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Across the Multiverse / Golden Age Trek
« on: March 05, 2022, 01:59:13 pm »
The year is 2299 and Starfleet is increasingly stretched as the future of the two Quadrants is being decided.  The Klingon Empire, still reeling from the Praxis Disaster, reluctantly accepts Federation aid to save their Homeworld, but sounds of discontent echo ever louder, as proud ancient Houses feel their glorious histories are being buried beneath Chancellor Azetbur’s difficult peace reforms, dubbed the 'Gorkon Initiative' by its supporters, and 'treachery' by its malcontents. Starfleet finds itself caught between its commitments to reduce the military presence along the Klingon Neutral Zone, and the simmering threats on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the Romulans, once benefitting from the spoils of a strong Klingon Empire, have found themselves the sole opposition to the monolithic Federation, led by their historical foes. Technological innovations however - extrapolated from the now-abandoned Alliance - have accelerated their capabilities and expansion ambitions. New Stars of the Empire look ripe for the taking, stars the Klingon Empire can no longer afford to secure.

In one place where these three powerful forces meet- a region in the Beta Quadrant known as the Azure Triangle; a region known for turbulent events; be they anomalies or hostile acts.

Captain Elliot Keats, an unspoken pariah among peers, is assigned a new starship - the USS Courageous - with a newly formed crew to provide support to local Federation territories in the Triangle, and chart new regions beyond, whilst keeping one eye on the two increasing unstable Neutral Zones.

Crew Quarters / Lest They Be Forgotten
« on: October 17, 2021, 06:33:15 pm »
Former Amalthea's Player Characters : RESERVED or DECEASED

Science Officer: Ensign John Williams  (Human male) - RESERVED (S1 M3)

Science Officer - Assistant ChiefLieutenant jg. Verlok (Vulcan male) - DECEASED in game  (S1 M3)

Science Officer - Acting ChiefLieutenant jg. Paul Wessex  (Human male) - RESERVED  (S1 M4)

Federation News Network / Post of the Month - June 2021
« on: September 06, 2021, 09:25:07 pm »
Summer 2021 has been hectic for many of us here as such perhaps it is forgivable that this announcement is so late in being posted (though I am happy to see that Captain Solluk did have it noted on his sims WaR board).  However as this is a site wide award, I am pleased to post here the selection for Post of the Month for June 2021, written by Cat Goodspeed.

Congratulations Cat!

Katra Station - Corridor outside Conference Room

Keep calm... Keep calm.

Cat punched her com badge  =/\="This is Goodspeed to anyone in main engineering.  Report!  What's working and what isn't! I need info STAT! =/\=

Keep calm... Keep calm.  Cat kept trying to repeat this mantra as if it would actually  help.

 =/\=Chief!  This is Gus!  We can't access the main core room.  Systems failed, we couldn't eject core! All doors are fused.  Turbos off line. Environmental systems offline. Fire system off line.  We are dead in the water Chief!  Consoles non functioning. Using PADDS!  See if you can grab one!  What's your status Chief, over! =/\=

Cats face went as white as her hair  =/\=Crap!  What IS working Gus?!  I'm in the corridor outside the conference room free floating! Explosion there as well. We got done in good Gus!  We NEED Environmental and fire systems online as a priority. DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT get the antigrav online yet.  We have too many floaters, may cause more deaths or injuries.   I'm on my way to the EPS room on deck 4...  See what I can reroute from there.  Have  a couple of people meet me there whoever is nearest.... =/\="

Cat began to push herself along the corridor as fast as she could muster

 =/\=Chief??  Chief?? How you getting there? Turbos and doors are fused =/\=

 =/\=For Gods sake Gus, jeffreys tubes man!  Use the jeffreys tubes!  Pull up the stations schems on the PADDS.  We have a whole network like a rabbit warren.  We can pull ourselves though or use your bloody legs like a frog and push yourselves.  I'll meet you there! Oh and get them armed!  We have NO idea if someone is using them as well.  Set to stun and anyone NOT from our team, tell them to shoot their bloody arms off if need be! Cat out! =/\=
As she skirted along the corridor to her destination she'd found an abandoned PADD, a Cat found the section of wall she was looking for and braced her legs either side of the wall section and pulled with all her might.  After a minute of swearing and nearly pulling an arm out of its socket the wall section came free and floated away.

One deck down... One deck down to the main EPS hub.

Cat squeezed herself into the small access area that linked the entire Station like small blood vessels and began to push herself down. Due to the lack of gravity it went quicker than she expected and before she pulled the manual release lever Cat slowly calmed her breathing down, taking deep breaths in and out in a steady slow succession as if preparing for a deep dive. 

The art was to calm yourself down, to steady your breathing... To slow everything down.  When she reached her peak Cat grabbed the level,  inhaled deeply, held her breath and pushed the panel out and away and entered the main EPS hub.

Main EPS Grid Maintenance Hub (Deck 4)

It was chaos.  Smoke filled the air and hung like a blanket.  Small fires littered the areas eating up the precious air contained within.  She pushed herself in as if diving into water and grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and began to slowly deprive the flames of their feeding source.
Once the fires were out Cat slowly pushed herself to the emergency outfit section and opening it removed a small breathing device and fitted the transparent breathing mask over her nose and mouth, pulling the elastic tight behind her head and set to work pulling off the wall panels from the shouldering areas to assess the damage.

So much damage.  It was like someone had fried the entire system.  Cat exhaled for the first time since she entered the room.  All she had to do was re-route... Re-route.. Start at the beginning... Start at the basics.

Air, fire, transporters, weaponry, ... Doors... Lifts... Think woman think.

Luckily since becoming Chief she had always practised a rule of "keep what you need close" so each room linked to engineering had a supply of easy to access replacements and tools encased in Faraday crates in case of emergencies because the last thing you needed was to traipse halfway round the station to get a bloody flux coupler.

The silence which had cocooned Cat for the last 10 minutes was shattered by noises from the entrance she had made.  Cat reached over, picked up a broken wire tubing she had just replaced and pushed herself to the hole...

"JESUS GUS!" Cat screamed the words as the head of her Second popped through the hole. "You could have yelled for me! I nearly brained you!"

"Sorry Chief... I'm too scared to form words at the moment".  The blond haired tall slim body pulled himself free, followed by two other of the engineering crew, including the blue face of Peaches, the andorian head of the Ship yard.  All were wearing breathing masks to her relief.

"You took your sweet time" Cat muttered but glad to see the faces of people she knew, people she trusted.

"Stopped off for a coffee and cake Boss! We would have bought you some but they floated off"  Peaches grinned.

"Ha bloody ha!  Right, we are royally screwed.  We need to replace and re-route as much as possible from here.  See what we can get working then follow the breadcrumbs and replace and reroute at each broken sub section. Gus!  Once we've fixed everything we can here, get everyone to get to the nearest subsection and fix it and work their way out. "

"God Chief... "  Peaches face fell.

"I know... Focus on Air, fire systems, defense system and then transporters, doors, lifts.    We are sitting ducks but we need to get the air circulating and fires out first otherwise we will be no help to anyone. Sally... " Cat nodded to the ebony skinned woman who at over 6 feet tall was like Valikie amongst her crew. "....Almost finished re-routing the air systems.  Not as screwed as I thought we were for this one. The EPS here are fused, hoping it took the brunt.  Work with Gus on the fire suppression systems... Started on them, just need you both to finish ASAP...  I need them online before we can  switch on the air, I don't want to feed the fires.  Peaches!  Defense. We can do this!"

They worked in almost silence apart from a few choice phrases filling the air as time ticked on.  Precious time melting away like snowflakes in the warm sunlight.

"YES!"  Sally yelled in relief and joy "Chief! We got the entire fire system up!" Cally checked her PADD "Luckily the main EPS took the brunt of the shock and fused.. We ripped it out and .. And it looks OK... Won't know til we hit the switch mind..."

Cat grinned from within the twisted burnt out EPS cores "Well done!!  Almost finished... THERE!"

Cat crabbed her way out and held onto the outside panelling and removed the PADD she had secured within her under tunic. She'd discarded the outer dress uniform once she had entered the EPS hub and had no plans of putting it back on again soon.

She pulled up the system reboots for air circulation and the automated fire system and exhaled..

"Please cross your fingers.... I'm about to reboot..."

Gus, Sally and Peaches all turned to her holding up a hand with their fingers crossed..

Cats hand trembled... "Ok... Here goes something"

She punched the reboot system and closed her eyes.

She opened one and smiled.  "BINGO PEOPLE!"

Crew Quarters / In Memorium: Lt jg Verlok
« on: September 04, 2021, 08:11:19 pm »
Please take the time to share your remembrances of Lieutenant junior grade Verlok. 

Hi Miranda,

Please place your application in this thread.

Hi John,

Welcome to The Tenth Fleet.

Please post your application below rather than in the Apply Here.

Old Topics / Amalthea POTM May 2021
« on: June 02, 2021, 11:24:51 pm »
Mas # 13

USS Amalthea - Holodeck - Discus Party

"Oh?" Mas said to the Captain, learning that there was a talented tailor right here on the ship, "I'd love to meet her!  I hope she comes to the party."

Somewhat later, when the conversation turned to the uncomfortable subject of Commander Rayek's abilities, Mas felt the need to speak up.

"Rojol!  You've got the wrong idea about all of this.  You remember Cadet Invol?  The one who threw the best parties?  He was Betazoid.  I asked him once how it worked, and he explained it to me.  It's not at all how you think of it."

Mas gestured to the sparkling ball hanging from the ceiling.  "You see that Discus ball?  It shoots out lights at the dance floor.  If you look at the ball directly, it is so glittery that it is almost blinding.  But if you look away, there are these rays of lights hitting everything.  The floor, the walls, the people.  Everywhere you look, a spot of light.

What this is for people with eyes, telepathy is for people with that talent.

The rays of lights are our thoughts, and we are shooting them out across the room.  The telepaths are not violating us.  We are projecting.  Transmitting.  But usually there is no one who can see what we are transmitting.

The telepath is often not even interested in this display. 

But, like the Discus ball, it is shot out at them constantly, flashing all over. 

They have to learn to block it out.  They are not entering our minds.  Our minds are entering them.  And they have to figure out how to look away.

And really... how do you look away from something like this?"

As Mas spoke, he began moving his arms and legs in a wormlike fashion, beginning one of the superb dances of the Lurian people.

"It's mesmerizing.  Tantalizing.  Inescapable.  I don't blame you for looking.  How can you not?  It invades the eyes."

Ora #56

USS Amalthea - Level 10 of the Underground Temple Complex

When they got out of this maze of insanity, and the holodeck and ship were back in running order, Ora was going to have quite a few words with that Ferengi merchant who had sold her the necklace. Lesson learned, no more shiny trinkets for her. She should have known that stepping out of her comfort zone would lead to misery. Never again. Her uniform would be it from now on, and the only jewelry she would need was her comm badge.

The holodeck villain threatening their team, with his awful weapon technique put Ora’s teeth on edge. She wanted nothing more than to give him a lesson on the proper safety and carrying of such a weapon, but the overdressed human male was not part of her security crew. He’d have been fired the first day.

Ora knew what had to be done, the safety of her team was the priority. She slid right into the role that the holodeck had written for her. The Bolian gave a high pitched squeal and put the back of her hand over her blue forehead in the appropriately dramatic gesture that the script called for.

“Oh please, don’t hurt me!” Ora put the antique weapon she had taken on the ground, and slowly walked towards her victim. “Just don’t hurt me, and I will tell you where the rest of the treasure is!”

Ora finally stood in front of the man, and allowed her bottom lip to quiver a few times in the best damsel in distress manner she could muster up. And then her training kicked in, and all the ‘free’ time she had spent going over her own personal training regime: in one swift motion she pushed the gun away from the man, using it as a simultaneously distraction and leverage for her to bring the palm of her hand to strike upward, in a move which she hoped would produce a most satisfying crack of his nose.

Ora would then step in, bringing her knee up to his midsection, which should cause him to double over forward again. This would allow her to head-butt him and shoulder her body into his to push him to the ground prone. She would then step over him and give him a quick kick to the crotch to finish him off. The words would find her lips, “Sorry to break the jewels, sweetheart.”

If all went according to plan, Ora would look over at the other two crew, “Let’s use our rope and tie him up. Commander, would you like to switch out your weapon for his? And Ensign Malone, would you like his hat? I think it would go well with your outfit.”

Rayek #58

Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 11 - Horizontal Turbolift tube]

The 'girlish' squeal of fright from Ensign Loxis drew Rayek's attention.   But though she acted the part, the fear didn't show in her eyes.  'Ah.. ' So that's how she was going to deal with the man - play into the role.  Rayek mentally approved.  Physically, he remained still with his hands raised to show compliance with the gunman's orders.  His eyes however carefully observed the tunnel around where the man stood looking for a means to assist Ora when the time came.

The curving tunnel was lit by torchlight, and odd metal and wooden tracks lined its path.  The walls appeared to be rough hewn stone - like a mining tunnel.   A few loose looking outcrops above the man had potential and Rayek was considering using them should things not go well with Ensign Loxis.

Yet when the Bolian moved into action, there was nothing that Rayek needed to do as she had it handled efficiently.  Her strikes were precise and effective.  Within moments, the ensign deflected the gun away - which in his surprise the gunman managed to fire off a single bullet - which ricocheted off the stone wall yet thankfully hit no one -  then took down the gunman with a brutal finishing move, at which point Rayek winced sympathetically with the gunman.  Her pun was rather amusing and Rayek made a mental note to share it with Tess later - she'd find it funny he thought.

Moving to assist with restraining the villain of this holo-adventure, Rayek smiled towards the security officer. "Very fine moves there, Ensign.  Good job."

Her suggestion to tie him up using the rope was an excellent suggestion and Rayek nodded towards Mr. Molane who had kept hold of the rope in his back after they had descended.   While the Lurian did that Rayek did what Romulans did best, he questioned the man for information as to what lay further down the tunnel.  Rayek hadn't forgotten the warning about traps.   

Rayek was subtle with his interrogation since he really didn't want the junior officers being frightened of him.  Yet even with his subtly, the man who kept glancing towards Ora nervously, was very forthcoming out of a desire to avoid further pain.   The gunman informed them of what he called a 'pit trap' in the middle of the tunnel.   This had Rayek looking thoughtful. 

Once the man was bound, Rayek had Mas assume watch over him.   "He's yours to keep watch on.  Make sure he doesn't break free of his bonds." 

Rayek had indeed, upgraded his weapon but hoped he wouldn't have need of it.  "Let's continue on to this 'pit trap' - I think that might be the shaft down to the lower levels.. and our path to Holodeck two on Deck Twelve.  Ensign Loxis, lead the way."

The route was rather straight forward and Rayek, who was mentally measuring his steps, felt with some surety that the 'trap' the man had described was nothing more than the mid-ship vertical shaft of the turbolift system.  Just as the shaft came into sight ahead of them, a distant rumbling began to grow.   Glancing back behind him towards where the sound was seemingly coming from Rayek's eyes peered into the dimness of the torch lit tunnel and his eyes grew wide at the sight. 


Coming down the tunnel straight towards them was what looked like a large rolling boulder.  His intellect knew that it was likely just a holographic interpretation of a turbolift car moving through the tunnels - but that didn't make the danger of it any less. 

"RUN!" he called out as he urged his team forward, sprinting away from the approaching boulder.

Rojol #52

The Ensign took the lead walking down to the corridor. Then he slowed down as they entered a hallway with torches on the wall and letters on the floor. “Captain, you want to see this.”

Rojol was looking at the floor to see the letters with no meaning as unscramble. The flickering torch lights revealed a message he moved his lips as he softly spoke these words.

Then his eyes turned toward the floor again. It's a riddle indeed with the letters in his head he thought he saw the word ‘Presume’ but there was no second E. Then he slowly looked at the wall and floor once again.

“The beginning of eternity,” he repeated. He whispered “light” for some odd reason. Then ‘The end of time and space--’

“Measure?” he said. “Again a second E that is not there.” He shared as he was trying to figure out the riddle.

“The beginning of eternity” he took a deep breath to clear his head. Then he scanned the room for more clues. He looked up at the ceiling to see five skeletons from left to right and between each set there was a weird design on the ceiling. Or more a weird tile pattern. All the torches seemed to be all aligned against the wall on the same measure of distance.

“I don’t think standing on an E will be the solution,” he admitted. “Computer. Paper and pencil please?” He asked. “Piece of chalk.” Then he turned to the Captain. “If the computer does not give what I ask. I am going to want to use one of those torches. There will be a way to make ashes and we can make ash marks for charcoal powder. Cause I know I can’t figure this out without writing it.”

Then he turned back thinking about it. “The V keeps grabbing my attention. I am not sure if that is the first letter of a word. Or can it be more than one word?” he sighed.
“Or…” he said. “Beginning...B...Eternity...E...End...another E…” he sighed. “Es.” he shook his head. “Next word? Time...T.. is B.E.T. Bet..then Space..” he shook his head.

Then he looked at letters and then words on the wall. “There is no connection between vowels..”

Then he closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind and try again.

Tess #40

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 9 - Corridor]

Tess caught Rayek's glance for a moment and was immediately reminded of his fear of hights. This was not going to be easy for him. She hoped he would recall his successful mastering of climbing down a high wall in the Wadi game Chula back on Katra. She looked at him until their eyes met - and she gave him an encouraging smile.

While she gazed up at the hole in the ceiling where they had to go, she heard Rayek asking the computer to replicate a rope ladder. Which it did, but it didn't look too confidence-inspiring and his dry comment made her chuckle a little bit.
The motion of Verlok kneeling down next to her then caught her attention. Apparently it was obvious that she needed help getting up there. "Thank you", she said a little sheepishly and placed her right foot into the palms of his linked fingers. Supporting herself with her left at the wall she glanced upwards, taking in where the individual stones protuded enough to provide enough surface for her to hold onto so she could pull herself up. When she had made her plan, she glanced to Verlok and Rojol. "Ensign Verlok will follow after me, then you, Ensign Takima. Give us coverage from there if we need it."

Tess lifted up the gun that was in her right hand, checked if the safeties of the thing were on and then pushed it in the slim leather belt around her hips that had no real purpose but was just there as fashionable part of the dress.

Speaking of the dress ... as Tess was about to climb up now, she realized that having both her officers climb up after her, the kneelength piece of clothing would inevitably quite revealing and that is of course knowing that neither Verlok or Rojol would even try to see something. Maybe she should have not only asked for shoes but also for a pair of trousers. But it was too late for that now. They needed to go.

Glancing back at Rayek, Mas and Ora she nodded at them. "Be careful of those traps. We don't know where they might be hidden. Good luck." Then she pushed herself off of Verlok's leg-up while reaching up to the most protruding stone at the rim of the hole which stood out just enough for her fingertips to grab onto it. With some strength in her arms that probably nobody would have given her credit for she used the momentum of the push-up to pull her self up enough and use the wall right below it to pull herself up further until she was well into the tunnel and could hold herself there by spreading her legs with her feet on either side of the round wall. Going up like this 6 decks meant enormous strain on all of the muscles, especially though the legs. Tess might have a bit of an advantage here since she was a very good climber, had been ever since here teenage years.

Climbing up a few meters to make space for Verlok, she glanced down to make sure they would follow.

NPC Cadet Benjin Moreno (Flight)
[USS Amalthea - Deck 12 - Holodeck]

"What do you mean you can't reverse it?", Benjin asked bewildered as he stepped up next to Jonne. His holodeck program suddenly had started to morph into something very different. When they had been calling for an arch, it had not appeared. And the computer was not taking any verbal orders but kept saying that holodeck control was only possible from their location. It was all very weird. He looked at the spot where the control panel at the arch had been a moment ago. Now there was just a stone wall.

"I'm trying, okay, give me a break!" Jonne stood there and stared at the wall. "Why isn't the computer working properly?!" He called frustrated.

"Because you broke it?!"

"Shut up, Moreno!"

"I'll call help now."

"No, you won't!" Jonne grabbed Benjin roughly at the shoulder and pulled him back forcefully. The young man had not expected that and lost his balance as he stumbled backwards - crashing with one of the huge torches on the ground.

Before Benjin knew what happened, he felt a searing hot pain in his left hand. He cried out before he crashed to the ground, clutching his arm. As he looked at his hand, he saw that the skin was slightly singed. "The fire is real?!", he gasped in pain. It certainly didn't look too bad, but the skin burned badly.

A sudden realization seemed to overcome the four young officers.

"Damn, Jonne, what have you done", Matt stated in disbelief. "If you temper with the computer then be certain you know what you're doing!"

"We really should call help now", Lexa said, who had knelt down beside Benjin to help him sit up.

"No! No, please, I'm sorry. I will fix it, I promise."

That was the moment Rayek's call to Benjin came in. All of them stared at each other in anticipation what would happen now. Jonne looked Benjin, begging him silently not to say anything. Everything in Benjin screamed that this was already bad enough and that he should answer the call. But a second time today, he ignored it. Probably because he would have to admit his poor decision if he did.

"Can you fix it?", Benjin asked.

[USS Amalthea - at another part of the ship]

As the triplets were inching forward, the argument about if they would split up or not was on pause. Suddenly, a sound echoed through the corridors, eventually reaching the trio.

"What was that?", George gasped and stopped dead.

"Sounded like a gun shot", Larry stated.

Jacob lifted his chin and looked around. "I think it came from there." He pointed with the barrel of his gun to the passage they had just come from.

"Crap! It came from there!", George countered, pointing at the other corridor.

"I think", Larry said and stepped up between his brothers, "it is time now to split up. Whoever gets the treasure first, gets the hell outta here. The others follow."

The brothers nodded at each other, then parted in different directions.

Verlok #65

[USS Amalthea - Bridge]

In what must have been the delusive analogue for the Amalthea's Command and Control Centre (colloquially called the 'Bridge' despite, in Verlok's estimation of naval parlance, such a nomenclature was misapplied) the Science Office coolly studied the environment, and - as a consequence - the status report from his immediate senior, Lt Moreno, Chief Science Officer.

The situation, it would seem, was grave if not catastrophic. The isophysical constructural misalignment clearly extended all the way to Deck 1, making an immediate solution to dissuade the continuation of the programme inexpedient. Verlok barely took in the dialogue between the others present, instead finding himself once more about the furnace of Vulcan's deserts, the searing heat instilling a sense of febrility, which was as quasi-chimeric as the field-generated reality around his physical form.

There he stood, at the all-too familiar stone altar which formed the base of all his computations, allowing the temperatures to sharpen and distil his conclusions to its most pure form. Certain beneficial additives were unwelcomingly unobtainable, but he put those matters to one side and focused on the problem at hand.


He came out of his reverie, unaware of the perspiration upon his brow, "Captain, Lieutenant - if I may" he cut in, and then continued without a beat, with none of the customary pause or permission to continue. Such concerns of 'politeness' were for those who were enslaved by sensibilities. "Our circumstance currently impedes resolution by virtue of limited functionality due to being locked through a scenario-specific interface. However, this is still a holosimulation, albeit one that is disagreeable, which must give way to the actualities of such technology; what we are seeing is merely a visual simulacrum, supplied by emitters throughout the ship - the Amalthea still exists beyond the force-field-defined confines of the constructs. We are also aided by the otherwise regrettable deactivation of safety protocols but will - in this instance - be a boon for a solution." He looked around, eyes narrowing. "To wit: I propose that applying a force greater than that of a postulated material in an area of our choosing will momentarily satisfy the conditions of the hologram while disabling emitters themselves. Ordinarily, an energetic beam would be preferable, but it will be a forlorn request given the scenerio-specific canon. Therefore..."

He stopped glancing around, and turned his whole body to face a new location. "The Operations console is behind that distant wall, which in reality mere meters from our veridical locale. Care will be necessary to prevent damage to necessary functionality."

Welcome Davin Lang. Please place your application below.

Mess Hall / Amalthea Profile Bulletin Board
« on: May 08, 2021, 10:02:27 pm »

The 'Home away from Home' of what is sure to be known as Starfleet's Finest Officers.  Please take the time to introduce yourself to your fellow crew by telling us a bit about yourself.

Include:  A color you like; a food you are able to make/cook; a place you would travel to if able; and something about yourself that others likely don't know.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 

I suppose I should be the first to begin this. 

Jolan tru. My name is Rayek ir'I'Ramnau tr'Lhoell.  I am the XO of the Amalthea and husband to Tess t'Lhoell.  Together, Tess and I have one son - Fvienn - and a ship full of crewmates that I hope will be as close as family as we grow to know one another.  That is why I started this Bulletin Board - so that I could get to know each one of you.

I was born on Romulus, in the city of I'Ramnau, on stardate 37397.5.  I served my time in the Romulan Star Navy when I was in my 20's and was assigned as a centurion guard watching over the Romulan Ambassador to the Federation after Hobus.  It was my experiences in the Federation during this time that helped me decide to leave the Empire and restart my career and life anew.   I was in my early thirties at the time.   

I started off as an enlisted crewman, the only position Starfleet would grant me at the time.  I was assigned to the USS Challenger and worked my way quickly up to Chief Petty Officer under the command of, then Captain, Dylan Torngate and First Officer Solluk.  Then on the anniversary of my first year leaving the Mars Academy, Starfleet in a unexpected change of mind, recognized my past officer experience in the Empire and after a brief command course, I was assigned as First Officer to Katra Station - first under Admiral Rellak, then Captain Solluk and now on the Amalthea under the command of Captain t'Lhoell. 

I would be lying if I said my journey to this role has been smooth.  I am fallible and likely still have much to learn about what it takes to be a fine Federation officer, but it is something I am committed to becoming.

To answer my own questions in the intro to this bulletin board: My favorite color is blue - especially the color of my wife's eyes; I am a passable cook when it comes to herbed rice and vegetables - notably Romulan and Ba'ku dishes mainly though I am willing to try my hand at other recipes from various cultures and species; If I could travel anywhere I think I would like to return to Ba'ku - where Tess is from and where she and I were married.  Perhaps we will retire there in 30 or so years.

As for something others likely don't know about me, is that I am a close-range telepath - a rare and frowned upon trait to have in the Empire, so I've kept it hidden up until recently from all but those closest - however as I stated earlier I hope to make all aboard this ship my family so... now you know.

I look forward to reading and hearing about the rest of you all.


Welcome Rojol Takima!

Please post your application below. You can find the template here.

Wrigley's Pleasure Arcades / What Brightened Your Day Today?
« on: April 09, 2021, 10:52:39 am »
With all the sad things that are around us, I think we need to take a moment to reflect on things that make it all tolerable.  So this is a place to post thoughts or images that have brightened your day - so that it can do the same for others.

Today on my walk I had two encounters with the local fauna.

  Deer going through the Tim's drive-thru ...LOL

Deer grazing in museum park.

Database / USS Amalthea - NPC reference roster
« on: April 09, 2021, 10:45:03 am »
USS Amalthea

This is the NPC crew roster of the USS Amalthea. Please refer to it frequently to check any changes in position or rank of your fellow crew members as this may affect the chain of command. Remember, if you have a problem see your Head of Department and if they cannot solve it, they will go to the First Officer, and if he cannot solve it the last stop will be the Commanding Officer.

Fabiano (cyan)
NPC Acting Second OfficerLt Fabiano Moreno (Human male)

NPC Diplomatic Corps Chief:
NPC Diplomatic Corps Officer:

Lared (darkorange)
NPC Flight Control Chief: Ensign Lared tr'Movel  (Romulan male)
Benjin (deepskyblue)
NPC Flight Control Officer: Cadet Benjin Moreno  (Ba'ku male) (played by Rayek/Tess)


NPC Security/Tactical Officer:
NPC Security/Tactical Crewman

NPC Engineering Officer: Ensign T'Pan (Vulcan Female)
Darek (orangered)
NPC Engineering Officer: Ensign Darek tr'Hava (Romulan Male)
NPC Engineering Officer: Cadet Vrix (Trill Male (unjoined))
NPC Engineering Officer:
NPC Engineering Officer:   

Rebecca (goldenrod)
NPC Chief of Operations: Lt jg Rebecca Ricci (Human Female)
Tordel (lightgreen)
NPC Operations Officer: Cadet Tordel t'Movel (Romulan female)
NPC Operations Officer:

NPC Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Fabiano Moreno (Human male) (played by Tess/Rayek)
Mitumba (chocolate)
NPC Science Officer: Ensign Mitumba (Caitian male)


NPC Chief Medical Officer: Lt.jg Roberto Padrini (Human male)   played by Tess
Raiden (dodgerblue)
NPC Medical Officer: Ensign Raiden Darrow (mortician/medical examiner)(Human male) played by Tess 

s'Movel family (Romulan)

- Phara t'Movel (Lared's wife) -darkseagreen

- Jinsux tr'Movel (Phara's son) -orange

- Cemee t'Movel  (Phara's daughter) -limegreen

- Karinne t'Movel (Lared's mother) -seagreen

(yes, oddly Lared and Phara are distantly from the same clan - which is why Phara and Karinne have the same last name - the couple are way more distant than 2nd cousins - but still their union was still frowned on which was why they lived away from the homeworld when Hobus was destroyed.).

Skuyanhjin family (Ba'ku)

Tamo'nar Skuyanhjin (Son'a male; Tess' brother) -lightskyblue

Ra'hul Skuyanhjin (Ba'ku male; Tess' brother) -dodgerblue

Cardassian Ferret:  Thrafv (created by Rayek/Tess)

NPC - Non-Player Character
APC - Active Player Character (posts daily or near daily)
IPC - Inactive Player Character (6 days or more without an in-mission post).
LOA - Leave of Absence
TBD - To Be Decided

If any of the information contained within this roster is incorrect, please contact the executive officer.

Old Topics / USS Amalthea's March 2021 Post of the Month Poll
« on: April 05, 2021, 12:32:57 am »
Welcome to the Amalthea's first Post of the Month Poll.

Please look over the nominations below and select the post you feel is the most deserving of the award. 

The Amalthea started the first month off strong with several amazing posts.

Post #16 by Mas Molane

USS Amalthea, Briefing Room

Mas was stuffing a large tuleberry muffin in his mouth when the Captain, and then XO appeared.  He stood, trying to rapidly chew the oversized baked-good while mumbling an incoherent greeting.  When he got through that embarrassing moment and finally took a seat, he glanced sheepishly at Padrini, as though the man might commiserate in the Lurian's embarrassment.  Then the Captain spoke to him.  The only thing more unexpected than that, was what she had to say.

"Little?!" he blurted out the word as though he was regarding a venomous insect, but quickly composed himself.  "Um... Yes, Sir.  A very nice ship.  Much nicer than the Aquila we trained on at the Academy."

Working on this ship after the Aquila was like working on a Majestic class Lurian cruiser after training on one of the old Arrow Class frigates. 

"But you used to command a New Orleans class, didn't you, Sir" he asked, remembering stories he'd heard at the Academy.  The antics of Katra officers were a frequent subject of gossip among the cadets there, who hoped to emulate these frontier heroes one day.

"So, you know the feeling... 

The Amalthea is entering maturity, with all the early adolescent difficulties ended.  She is ready for a serious career, and more meaningful relationships. 

The Healy... she must have been more like a thirty-something career-woman and mother, experienced and capable, but no longer as nimble as when she was a college kid. 

The Aquila... I loved that ship, but she was more like an older retired woman who took up hiking as a hobby.  Still physically fit, and with a lifetime of experience.  But she can only fondly remember her peak years.  She gets rejuvenation treatments, and replacement organs, but some of the creaks and pains of advanced age can no longer be remedied.  She is in the autumn of life."

It only occurred to Mas after he'd spoken, that perhaps this was a bad analogy to share with a Ba'ku, who could live hundreds or thousands of years.  Had he just insulted her?

In any event, the mission briefing soon began. 

Mas took notes and listened with interest about the Atrosian bio-ships.  Fascinating engineering that required both advanced mechanical and biological sciences.  At the Academy, some classes had touched briefly on these emerging developments, but they hadn't gone into very much detail.  The range of their drive systems was as impressive as their biotech know-how.

"Sir... Are we prepared to give them any Federation technology in trade for their own?  If so, is there anything I should prepare for delivery to them?  Demonstration Pieces?  Schematics?  Technical Journals?"

It seemed to Mas that even if the Atrosians hadn't disliked the Federation, they would still demand a great deal for the secrets of their FTL technology.  If it was, in fact, negotiable at any price.

Post #26 by Verlok

[USS Amalthea - Deck 5 - Conference Room]

Verlok continued to absorb the interjections from those around him, and was particularly interested at the exchange between Commander tr'Lhoell and Ensign Loxis; there was a professional union of curious - if not self-propelling - potency. If it had not been for the fact he was sat the conference table, he would have not been able to resist an arcing of the eyebrow.

Such reserve, however, was not possible at the almost military bark from the Romulan Officer to Dr Padrini and himself, demanding that their input be vocalised there and then. To this, both eyebrows were raised in initial reply - not only that such declarations were made in quite a jingoistic manner (although considering the speaker's species and somewhat zealot protection his Captain who was also his mate) but that quiet contemplation, reasoned consideration, and careful analysis was not welcome. Again, given one of the Sundered, he could not be surprised. Disappointed, perhaps. Disappointed at it would seem that the Commander's odium for the Medical Lieutenant clouded his effectiveness. Perhaps the Ba'ku Commanding Officer enjoyed such displayed, unrestrained passions. Or perhaps this matter was evident enough for all to see and Captain t'Lhoell would deal with the matter with more discretion than her First Officer had shown.

So, as Padrini finished his seemingly rushed, and largely inconsequential, comment - clearly not helped by being 'put on the spot' - Verlok acquiesced to the command. "As you wish, Commander" he started coolly. Sitting back in his chair, the Vulcan steepled his fingers. "The technologies evidenced by the Atrosians, namely their manipulation of local graviton waves, suggests a general mastery of the unified fields common in all civilizations with a Weibrand logarithmic developmental scale of 19 and above." Verlok stopped himself from reminding everyone that the Federation themselves was at 23, and the Dominion - by way of comparison - was perhaps at least 24. "This, however, does not suggest expertise that surpasses our own, only that avenues of discipline differs. Their vulnerability to duonetic disruption certainly gives credence.

"Graviton shielding is not unknown - indeed, as you are yourself aware, Federation shields are merely a miscellany of graviton and subspace forces. The transjector means of isoluminal travel does, ostensibly, give credence to the idea that they may have an understanding of space/time that we have not explored, but as Ensign Malone will attest, even a misaligned warp field will create a similar - if not controlled - phenomenon. Yet, not all aperture mechanisms are the same.

"Without direct analysis, in situ, I am unable to conclude that the Atrosian means of intraquadric travel is in any way compatible with the transpatial construct of the Idran wormhole.

Verlok turned to look at Rayek directly. "If the Atrosians have methodology that can be of use to us in our ultimate endeavour, it is not currently evidenced by the limited information before me."

A final tilt of the head, and a twitch of the eyebrow conveyed a subtle inquiry: will that be all?

Post #56 by Tess t'Lhoell

NPC Lieutenant jg. Roberto Padrini (Medical)
[USS Amalthea - Deck 5 - XO's office] - 11 days prior

It was Roberto now who put on the stoic face as Rayek explained the situation to him. To be fair, he was not familiar enough with Pa'nar to deem anything of what Rayek said as possible or not. The question that remained was: how had Rayek been able to contract the disease? He didn't think it possible for Rayek to be the source of the disease but rather believed that he had contracted it from someone else ... must have been from a Vulcan, then. Roberto had no idea how such a scenario could have been possible. Unless Romulans, telepathic Romulans, were susceptible for the disease as well. That sounded so unbelievable to him.

As he continued to listen to Rayek, he noted with some dismay that there was a whole list of people whose minds have been exposed to the Romulan's diseased one which might have resulted in them contracting that same disease. If Starfleet Medical hadn't done anything about removing Rayek from Starfleet with the knowledge of the man's telepathy and supported to keep it a secret, Roberto wasn't surprised anymore.

After Rayek had finished, silence fell over them. All of this needed to sink in now. He knew outwardly he needed to act like the Chief Medical Officer he was now. Understanding ... helpful ... But in the back of his mind, the obsessed part of him already made plans how to use this knowledge to finally win back Tess.

"Very well ..." He probably should thank Rayek for being so open, but on the other hand, it was more a flight forward tactic of the Romulan. Confess the issue before the other found out first. "How do you imagine to deal with the situation going forward?" He looked at Rayek, hesitantly meeting his eyes although his tone had been quite firm. "I figure you want to keep things as they are for now?"

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[Planet Atros - Capital City - Governmental Headquarters - Conference Room]

Tess almost flinched when the governor suddenly snapped at Mas. She looked over at her Chief Engineer while the Atrosian guard walked menacingly toward him, gun in hand. Damn it! She hoped the tricorder had been able to pick up some data. To her relief, the guard did not confiscate the tricorder, but seemed content to let Mas close it.

Governeur Wye then responded to her comment regarding the wormhole. In between, he muttered something she didn't quite understand. She squinted over at Rayek. He had a finer hearing than she. Perhaps he had understood what the Atrosian had said? She would ask him about it later.

To her amazement, the Atrosians seemed glad that the wormhole was closed. However, since they did not seem to have made any contacts with species from the quadrants beyond the wormhole, Tess suspected that this attitude had something to do with the ancient Atrosian legends that Wye had mentioned.

"If I may ask, Governeur, why have your people never looked favorably on the wormhole? Do you see a threat in it to your people?"

It looked quite like the Atrosians might actually need an extra incentive to even care about the wormhole being reopened. Tess glanced over at Mas. His presentation would be put to use pretty soon.

[Planet Atros - Bendona Village]

"These are the strangers Adryel led here. This is our only chance, Faeno!"

Faeno was leaning against one of the wooden houses some distance away, looking over at the gathering of people that the Atrosian admiral's appearance with the visitors had caused. One of their elders had invited them to stay. But Ebbaya was right. They could not rely on that.

"We have to intercept them somehow", the Etrosian reasoned aloud.

"And how? The admiral is with them", Ebbaya replied.

Faeno looked over at her. "You have to distract him. Even he can't resist a beautiful woman."

Ebbaya stared at Faeno in horror. "You want me to speak to him?" Hesitantly, she looked over at the bald Atrosian from her safe spot. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"The Wise One Above will give you courage. We are doing the right thing."

The pair crossed the distance to the visitors of their village. Ebbaya left Faeno's side to walk around the people and approach the Admiral while Faeno looked at the strangers in the uniforms. All of them looked different from anything he had ever seen. The younger man in the teal uniform looked most familiar, but his face was so plain. Then there was another man, with a plain face too and pointed ears. The female was bald, something she had in common with Atrosians, but her skin was a rich blue. Faeno hesitated, unsure which of them to approach. He felt for the tiny bundle in his pocket, ready to pull it out if the time was right.

Slowly, he made his way through the gathered people to reach the strangers. He looked over at Ebbaya, who had reached Admiral Rogr by now and started to speak to him. Faeno looked back at the strangers. He didn't dare touch or address them without eye contact at least, since he just couldn't gauge their situation. The first one of them who would give him as much as a glance, would be the one.

Admiral Rogr

Rogr observed as more and more Etrosians gathered around them to welcome them. They really were like sheep - dumb and clueless. Without much interest, he noted another pair of Etrosians joining the group, a male and female. The latter's skin pattern had a distinct blue hue to it, Rogr noted. Something else he noted was that the woman made eye contact with him - and held it. How unusual. Rogr looked back at her and then she gave him the tiniest of shy smiles. Very appealing.

Rogr turned his attention to the officers and the crowd again before his eyes found (or had he sought her) found the woman again and now he noted that she was coming his way. He did this a couple of times, having one eye on the things going on and with his other followed the woman's approach until she reached him. Etrosian women were beautiful, that was for sure.

"My family welcomes you to our village, Dandaiy", Ebbaya said and gave him the distinct Etrosian greeting. "My father wants me to relay his respects for you. He wishes for you to feel welcome and content, so I will be at your disposal today for anything you might need."

Post #58 by Rayek tr'Lhoell

Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 5 - XO Office]
(11 days prior)

Again there was very little outward reaction to answers. Yet Rayek, doubted it had anything to so with quiet acceptance.  That Padrini asked how to proceed forward rather than tell Rayek how it would be - like some CMO's he'd dealt with previously - put the man on a slightly higher ethic rung in Rayek's mental sorting of medical personnel.

Rayek was quiet for long moment, looking away in thought.  Padrini's question had the Romulan struggling with some rather serious ethical and personal preferences, and the conclusion was not something pleasant.  Afterwards, he looked back towards the man that he knew would like nothing more than for him to falter in Tess' eyes.   This however was not about Tess.

"Had you not brought up your personal views on the matter, you would be quite correct.  I likely would have been content to leave things as they are; preferring not to stir up trouble unnecessarily.  Yet your words, as much as I dislike them, are valid.  I, myself, would want to know if any around me have such an ability, thus it does seem inappropriate for me to keep the knowledge of my own ability from others, especially since my justification for keeping it hidden previously - in order to 'fit in' - would seem to no longer be necessary."

Rayek paused, scarcely believing what he was about to suggest.

"Give me two weeks to discuss the matter of informing the ship and those on Katra of my ability with Te.. the Captain, so that she can be prepared."  Rayek always assumed a poor reaction.  Padrini however seemed to be handling the news rather well, given the circumstances.

Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Planet Atros - Capital City - Governmental Headquarters - Conference Room]

Rayek had been uncertain that the Lurian ensign would catch onto his intent for him to study the Atrosian technology, but the ensign seemed to catch on - claiming to need to do a scan.  Perfect!  The Romulan also appreciated how the engineer just went ahead with the scan, assuming permission.  It was amusing to watch the Lurian at work.

But as suspected the Atrosians were not keen on them collecting any further information on their technology.  This was evidenced by the Governor's outburst and the approach of a guard.

Seeing the guard approach the ensign, Rayek readied himself to physically intervene if need be.  The ensign had been acting on his unspoken orders and Rayek would be damned if he allowed the Chief Engineer be harmed because of it.  But the guard stopped his approach once the unit was closed.  Rayek released his tense readiness and sat back further into his seat.

While Wye and Tess continued the discussion regarding the wormhole, Rayek stood up and walked around Tess to where the Lurian sat and quietly spoke - his voice intended to convey that he was trying not to interrupt but loud enough to be heard by Wye. 

"Ensign, why don't you go out to the hall and um... inform the ship... to send down a spare battery pack... just in case we need it.  We don't want to have to wait on it.  This is too important.  Return when that is done."  Once more his words subtext, were intended to pass along another order altogether.   This time, he felt rather certain the Lurian would catch on.

Rayek then returned to his seat as the Governor began to answer Tess' question as to why the wormhole was not looked on favorably.  But it was to the question of threat that Wye spoke to first.

Governor Wye
"How can we see it as anything but a threat?" The man questioned back.

"In but the first six years of your people's discovery of the wormhole and their subsequent 'explorations' - chaos was brought to the quadrant as a result of your war against the Dominion.  And in the years following, the Federation presence from the Alpha Quadrant has prompted power struggles that would not otherwise exist.  Your 'peaceful' explorers lay claim to lands that should not be theirs.   New Bajor.  Meridian.  Whose lands do you have your sights on next?  Atros?  Our lore warned of the 'threat from the other side'.. and now we see why."

Character Requests / Character Requests: Explanation and Template
« on: March 29, 2021, 10:21:59 am »
Asking for an NPC or even a fully developed character to join you on your adventures can be an interesting breath of fresh air for any roleplay.
In the interest of keeping things easy to navigate, here is an application sheet you can use to phrase your request.
In either case, please consider keeping your request appropriate to what you are looking for, meaning: If you for example are looking for an old family member, give a little background (History, species, etc), if on the other hand you are looking for a specific duty support - say an OPS officer for example - there is no need to narrow down species or gender.

Here are some basic questions to help the readers know what you are looking for:

APPLICANT: Which character is looking?
STATIONED: What ship/station is the looking character stationed on?
SEARCHING FOR: A general role description of what you are looking for (i.e.: Relative? Assistant? Spouse? Rival? etc…, but also - if needed: Department? Position? Degree? etc.)
OFFICER, ENLISTED, OR CIVILIAN: In case the role requires further description of the character’s career
DURATION: Is the character in question supposed to be a temporary one (say, for a specific mission), or here to stay?

Optional questions:

ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP TOWARDS THE APPLICANT: For any sort of existing acquaintance requests: What is the chemistry between the character you are looking for and your own? Especially when you are looking for family-type characters, it might be important to give someone who reads your application a little something to work with.
SPECIES: What species is the character you are looking for? (This might be important for relatives in particular.).
GENDER: What gender, if any, does the character in question have?
ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: What additional description would you like to provide for the physical appearance of the character in question?

DISCORD ID OF THE APPLICANT: You can offer interested players to contact you and discuss/plot things:

(Application Code is Below.  Just copy it and paste it into your post.)

Code: [Select]

Here are some basic questions to help the readers know what you are looking for:

[color=beige][b]SEARCHING FOR:[/b][/color]
[color=beige][b]OFFICER, ENLISTED, OR CIVILIAN:[/b][/color]

Optional questions:

[color=beige][b]ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION:[/b][/color]

[color=beige][b]DISCORD ID OF THE APPLICANT:[/b][/color]

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Site Rules
« on: March 29, 2021, 01:58:24 am »
Welcome to the 10th Fleet!

The 10th Fleet is all about writing good stories and having fun in the Star Trek universe.  As a consequence, we have crafted what we consider to be a minimum quantity of rules needed to keep things running smoothly. 

1) Have Fun!  Collaborative writing roleplay is all about having fun telling a good story together, under the gentle guidance of a storyteller. 

2) Try not to keep your writing partners waiting.  Every effort should be made to reply to direct tags within 48 hours, and to post at least 2 times in a seven-day period.  Missing these goals occasionally is okay, but if it becomes habitual then have a talk with your sim command staff about the possibility of taking a Leave of Absence until things get less busy for you.  Otherwise, if you don't post within 14 days, your character may be reserved and removed from a sim's roster until you feel ready to return.

3) Don't write the actions of other players' characters, unless you have their permission.  The singular exception to this is that the command staff may assume some actions from unresponsive players merely to the extent needed to move a scene forward.  For example, if waiting for the Transporter Officer to beam a team down, and the player controlling the Transporter Officer doesn't write any actions, it is okay for the command staff to assume the landing party got beamed down.

4) NPC's (Non-player characters) are used to fill necessary positions that player characters aren't available to fill, to fill out personal friends, family, and coworkers who must naturally exist, and as special protagonist and antagonists created by the command staff to help tell a story.  In general, they should not be used to do something that a player character should be doing.  The player characters are meant to be the primary heroes, and they are meant to get most of the glory.  It's okay to make NPC's competent and even occasionally important, but in general the spotlight should be on the PC's, not the NPC's.  If the answer to the question "Could a PC be doing this?" is Yes, then maybe offer the role to a Player character instead.  Most NPC's are usable by any player of the game, although certain special NPCs will be marked as controlled by a particular player (Often used for family members or special storyteller characters.)

5) Avoid the use of real-world foul language beyond what is found in the Original Series.  (Damn or Hell is okay, but f*ck or sh*t should be avoided, for instance.)  If it couldn't be aired on network television, it's probably not appropriate for our games.

6) If you have a complaint or request, submit it up through your chain of command if possible.  First to the Executive Officer, and if the Executive Officer is unresponsive, then to the Commanding Officer.  Allow a couple of days for issues to be resolved unless they are very urgent.  There will also be anonymous surveys every year where players can anonymously describe their satisfaction (or lack thereof) with the game.

7) The Administrators of the site have ultimate authority on what corrective action to take, if any, regarding any complaints or concerns. 

8- Do your best to keep things thematically and technologically appropriate for Star Trek, and to the story being told.  Creativity is welcome, but the impact of unusual choices should be considered.  If you have a character carrying a Colt Peacemaker as their sidearm, or maybe a lightsaber, that is not usually appropriate.  If they are a Vampire, or if they can cast magic spells, they may not be appropriate either.  The command staff of your sim has the ultimate authority on what sorts of species, technology, and other elements are allowed in their game and in the specific story or plot currently unfolding.  If you think your idea may be borderline, check with the command staff.  Also, try not to inject world or plot-changing events without checking first.  Saying that the Klingons started a war with the Romulans, for instance, is something you might want to check before declaring. So is saying that a flotilla of Tholian ships arrives to vanquish an enemy and save the day.  You wouldn't want to derail the story everyone is collaborating on, so if something has the potential for dire impact to the universe or the story being told, check first.   

9) Try not to make posts with less than 50 words in them.  It's okay to occasionally do this, but in general it should be possible to write about your characters observations, feelings, and actions in such a way that responses are longer than just one or two sentences.  If your post is much shorter than this rule, try to flesh it out and give your writing partners something to work with.

10)  Try to help others have fun, too.  If you can help others to achieve their goals or look cool, do so.  Share the glory.  There is plenty for everyone.

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