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Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck One - Briefing Room]

Tess seemed very pensive immediately after his recommendation.  He met her gaze as she looked across the room at him.  For a moment, he was concerned that she might deny his request.   Rayek knew this must be hard on her.  Betrayal was not something Starfleet groomed their officers to expect.

He started to close the distance between then, to offer some level of support.  As he reached her side, Tess seemed to have come to accept his precaution. 

Rayek smiled slightly in amusement at her remark about Rojol's file.   "It hardly seems likely that they would use a known operative.  Assassinations are done off book and with complete deniability.  But yes, I will arrange contact with the most senior Intelligence officer in the Gamma Quadrant."

With a task assigned to him, Rayek's mind immediately began working out the logistics.  "Lared was quite exhausted after my study of his memories, so I would recommend speaking with tr'Hei first.  In the meantime, I will reach out to the Starfleet Intelligence office on New Bajor, and get Engineering to pull those computers from Rojol's room."

He laid a hand lightly upon her shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze in support.  "We've found the culprit.  One less thing you need to worry about."

Or at least that was his hope.  As he pulled his PADD to start on his own 'To Do' list, Rayek recalled that he'd seen tr'Hei just prior to coming here.   

"If you can't get a hold of tr'Hei at the ambassador's office.."  His office. "You might check Sickbay.  He was headed there just as I was leaving."

The thought of the aide coming down with some minor illness was somehow appealing to Rayek.  He didn't know why, but the man for all his pleasantness grated on the Romulan's nerves.

USS Amalthea / Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
« on: August 14, 2022, 08:53:01 am »
Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck One - Briefing Room]

Tess' decision was far less that Rayek thought the man deserved.  Verlock was dead because of this worthless sack of ryakna.  Rayek could recall several times that Rojol had seemed to hesitate responding to his orders in what he'd suspected was disrespect.  At the time, Rayek hadn't pursued action against the man... now he wished he had.  Maybe if he'd investigated the man then none of this would have happened!  But that was a 'what if'.  He had to accept the consequences of his inaction now - and try not to repeat the same error.

After Rojol was escorted to his quarters, Rayek was prepared to argue to stronger measures, but Tess queried him about what he'd seen in Lared's memory.

"There is no doubt.  It was his code.  I could show you my recall of Lared's memory, if you wish." Rayek offered but he doubted that was what Tess truly wanted. Unfortunately, Rayek couldn't give Tess the 110% assurance.  The fact was that the culprit was a pro at computer hacking so any concrete evidence that might have otherwise been available to them had been wiped clean.

Which prompted his next comment.

"Captain. I appreciate your hesitancy to think the worst of your fellow officer, even with him being Romulan; but if you insist on merely 'House Arrest' rather than time in the brig, as Security Chief, I must request that his access to any and all computers be not just revoked but the units removed from his quarters - including the replicator unit.  As a Tal'Shiar operative, there is little he is not trained to gain access to and make use of lethally, given enough time."

USS Amalthea / Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
« on: August 11, 2022, 10:33:26 pm »
Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck One - Briefing Room]

Tess' decision to end the meeting abruptly, should have been something Rayek had foreseen, but he'd been far to focused on finally getting justice for Verlock's death.   When the flight officer - either oblivious to Tess' pointed look or just choosing to ignore it in the hopes of escaping the upcoming questions - attempted to rise, Rayek placed a hand on his shoulder in an arresting manner and held the fellow Romulan firmly in place.  "You will remain here with us, Ensign."

The room quickly cleared, though Rayek had to give the security at the door the go ahead to let the others leave.  Afterwards, Rayek released his hold on Takima though the First Officer didn't go far.  He stood about a half a pace away, arms folded, waiting for the Captain to begin her questioning. 

The Romulan Ensign of course denied any involvement.  The young man was quite adamant on that part, not that Rayek believed a word he said in his defense.  At first, Rojol claimed he was being unfairly accused, that Rayek had a bias against him.   Then he suggested that he was being framed.  This earned a scoff from Rayek.  Given how hidden the information had been - there would have been no way for an average investigator to have uncovered the remote hackers identity and location, it was unlikely that the information was falsified just to frame the flight officer.  In an normal investigation the information would never have been uncovered making the 'frame' useless - and therefore questionable.  Rojol even went so far as to try pinning the hack on the Ambassador's aide because the rotund little man had asked a few questions about the shuttle during his tour.   Even Rayek thought that suspicion rather far-fetched.

As the questioning wrapped up, Rayek looked to Tess for sign of what she intended to do with the man.  To Rayek, it was clear the man was guilty.  He'd seen the Ensign's authorization code (a code that Starfleet personnel were not supposed to share - ever - under threat of dismissal) in Lared's memory clearly.  There was no arguing with that.

But Tess was far more lenient that he.  She hadn't seen the code and while he knew she trusted his word, that lack of tangible proof might be enough to sway her to be more open to other possibilities.  He hoped not.

USS Amalthea / Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
« on: July 19, 2022, 08:55:30 pm »
Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck One - Briefing Room]

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Briefing Room]

Tess looked up when the door opened and Rayek joined them at the meeting. While his task with Lared admittedly had taken longer than she had expected, she found it a little odd that he apologized for his tardiness. It was not as if he had been in bed until just now.
She tried to read from his face how the meeting with Lared went, but couldn't really decide if it went well or not.

"Welcome to the briefing, Commander", Tess said in her role as Captain. " Acting Ensign t'Movel was just reporting her department's progress on tracking down the astrocetus." She gestured for her to continue.

The Romulan flushed slightly. "Actually, I ... I was just about finished", she said, then glanced to Rayek. "Would you like me to repeat for you, Commander?"

Tess looked at Rayek, letting him decide if he accepted the offer or if he would read it later in the report.

That the Academy cadet had been field promoted to Acting Ensign said a lot about the young Romulan's skills and dedication; and a bit about the ship's lack of both senior and junior officers.  Every ship faced losses, but those losses seemed more pronounced on the Amalthea since the ship had limited officers to begin with -  and now they were about to lose one more.

Rayek looked over to the Operations cadet... Acting Ensign... and shook his head declining her offer to begin again for his benefit.  "No need of that.  If you are done, I will report next."

The young Romulan was quick to indicate that she was done.  She hadn't reported much anyways, just that the reconfiguration of the long range sensors had been completed and that scans for the astrocetus life sign was continuing.

While he waited for the Captain to agree to his speaking next, Rayek let his eyes rove over the assembled Department Heads, and for a moment he marveled at its composition.  Ensign Mitumba for Science was Caitian. Acting Ensign t'Movel for Operations was Romulan. Ensign tr'Hava, another Romulan, had been sent by the Engineering chief - no doubt because the Lurian wouldn't take time away from his investigation into the death of his Vulcan friend via the shuttle explosion.  Flight was being represented by Rojol - yet another Romulan officer. 

The Amalthea abounded with Romulans.  Even it's First Officer, who sat in the role of Tactical Chief and Chief of Security, was Romulan.  Was really difficult to understand why such terrible things happened to the ship and crew?  They brought it on themselves by trusting those of such duplicitous natures.

Once given leave to speak, Rayek stood up and began pacing around the room.  "For those that have not yet heard.  Ensign tr'Movel awoke yesterday afternoon from his month long coma."  Rayek made a point of not referring to it as a healing trance - that was solely a Vulcan trait - and he would never insult Lared that way.   

"With his return to conscience, the shuttle investigation has gained a new and informative lead.   I have just come here from speaking with Ensign tr'Movel and he recalled for me seeing the shuttle's display screen announcing the activation of remote control of the shuttles power system.  That is how the overload of the EPS system occurred with no prior warnings to the shuttle, they had been turned off via remote until the system went critical."  Rayek continued pacing around the table as he spoke. 

However Rayek wasn't done, "Of course, that possibility had crossed the investigation team's mind some time ago, but whoever had done this was able to wipe the computer command from the system prior to the explosion - hiding evidence of their actions and making it impossible for us to discern if this was indeed how the explosion happen."   

Rayek paused his pacing, as he stood just to the side of tr'Hava and Rojol.  He  looked around the room. "If not for Ensign tr'Movel's keen observation and his willingness to go beyond what is expected of an officer, who did this would still be a mystery.  However, tr'Movel saw the authorization code of the one who activated the remote access to shuttle."

Rayek looked to Tess.  "That authorization code belongs to Ensign Rojol, Acting Flight Chief.  Coordinates noted along with authorization code list the Amalthea Bridge as it's origin.   A check of his location at the time of the incident shows that Ensign Rojol was on the bridge with full access to the Flight operations console -including remote access."

Rayek subtly braced for an escape attempt; but for Rojol there would be none.  Security were already waiting outside both exits to the briefing room and Rayek had ordered a signal dampener to be activated to prevent escape via transporter.   Inwardly he hoped the man tried to fight his way out, allowing Rayek the opportunity to violently take down the one responsible for Verlok's death and Lared's convalescence.   After a months frustration, Rayek needed and outlet.

USS Amalthea / Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
« on: July 11, 2022, 03:11:45 am »
Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Sickbay]

NPC Ensign Lared tr'Movel
[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Sickbay]

Every minute that the mind meld lasted, Lared was burdened more and more. Instead of relaxing with time, he became more restless and impatient, wanting it to be over soon.

He winced slightly when he heard Rayek's voice in his head again. He took a few deep breaths. Actually, he didn't want Rayek to go any deeper. He hesitated. But he thought, now he had gone this far before ...

"Yes," he answered and took another breath. He tried to imagine the situation in the shuttle, the moment Rayek had described.

Despite Lared's verbal answer, Rayek could read his true thoughts.  Like Rah'ul, Lared was extremely uncomfortable with Rayek's presence in his mind.   If the need for this information was not so crucial, Rayek would have withdrew right then; but Lared was his best and last hope of finding out who had sabotaged the shuttle, killing Lieutenant Verlock.

With permission given once more, Rayek didn't waste time acknowledging or offering apologies for the discomfort.  Lared would be happiest with Rayek being swift... but the nature of this search meant that Rayek had to slow down the memory of Lared's time in the shuttle cockpit so that he could study each memory engram for the remote access details.  This could literally take hours. 

Rather than start at the very beginning of the mission and work his way through chronologically, Rayek tried to put himself in the role of the assassin and look for times when the shuttle was already busy with information coming and going where one screen blip would have been least likely to be noticed.   Even so... the process of searching was lengthy; and Rayek was fully aware that Padrini was already not approving of this meld.  It would only be a matter of time before the doctor said enough was enough and ordered Rayek to stop.  So the Romulan was racing with the doctor's patience.

Thankfully however, Rayek had similar training as that of the Tal Shiar assassin and his guess as to when the remote connection was initiate was spot on.  What could have taken hours to find in Lared's mind,  took only 45 minutes. With the information located, Rayek mentally 'flagged' it for Lared's easy access from then on.

With that complete and the information he need obtained, Rayek withdrew from Lared's mind.  He removed his fingertips, from Lared now sweating temple and realized that own was just as damp.  The meld had been far more exerting than he had anticipated.  He was fortunate Padrini hadn't forced a separation before now.   He clapped an appreciative hand over the shoulder of the bedridden Romulan. 

"Thank you, Lared.  I'm sorry to have put you through that." he dipped his head showing his respect for the other man. "Rest knowing that the knowledge gained will point to the saboteur."

Rayek stood up, and swayed slightly feeling a bit disoriented within his own body after searching Lared's memories for so long.   He glanced to the chronometer on his PADD and noted that the Department Head meeting was already in progress.   That Padrini hadn't left his patient to attend the meeting said a lot about the doctor and his dedication to his work.   At times like this Rayek found it hard to dislike the man.   But that feeling usually didn't last long, since Padrini was always looking for ways to criticize Rayek and would always speak his thoughts when Tess wasn't around.

"I'll leave you to your patient, Doctor."

Just as he was about to exit Sickbay, the doors opening for him as he made to stride out,  Rayek nearly bumped into Aide tr'Hei.  The portly figure looked momentarily alarmed to see that it was Rayek he had collided with.   Rayek noted that the man's hand moved to his belt... where a Romulan disruptor might have been located had weapons not been banned from the visiting Ambassadorial staff.  After the initial shock the hand dropped and the aide made a point of bowing obsequiously.

"Commander, my apologies at my inattentiveness.  I hope all is well with you and yours." the man all but fawned in an obvious attempt to make up for the incident.

"Yes.  All is well.  Just visiting Ensign tr'Movel. Now if you'll excuse me I have somewhere urgent to be." Rayek stated as he began to step around the other who remained blocking the doorway.

For a moment, as Rayek passed in close proximity to the aide, Rayek felt a strong sense of familarity and he turned his head to glance back at the man.   tr'Hei remaining the doorway offering another slight apologetic bow.   

Rayek shook his head to clear the feeling and continued on his way up to Briefing room.   Along the way, he double checked the information he'd discovered in Lared's memory and found it confirmed.   Rayek's expression hardened as he tapped away on his PADD - issuing orders and prepping himself for settle things one and for all.

[USS Amalthea - Deck One - Briefing Room]

A few minutes later Rayek entered the briefing room.   His arrival, briefly disrupting the Acting Department Head of Science as he gave his daily report.

Rayek inclined his head politely.  "My apologies at my tardiness."  He quickly took his seat and then waited for his turn to speak.

USS Amalthea / Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
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Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Sickbay]

NPC Ensign Lared tr'Movel
NPC Lieutenant jg. Roberto Padrini (Medical)

[USS Amalthea - Sickbay]

"I will decide that for myself, Commander", Padrini responded grimly.

He watched as Rayek initiated the mind meld. Inwardly it sickened the doctor to imagine that the Romulan manipulated Tess like this into thinking she had feelings for him.

Both men had gone silent and Roberto observed Lared's face. He was tense and clearly uncomfortable. He suppressed a disapproving snort as he kept glancing up to the bio readings.

The feeling of another person's presence in his mind was exceptionally awful. He hated it. It struggled to relax enough to actually let it happen. Rayek then showed him pictures of childhood memories. It was strangely comforting. Although of course those were not his own memories he recognized their lost home Romulus.

Then Rayek tried to remind him of the day of the shuttle explosion. Those memories came back quite clearly now. The part where he had struggled before was clearly visible now. It was amazing! It was an outstanding experience!

Error code 08-120

There it was the partial answer that Rayek had been seeking.  Confirmation that the explosion had been sabotage.  A planned attack that was perpetrated via the shuttle's remote access feature and then covered up. 

Dammit! Whoever had programmed the shuttle's overload remotely also had cleanly wiped all evidence of the remote access from the shuttle's log or it would have been discovered by now.  That meant tracing it back would be difficult.   But not impossible.  Not for Rayek. 

~ Lared, we've found how the assassin caused the explosion but the error code doesn't point to who did it.  For that, I'd like to search your memories some more.  As you know when Remote Access is initiated it'll display the authorization code of its remote user and their relative coordinates.  You should have seen this at some point... that you didn't mention it means either that feature was disabled - a difficult and time-consuming thing to overwrite without advance notice... or the speed-frame was reduced so that it would have only flashed on the screen for a but a fraction of a second.   Your conscious mind wouldn't have picked that up... but your subconscious mind and memory would have.  Do I have your permission to continue?~

Rayek had only initially asked to search Lared's memories for how.  He needed Lared to agree before he would delve deeper.

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Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Sickbay]

From Padrini's hardened expression, Rayek had more than half expected the doctor to order him out of Sickbay and away from his patient; but he didn't.  Rayek wondered if it was the urgency and importance of the information that had swayed the doctor or if it was all just about Tess' need of this.  It was probably best Rayek didn't question and just get the job done while he could.   

"Monitor if you wish, but there should be nothing for you to see or do."

When tr'Movel spoke up once more repeating that he was ready to do this, Rayek looked over to his Romulan friend and nodded.   "Thank you." Rayek answered simply before moving to the Lared's bedside and laying his fingers lightly atop Lared's psi nodes.

This wasn't a light search of surface thoughts.  This would require a deeper dive into the fellow Romulan's mind to be certain he was seeing the actual memory and not some influenced 'remake' of that day.

With his fingerstips in position, Rayek let his mind sink into the layers of Lared's thoughts and memories, speaking the ritualized words as a focus.  "My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts."

As expected, despite Lared's claimed readiness and willingness to do this, his mind was resistant.  It was frustrating to know that had Rayek attempted this while Lared had been asleep or unaware that there would be next to no push back to his presence.  The sleeping mind was so much more open than the wakeful and aware mind. 

Lared's consciousness of the process made the search for the memory 10 times more difficult.  Rayek could feel Lared's ingrained discomfort with the meld-meld.  To help distract Lared from his discomfort Rayek shared 'safe' memories from his own childhood.  These memories were ones he kept out and in the open should he ever be read by another telepath.  It was part of Rayek's mental defenses.

"Think about that day... remember what you were doing.  We were giving chase in the shuttle Kourete to a pair that had been using holographic pirates to steal from freighters.  Mere seconds after taking launching from the planetoid alarms sounded..."

With the scene described, Rayek let Lared's mind complete the rest of the picture.  He filtered through the disjointed and jumbled memories and began to piece together the scene as Lared remembered it.   When it came to the visual displays Rayek delved deeper, going into Lared's subconscious to find the previously obscured code line that Lared hadn't been able to recall.   

They'd found it!

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« on: June 30, 2022, 01:05:22 pm »
Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Sickbay]

NPC Ensign Lared tr'Movel

NPC Lieutenant jg. Roberto Padrini (Medical)

[USS Amalthea - Sickbay]

When Rayek would arrive at the sickbay, he would not only find Lared, but also Roberto. The doctor had a disapproving look on his face as he stood near the bed where Lared was.

"Commander", Lared greeted him first. "Thank you for coming here so quickly."

"I don't recommend your plans for a mind meld", Roberto stated straightforward. "Mr tr'Movel needs more rest. I don't want to risk any neurological side effects that might worsen his condition."

Lared looked to Rayek in uncertainty. He had woken up and decided to give it a try, but he had not expected Dr. Padrini to step in. He wondered if Rayek would be able to appease the doctor.

That Padrini would interfere in this matter shouldn't have been unexpected except that the doctor hadn't been briefed on it yet.  Tess' request for Lared's cooperation in regards to the memory search had been something Rayek had been reluctant to just mention in passing via an email given the doctor's known bias, so Rayek had intended to discuss it with Padrini during a face-to-face brief later this morning.  It seemed like they would be discussing it now.

At the physician's stated concerns Rayek looked over towards Lared assessingly.  Physically, the wounds that resulted from the shuttle's explosion had all been healed in the month since the explosion because of the excellent medical skills of the USS Amalthea's medical staff (Rayek refused to credit Padrini solely).  Because of automated muscle stimuli that the biobed prompted at regular intervals, there was no evidence of muscle atrophy.  Lared, despite being in a coma for a month, was physically fit. 

However, the man's physical fitness wasn't what Padrini had remarked on.  Lared's facial expression looked troubled.  It was obvious he didn't feel comfortable with what had been requested of him, but the fellow Romulan seemed to recognize that the Captain's need of the information he held within his memory superseded any personal discomfort.

Rayek offered a slight acknowledging nod towards Ensign tr'Movel before turning his attention to Padrini once more.

"I respect your position doctor, and recognise that you speak such not out of your own personal bias," though Rayek knew for a fact there was that in spades  "but on earnest behalf of your patient's well-being.  Had we the luxury of another option, this would not be even considered.  However, this request comes from the Captain herself out of a need to ensure the safety of the entire ship."

The Tal Shiar operative had already killed one crew member in an attempt to get to Rayek.  Without knowing how they managed it every mission from here on was a gamble for not just Rayek but every member on that mission.  There was also the concern that even more devastating attacks might be planned next on the ship itself. 

"This was not my idea.  I am merely the means."  Rayek stated.  "I'm certain Tess would not have requested such if she felt it would endanger Ensign tr'Movel."

Rayek let his words sit a moment before pressing on.  "Yesterday, when tr'Movel said that he didn't think he could go through with it, the Captain said that she needed him to reconsider.  It was that important." 

Then Rayek made a point of looking to Padrini directly - fixing his gaze upon the man that claimed to love Tess as much as he. "If she were present now, I have no doubt that she would say that she needs you to not stand in the way of this."

Rayek looked back to Lared, yet still spoke to Padrini.  "You said that you cannot recommend this course of action - that Ensign tr'Movel needs more rest.  Are those your orders as his physician? or will leave it solely as a recommendation yet permit this to go ahead?"

To help tip in his favor, Rayek added "As you well-know from my medical file, I have been Vulcan-trained in use of the meld now.  There is no reason for there to be any neurological side-effects."

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Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 6 - s'Lhoell quarters]

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - s'Lhoell quarters]

Other than Rayek who cut his crepe into neat pieces, Tess took up the rolled crepe as a whole and bit into its end ... making the whipped cream oozing out a little in the process, which she shrugged off with a little grin.

She listened to what Rayek told her when the call came in. She shared a concerned look with him and then scrolled with a finger over Rayek's PADD while he went to go and answer the call, to which Tess listened while she looked at the schedule. To hear that Lared had changed his mind was good. She glanced over to Rayek as he informed her that he would go right away. She nodded. "Yes, I think that's a good idea. Don't worry about the briefing, I'll be able to handle it." She smiled, unaware that she had a little bit of whipped cream smeared at the corner of her mouth.

With his mind on rather notable news that Lared... Ensign tr'Movel... had agreed to allow the telepathic search of his memories for key information that could lead to knowing who sabotaged the shuttle which had exploded last month, it took a moment for Rayek's keen observational skills to notice the smear of whipped cream at the corner of Tess' mouth.  By the time it had registered, Rayek had already moved from the kitchen table to the bedroom to dress.

Given the priority of the information that Lared could provide, it was worth it for Rayek to forego the routine of his morning showering.  He did however ensure that his uniform was fresh and that he followed proper oral hygiene.  This was important as he didn't wish to chance the far too embarrassing scenario of him having bits of blueberries or raspberries stuck in his teeth, and only discovering it from the surface thoughts of Ensign tr'Movel.

Once dressed, Rayek paused by the door to Fvienn's room.  As much as Rayek wanted to bid his son good morning and see him before he left, to do so would risk his son waking and becoming upset with Rayek's almost immediate leave-taking.  No, it was best to leave without checking in on their son and just leave Fvienn's morning care to Tess alone.   

The disappointed father returned to the main quarters and found Tess finishing up her breakfast, still with that bit of whipped cream in the crease of her lips.  The sight of it was was ever so endearing to the Romulan.  Rayek strode over, reaching out to gently cup her face as he leaned down to kiss it away.  The taste of her lips were berry sweet with a hint of cream.  He lingered over the kiss a moment before realizing that he was breaking his promise to tr'Movel to be there quickly. 

"I-jol au, e'lev... tell our son that I will make time for him during my break to make up for not seeing him this morning."

Rayek then left and headed to the Medical bay.

USS Amalthea / Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
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Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 6 - s'Lhoell quarters]

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - s'Lhoell quarters]

Tess sat down and looked over the arrangement for breakfast, the whipped cream and berries, and the at the plate of crepe Rayek carried to the table.

"Delicious." She smiled and put one of the crepes on Rayek's plate first, then on hers. "Tea for me, please", she replied to his question. Her mind wandered to work. "What's our schedule for today?", she asked as she reached for the bowl of whipped cream and spread some of it onto her crepe before sprinkling it with a variety of berries.

Rayek had already boiled a kettle of water for his own Chai tea.  As such there was enough hot water left over for a cup of tea for Tess as well.   He replicated her a cup and teabag then poured the boiled water into the cup with teabag within for the tea to steep before returning to the table.  He set her tea by her plate and sat down as she asked about their schedule.

Being the ship's executive officer meant that Rayek was the funnel of information up to the Captain so that she had all she needed to make critical decisions regarding the running of the ship at any point in time; being her husband meant that he organized that information in the most efficient manner possible so that her time wasn't wasted and they could spend more time as a family. 

Normally, he preferred not to 'talk shop' during the morning meal since usually Tess or he would be busy seeing to Fvienn.  But with Fvienn still asleep, Tess' query was sound.  This was the opportune time to fill her in on the business of the ship.   

While Tess, spread whipped cream and berries onto her crepe, Rayek reached for his PADD and opened up the day's calendar.    Tess, of course, was scheduled for Alpha shift as was protocol. 

"Your schedule begins at 0700 hrs."  It was 06:30 presently.  "First thing after relieving the Gamma shift duty officer is a department head meeting at 07:15 to go over new developments and priorities.  We should get updates from Ops on their attempts at contacting the astrocetus, and engineering on their continued investigation into the shuttle explosion."   

Rayek paused here a moment, setting down his PADD so that he could receive the whipped cream bowl from Tess and slather on a thick layer of the dairy confection.  Numerous sliced strawberries followed that, after which Rayek rolled the crepe carefully before cutting the roll into neatly orderly pieces. 

Then with fork in one hand and PADD in the other Rayek continued his listing off of Tess' schedule. "At 0900, I have set aside an hour for you to have time in your office to review and sign off on the departmental reports and -"  Rayek's words were interrupted by a call on their quarter's intercom.

=/\= "Sickbay to Commander tr'Lhoell." =/\=  Rayek recognized the voice on the other end of the call as being that of Ensign Fuller.   

Rayek looked to Tess in mild concern as to the topic of the call.  Had Tess' father's condition worsened?  But then why call for him and not her?  Rayek set the PADD down close to Tess so that she could continue reviewing her schedule.  He then stood up and walked over to the wall display and intercom to answer the call.

=/\= "Commander tr'Lhoell here.  Go ahead, Ensign" =/\= Rayek responded, then listened attentively for the reason he had been called prior to the start of his shift.

=/\= "Sorry to call you so early, sir; but patient Ensign tr'Movel just woke up and is insisting to see you as soon as possible." =/\= they informed him.

Oh? Rayek could think of only one reason why the flight officer would call on him - Lared had recalled something.  This was excellent news!  But before Rayek could respond and let the medical officer know that he would be right down, Fuller continued speaking. 

=/\= "He says to tell you - he's changed his decision but that you better get it done now before he changes his mind again." =/\= 

Both of Rayek's eyebrows shot up in surprise at that relayed message. The only decision that this could be in reference to was Tess' request to allow Rayek to search his memories for the error code he'd seen on the display panel prior to the explosion.  A request that Lared had initially been unwilling to consider.  That had now changed.   Rayek's reluctance however hadn't, but if Lared was willing, Rayek would follow through because this was what Tess said she needed.   He just hoped she and Lared would both forgive him afterwards.

=/\="Ensign Fuller, please inform Ensign tr'Movel that I will on my way."=/\=

Rayek looked to his wife.  "I supposed I should get dressed and head on down to the med bay.  Depending on how long much resistance his mind puts up, I may not make it to today's briefing.  I'll report back to you once we're done."

USS Amalthea / Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
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Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 6 - s'Lhoell quarters]

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - s'Lhoell quarters]

"Yes, seems that way", Tess commented still sleepy and her face broke out into a happy smile when he kissed her. "Good morning." She rolled on her back to get another minute or two of rest while Rayek got out of bed and shared his plans with her.

"Sounds good to me. Thank you, ciccino." She looked after him and then eventually rolled out of bed as well to get ready.

The shower was nice and she got dressed in her uniform. Quietly, she sneaked into Fvienn's bedroom to check on him. He was still sleeping soundly. Tess smiled as she peered into the tiny bed for a moment longer, then she joined Rayek in the living room. "Fvienn is still sleeping. Let's leave him sleeping until after breakfast", she smiled.

From their quarter's replicator, Rayek retrieved the flour, eggs, water, milk, salt and butter for the crepe batter, as well as sweeten whipped cream and an assortment of 'fresh' berries for its filling.  He prepped his work surface, laid out the ingredients in a orderly manner,  gathered the necessary tools and lastly began warming the griddle. 

Once ready, Rayek mixed the flour and eggs first, then gradually added the water and milk while stirring.  All the while though, Rayek was careful not to over mix the batter.  Too much stirring would cause the gluten in the flour to make the crepes rubbery.   

Over the past year, Rayek had discovered the perfect recipe and technique for crepes.  It never failed to please.  Lastly he added the salt and melted butter.  No sooner was that mixed then he pour a measured amount onto his preheated griddle. He was quick to spread the batter even over its surface as it began to cook.

By this time, he could hear on the monitor that Tess was in the shower.  The Romulan husband fantasized a moment of putting aside breakfast and surprising her there.  But the beep of his timer drew him from his sensuous thoughts, and he instead flipped the crepe.  Once that was done he set it aside on a warming plate to keep it from getting cold, and then started on the second of the four masterpieces that his batter would make.

Rayek had just poured the last of the batter onto the griddle to make the fourth crepe when he heard Tess come out of the bedroom.  He looked over as she approached and he smiled back at her.   Even in uniform she was desirable.

"Sounds good to me."  Rayek nodded in agreement to Tess' suggestion to leave their son sleep, then began adding the whipped cream and berries onto the crepes.

"But only until after breakfast, I don't want to us to miss our opportunity to spend quality time together as a family."

Rayek knew that given their positions as Captain and First Officer, that they didn't have a whole lot of time to devote solely to their son; mornings were precious in that respect. 

"Breakfast is served!" he announced holding up the plate of crepes and carrying them over to the table that he had set up earlier. "What would you care to drink?  Coffee, klah, OJ or tea?"

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Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 6 - s'Lhoell quarters]

Captain Tess t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - s'Lhoell quarters]

Tess stirred slowly from her sleep. Her hair was loose and she wore a tank top and comfortable shorts. Her eyes fluttered open before she slowly rolled on her back with a yawn. She remained there for a moment longer with her eyes closed again. Only then did she become aware that she had woken on her own ... not by Fvienn's crying. Forcing her eyes open again she sat up and looked around, still drowsy.

Light-sleeper that he was, Rayek felt Tess shift her position beside him.  His hair, as was typical after amorous night, was tousled.  The Romulan wore a pair of comfortable fitting boxer shorts - a concession over his usual preferred lack of attire.  He turned his gaze towards his wife and smiled at her drowsy expression.  By the Elements, even half asleep she was captivating.

"Good morning e'lev.   Seems Fvienn slept through the night again." he commented.  It wasn't exactly a first, but it definitely was notable.   It seemed their son had his habit of sleeping lightly, and was just learning to self-soothe   

Rayek sat up and leaned towards Tess to kiss her.  "I'll get started on breakfast while you shower and dress" he offered after having properly greeted his wife.  He got out of bed and picked up the baby monitor.

"If Fvienn wakes before you are done, I'll feed him some rice cereal."  At just over 9 months, Fvienn was near fully weaned.  He ate a wide variety of cereals and mashed fruits.  His cries for comfort could be soothed now by 'Daddy' just as often and as effectively as by 'Mommy'.  It was just those times that he was teething badly that had their son inconsolable except by the breast - that too soon would be replaced.  Their son was growing up! 

Rayek didn't bother putting on pants or a shirt - he would do so after his turn at the shower.  For now he padded bare-foot and bare-chested out through the bedroom door towards the kitchen to begin making from replicated ingredients their morning meal.   

Normally, Tess preferred something light.  So today he thought to make crepes with whipped cream and 'fresh' berries.

USS Amalthea / Re: S1M5 - O Other, Where Art Thou?
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NPC Ambassadorial Aide Rhienn tr'Hei (disguise of Telmuk tr'Lhoell, Tal'Shiar operative)
[USS Amalthea - Deck 6 - XO's office as temporary ambassadorial office] (a month prior)

The interrogation of Taheen t'Raghaellh hadn't produced the results Telmuk had been hoping for in regards to tr'Dhael's identity.  Yet while that had been a failure, on the topic of his own brother Rayek, Telmuk could tell by Taheen's thoughts that the seeds for another attempt on his life had been planted.   A few more meetings with her to go over her options and Telmuk was certain his persona Rhienn would be able to sway her to follow through on her impulse to take back what was due her.  He smiled wide.  This would so make up for Rayek's surviving the shuttle explosion.

NPC Riov (Commander) Kemala t'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 7 - Guest quarters] (a month prior)

As Kemala had hoped, her emotional ultimatum - that she was done answering the Free State Ambassador's questions - wasn't countered.  The Ambassador mustn't be aware that her brother had already awoke and was past the critical stage, or he likely would have held her back.  It didn't cross her mind at all that the Ambassador had waited until Rayek was deemed out of danger before calling her to this meeting.  She just figured all bureaucracies were slow in reacting to new situations.  That she, Latihk and Taheen were only interviewed a day after arriving- Kemala thought was rather efficient for a government agency.

But now that she was free of the questions, she returned to Sickbay to keep her brother company during his recovery.  Even during their youth, Rayek had never done well with bedrest and it seemed to his sister that hadn't changed.

Cmdr. Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Amalthea - Deck 6 - s'Lhoell Quarters] (next morning)

The evening with his sister and Tess' elder brothers went well, even if Kemala was a bit distant from the others.   Given the impromptu family gathering, Rayek regretted his punishment to Benjin included being confided to quarters... otherwise he would have invited the young man to join them.   With hopes of 'prepping' Rahul for his new surprise, Rayek guided the evenings talk towards the topic of horticulture and comparing Romulan practices to Ba'ku traditions.   The discussion garnered lots of interest from all participants.  Rayek even found he was looking forward to perhaps starting a small hobby garden on their property on Meridan.

By the time, their guests left Fvienn was already asleep, which allowed Rayek and Tess a bit of quality time together.  Morning came all too quickly for the amorous pair.

[USS Amalthea - Deck 8 - Sickbay] (evening)

"I'll only be a moment." Telmuk assured the nurse.  A few minutes would be all he needed to search through tr'Movel's mind, find the memory in question and either alter it or completely destroy it.

NPC Ambassadorial Aide Rhienn tr'Hei (disguise of Telmuk tr'Lhoell, Tal'Shiar operative)
[USS Amalthea - Deck 6 - temporary Ambassadorial office] (next morning)

Telmuk was in a foul mood that next morning.  Not only had his attempt to search tr'Movel's mind for any proof of his involvement in the shuttle explosion not happened because of the untimely arrival of the ship's Beta shift doctor - one Doctor Fuller; but also that same Doctor had been far too observant of him.  Rayek discovered this when he chose to invade the doctor's mind - intending to sway 'her' thoughts like he had the female nurse.   What resulted however was his mind's almost immediate retreat at the revelation that the doctor had no binary gender.   This was inconceivable to Telmuk's strict and orderly Romulan mind.  His mind rejected the notion and broke off contact, leaving the Romulan a bit shaken.  Added onto this was that the doctor's surface thoughts at the time had been of how much the Romulan Aide reminded them of Commander Rayek!  The attraction he read there was alarming to Telmuk and he must have blanched for the next words out of the doctor's mouth was that he should come them to a biobed and get checked​ over.  Telmuk couldn't risk that.  He declined and hurriedly had left the Medical bay.

That had been 12 hours ago, with any luck that doctor's shift should be long done by now.  Telmuk intended to try visiting with tr'Movel again this morning as soon as Ambassador Jarok was done with his Aide, Rhienn.   

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Getting caught up on all my mission posts.   Yay me!

Across the Multiverse / Golden Age Trek
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The year is 2299 and Starfleet is increasingly stretched as the future of the two Quadrants is being decided.  The Klingon Empire, still reeling from the Praxis Disaster, reluctantly accepts Federation aid to save their Homeworld, but sounds of discontent echo ever louder, as proud ancient Houses feel their glorious histories are being buried beneath Chancellor Azetbur’s difficult peace reforms, dubbed the 'Gorkon Initiative' by its supporters, and 'treachery' by its malcontents. Starfleet finds itself caught between its commitments to reduce the military presence along the Klingon Neutral Zone, and the simmering threats on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the Romulans, once benefitting from the spoils of a strong Klingon Empire, have found themselves the sole opposition to the monolithic Federation, led by their historical foes. Technological innovations however - extrapolated from the now-abandoned Alliance - have accelerated their capabilities and expansion ambitions. New Stars of the Empire look ripe for the taking, stars the Klingon Empire can no longer afford to secure.

In one place where these three powerful forces meet- a region in the Beta Quadrant known as the Azure Triangle; a region known for turbulent events; be they anomalies or hostile acts.

Captain Elliot Keats, an unspoken pariah among peers, is assigned a new starship - the USS Courageous - with a newly formed crew to provide support to local Federation territories in the Triangle, and chart new regions beyond, whilst keeping one eye on the two increasing unstable Neutral Zones.

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