual pirate beamed aboard the ship and was on the bridge.

The pirate intruder’s language was quite crude, but the pirate looked the part, spoke the part, but it all felt too perfect to Ora. Everything was just too good, down the brass buttons on his jacket to the weathered leather boots he wore. Everything about the man spoke of years gone, but the technology used to be able to beam abroad unannounced was too sophisticated. It was troubling to say the least.

Before Ora could react, one of the Karemma security’s officers acted hastily and for a second there was a wave of heat and ringing in her ears, as the pirate was blown to pieces injuring  Lieutenant Commander Moreno.

Ora quickly got her bearings back,“Stun! Phasers on stun!” shouted to the security officers. They didn’t need any more casualties, especially their own. And they needed one of these pirates alive to question.

Though when she went to make a move to help out the Lieutenant Commander, another pirate appeared. This one was even more rude than the last one.

“Sure, just don’t hurt me okay?!” Ora slipped back into her damsel in distress role. It always amazed her when it worked. Rule number one in any battle engagement is never underestimate your enemy.

When Ora got closer, she whipped out her phaser and blasted it at the pirate. Oddly though the shot just went right through the pirate, as if he was not there. What kind of technology did this guy have? No time to think, she readjusted the phaser to have a wider arc, hoping that the larger beam would find a weak spot.


The image of the pirate shimmered away, and a metallic ball fell to the ground, sparking and smoking.


Ora turned to the Lieutenant Commander, and bent down, “Hold on, help is coming.” Ora tapped her comm badge,  =/\=“Chief Medical Officer Padrini you are needed on the bridge. The Lieutenant Commander is down.” =/\=

“Don’t worry, I’m told he is the best.” Ora patted the Commander’s hand, trying to be comforting to him. Her eyes went back to the metallic orb on the floor, “Be careful with that, we don’t know what it does.”

Season One Missions / S1M4 - Autopoiesis - Discussion
« on: September 04, 2021, 11:49:54 am »
Hello dear crew

We are starting with a new mission! About a week has passed since the events of last mission and we currently are on the way to a star system named P-161.

You can assume your charachters on bridge duty if you don't have other plans at the moment.

Have fun!


Season One Missions / S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: September 04, 2021, 11:47:50 am »
[USS Amalthea - Deck 6 - Commander Moreno's quarters]

Tess stepped into her father's room with a gentle smile on her lips. The nurse looked up and stepped back from the person sitting motionless in the armchair.

"Go ahead and take a little break while I'm here," Tess told her.

"Sure, Captain."

While the Ensign left the quarters, Tess stepped closer and sat down in the chair next to her father. His mouth hung wide open and he stared rather impassively ahead. The shard of the sphere that had pierced his head had injured the part of the brain responsible for controlling the speech and chewing apparatus. As a result, Fabiano had lost the ability to speak and move his mouth independently. He would have to learn again. He also needed help with eating. Tess had tried to be with him at all meals. But she had quickly realized with frustration that it was almost impossible. Benjin, Tamonar, and even Rahul were also often with him, for which Tess was grateful.

"How are you today?" she asked her father, placing a hand on his as she smiled warmly at him. He looked to her and moved his lower jaw slightly, his tongue twitching and an awkward sound coming out. She didn't understand what he was saying, but the way he looked at her told her that he was doing well so far. Some saliva dripped out of the corner of his mouth and Tess took a cloth to gently wipe it away.

"Rayek is doing better, too," she told him. "He was really lucky." Everyone who had survived was lucky. Many splinters that had been torn out and thrown around by the force of the explosion had become dangerous projectiles. Surely the EV suit had prevented worse, too. "The investigation into the explosion is still ongoing. However, it looks like it was caused on purpose." Kemala had been right after all. But Tess didn't tell her father about that. She didn't want to burden him with too much. Tess had also not yet introduced Kemala to Fabiano. She wasn't sure how she would react to her father's disability. She didn't want to put him through that kind of stress.

Once again, she looked at her father, stroked his hand with a smile, and then walked over to the replicator to get him something to eat. "We're on our way to the P-161 system right now," she continued. With a bowl of hot soup in her hand, she came back and sat down. "I want us to get on with our normal business quickly. I want the crew to know that it always goes on even when bad things happen." She looked at Fabiano and faltered. She didn't know herself where she was getting the strength from at the moment. Admittedly, sometimes she cried herself to sleep in Rayek's arms. He was her greatest support at the moment, although he had to cope with some things himself.

The knowledge that his sister and brother were still alive was still something that made Tess so happy. And that even his childhood friend Latihk had survived the horrible assault that supposed to kill him all those years ago. There was something good in the disasters that had happened recently after all.

Post your application below


Please post your application below! :)

Federation News Network / Post of the Month - May 2021
« on: June 09, 2021, 09:37:55 am »
Dear Community,

the admins have reviewed the many excellent posts of last month and this time around we found two posts worthy of recognition.

Please help me congratulate Ora Loxis and Catherine Goodspeed for writing May's Post of the Month!

USS Amalthea - Level 10 of the Underground Temple Complex

When they got out of this maze of insanity, and the holodeck and ship were back in running order, Ora was going to have quite a few words with that Ferengi merchant who had sold her the necklace. Lesson learned, no more shiny trinkets for her. She should have known that stepping out of her comfort zone would lead to misery. Never again. Her uniform would be it from now on, and the only jewelry she would need was her comm badge.

The holodeck villain threatening their team, with his awful weapon technique put Ora’s teeth on edge. She wanted nothing more than to give him a lesson on the proper safety and carrying of such a weapon, but the overdressed human male was not part of her security crew. He’d have been fired the first day.

Ora knew what had to be done, the safety of her team was the priority. She slid right into the role that the holodeck had written for her. The Bolian gave a high pitched squeal and put the back of her hand over her blue forehead in the appropriately dramatic gesture that the script called for.

“Oh please, don’t hurt me!” Ora put the antique weapon she had taken on the ground, and slowly walked towards her victim. “Just don’t hurt me, and I will tell you where the rest of the treasure is!”

Ora finally stood in front of the man, and allowed her bottom lip to quiver a few times in the best damsel in distress manner she could muster up. And then her training kicked in, and all the ‘free’ time she had spent going over her own personal training regime: in one swift motion she pushed the gun away from the man, using it as a simultaneously distraction and leverage for her to bring the palm of her hand to strike upward, in a move which she hoped would produce a most satisfying crack of his nose.

Ora would then step in, bringing her knee up to his midsection, which should cause him to double over forward again. This would allow her to head-butt him and shoulder her body into his to push him to the ground prone. She would then step over him and give him a quick kick to the crotch to finish him off. The words would find her lips, “Sorry to break the jewels, sweetheart.”

If all went according to plan, Ora would look over at the other two crew, “Let’s use our rope and tie him up. Commander, would you like to switch out your weapon for his? And Ensign Malone, would you like his hat? I think it would go well with your outfit.”

Katra Station - CoE Office

It was surprising how quickly the normal routine of things ebbed back into place once everyone was back at the Station.

Back home.

Back to reports and more reports and the generally affray of repairs and more repairs.

It was as if now the Wormhole had decided to shut itself down [and was refusing to open again like a spoiled 3 year having a full on tantrum] every private ship and shop owner had gone into a panic frenzy for repairs.  Free repairs that is.

It had gotten so bad that Cat had given specific orders that unless written authority was received from the Captain and confirmed visually by Solluk himself then non essential repairs to private individuals were off the menu.  They weren't a blooming charity repair shop for those who could afford it but wanted to sponge off her workers.

After signing the final report for the day Cat let her second in command Gus know she was finally signing off for the day by yelling that fact across her desk to him.

Gus waved a hand "You should have gone an hour ago Chief... Go for goodness sake"

Cat stood and brushed herself down, picked up a small linen clasped bag and the lead of Nibbler, the Cardassian trained sniffer vole she currently had with her who had been sleeping under her desk.

Not that she had favorites.  No indeed.

Nibbler happily squealed when he realized it was home time and pulled slightly on his lead to get home and get fed. "Gus.. "

"I know boss, no one to call you unless something is melting, exploding or really REALLY on fire.."

"Cheers my dears, see you tomorrow"  Cat waved as she disappeared through the door and went to stretch her legs.

Katra Station - Wildlife Center

Cat stood by the glass enclosure of the creature they had brought back from the planet and looked around.   "bugger..." Cat muttered under her breath to herself.

She had hoped to find Beja here. The bag she carried contained some delightfully soft yarn and a small PADD of "easy learn as you go" tutorials on the art of knitting which she hoped would help the young Klingon in her new found hobby.

Cat stared at the creature.

Cat nodded at it "All right?"

Cat had made a promise to Beja to be nicer to their new 'guest'.

"Treating you ok are they?"

"Bored with the view yet? Should we get someone to rotate you?"

Nibbler had wandered over and stretched up to sniff the glass.  It bothered Cat slightly that her 4 Cardassian Voles didn't seem to mind it, whereas it still made Cat want to run and hide under her bed covers.

"Nice day for it I suppose..... Well .. Umm.. Right! must be going. Things to see, people to annoy...errr... Bye then?"

Cat sidled out of the room and headed for Beja's office.  If she wasn't there Cat could always ask whoever was on reception.

Katra Station - Counselors Office

Cat smiled into the rather pretty face of the Bolian receptionist. Oh to be young again.

"Hello my dear!  Is the lovely Beja around and free?"  Cat tapped the bag on her shoulder "Have a little gifty for her and some treats for Mon."

Without being instructed to Cat eased herself into a seat to wait. "happy to wait for a bit"  Cat settled herself into a nearby chair and allowed Nibbler to hop onto her lap whilst staring around the room at nothing in particular like she was waiting for a dentist appointment.

Season One Missions / S1M3 - Cloak of Deceit (Discussion)
« on: June 07, 2021, 04:43:49 pm »
Hello folks!

The new mission 'Cloak of Deceit' is up. We will unveil some secrets and mysteries, some in the main plot and some in the sub-plot, in this mission.

We start off with a staff meeting. All of you may feel free to attend!

Below, I will post a rough mission outline, but will hide it in a spoiler tag so only those of you who would like to know what is planned this months can have a look. Anyone who might like to have more details in advance, feel free to ping Rayek or me!

Good luck and I hope you have fun!

Synopsis: The USS Amalthea receives a distress signal and arrives at the coordinates to come to the aid of a Karemman cargo vessel under attack by a schooner ship flying a skull and cross-bones flag!

Starting Point: The USS Amalthea enters a section of space that has seen a drastic increase in piracy in the past month, believed to be the Wanderers.

End Goal: The USS Amalthea manages to locate the fabled 'Treasure Planet' where the attacking ship is from; retrieves the stolen goods - and finds something that nobody would ever have hoped to find!

Season One Missions / S1M3 - Cloak of Deceit
« on: June 07, 2021, 04:34:52 pm »
Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 4 - Ready Room]

Captain's Log. Stardate 76433.79144469828

I just have received word from the Romulan Ambassador Jarok on Katra Station, who wishes to meet with us. It appears to be his mission to hear out every single Romulan in this area. Since we have a Romulan family on board, it seems only ... logical that he would take up the long way. So I should not be surprised. But I am. Of course we will comply with his request and meet up with him.

This will be my crew's first official diplomatic encounter, so I will call in a meeting with the department heads to give them time to prepare properly. We might not always be able to enjoy the luxury of advanced planning for such an event. It will be a good training for them.

I am looking forward to this meeting for another reason. More about that later.

End Log.

Tess leaned back and took a sip of her tea mug. The tea had turned cold by now and she put it aside with a slight grimace. She glanced at the chronometer to check the time. The meeting was about to begin. Time flew by every day. She would have thought she'd have another ten minutes.

Grabbing her PADD, she locked the access to the computer at her desk and then took the private turbolift that led directly to her Ready Room. Riding one deck down to deck 5, she stepped out of the turbolift and walked quite elated down the hall as she headed towards the briefing room. Today was a good day.

Old Topics / Amalthea POTM April 2021
« on: May 06, 2021, 11:11:52 am »

[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Science Lab 1]

Finalising his report with the last few key-stroked and turning to stare at the First Officer with a face devoid of expression, Verlok waited until the comms call finished before beginning his update. Clearly this visit was an inefficient use of the second-in-command's time, more so as the Captain was on the surface with a peoples not known for their sympathies to the Federation. Nonetheless, the Vulcan entered into the 'spirit' of the interaction. He held the PADD out for Rayek's review. "My report" he indicated as he did so, finding it hard to step-down his predilection for semantic ostentation. "Forgive the coarse composition", he said, referring to its almost-notary stage, "as your arrival was unpredicted". That, in itself, rankled him. He would have to account for the impromptu avidity of his senior officer. "However, permit me to provide a précis."

He stood straight, and provided a brief overview of his findings contained within. Once more, he instructed himself to use less tortuous language in the Romulan's presence. "Genetic profiling has confirmed the creature is a natural organism native to Atros; I have named it Limnoriidea atrosia superior for the purposes of our mission. A natural defence mechanism has been determined, by which predators are forced into a state of temporary stupor through an aerosol enzymatic secretion, enabling it to escape ingurgitation. However" Verlok looked towards the bug that was still surveying its new environment, "certain artificial - biomechanical elements - have been introduced to enhance more than one intrinsic characteristic. Chiefly, the enzyme has been modified to increase its range and potency several magnitudes greater than would be possible through evolutionary biology. Secondly, I have detected an artificial addition to the chemical chain - namely a quasi-narcotic, which seems to be specifically designed to interact with Etrosian physiology, fermenting a subconscious addiction to this enzyme."

He looked back to Rayek. "The result of this combination is a substance that ensures, through subtle subjugation, those of an Etrosian genetical make-up to remain within a certain radius of their locale; those who, for reasons not currently observed, do find themselves outside the creature's chemical dominion, will begin to suffer critical dependency effects not unlike those experienced by Ketracel withdrawal. Indeed" his tone lowered, "there are some key markers in the narcotic additive that suggest this may be a modified Ketracel variant, designed to account for the Etrosian make-up."

Verlok's report was interrupted by Ensign Molane's call, and his eyebrow raised to the First Officer, indicating his awaiting decision on whether further clarification was necessary or could be permitted to respond to the incoming request.

[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Science Lab 1]

The situation was grave. For all the swift actions, the creature had suffered critical biological dissolution before medical stasis was achieved. From the limited visual inspection, which was preferable to releasing it from stasis at this time, the metabolic enzymatic surfeit in conjunction with the cybernetic cornucopia resulting in degradation of the majority of organic matter. Had the stasis field not been applied in time, it was likely nothing save mechanical remnants would exist, and it would be unlikely even this would be permitted to remain. Indeed, the chances of an explosive device was equally suspended by stasis was likely. Confirmation of such was subsequently reported by the computer. It wasn't a device that was of significant yield, but it was near equipment and materials that could exacerbate matters. For a moment, and for example, he queried the necessity for the molecular acid suspended in a specially designed reaction-neutral container.  Verlok raised an eyebrow in thought.

And slowly lowered it as another small part of organic matter dissolved before his eyes.
It seemed abeyance was limited in proficiency. He tapped his badge, and spoke without panic nor excitement, as if he were discussing the colour of water. " =/\= Ensign Verlok to Security and Engineering. There is an explosive device in Science Laboratory 1. Celerity is suggested.  =/\="

Beaming it out was currently not an option; given the rate of spoilage even under artificial prorogation, any removal of such was likely to accelerate its ultimate design with volatile finality.

Mas Molane

USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Science Lab 1

Mas took a moment to listen to Verlok as he gathered up a toolkit, and then turned his attention to the stasis field generator.  Within the field, the Atrosian bug was apparently poised to self-destruct with explosive effect.  That was... not good.

"If we don't speak again," he told the Vulcan, "I am glad I knew you."

With that, he stepped close to the stasis unit, and proclaimed, "Computer, engage a Level 10 emergency force field in a 2 meter diameter around the stasis unit in front of me."

There was a tone of acknowledgement, and then a field materialized around Mas, leaving him inside with the stasis unit... and the bomb.  It would have been more sensible to be outside of the emergency force field, but the bug was a mission-critical item, and he had to try to salvage as much of it as possible for the Captain.

Popping open the kit he'd pilfered from the lab, he took out a laser scalpel and a liquid hydrogen injector.  The scalpel was usually used to slice off samples for testing.  The liquid hydrogen injector was used to freeze samples so quickly that they could not crystallize, useful for analysis under conditions where a stasis field would interfere with certain delicate sensor readings.

As he prepared the tools, he found himself wishing that he was a surgeon instead of an Engineer.  His hands could be pretty steady, but not so much that he was confident performing precise surgical procedures on circuitry that was nearly microscopic in size.

The voice of a new person could be heard behind him, outside of the force field.

"What's he doing in there?!  I've been ordered to engage Protocol Helios!  That means an evacuation due to fire or explosive danger, with personnel remaining outside of the containment field!"

Mas ignored the voice, instructing the computer further.  "Computer... disengage stasis field on my mark..."

He took a deep breath.


Even as the stasis field dropped, Mas was depressing the actuator on the liquid hydrogen injector.  A spray of the substance covered the bug, freezing it instantly at temperatures close to absolute zero.  Frosty fog immediately clouded the area, and Mas switched his focus from the bug itself to the laboratory scan display above the unit.  He thust the hand holding the laser scalpel forward, under the scope of the scanning aparatus, so that he could see it, and his own hand, on the display. 

It was so awkward maneuvering this way.  He did his best to aim the scalpel.  Then he pressed its trigger.  A ruby beam cut through the condensation of the air, severing a barely-visible piece of circuitry in the bug. 

Mas winced, half expecting to be blown to bits.

A moment passed.  The sensor display showed that he had severed the power supply to the micro-explosive successfully.  Without the power needed to trigger the explosive chemical, it could not enter a critical energy state.

No boom today. 

Maybe boom tomorrow.

Feeling a bit light-headed, he said, "Computer, re-establish stasis field.  Deactivate emergency force-field."

When one field went up, and the other went down, he stepped outside of the immediate area of the stasis unit and sagged a bit against a bulkhead.

Tess t'Lhoell

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[Planet Atros - Etrosian Bendona Village]

Tess thought she felt an increasing sense of unease coming from Ora. Something seemed to make the woman nervous. Tess wondered why that was. Subtly, Tess glanced about to see if there was something that would catch her attention. Finally Ora spoke, accepting the Etrosian woman's invitation. Oh, was that it? That she decided to use that as the sign for her that those Etrosians were the ones?

Tess smiled at her as she nodded, hoping to ease her concerns a little. She hoped that Ora's accepting the invitation was the hint Tess had been looking for. She probably should have prompted for a kind of hidden code or agreement beforehand. Something she would have to think of. That was on her.
She turned to Mas when he commented too, it seemed the Lurian was quite keen on trying Etrosian cuisine. Tess nodded. "I would be more than happy to accept."

A wave of relief seemed to wash over the Etrosian woman's face before she began to lead them away from the small village square.

[Planet Atros - Etrosian Bendona village - Ebbaya's home]

The wooden hut was functionally furnished and offered the minimum of coziness to feel comfortable. The Etrosians seemed to be enthusiastic weavers. In what seemed to be the main room with sitting accommodations, a fire place (which was already crackling) and space to cook, there were many different fabrics with elaborate patterns - whether it was just the curtain, a carpet or the tablecloth. Around a table near the fireplace were a bench and individual chairs, so that everyone would find a place.

"Please, sit down and be comfortable", Ebbaya invited them, while Faeno set about preparing a warm drink for their guests.

"We were very excited when you came to our village", Ebbaya told them, who in turn had sat down at a small round table whose surface showed traces of flour. Around the small table were various clay jars, some large and bulbous, some so small that they could comfortably stand on the tabletop without taking away too much space. "Though we have stayed here, tales of your world and of the new home most of us have found with you have reached us."

Tess had sat down on one of the wooden chairs and looked over at the Etrosian woman. "Have you ever thought about leaving here, too?"

Ebbaya cast an uncertain glance over at Rogr. "No, we are comfortable here." She was silent for a moment as she mixed flour and salt and took a thick white substance from another jar and began mixing it with the flour.

Well, that answer was worth nothing, Tess thought. She really wanted to get rid of Rogr. Or the other Atrosian.

"Daughter ... Are you back?" A faint voice, wracked with pain, came to them from a room in the back. Ebbaya looked up and in the direction of the ajar door. "Yes, Father."

"I'll go check on him" Faeno said. He placed five steaming cups on the table. "Please, help yourselves", he smiled at his guests. Then he disappeared into the other room.

Ebbaya smiled apologetically. "My father has become very ill", she explained. She frowned as she seemed to try to avoid looking at someone in particular as she said that. "When I told him that you had come to our village", she said, finally looked at Tess, Mas, Ora and Roberto again, "he said he would have liked to see you. But he is too weak to get out of the bed."

Rogr, who had also taken a seat on one of the chairs but had left the drinks untouched, suddenly looked very tense. "Your father is sick?" he asked sharply. "And yet you invite us here?"

The Admiral's tone made Tess look over to him. Mentioning of a disease seemed to unsettle him.

"Sorry, I-I thought maybe you could ..." Ebbaya looked to her guests for help.

There was no question for Tess wether they would take a look at the man or not. They had to. "Can my Chief Medical Officer check on him?", Tess asked, gesturing to Roberto. "Maybe we can help him."

Before Ebbaya could give an answer, Faeno reappeared in the room. "If you agree", he said to Tess, but then let his gaze wander to every single one of the Starfleet officers, "he would like to see all of you."

Tess was surprised. She wondered if the man really had wished for that or if Faeno tried to get them to a spot where they could speak without being heard by the Atrosians. "Roberto, please scan for anything immediately harmful for us. If it's clear, we will all go in to see him." Tess stood up without hesitation, looking after the doctor. Rogr, on the other hand remained sitting, transfixed. "Deyan, you go with them."

The guard didn't look thrilled - at all. A little reluctant he nodded. "Yes, Pad-Sha."

Ora Loxis

Atros Captial City - Bendona Village

Ora nodded over to the CMO and got up from the table, the meal very short lived. The chain of command had been adhered to, and had not been broken. Ora notched up a couple more marks of respect for the CMO. Good to see that whatever issues had been between the Commander and the CMO had been resolved. Internal strife would only weaken them, and they could not afford to have any weakness in their precious position in the Gamma Quadrant with the wormhole being closed.

The walk back to the transporter room that was outside of the village had felt like it took less time. Ora had put that down to everyone was much more anxious in the walk back. Admiral Rogr acted relieved the tour was over, and the others acted nervous that the tour was over. Ora had hoped that the talk with the Governor went better than the tour had. The Atrosians did not from her little observation behave as if they wanted to deal with the Federation. Ora though had to have confidence in their Captain, if anyone could make it happen, their Captain could.

USS Amalthea - Deck 5 - Briefing Room

Ora went from the transporter room to her own accommodations for 5 minutes. She needed to figure out the translation of the Etrosian greeting, and to see what had been given to her. She didn’t want to go to the meeting with a potential danger to them all. Yes, the chances of it being any kind of explosive was slim, but it wasn’t zero either.

It didn’t take long for Ora to realize that it was in fact dangerous just not in the manner she had expected at all. Immediately Ora made her way to the briefing room. She kept her normal stance in the back of the room, and waited for the meeting to begin. Despite her anxiousness, she refused to speak out of turn, order had to always be maintained.

Ora stepped up to the table, when the Captain inquired to the village, “Captain, if I may be so bold as to speak first. But the village is a lie. I had suspected it myself before we had beamed down, but I now have definitive proof. An Etrosian male, greeted me at the village and told me as such and handed me a message.”

“A bi ighe niila”

“It means it’s all a lie. And then there is this,” Ora took out of her pocket a small sample container where a living bug was being contained and placed it on the table for everyone to observe. “From my quick tricorder exam it has been augmented with technology, just like the others had been. I do not know for what purpose, perhaps science can help with a better examination..” Ora looked over to Ensign Verlok, as she knew he was the best one to do that. She wasn’t at all sure what she had been looking at, other than she could see for sure it had some kind of technology intertwined within it. It reminded her of the scans and information the Commander had shown them about the Atrosian’s ships and whales.

“Either way, I do not believe we should trust the Atrosians to be truthful to us about anything,” Ora ended her talk and then stepped back into her regular stance behind everyone once more.

Rayek tr'Lhoell

Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 5 - s'Lhoell quarters] (11 days prior)

Sitting next to Tess on the couch and hearing her express how proud she was of him, made him all the more certain that this was the right decision.  If she approved, then any hardship faced would be worth it.  He smiled in return.

Her question as to if he would be able to accept and deal with those that would find his ability a problem made him think of Padrini.  He nodded. "Yes, I know. I believe I'll be fine.  Those whose opinions matter to me most already know.  Or rather most do.  There are a few I will contact over the next couple days."

Her suggestion of him preparing for a negative reaction however caught his attention.  "How would you suggest I prepare?" he questioned.
"I'm not even certain how I plan to go public with the reveal. Do I send it out as a notice with the crews next staff update?  'Oh by the way, First Officer tr'Lhoell is a telepath.. so next time you are in the area of his office, don't forget to drop by and give him a welcoming thought.'"  His remark was meant to be humorous but realized it may have come across as a little sarcastic.  He sighed and shook his head

"Any suggestion you might have on how to approach this would be appreciated, e'lev. But my biggest concern is how this will affect peoples perception of other Romulans.  Up until now, for most, there had been no proof of telepathic ability among my people.  I am concerned that the there will be repercussions on them as well. I will need to stress that this is not a common trait and is specific to my families genetics.   Which in turn will put attention on Fvienn..."  Rayek's gaze as he spoke drifted down to look upon their son sleeping in Tess' lap.  "...since there is a chance that he may develop this ability as well as he grows up."

Governor Wye
[Planet Atros - Capital City - Governmental Headquarters - Conference Room]

When the Starfleet officer commented that the next presentation involved biotech, the Governor nearly returned the Romulan's scoff from earlier.  Everything they had seen so far of Federation tech, seemed to be mainly mechanical.  He didn't believe that there would be any biotech that would be of interest to him and the Atrosian people. 

Oh how wrong he was.

The frown-faced officer explained about how the Federation combined and built upon technologies from a multitude of worlds.  In that respect, the Federation reminded him of the Celestial Harmony, but to a far less advanced way.  But whereas the Harmony would have focused on peaceable uses for their shared technology, the Governor appreciated how this officer highlighted it's more practical and defensible uses, though it chafed the man to be reminded of their 'previous encounter'.  A glare was thrown the Romulan's way following that comment.

But overall, Wye could definitely see uses for this type of technology.

"And this technology could be made compatible with our own DNA and those of our ships?" he questioned, as he began to seriously reconsider his stance.

The downfall for this trade was that the female Captain wanted some proof of his claims that his people could open the wormhole.  At present, Wye did not have such proof.

Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Planet Atros - Capital City - Governmental Headquarters - Conference Room]

Rayek was once more very impressed with how well the Lurian presented the Federation proposal.  Though he wished that it hadn't been necessary to point out the militant uses.  As it was Rayek, still didn't know if the Atrosian ships had been adapted since their last encounter and if so how effective Federation weaponry would be on them now should peaceful negotiations with the Atrosian people falter for whatever reason.     

He noticed the Governor's brief glare after Ensign Molane referred to their past encounter.  It took effort not to smirk, but Rayek managed it and instead merely turned his attention back to Ensign Molane's visuals.

The fact that the Governor asked if the biotech could be adapted to their DNA, suggested to Rayek that this could actually happen.  Since Rayek had no background in science, medicine, engineering he left it for Tess or the ensign to answer back.  Besides which, Rayek realized the less he drew attention to himself, the smoother these talks would go.

The Romulan was keenly interested on what sort of proof the Governor might offer to back up his claim that his people had long known how to open up the wormhole.  If it was different from their own triggering method, then it could be of assistance.

Season One Missions / S1M2 - Downtime Discussion
« on: May 06, 2021, 10:31:58 am »
Hello folks!

The new mission is up. This will be a kind of mini episode with more emphasis on character development and character interaction. I hope you have fun!

Season One Missions / S1M2 - Downtime
« on: May 06, 2021, 10:30:35 am »
[USS Amalthea - Captain's Ready Room]

The Amalthea is on the way to unexplored space in the Gamma Quadrant. Thing have quieted down after our encounter with the Atrosians. I'm looking ahead and forward to our mission with new hope and confidence.

Something else I am looking forward to is another one of the Amalthea's Entertainment Friday Nights. We established them not long after our departure to give the crew a chance to get to know each other better and to form stronger bonds among the crew. I have not been able to attend as often as I would have liked but tonight I'm positive I'll have the chance to spend some time with my crew in an inofficial setting. I would like to take Fvienn with me and hope that Rayek will agree to join us as well.

End log.

[USS Amalthea - Deck 9 - Holodeck - 1900 hrs]

It was dance night and the holodeck was already set up to greet the crew for a fun night. Music was playing in the background for now, there was a huge dance floor in the middle, around it at the sides were smaller booths and single tables to sit in groups. At the back was a bar to get drinks and there was also options to order all varieties of foods.
Currently still hidden inside the dance floor was a platform that would pull out at some point to form a small stage for a karaoke competition if the crew was in the mood for it.

Abbreviations & Glossary / Glossary
« on: April 19, 2021, 10:32:17 am »
(in progress)

Abbreviations & Glossary / IC Abbreviations
« on: April 19, 2021, 10:30:01 am »
Here is a list of In-Character abbreviations commonly used in this forum:

CEngO - Chief Engineering Officer
CMO- Chief Medical Officer
CO - Commanding Officer
CSecO - Chief Security Officer
CTacO - Chief Tactical Officer
EPS - Electro-Plasma System
EVA - Extra-Vehicular Activity
FTL - Faster Than Light
GNDN - Goes Nowhere Does Nothing
OCC - Operations Control Center
ODN - Optical Data Network
NCO - Non-Commission Officer
PADD - Personal access display device
PO - Petty Officer
SO - Second Officer
SOO - Strategic Operations Officer
XO - Executive Officer

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