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Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 26, 2021, 07:29:15 PM »
[Shuttle bay]

In the shuttle Rojol nodded his head with Mitumba. He allowed a soft chuckle escape him. “Me too. But I got my eyes on someone,” he shared. There was female Romulan who he liked.

Then out of the corner of his eye he saw someone waving his hand and pointing toward the shuttle. “What in the world does he want? Looks like he is trying to fly with his arms.” Then be barely could hear the engineer calling for the release of the magnet so he could get in. “Drags! Oh I forgot!” he hit the holographic button to release the door.

Then he got up and greeted the Engineer. “Hey there! We got a package for you! I guess we should get ourselves check for radiation.”

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 23, 2021, 05:29:42 PM »
Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Sickbay]

That Tess heard him and chose to return to his side had Rayek ecstatic with joy.  Not that it showed.  Physically, because of the still lingering toxin, that joy translated to no more than fluttered heartbeat.  But Rayek felt it. And because of her returning to his side, and his telepathy, Rayek knew that Tess felt it as well. 

The injected stimulant hit his system moments later and finally Rayek had the ability to open his eyes and gazed up into the face... of Padrini?!  Wincing with effort, Rayek turned his head and sought out Tess' incredible blue eyes.   Upon finding them, Rayek's lips curved into a small smile that grew wider and more natural with each second that passed.  His hand reached out to hers.   It was like her presence renewed his strength.  Medically it was likely the chelation treatment beginning to proper effect filtering out the toxin from his blood.

~ Hann'yyo, e'lev.  Hwi s'tivh orhae arhva.~  The thought expressed to her, his thanks that she saved him.  Though it wasn't just this one medical incident he was referring to, but for continuing to choose him and thereby saving him from being alone, now and into the future.

Rayek could have lingered hours smiling up at her face, sharing with her how much he loved her and needed her with him, but Rayek was rarely that fortunate and with Tess' position as Captain things were bound to interrupt.

=/\= "Transporter Room to the Captain.  We have a lock.  Initiating transport now." =/\= 

The sound of the transporter effect was heard over the comm system a moment later and Rayek glanced about half expecting the probe to re-materialize there in Sickbay... but of course that wasn't the case. 

=/\= "Transport complete.  The probe is being  secured in Cargo Bay One." =/\=

That call was followed up barely a moment later by the junior security officer Tess had handed conn to - a fact that Rayek only knew from having shared thoughts with her moments ago.

=/\= "Lieutenant Moors to the Captain.  We are tracking the movements of the other ships which came through the temporal distortion, and they seem to be staging tactically around the planet, ma'am." =/\= 

Though the call was phrased as just an update, there was a clear need for direction in the young officers' tone.  Rayek was reminded again on how the majority of the crew even it's department heads were barely 5 months out of the Academy.

Rayek knew both from his own experience and Tess' thoughts as they shifted away from him and onto the needs of the ship, that Tess had to return to the Bridge.  She'd chosen him over the ship for those precious moments that he'd needed her, but now that he was fully conscious she had a responsibility to the rest of the ship.   The First Officer in him understood that, even if the romantic part of him lamented that reality. 

With a parting caress, he withdrew from her mind.  "You need to go... I know this.  I am feeling much better already.   I'll join you on the Bridge as soon as I can," Rayek assured.

NPC Ensign Tordel t'Movel
[USS Amalthea - Deck 4 - Bridge]

Tordel watched the shuttle approach the ship's hidden location.

=/\= "Shuttle bay doors opening." =/\=  she announced professionally, but then couldn't help but add in a little extra to those that had gone the distance and completed the mission.  =/\= "Welcome back home! You'll be happy to hear the probe was beamed aboard safely.  Great work you two! Oh engineer says they will meet you just out of the shuttle to take possession of the anti-matter and deal with it properly." =/\=


There was great relief they seemed to be success. The planet with their civil war and situation might be not be good for them. The harm of Starfleet technology will be gone and they won’t be able to use it for their advantage.

 =/\= Thank you. It was a team effort. =/\= Rojol had replied. That was true. The humans had a saying on Earth which they had used in Starfleet training. Well he was not on earth but the saying carried through out the fleet. There was no “I” in team.

Landing the shuttle in the bay was like a little fun because it was like trying fly in a cave. There was always taking off and landing a shuttle was the fun part. There was acrobat maneuvers which was fun. However you are not able to use them often. Unless it was in training and practicing.
After the shuttle landed he turned to his fellow crew member, “now we wait for engineering to come. So as we wait. Tell me something about you. Like who you date?” he asked. It was a topic to talk about.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 19, 2021, 05:18:22 PM »

Takima had the shuttle above the planet when the ground defense of the planet had destroyed the ships which was coming toward the facility and they had one coming after them.

damn The pilot thought. He was bitting down on his jaw which showed the tension of the muscles on the side of his jaw. It seemed the ground defense blew up the offensive side. Which maybe gave them the break to escape without being seen. He was to busy to see because he was focusing on his job.

“Yes. We need get out of here. And we use that as an opportunity,” he said as he pulled up the warp drive speed window on the holographic image. He sent coordinates at Amalthea location and done a warp jump to get them out of there.

He looked at Matimba and smiled, “I think we make a great team,” he shared. “Did you think we got cleared without being seen?” He asked.

 =/\= Amalthea Takima and Matimba reporting for duty! =/\= He said with a grin.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 17, 2021, 12:41:07 AM »
Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Sickbay]

Tess was about to ask Padrini what the bullet was all about, but the nurse's exclamation distracted her. All sorts of alarms went off while Tess was shocked to lift her eyes to the monitor to find the information exactly as the nurse had called it out.

In a split second, Tess was in doctor mode. "3cc Cordrazine, quick! I need a blood analysis ASAP, I need to know what kind of toxin we're dealing with here!" To Tess' knowledge, there was no known metal that reacted with Vulcanoid blood.

The nurse administered the stimulant to get Rayek's heart working again, while Tess selected a broad-spectrum antibiotic and told another nurse to get the vial of antiobiotic from the replicator. Meanwhile, the call came from the bridge and Tess could barely hold back the curse that was on the tip of her tongue.

"Contact the away team and tell them to hurry the hell up! Have the transporter room get ready to beam them up if they don't make it back to the shuttle in time! Then we'll have to use the cargo transporter to get the shuttle back!"

 =/\= "Away team, this is Cadet t'Movel. The ships of the other side of the anomaly have started to pass through the anomaly. They are armed to the teeth and are heading towards your location. You have approximately 10-15 minutes until they will reach your location." =/\=

NPC Ensign Mitumba (Science)
[P-161129 - Facility compound]
Mitumba didn't exactly understand what the Romulan meant with fear being one of the best weapons, but that didn't make a difference for him. They needed to get back to the shuttle quick. That became only more evident when the ship called them and informed them that armed ships from that future time were starting their invasion.

The Caitian started not to freak out. "We need to start running or we won't make it in time!" Mitumba called to Rojol, ready to start sprinting.

[Planet site]

Who in their right mind think Rojol was going to walk back and not run. Digging his heels in the ground he ran fast as he can. With the antimatter in his hands he was holding close to his chest. Which made running harder for the Romulan. He was unable to swing his arms to pump himself to go.

As he was running with his running partner some root of a tree was up high enough to trip Rojol down to the ground. He pulled his legs up close to his chest as he was falling. With dexterity of being a Romulan he was able to hold the canister from hitting the ground. A twig with a sharp end had scratched his cheek and near his his left eye. It was close enough to take his eye out.

Cursing in Romulan he fought himself back to his feet. Then he cringed in pain as he felt his toes declared they don’t want to move. He had gritted his teeth and forced himself to run fast as possible.

The shuttle was in site. It felt for ever for Rojol. Sweat was pouring down his face as he was in much pain. Of course Mitumba had beat himself to the shuttle. The Caitain had the door open for Rojol to get in. Just as he got in he swore more a few more Romulan words. He handed the antimatter to Mitumba so they can place it down safely as he stumbled to the helm.

The Romulan’s finger was racing on the holo image of flight. He threw the power up fast and forced the shuttle to take off fast. It was not the greatest tactic, but he could see on the sensors their friends are coming down at that them. He bit his lower lip as he was trying to pull a high pull and feeling his ear changing from the take off. It was sharp because he was trying avoid the locals on the planet to see the shuttle and take their visitors friends up too. He had figured they will follow in his pursuit.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 14, 2021, 01:28:36 AM »

NPC Lieutenant jg. Roberto Padrini (Medical)
[P-161129 - Facility compound]

Padrini struggled to catch his breath and started to wave his hand in a halting motion before he started to call out to the guards. "The director ... was exposed to the radiation", he panted. "Don't come closer! ... Stay away, or the radiation will ... will kill you too!"

The guards stopped in their tracks but were hesitant to just leave as they were told. "Can we do something to help?", they called.

"Just ... leave here now, I don't want more ... casualties. I will take care of the ... director."

There was another moment of hesitation but finally they started to back off. Padrini watched them, impatiently waiting for them to move out of eyeshot. When they almost were, Padrini picked up the wheelbarrow again and moved Rayek with a strained groan to the cabin at the gate they had met the other guard before, but which was now empty. He just didn't want to be seen.

 =/\= "Padrini to ... Amalthea, beam-up directly to sickbay" =/\=, he repeated.  =/\="We are hidden ... behind a cabin this time." =/\=

NPC Ensign Mitumba (Science)
[P-161129 - Facility compound]

Mitumba stood and watched frozen into place as the situation began to unfold. He was glad that the Romulan officer was there to handle it because he didn't think he would have been so successful.

Regardless feeling rather tense Mitumba followed Takima out and down the corridor. "That was close", he mumbled to Rojol. "Now we need to go back to the shuttle as quick as possible."

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 4 - Bridge]

"The native life signs are moving away", the Science officer reported.

Tess was relieved. "Beam them up as soon as we're clear", she said and then got up from the chair. She gave the bridge to one of the junior officers before she rushed to sickbay. When she arrived it was only a few seconds later that both, Rayek and Padrini, materialized in front of her. Good, at least the beaming had worked.

Tess faltered when she saw her husband's disguise. A dozen questions popped up in her mind, some quite amused ones, but they would have to wait. Despite the jokes that the situation might evoke, there had been a reason why this was an emergency.

"Turn off the holo-projectors", Tess ordered a crewman who seemed to be busy laughing into himself. When that was done Tess stepped closer to the biobed Rayek was lying on and gently touched his hand to have a look at him. She had barely seen him in a state like this. Ciccino, she thought.

During that moment the biobed had started to pick up Rayek's biosigns. Tess lifted her head and looked at catastrophic readings. "What happened?", she asked Roberto while she began to examine Rayek's body. She removed the blood-soaked cloth to reveal a relatively small wound. While it looked nasty Tess didn't understand why Rayek was in such a bad state as he was.

"The bullet ...", Padrini panted, still out of breath. "A metal component reacted with ... with the copper in his blood ..."

That actually work Takima had thought as he rushed pasted the Guard. They were not clear yet. “We are not in the clear,” he said as they rushed onward. “Fear is one the best weapons you can toss out.”

“We gotta move and rushing out. We got a good excuse,” he told her.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 12, 2021, 06:44:11 PM »
[Planet side]

Takima was aggravated with the fellow asking for there Identification to show who they are. “I am Haldane a technician who is trying to do there job before everyone gets sick!” He said holding the bottle of Anti-matter.

“Step aside. This is dangerous stuff. I am getting hazard pay for this…if you allow me by. Time is short. So step aside,” Rojol ordered. “This is like ground zero poison here.”

Then he muttered under his breath. “If this fool does not move I am going to have a short life with this radena poison.” Not sure what was radena was but it was the first word came to his mind.

“My wife will be sad to find that I got cancer from this and die in a few months. MOVE!” He shouted and held the bottle front of him. “I never going to do a dangerous job again!”

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 10, 2021, 07:47:43 PM »
[Planet side - Compound facility]


Takima as a Romulan had pointy ears that has allowed him to hear Rayek in the background as he was steadying his hands continue his task. The reason why he volunteered because he knew he had better chance at it. Then when he was done. They could get the hell out of here.

 As Rayek speaking warning of no mishaps was rather funny. There was times when one has to do things quick and fast. The Commander might not like his style. If so. Tough for him. Rojol was trying do things the fast right way.

“Yes sir,” Rojol had replied.

When the Commander left and leaving Mitumba behind. He snorted. “We can have a party here. Pull out the Romulan wine,” he joked,

After ten minutes of this transfer, Rojol closed the seal of the container. Then he paused as Mitumba head turned to the door. Under the holo deck the young Romulan could not see the Caitan ears go back as ready for danger.

“Act normal,” he said. They were in their holo costumes. The one thing which was odd. The security might be asking what the hell he was doing with the weird substance in the container.

“Yes. This need to be dispose due to being old as expired....its no good...” he said and held it as like it was nothing. Which was beyond nothing. He had to improvise it. His acting was little convincing making it a better fifty percent to trick them.

Then he gave them a little nervous crooked smile. “And my boss will want me to do this job, because I got another one.. So I need to hurry up!”

Then he had started to move....

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 08, 2021, 05:20:55 PM »

NPC Lieutenant jg. Roberto Padrini (Medical)
[P-161129 - Facility compound]

Padrini cursed himself that he he not taken a medkit with him. The reason he hadn't was that it would have been impossible to hide, carrying this thing around with him in this era. What he should have been thinking about though was at least a hypospray-injector and one or two vials which could have been hidden in the trouser pocket easily.

Now he hoped that mistake wouldn't cost a life.

Despite Roberto's dislike of Rayek he really wasn't out to cause more pain to the man than necessary, he actually did the almost primeval way of doing this as quick as he could. Then eventually the bullet and with it the source of the toxin production was gone. Grabbing the tricorder again, Roberto did another scan of Rayek.

"We'll have to get you to sickbay", he repeated with even more urgency this time. "The source of the problem is removed but the toxin is still spreading through your body. Considering how much your condition has worsened in only a couple of minutes, I'm not sure- ..." He trailed off, leaving for Rayek to fill in the blank on his own.

Roberto scanned again, and again and then a slight improvement started to show. Apparently mustered up all of its strength to fight the remaining toxins without the metal component of the bullet going on to create new toxins. It might buy them some time.

NPC Ensign Mitumba (Science)
[P-161129 - Facility compound]

Mitumba was highly concentrated on his critical task. Not that the pressure that was on him and the blood-chilling screams of pain coming from the corner behind him were tearing down his concentration and calmness, now the other Romulan, despite he had been told to stand guard so nobody would see the Commander without his disguise.

The figure next to him and his demanding words were very distracting and the Caitian had to force himself to keep his hands steady while he was uncertain what to do. Should he start to argue with him? Or pass the task over although after the recent behaviour of the Romulan Mitumba wouldn't like to trust this task to him. But did they have time for a discussion now? From what he heard the Commander's life was in danger.

Reluctantly, Mitumba scooted over, holding the bottle still steady but in a way that Rojol could take it over.

Rojol was feeling that each second was a minute because Mitumba seemed to be staying still. Rojol was assuming the Caitan was nervous as heck. Again it felt like 2 minutes when it was more like 1.5 seconds when Mitumba was allowing him to take over the dangerous task by capturing the antimatter radiation.

He slowly slid over and he careful took over. He was focusing staying calm with slow breaths like when he meditates. The agony scream from Rayek was indeed a distract however Rojol figured he was the better man for this job,

“Go watch see if anyone is coming,” Rojol told the nervous Mitumba.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: November 03, 2021, 08:52:00 AM »
[P- 161129 - facility compound]

Rojol had done what he had done. He had no regrets. The inside of him felt they were going digging more in a hole. Any way it was done. The commander was injured and they learned the metals had poisoned the commander cause of their blood. And Rayek had allowed the doctor to transfer the antimatter.

“I can do it,” he growled to Rayek. There was a glare to the Commander. This guy was a poor choice of choosing who will do stuff. Why put Mitumba in danger. Then everyone was concern over Rayek. That was when Rojol had decided to use that a distraction. He went over to Mitumba and held his hand to the Caitan.

“Give it to me,” he said.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: October 21, 2021, 07:10:10 PM »
The hologram disguise had helped Rojol to some of his old self. The young Romulan male was not completely who he is. Just as like the true name he had not shown his self. Funny it was not planned but executed by choosing who he can trust. As far he was in his journey by age he has nobody to trust yet.

Rayek was playing lead. Rojol, aka Haldane which Rojol had mental noted that they knew who there were. Which was strange indeed. Wonder if they knew they were coming or they found a way into their computer systems put their names.

As they got the chance Rojol piped up. “We got names which I did not know. But that fella over there knew who we are...quiet strange indeed, eh?” he winked.

“Can we go in. I got much work to do..I mean we all do...” he said as he was walking toward the door. He was playing the bash hero of himself. He was feeling more himself. He had to tell himself this was a mission and it was real. It was far from a holodeck,

Since he learn about Rayek telepathy ability he had been meditating to practice block empathy and telepathy out of his head. He had read on some species who had done these rituals. There was no proof these meditating technique worked. He just did not want the commander going his thoughts. They are privacy. Like many Romulans are like.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: October 20, 2021, 10:39:40 PM »

NPC Lieutenant jg. Roberto Padrini (Medical)
[Shuttle Kelso -  in orbit of P-161129]

While Padrini found it funny what the Commander looked like, he had not expected such hysterical laughter. He chuckled along a litte and then went on to turn himself into a person looking like one of the locals.

He was pretty satisfied with the appearance and grabbed his tricorder and PADD which he put into the pockets of the suit. The device contained the configuration of the holo projectors so he could tweak them a little if needed.

With everyone ready to go, Padrini left the shuttle with the group. He's never been on an away mission like this and while it was exciting it was also a little scary. He also feared that the Romulan pilot might start to giggle again suddenly in a critical moment.

They could see the facility in the distance as they came up to the compound. In a brick cabin a man looked at them as they neared the gate. Padrini held his breath involuntarily. Would the disguise work well enough? Nervously Roberto glanced at Rayek.


First in the shuttle, Takima just could not help laugh more when Rayek try cross his arms and his female voice just made him laugh more.

Anyhow Rojol had chosen Technician and he was surrounded by his appearance of a man who had this boyish look with big ears. He gawked at himself in the mirror. “Big ears, look at them!” he had moved his hands about. “Not ginger too!” then he stood aside to try to look at the profile of his body. “Nice. No boobs....” he snickered. Then he saw this individual had a boyish expressions which had made Rojol accept the character of a happy go technician.

Then he turned his back to the mirror and look over his back. “Wow, this looks great!”

Then he spun to look at his face again and his body. “Hey not bad looking either! Slender. Tall. Good looking for a blue skin. And This neck thingy!” yes. That was directed at Rayek. He could not understand this tie on his neck.

With energy of his looks, Rojol quickly moved out of the shuttle. “And it's dark as dark,” he said as he was looking. For fun he stuck his tongue out to taste the air. Then he swiped his index finger to his tongue. “Taste like air and the wind is that direction,” he grinned goofy. It was amazing how fun he was having. Dressing up was fun.

“Sooo. Let's go shall we!” he exclaimed. This was something he had to try. Cause he used to play with his parents clothes when he was young. So he was glad he had this fun part of him in him.

As they walked on he had check the shuttle to see it was blending in. “Think blend and you shall,” he waved his hand at the shuttle. “Oh only it's that easy!”

They came to a building and a man. “Oooh. I hope we fit in...” so he waved the man too. “Hullo there my good fellow!”

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: October 19, 2021, 07:29:06 PM »
[Kelso shuttle]

Well this mission was not going exactly the way they wanted. The blonde hair Romulan was surprise that they will have to land the shuttle down on the surface. He was carefully trying to land the shuttle and pray that nobody was looking up at the sky, even if it was dark or light. There was that small chance someone could be there.

When Takima turned saw the Commander with his female with three breasts. He smirked as he held his hand up to cover the grin on his face. He replied with a squeaky voice, “Yes, ma’am,” then he broke into laughter, every time he stop he looked which made him laugh more. This took a few minutes or five minutes. Tears had rolled down his cheeks and he was holding onto his side because he was hurting from to much laugh.

“My my first mission I am dying from laughter,” he giggled more. He could not help slapping the console with his hands. He sat back and then peeked with his eyes again. “Can’t stop!”

Eventually he did stop and landed the shuttle down, “i take the technician please...” he then turned to Rayek. He giggled again, that when he turned his upper body, Then he turned around and try to look serious.

By the time they are ready to go, Rojol lost his giggle attack.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis
« on: October 14, 2021, 07:14:43 PM »
[Kelso the shuttle]

The newly LG was nervous now when Rayek their commander was sitting right next to him at the cockpit. The young Romulan had to close his eyes and do a deep breath to bring himself to peace moment. After a second he had opened his green eyes. After clearance he had the shuttle fly through the shielding that allowed the shuttle to take off.  Then as they got clear from Amalthea he took the shuttle up and flying a route where they stay hidden from the technology of the planet with numbers.

Rojol was happy that Roberto was on this mission and the others. The truth was he had more faith and trust to his fellow crewmembers and least trust to Rayek.

Then Rojo had the shuttle in orbit and he saw the image that Roberta had pulled together. “Interesting. I do like their ears,” he shared. It was remarkable that technology could have place all the appearances together.

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis - Discussion
« on: October 14, 2021, 10:42:54 AM »
Last week of October I be away. I be able to check in to read but won’t be able reply. Or I might not check in. Depends how vacation goes

Season One Missions / Re: S1M4 - Autopoiesis - Discussion
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:03:58 PM »
Are we going to wait for other players or are we going to use NPCs?

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