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Title: Rayek's Biography One-shot Prompts
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Hey folks!
Since I enjoyed the EPC so much I wanted more.   

Please send me a prompt via DM or on Discord to be used in one of Rayek's biography stories.

Thank you!

List of Prompts so far:
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Prompts:  Phaser compression rifle,  HALO insertion, spatial charge, defending against a bat'leth unarmed, Klingon boarders, antimatter explosion.

Centurion Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Romulan Bird of Prey - Aehallh]
[2385 - along the Romulan/Klingon boarder]

Rayek stood at attention with a phaser compression rifle held At Arms, slightly ahead and apart from the 10 military troopers, as the Aehallh's Commander and the visiting Romulan Ground Forces (RGF) Sergeant addressed the assembled ranks.

"Troopers," the Sergeant began, "in this one-of-a-kind co-operative training mission, you will be conducting a night-time nvaih-mn-rahaen.   At 2200 you will take a shuttle down towards the planet and will enter high orbit, opening the shuttle's bay doors and force field at the back of the vessel, from which you will jump.  You will deploy your chutes between 1000 and 800m.  Your landing target location is the roof of the Klingon outpost."   It was a credit to the troopers that there was not a murmur of dissent. 

Rayek recognized the type of military tactic the troopers and he would be using.  He had read about in his study of Terran military history.  It was a HALO insertion.   High Altitude - Low Opening.  This mission was not going to be easy - he realized that now.

For a moment Rayek almost regretted the boastful comment he had uttered to the troopers in earshot of his riov.  That comment had earned Rayek this reward - an invitation to join the troopers he had disparaged in their training exercise.  Well, he would take his punishment in stride and prove himself better than the troopers, proving true his earlier words.

Almost as if Rayek's thoughts called attention to him, the Riov stepped forward to address the still at attention Naval officer.

"Centurion Rayek, you thought unwisely to boast and comment poorly about this co-operative mission; therefore you are joining it; however whereas the troopers will have their phaser rifles, you will go unarmed.  Your mission will be to blow the communications tower.  Hand over your rifle, Centurion." 

Rayek presented and handed over his rifle.

"Grab your gear and suit up.  Ursteveri!" the Sergeant called out.

~ ~ ~

Fifteen minutes later, Rayek and the RGF troopers were gathered in the back of the Aehalh's shuttle, suited up with standard military parachutes and visored helmets, waiting for the order to jump.  Whereas the troopers each carried a phaser compression rifle, Rayek's only equipment were his earpiece communicator and a low-yield spatial charge.

"As a reminder you are going in dark and silent which means no lights and no radio chatter.  Get ready.  Approaching target altitude and drop-point. Drop is in 2 minutes," the Sargeant called out from the shuttle's pilot's chair. Rayek stood up along with the rest of the troopers.  Holding onto the rigging line that had been set up.   Between Rayek and the cockpit of the shuttle a forcefield shimmered into existence, moments before the shuttle's bay door opened. 

Rayek felt the air from the shuttle rush out and he was grateful that the improvised rigging held. 

"Shuttle is at target altitude. Drop-point is in 10 seconds..... 3...2... 1. Go!"
With the command given, the troopers filed out one after the other,  jumping out into the black abyss with no hesitation.  Rayek, not to be outdone, followed suit and was the last to exit the shuttle.

Even though this was his first ever HALO jump, given the drop altitude, and the planets gravity, Rayek knew he had 65 seconds of freefall before he needed to deploy his chute to meet military standard.  The feel of the air rushing against him was a rather exhilarating experience - yet not one Rayek thought he would ever entertain the notion of doing again - at least not outside of direct orders.  Rayek instinctively spread out his arms and legs to slow his fall but soon noticed that the troopers ahead of him that he could see in the darkness the night sky, had gone into plank position to lessen their wind resistance and were gaining distance between him.

Rayek tried adjusting his falling position to catch up.  It took a moment, and a near dizzying tumble, for Rayek to realize his movements needed to be careful and precise.  Trying again, he moved into a plank position angling so that his head faced down, with arms flat at his side and angled his descent slightly so that he cut through the wind at the easiest possible angle.  Within 10 seconds he had caught up to others.  Correcting his angle again he slowed somewhat, enough to just keep pace with the troopers.  The view down to the planet was remarkable.  A vast blackness interlaced with faint streams and spots of light where civilization spread.

As he fell, Rayek kept track of his altitude gauge in his visor.  Approaching 2000m.  Also displayed on his visor screen was a green-lit target letting him know he was aimed true for the drop zone.

As he approached the 1000m mark, Rayek noticed the trooper furthest from him open up into the star position just prior to opening his chute.   One by one ahead of him all the troopers, opened their chutes in that same manner; then Rayek hit the 1000m mark - it was his turn.  Rayek opened up his body to form the star once more, while a hand reached for the pull-tab on his parachute.  Nothing happened.

Rayek pulled again... harder this time.  Still nothing. 

Rayek's first suspicion was that one of the troopers had tampered with his chute, for insulting them and this training mission.  His second was that it might have been his Riov, getting back at the mouthy Centurion who had acted out and poorly represented his crew.  Not for a second did Rayek think it was just happenstance.

His altitude was now nearing 800m.  Rayek moved his hand to the secondary chute and pulled on it's release, praying that who ever it was that had tampered with his chute, had only wanted to scare him. 


Rayek's downward freefall was slowed jarringly as his secondary chute opened catching the air.  Thank the Elements!' 

But if Rayek thought his problems were over he was wrong, for as he drifted down, using the parachutes steering line to keep on target with the outpost roof, he noticed movement on the ground around the building - Klingons.

With any luck, they wouldn't notice him drifting down - but luck was not on Rayek's side.   The movements below suddenly became agitated and Rayek found himself being shot at by orange-red beams from the ground.   The colour implied that the Klingon's were using phasers - not their usual green-beamed disruptors, likely a condition insisted upon by his Romulan superiors who had agreed to this co-operative training mission.

Romulans versus Klingons in a 'friendly' bout.   Of course, Rayek could see NOTHING going wrong with this scenario.  If only he hadn't commented on it and insulted the intelligence of the troopers  - he wouldn't been here right now being shot at.

With no weapon of his own to return fire with, Rayek was a sitting hlai.  Then suddenly the Klingons had their hands full being on the receiving end of the troopers phaser fire.  Orange beams criss-crossed through the night sky.   

It took a moment to realize that despite his earlier insults the troopers were targeting first those Klingons aiming for Rayek, and he wondered why until he caught sight of the communications tower atop the outpost building.  Of course, he was the one with the spatial charge - the one designated to blow the tower.  To them the mission came first, so they would protect him before themselves.  His respect for these ground force troopers went up a notch or two.

As Rayek continued to make his way down lower - now maybe 50-60 ft from the roof, he saw a Klingon climb out of a ceiling hatch and take aim on him.  Rayek knew by the angle that this Klingon would be hidden from the troopers by his own chute.  His only chance to avoid getting hit with a direct shot was to change course and speed dramatically. 

Fvadt! Rayek reached up and pulled on the harness release.  It let go with a snap and Rayek suddenly dropped faster and straight down even as the phaser cut through the air where he had been but a moment ago.  He fell the last 50 ft to the roof landing in a painful and awkward tumble 30 ft from the Klingon. 

Wincing, Rayek got to his feet quickly, looking about the roof, assessing his options. 

The Klingon once more had his phaser aimed towards Rayek, There was little to offer as cover on the flat empty roof... and the Klingon stood between him and the communications tower.  But at the Klingon's back was a bat'leth.

"Klingon warrior, face me in hand-to-hand combat with your bat'leth.  Give your opponent a fighting chance." Rayek called out in his poorly accented Klingon.  Rayek knew he would have a better chance of disarming the Klingon in a close-combat situation – over one where the Klingon had a long-distance phaser and he nothing.

The Klingon laughed a moment but lowered his phaser. "As you wish Romulan, you face Keng son of Toreng of the House Koan."  The Klingon then reached back and unhooked his bat'leth and readied himself for melee combat.  "Name yourself Romulan so I can boast my victory over you."

A stupid waste of time to name yourself to an opponent who you were intending to defeat but the longer he distracted the Klingon, the greater the chance his fellow Romulan troopers would save him the trouble of having to battle Keng by phasering the Klingon down before the battle began.

 "I am Rayek son of Talen of the clan Lhoell."  As he answered, he glanced about the surroundings once more and was discouraged to see that of the 10 troopers only two looked like they had avoided being stunned, and were on course to land on the roof somewhere behind him.  Rayek would need to keep the Klingon occupied and focused on him for at least 10 to 15 seconds to allow them time to land.

The Klingon grunted and nodded his head before charging forward. Rayek readied himself to dodge. Thankfully, given the weight of his opponents weapon and Keng's overconfidence in using it, the Klingon's movements were easily read by Rayek and the more nimble Romulan was able to avoid being struck in that first attack.  As Rayek slipped aside and behind the taller Klingon, he struck with his hand, a sharp blow to the Klingon's side; more to infuriate and distract the Klingon, than to do actual damage.

"You must be glad I am unarmed, Klingon," Rayek taunted purposefully not using the Klingon's offered up name, "that strike could have taken out your spleen had I a weapon in hand."  Klingon's were notoriously reckless and unthinking when enraged and that's what Rayek wanted.  He wanted Keng's full attention on him, so that the troopers who were just now touching down on the roof behind the Klingon could have a clear and assured shot.

With a roar the Klingon, swung his bat'leth low possibly looking to sweep Rayek's legs but Rayek jumped back out of range of the bat'leth strike.  He kept that up against two more attacks before, the Klingon was suddenly struck and suffused in an orange beam from one of the two remaining troopers. Keng dropped his weapon as he lost consciousness and collapsed on the rooftop.

Rayek nodded his head towards the trooper in acknowledgement of the aid, then turned towards the communications tower to set the spatial charge and complete the training mission.

Rayek set the charge with a one-minute timer and hurried to the other end of the roof, pulling the unconscious Keng with him.  The explosion took out the tower.

An answering antimatter explosion lit up the night sky briefly.

'By the Elements!  What was going on?'  A quick glance to the troopers assured him they too had no idea what was going on.

Rayek broke radio silence tapping his earpiece communicator.  "Centurion Rayek to the Aehallh.  Training mission complete.  What's going on up there?  We saw an explosion."

There was a long moment of silence before his call was answered.  "Aehallh to Centurion Rayek the training mission appears to be a Klingon ploy.  Klingon boarders have infiltrated the ship and taken out the engines. Hold a moment for orders." 

Rayek scowled, he hated to be right about his distrust of the Klingons.  Rayek crouched low on the roof and motioned for the two troopers to do the same and stay alert.  After what seemed like a long wait, the communications officer opened the channel once more.

"Aehallh to Centurion Rayek.  Your orders are to take command of the remaining RGF troops and gain control over the outpost's defensive cannons.  Lethal force is NOT to be taken.  Subdue the enemy.   Repeat: Subdue the enemy.  Aehallh out."

Rayek was both relieved and annoyed to hear his orders.  Relieved because if lethal force was not being called for it meant that this was still just part of the training exercise and annoyed that he was still having to take part in it.  Next time he would be more careful of speaking out of line.

End scene

aehallh  - ghost/ nightmare/ monster (n)
riov -  Romulan Star Navy rank - Commander
nvaih-mn-rahaen  (player created) Jump from high' (n). Refers to a HALO jump.
ursteveri -  dismissed (adj)
hlai - flightless and edible, ostrich-like bird
fvadt - Romulan curse word
bat'leth - Klingon bladed weapon
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Prompt:  The Picard Maneuver

Recruit Rayek
[Mars - Starfleet Technical Services Academy - yr 2393]

It was late night.  Rayek was up preparing ahead for his next days classes.  Reviewing the literature, watching the holo-vids.  The class he was studying for currently was The Fundamentals of Strategy and Tactics.  Most of it what he was being taught was review for the former Tal Shiar Major, though he had to admit the refresher had benefited him.   One maneuver in particular caught his interest now.  The Picard Maneuver.

The maneuver was described as a brief acceleration into high warp towards an opponent, dropping out in close proximity and immediately firing.  To Rayek, this high warp-close proximity tactic seemed to work NOT because the enemy vessels sensors would 'see'  two ships - the real ship nearby and the 'ghost' sensor reading of the ship in the distance - and not know which to fire upon... but because of the poor intuitiveness and slow reaction time of the opponent ships tactical officer.  They were unable to correctly 'read' the intentions of the 'Picard ship', nor anticipate and act swiftly enough to avoid the manuever. 

At a minimum, Rayek thought he developed a counter maneuver that didn't rely on gaseous sensor readings.  Fire just ahead of the closest opponent ship first sweeping back along its assumed trajectory. The logic and physics seemed simple enough, being the closest, its readings should be those most accurate - requiring the least amount of time to reach the sensors, and by aiming slightly ahead it accounted for the inertia following the warp jump.   A tactical officers reactions would have to be precision swift, and they would have to take initiative not wait for the command to fire, but countering the maneuver should be possible.  He just needed to hone his timing. 

~ ~ ~
A month straight of late night holo-simulations later and still Rayek found himself cursing the damned Picard Maneuver.  He would succeed at beating this maneuver!  It would just take more time...

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Prompt - Kobayashi Maru

Recruit Rayek
[Mars:  Starfleet Technical Services Academy - 2394]

With the last two months at the Academy bearing down on the recruits, the majority of Mars Academy students spent their time studying and preparing for their final group projects.  In Rayek's Strategy and Tactics: Beyond the Fundamentals class he had been partnered with an Andorian male named Benos and a Trill named Nalem Taus.

The three met at the Academy library to discuss ideas for their final project - a multi media overview of a historically significant strategy or tactic.  Ten minutes into the discussion and Rayek was uncertain if the group would ever be able to decide on a topic much less work together as every suggestion put forward thus far had been shot down by one or the other. 

"How about the Picard Maneuver?" Benos suggested. To which Rayek shook his head, "That tactic was reviewed thoroughly in class as was its only known solution."

"Wouldn't it be impressive if we could come up with a new strategy to beat the Picard maneuver and do an overview of that?"  Nalem commented.   Rayek regarded the Trill pensively, wondering if she too had been working on an offensive against that tactic.

Benos chuckled as he reviewed.  "Sure would.  But it's almost unbeatable.  Like the Kobayashi Maru scenario." 

Nalem nodded in agreement "Yeah, my brother said that the Kobayashi Maru is brutal." She commented then turned back to her PADD to continue brainstorming.

Rayek glanced between the two fellow recruits, surprised at their agreement and confused about the term.  "Kobayashi Maru?" 

Nalem looked up from her PADD, "Oh?  Finally something you don't know, Rayek?" and gave Benos a significant glance.

Benos nodded back before responding to Rayek's question.  "It's a simulation drill that all command-track cadets have to go through.  It's apparently a no-win scenario that assesses their character and suitability to command."

"Interesting, and it has never been beaten?" Rayek asked. 

"Well, maybe once.  Rumour has it that Kirk cheated to beat it once.  Don't know if that's true."  Benos replied. 

Rayek grinned.  "Sounds like an opportunity to actually learn something note-worthy.  Why don't we determine the truth of this rumour and have our project on Admiral Kirk's solution to the Kobayashi Maru?"

Benos and Nalem looked to one another once more before both bursting out into laughter.  Rayek looked between the two in annoyance before shrugging, "Or not."

Apparently, this project would be one of those no-win scenarios.
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Prompts:  Warp speed breakaway Maneuver & Cloaking Device

'Commander' Rayek (Tal Shiar operative (Major), Romulan Observer & A/Liaison Officer)
[USS Courage within Romulan space enroute to the Gomtuu system]

Klaxon's sounded and the Bridge of the USS Courage was a hornet's nest of activity as Rayek stepped off the turbolift flanked on either side by his Starfleet security detail.  Rayek's quick glance about the Bridge informed him much of what he needed to know though the main viewscreen showed nothing but the Courage's sister ship the Bradbury situated at the far left of the viewscreen with nothing but flickering starscape for the rest.

The tactical console, positioned to the left of the turbolift doors, showed the current shield output at 80%, with weapons powered up and at ready, the Starfleet officer manning the station attentively alert to both his console and the Command Chair where sat the half-Vulcan, Admiral Zaa.  Those clues along with the jolt Rayek had felt shake the ship a minute earlier just prior to the Red Alert were obvious indications that the ship was under attack. 

The empty starscape on the viewscreen and the diligent work of the crewman manning the science station to the right who was calling up detailed gaseous sensor readings suggested the attacking ship had cloaking technology.  Not surprising given their location in the midst of Romulan space, any Romulan Star Navy vessel would be equipped with it.  But Rayek knew the ship was not Star Navy as he had obtained a copy of all scheduled patrol routes and had ensured their route to the Gomtuu system avoided such patrols.

In addition, Rayek noted that the Communications console showed a repeating incoming emergency transmission... as well, that the USS Courage was repeating the hailing message that Rayek himself had recorded announcing in Rihannsu, the Imperial authorization the two Federation vessels had. No Romulan Star Navy vessel would dare attack a ship under the Emperor's authority.  No. Their attacker was no Imperial vessel. 

"Let me guess, you stopped to investigate that emergency beacon...  Our attackers are most likely pirates." Rayek noted to the Admiral as he took a standing position to the left of the Commander Chair behind the half-Vulcan, where he could observe and offer his advice on the situation.

"Ya don't say, Commander..." drawled the Admiral sarcastically in his Texan accent.  "So I take it ya'll won't mind then if I give the order to blast them to Kingdom come?"

"That's a rather extreme approach for a Vulcan, even a half-one is it not?"  Rayek commented drily.  "Are you certain you are not part Klingon?  Blood-thirst is something I would expect from them."  He smirked slightly enjoying the insults he could get away with. 

Rayek then regarded the Admiral seriously. "Admiral, the Courage and Bradbury may defend themselves, but with the least possible amount of damage done to the pirate vessel.  I want the crew taken alive for questioning."

Rayek could practically hear the Vulcan cuss his name silently before Zaa turned to his tactical officer.  "Lt. Kahn, lower phasers to 50% and target their weapons systems the moment she shows her face."

"Yes sir, Admiral." The female trill acknowledged after throwing Rayek a pointed glare.  Rayek merely continued watching the viewscreen ahead.  He could feel the animosity directed towards him.  If he wanted to he could pick out individual hateful thoughts directed towards him but they meant little to him.
"Communications, pass those same orders onto the Bradbury.  We're gonna have to cripple her carefully."
"Yes sir! Right away Admiral." Came the immediate response in reply.

 "Bridge to Sickbay."

"Sickbay here.  Go ahead Admiral," the soft feminine voice at the other end of the channel caught Rayek's attention.  The voice spoke Standard, like most of the crew aboard the Courage, but something about her inflection and tone to Rayek's keen Romulan ears made him certain that she was Terran.

"Dr. Mountain, please ensure Sickbay is ready for multiple Romulan patients." Zaa requested.
"Yes sir, Admiral, we're ready."  Dr. Mountain replied back with gentle confidence.

Rayek felt a moment's disappointment when the channel to Sickbay cut leaving Rayek to wonder what such a beautiful sounding Terran woman would look like. But his thoughts on such were interrupted by the sharp intake of the tactical officer, Rayek glanced to the viewscreen even as the Trill gave her report.

"Romulan vessel decloaking to fire!"  The lower right corner of the screen shimmered revealing an older style warbird with patchwork repairs done to it.  A green beam shot out from its bow and struck first the Bradbury and almost immediately afterward the Courage.  The Courage rocked slightly.  "Returning fire!" announced the Trill tactical officer.

Both Federation ships fired low powered phaser beams towards the older Romulan ship.  The Romulan weapons suddenly cut out.  Rayek was a bit surprised that the battle was over so quick.

"Confirmed hits on the Romulan warbirds main and secondary plasma weapons.  She's toothless, sir."

"A'right, good job Lt Khan.  Git her in a tractor beam and drag her in closer." Zaa ordered.
"Yes sir!" the Trill female acknowledged and moments later a white beam engulfed the Romulan ship "Tractor beam locking on," but even as the Trill spoke, the Warbird suddenly put all power to its warp engines and suddenly broke free of the tractor beam, disappearing into the distant starscape.

"Sorry Admiral, she managed a warp-speed breakaway maneuver just as the beam was locking on.  Should we set course to pursue?"

Zaa turned in his seat to look to Rayek.  Rayek smiled slightly before responding haughtily.  "The pirates are not our priority, Admiral.  The Gomtuu system is and I will remind you time is of the essence."

"Of course Commander." Zaa drawled.  "Helm, resume course for the Gomtuu system.  Warp 4."
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Prompt:  Sacrifice

'Centurion' Rayek - Romulan Attache (Tal Shiar operative)
[USS Vanguard - VIP suite yr 2391]

Rayek stood silently along the sidewall of the bedchamber where Ambassador Kalavak lay slowly dying; where he had lain dying for the past four months.  The Romulan Tal Shiar operative turned bodyguard knew that though Dr. Mountain-Kahn had done everything possible to save the Ambassador's life - short of overriding the Ambassadors refusal of the one treatment that could save his life; he knew the Ambassadors time remaining was almost up.  Its' approach was both welcome and dreaded by Rayek. 

Welcome in that no longer would he be expected to watch over the dying Ambassador.  The position had been a punishment from the very start - at first a constant dig at Rayek's pride that he'd been reduced to this; but over the past few months it had become almost unbearable. Not because of his pride but because over time Rayek had actually grown to know the Ambassador and the true depth of the man's sacrifice for the Empire - the man deserved release from his suffering.

Rayek had originally thought Kalavak a fool... naught but the Crying Ambassador; but as man's disease progressed the weaker the man's mental discipline became and Rayek through proximity picked up much of the man's disjointed thoughts and tribulations. Rayek gained a respect for the man that put the welfare of his Empire first - even when by blood and action he was just as rightful a ruler as those in power, perhaps more-so. But respect for the man, cost Rayek respect for those that would rule through that suffering.  In the end to save his sanity, Rayek started using sseikae-khoi once more to avoid learning more but the damage was done, Rayek was aware the truth and his once shining belief in his Empire was now tarnished.
And Rayek dreaded the man's impending death because once the Ambassador was dead he would be called back to the Empire be punished again, made to serve until his own sacrifice was called for.  Rayek felt trapped.

A sudden soft rap at the bedchamber door dragged Rayek from his tumultuous thoughts, and he smiled slightly recognizing the doctors' familiar knock.  "Enter." He called moving from his watch position to properly greet the Ambassador's physician.  "Hello Dr. Mountain-Kahn."
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(ooc not a prompted one-shot.. was rereading through old posts from the USS Courage - played on Yahoogroups back in 2009.. had to share this)

Major Rayek (aka Commander Rayek)
Tal Shiar operative
Romulan Observer and Liaison Officer
Aboard the USS Courage
Bridge D31 15:00

The joint task force of Romulan Warships and Starfleet vessels were in a fairly tight but close formation as they approached the far side of the Romulan Star Empire's North-Eastern border with the point vessel nearing Fendos VI. This was where the Romulan's were becoming very edgy. Their concerns caused the tension to rise on the bridges of the Courage and Bradbury. Ahead of Fendos VI, was the unknown part of the empire that had fallen prey to this mysterious force that had attacked numerous Romulan vessels and destroyed them. Here, the Courage and her sister ship had been asked to stand into danger and help their would-be allies out.

<Bridge Crew & Romulans>

Rayek stared at the expanse of stars on the viewscreen beyond Fendos VI. There was nothing visible out of the ordinary but still he was apprehensive of what lay ahead. Too many Romulan ships had been lost. And while the notion of the same happening to the two Federation vessels appealed to him, there was the slight problem of how he would be able to avoid the same fate.

In no way did, Rayek believe the ships would fare any better that any Romulan ship before. This was a suicide mission, the idea being to inform the Praetor of what the true threat was so that Romulus could prepare an attack fleet to deal with the situation.

Admiral Zaa listened to the quiet conversations of all onboard the bridge and could feel the rising temperature of turmoil amongst his guests. He quietly smiled to himself. The Romulans were getting very nervous and were wanting to play chicken and beam over to their own vessels so that they could turn into yellow custard and flee. He grinned. His own crew weren't much better.

"Relax, folks, we have stood into danger many times before! This is just another chance for an exciting adventure to begin. Let's see what happens now and enjoy ourselves," Zaa said trying to break the tension.

<Bridge Crew & Romulans>

Rayek looked over from his position beside the Captains chair towards the Admiral. The Vulcan seemed overly eager today. No doubt the notion of continuing on without Warbird escort had something to do with it.

"So, Commander Rayek, this is where you and your ships leave us to travel onwards alone, is it? Can't stand the heat, eh?" mocked the admiral.

Rayek didn't react to the mocking tone. "Sorry to disappoint you Admiral, but this is still Romulan territory. I will be remaining aboard to ensure Romulan interest is represented in whatever may come."

"I see, you will be travelling with us then? Unlike your cowardly colleagues! I admire your determination, commander, although it does sound hollow! Maybe, you should join your yellow-bellies and fly the nest?" asked the admiral who was beginning to taste the bitter pill of cowardice from his guests.

That the Admiral was so openly rude, made Rayek's blood boil. The Vulcan obviously had no concept of courtsey or Mnhei'sahe. Rayek's posture, alert already, stiffened in indignation. "While that suggestion is appealing just to be able to quit your presence, Admiral," Rayek's tone made it quite clear how much respect that title currently carried with it - Exactly none. "My duty remains here, therefore, here is where I remain."

"We'll soon see if you've got guts, commander!" exclaimed Zaa.

Rayek didn't comment openly, but rather muttered under his breath in Rihan while keeping his eyes on the viewscreen. "Dyypan verruul" (translation: Incompetent fool)

< Bridge Crew>

"Okay, commander, get your yellow-bellies off of our ships and prepare to advance into no-man's-land! I want the latest news from your sources on the situation up ahead before we advance, Rayek. Can you, at least, do that before you all need a change of diapers?" mocked the admiral who was clearly enjoying himself at the hands of the Romulans.

It took all of Rayek's control not to launch himself at the Federation Admiral and snap the Vulcan's neck before the man knew what was happening. It would be so poetic to use the llaekh-ae'rl Tal Shaya execution method on the insulting Vulcan Admiral. Yet the Praetor advised him not to kill anyone. Rayek shook with the effort it took to contain his murderous rage. When he did manage to overcome his desire to kill, he opened his communicator and ordered the beam out of the other Romulan observers on the Courage. Thraiin and no doubt Torek were remaining on the Bradbury.

Rayek then responded to the Feds request. His voice was clipped and tense as he spoke. "The last communication indicated that the IRW Ra'kholh (translation: Avenger), and a private vessel ChR Sseikae have been reported missing in the area since last week. The Ra'kholh was investigating the area, prior to the Emperors call to you. And the Sseikae was a Salvage tug, looking to make a profit off the area."

"Is that all they have, Rayek?" Zaa had dropped calling the Romulan by his title because the man was clearly shaking with nerves. He knew what these aliens could do to his ships and really did not want to advance any further with the Courage but his mad vanity kept getting in the way of his own sanity.

"If we were able to obtain more information, Zaa," Rayek reciprocated the insult of lack of title, "your presence here would not be needed."

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EPC prompt:   phaser

Recruit Rayek
[Mars - Starfleet Technical Services Academy]

"Computer -begin STSA Holo-program Recruit Rayek Training 1"  The voice of his instructor sounded in the room moments before the white empty room shimmered and was replaced with a training simulation.

Acrid smoke filled the air in front of him.  The crackling sound of open electricity could be heard behind the wail of a Red Alert siren.  Rayek, with breath held for the moment, peered about his immediate area to gauge his location and situation, even as his left hand moved to his utility belt for his respirator.   It appeared he was on a transporter pad.  The room about him was darkened but for the emergency lighting.

Respirator in place, Rayek stepped off the transporter pad, his keen, dark eyes noting almost immediately the unforgettable burn pattern of a Romulan disruptor.  Of course, what better way to test his new loyalties than to have his first training simulation have the enemy be his own people?   That was fine with the former Tal Shiar operative. He had no qualms about facing down another Romulan.  With that thought in mind, Rayek unholstered his Starfleet issue Type 2 phaser, giving it a quick check to ensure the hand-held weapon was set to stun - at least for this training exercise.   With the weapon held just a bit awkwardly in hand, Rayek moved on from the transporter room.  It was time to show his instructors what he was capable of.
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EPC prompt:  boxing

Centurion Rayek
ChR Hatham
[Romulan Space - 10 yrs prior]
Rayek watched the viewscreen of his tactical console closely and in anticipation.  An otherwise boring patrol of the Remus system, had suddenly turned interesting when a transport ship unexpected failed to respond appropriately to the Hatham's request for their transport authorization code.  The resultant cat and mouse chase across the system had led to this moment.   The Hatham's captain had called in for reinforcements and the 3 other Imperial ships had just arrived at predetermined coordinates.   With this boxing maneuver there was nowhere for the transport ship to go.  Their prey was caught.
"Captain, the transport ship is powering up weapons." Rayek announced.
The Hatham's captain grinned. "Ie'yyak'hnah!"
Rihannsu translations:
Hatham - Predator
Ie'yyak'hnah -  Fire phasers
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EPC prompt:  force field

Prisoner 3J4S735GL (Rayek tr'Lhoell)
[Penal colony transport shuttle Uan - Romulan Star Empire]

"This is prisoner shuttle Uan, on approach to Penal Colony Faicol-lhui.  Requesting permission to land. Transmitting authorization code on encrypted channel."

From his position at the back of the shuttle, chained to his seat and isolated behind a force field,  Rayek watched as the shuttle approached the asteroid on which the penal mining colony was situated.  He was the sole prisoner being transported this day.  Yet still the shuttle boasted no less than 6 armed guards.  All who watched his every move.  It was amusing.

The vibration of the penal colony transport shuttle as it hovered above the large asteroid was oddly calming to the former Tal Shiar operative.  It was almost a relief to finally be arriving at the dreaded destination rather than having the threat of it being flaunted over and over again.  Rayek closed his eyes.

"Permission granted, shuttle Uan.  Proceed to landing pad Gamma 3."

The landing was performed so smoothly,  Rayek barely registered it.  The sudden soft whine of a disruptor powering up gained his attention and Rayek opened his eyes to see two of his six guards approaching his detention cell.  They paused at the force field and entered a code into the wall panel beside.  The force field dropped and one guard entered his cell to release the lock that bound his chains to the chair. The others remained behind alert, covering him with their disruptors, watching for some last ditch attempt to escape. But Rayek had no intention of escaping -  this place was the only place left for him amid the Empire.  The only place that the Emperor, or more likely the Praetor, thought he would be of use.  Things could have been worse -  he could have been sentenced to death.

Rayek, with his chains binding his arms tightly and restricting the free movement of his legs, hobbled his way out of transport to face his future.

Uan: pain,angst
Faicol-lhui:  900 rebels
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EPC Scenario: In the midst of a battle against Romulan pirates (former military with some powerful hardware left over after the destruction of Romulus), the shields of a Romulan scout ship have been compromised. Rayek is ordered to board and seize the vessel, but has options as to how to achieve this objective.

Centurion Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Romulan cruiser Ll'hval - Federation year 2388 - 2 months after the destruction of Romulus]
"Captain, the scout ship shields are failing.  We have an opportunity to take her out. "
"No.  Orders are to keep the damage to a minimum." An idea formed and the Captain glanced back to the extra body on the bridge - their passenger Centurion Rayek - formerly of the Tal Shiar if rumours were true.  The Captain smirked.
"Centurion Rayek.  You are going to board that vessel and capture her for the Empire. Go now!"
Rayek looked over from his observer's seat and regarded the Captain coolly for a moment. "Yes, sir."  He acknowledged.  He hurried to the transporter pad, forming a plan as he went.  He gave his instructions to the young centurion manning the controls - the man balked but made the manual adjustment at the intense look Rayek gave him. Rayek crouched low and waited tensely.
"Transporting to the ship's cockpit."
The air around Rayek shimmered.  As he reformed positioned not on the cockpits deck but at its ceiling directly above the pilots and co-pilots chairs, he saw the pirates stand, looking about with disruptor weapons drawn, searching the deck for whoever was beaming over.
Gravity pulled him down suddenly and he dropped atop the figure below him, grappling onto the figure as he fell.  "Drop your weapons or you and your pirate crew die a most horrible death."   He called out from the floor of the scout ship rolling onto his back with his arm wrapped about the pilots throat - the pilot being used as a shield.  With his free hand he pressed a hypo against the throat of his captive - threateningly.  "This Tal Shiar developed virus will kill all aboard this vessel in under a minute.  Surrender now."

[IRS Fury]

The co-pilot looked shocked, both by the surprise entrance and the threat. But she recovered quickly, accusing 'Fool! You would kill yourself too? Why not beam the virus directly?' She leveled her disruptor pistol at the pair, trying not to hit her colleague, but clearly not caring if she did. 'Besides, I don't need a minute.' She fired, green beam dissolving the screaming pilot in Rayek's arms.

Centurion Rayek tr'Lhoell
[IRC Fury]

Fvadt!  Rayek cursed silently as he quickly rolled behind the pilots seat using the chair for cover.  But all wasn't lost - it wasn't that she had called him on his bluff, she just didn't understand why he would risk his own life - and doubted he would follow through.   Time to up the stakes.

"Because death would be preferred over another failure" he said softly, so that she had to strain to hear his response.  He administered the hypo to himself, making sure the motion was visible to the co-pilot, calling out, "I die for the Empire!"  Rayek stood up then seemingly unafraid and made a point of breathing out towards her, grinning.  "You've been exposed now...  It's only a matter time before you and your crew are dead.  The ship will be ours.  And you dare not fire with that disruptor...  because I hold the only antidote."

Then to seal his ploy and force her to believe his bluff, Rayek doubled over feigning a wracking pain before he rushed the co-pilot in a sudden charge, keeping low in case she acted on instinct and did fire the disruptor. 

[IRS Fury]

She wasn't sure whether to believe him or not, but the hesitation was all he needed. Rayek charged and slammed her into the wall of the small cockpit, as she rained desperate blows against him. Pilots didn't have a Tal Shiar's combat training. He would quickly disable her.

After that, he had the scout ship to himself. The tactical display showed the Ll'hval was still in the midst of battle against the pirate squadron, but the pirates had not yet noticed the Fury had been compromised or hijacked.

Centurion Rayek
[IRS Fury]

With the co-pilot bound and unconscious, Rayek took the pilots seat and looked over the tactical display.  Technically, he had accomplished the goal of his mission - he had successfully seized control of the scout ship.  He could just sit back and watch the battle or escape his impending fate and join forces with the pirates against the Ll'hval but both those options did not sit well the former Tal Shiar operative.  He had always been loyal to the Empire, even if the Emperor and Praetor named him a traitor - he was not.

Rayek flew the scout ship to a flanking position and began laying down phaser fire against the pirate squadron.  Only then did he open a comm channel to the Ll'hval.

"IRS Fury to the Ll'hval.  Mission accomplished, Riov."

- - - -
Romulan translations:
Ll'hval - Shadow
Riov - Captain
Fvadt - Damn
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Prompt:  resistance

Prisoner 3J4S735GL (Rayek tr'Lhoell)
[Penal Colony Faicol-lhui]

Word of the destruction of Hobus had reached even the prisoners on Faicol-lhui.  The guards spoke about the tragedy in hushed tones while patrolling the cells and while overseeing the mining.  They whispered about an uncertain future.  Who would lead?  Who was next in line to ascend as Emperor? Rumor of a Reman resistance group cropped up as well.  The Empire was in chaos.

Then one morning, not long after, Rayek was roughly hauled out of his work-group line and brought to an interrogation chamber where he was sat at a table and met by a fellow Tal'Shiar operative - a Major Galan Dharvanek.  The man had been Rayek's junior until Rayek's imprisonment and discharge from the Tal'Shiar.

Rayek looked over the normally vain officer's slightly disheveled uniform and scuffed boots a moment as the man approached; Rayek greeted the man with a sardonic smile.  "Galan.  You are looking well."

Rayek's insolence earn him a backhand from one of his attending guards. "That is Major Galan, to you fvai."

"Guards, leave us." Galan ordered as he took a seat across the table from Rayek. Once the room was cleared, Galan allowed himself a slight grimace, "I plotted for years to see you exactly in this type of position - it's almost comical that I had no hand in your downfall."

"Not through lack of trying," commented Rayek, "It is not surprising that you were promoted."  Rayek brushed his mind against the Galan's but as expected Tal'Shiar training had the officer's mind quite impenetrable.  He would need to be direct and ask. "But I doubt given the current state of the Empire that you have come all the way here to gloat. What is it you want Galan?"

"I come with the authority to make you an offer." Galan replied.

"Let me guess, you need my connections among the Reman's?" Rayek made an educated guess.

Galan chuckled, "I see prison and hard-labor has done nothing to dull your wits and perceptiveness.  Yes, we've projected a Reman resistance within the next 15 years if not dealt with.  Your cooperation will be rewarded."

Faicol-lhui: 900 rebels
fvai: house pet (similar to Terran dog)
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Prompt - Sabotage

'Commander' Rayek 
Romulan Observer and Liaison aboard the USS Courage
(undercover Tal'Shiar operative - rank of Major)
[Deck One - Head]

Rayek was once more making use of the toilet facilities nearest the Bridge.  The Romulan spy smirked, by now his Starfleet security escort must believe his bowels worked like clockwork so precise were his bathroom breaks.

From the hidden pocket at the back of his uniform Rayek pulled the ha'tapan, the untraceable communication device Praetor Veden had provided him, and activated it.  He'd made several routine reports over the course of the ten days travel to Fendos IV but this was the first time he actually had news of import to pass along.

After a short moment his call was answered by the brusque bored voice of the Praetor.  "Make your report swift Major.

"The Courage and Bradbury have located and made initial contact with creatures that appear to be our problem." Rayek spoke quietly, watching the door to the privy. He went on to describe to the Praetor, the Gomtuu and their apparent telepathic and telekinetic powers. "Your orders?"

"You are to sabotage negotiations with these creatures, Major.  The Federation and its' Starfleet presence in our territory cannot be seen to have actually accomplished what the Emperor intended."  The Praetors voice replied over the communication device.

"I am to undermine the Emperor's pet project?" Rayek clarified quietly hoping he had misunderstood the Praetor's meaning.

"Dha'rudh! Are you questioning your orders, Major?" The Praetor put stress on the rank.  "Forget not to who you owe your actual allegiance.  I own you.  With but a word your life and that of your entire family could be ended.  Do not concern yourself with your mnhei'sahe - such a concept is wasted on rvak'na like you!  You have your orders. Do not fail me.  Is that understood, Major?"

"Yes, Praetor. Ssuaj-ha!" With that bitter affirmation lingering on his tongue, Rayek cut the call and secreted away the communication device once more. He flushed, maintaining the illusion and then exited the privy. He and his escort returned to the Bridge.

ha'tapan: (no translation) - an undetectable communication device
Dha'rudh!:  idiot, moron, fool (a severe insult)
mnhei'sahe: honor  (loose translation); Ruling Passion
rvak'na: trash, garbage
Ssuaj-ha!:  Understood!  (inferior to superior)
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Prompt - City on the Edge of Forever

'Commander' Rayek
Romulan Observer and Liaison aboard the USS Courage
(Tal'Shiar operative - rank of Major)

[Conference Room]
The doors to the conference room slid shut behind Lt. Star and the Captain as the two Starfleet officers went to discuss things privately, leaving Rayek and Norvok alone.  Rayek turned to Norvok. "How do you intend to help me, Norvok? You planning on taking over the negotiations?"

"No, I think not. Commander, we were all put here for at least a reason. Some of us are here for several, but I do not believe that the Emperor intended me for that purpose. While the Military and the Tal Shiar have many admirable traits, diplomacy is not generally held to be one of them. And without insult meant, Commander it is certainly not one of yours. However, I have spent my whole life serving not just the Emperor, but others as well in politics from ambassadors to senators. By now if I did not know the little niceties and lies that compose most of diplomacy I would be a great fool. And Commander, I am courteous to people not a fool. That is how I am to help you. You are the commanding officer here, and ever shall be."

"Shame, I wish you would take over. Though I should caution you, that lieutenant is a strong telepath and has little qualms in poking about where she does not belong." Rayek moved over towards the head of the boardroom table ran a hand along the computer console activating it and began typing away at its panel. "It'd be interesting to see which of you two might break first. Her strong telepathic mind or your borg-computerized one."

"She is certainly the least of our problems, Commander. There are far greater ones out there. Besides, I think I can say with some authority that she would, and be the only one. But as I said she is the-" He stopped short and ran his flesh hand over his head thoughtfully. "I apologize, I was speaking when you are not interested in my words. May I inquire as too what you are doing?"

"Me? I'm just taking a look. No doubt you've already copied all the important files to your memory. Anything of interest?" Rayek queried almost pleasantly as he deftly circumvented the computers security and inserted a download chip into the computers port.

Whatever might have been Norvok's answer was interrupted by the arrival of the Alpha security team, barging into the boardroom.

Rayek stood up from the table assuming an at ease stance, blocking view of the computer console and deftly deactivated the screen with hands tucked neatly behind his back while his chip continued to download all the ships encrypted files. "Can we help you, gentlemen?"

[VIP Quarters]

A week later and things had gone from bad to worse for the Major.  Not only had his attempts to sabotage the negotiations backfired, word had been leaked that the Federation and Romulan Empire were working cooperatively, with himself and Admiral Zaa being touted as this new peace's engineers.  'Fvadt Norvok!'

Rayek's only chance to win back some semblance of favor with the Praetor lay in his ability to use the confidential information he gained from copying the Courage's computer files.  The encryption-breaking code he'd set to the files earlier that day had pinged his communicator alerting him to the fact that the files were ready for viewing.
Rayek feigned tiredness to get out of that evenings planned celebratory event. He retired to his quarters, quickly scanning the room for new surveillance devices and after dealing with those that he detected, Rayek turned his attention to the reading through the file titles his code had un-encrypted.  There were hundreds of files.  Older format mission logs by the file extensions, Rayek surmised, though the file names themselves would have had him suspecting they were holo-novels.  He opened the sub-folder named Enterprise.

"Where No Man Has Gone Before...  Balance of Terror..." Rayek read through the file names in perplexity.  "The City at the Edge of Tomorrow... ah finally one that seems promising Operation: Annihilate!"  He tapped the console to select the last file in the first folder but his nerves got the best of him at the moment and he accidentally selected the City at the Edge of Tomorrow instead.

Suddenly, the console went dark displaying a single prompt.  'Fvadt' it seems he'd triggered a second hidden security program in that single encrypted file.   Rayek attempted to re-start the encryption-breaking program... but his effort only seemed to aggravate the situation.  A giant red X appeared on the screen for a brief moment before returning to the blank screen with the single prompt. 

'No!  This wasn't good.'  Rayek fumed, wondering how many attempts would Starfleet likely allow its high level officers to enter a correct security code.  One if they were smart, but then Rayek had found little reason to consider Starfleet officers smart - lucky and tenacious yes.  Smart?  Not so much.

Rayek spent 5 minutes working out a means to upload his password-breaking program to just his terminal and attempted to open the file again. A second giant red X.

A chime at his door startled Rayek and he had to take a moment to compose himself, while closing down the monitor of his console before answering the door summons.   It was Norvok.  "You."  The bitterness in that one word surprised even Rayek. Fvadt! He was supposed to be better than this.  Stress of his impending situation was making him more temperamental than usual.

"Yes exactly. Me." Norvok responded mildly.  Norvok glanced pointedly to the Starfleet security standing guard outside the room.   "I've come to insist on your presence at tonight's celebration.  Here, allow me to help you pick out something suitable, Commander."  And with that the Emperor's pet borg pushed his way into Rayek's room signalling the door to close behind.

"I noticed you took the time to circumvent your surveillance this evening.  Then was alerted to a Strike - oh? now two Strikes - on the console assigned to your room. You really should know better than to try accessing such so openly." Norvok commented. "A third will lock your console, and have your lovely security escort outside barrelling in here with weapons drawn eager to show their Captain and the Admiral how well they can protect their precious Federation against the Romulan threat."  There was amusement in Norvok's tone.

Rayek growled at the man's criticism.  Norvok no doubt would love to see that.

Norvok continued on ignoring the almost feral snarl. "I understand you are desperate to save not just yourself but your family as well but hold off your self-destruction and let us make a deal."
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Prompt - Tetryon particles

Major Rayek tr'Lhoell
[yr 2386 - Romulan Bird of Prey - Kaleh]

Rayek, undercover as a newly transferred Centurion in the engineering department, sat at his assigned station on the Bridge of the Kaleh.  The Tal Shiar operative had been assigned to oversee and report back on the actual effectiveness of the 'newest' of the new shielding technologies being tested by the Kaleh - tetryon particles.

Opening up the relevant file on the console in front of him, Rayek quickly reviewed the theory behind today's field test.

'A tetryon is a subatomic particle that can only exist in subspace environments. Tetryon radiation  is a bombardment of these particles. Since these particles are a  property of subspace, they become highly energetic and unstable when  they are extruded into normal space, which can occur by both natural and artificial means. Tetryons have a random momentum, and thus cannot be tracked by sensors.'  He read quietly to himself.  Rather common knowledge.  He read on a bit regarding the theory... dry stuff until he got to a passage that noted the theory's inspiration.

'In 2370, a Klingon vessel disruptor bank was modulated to emit tetryon particles to disable an enemy vessels particle beam weapon. In 2378, the Federation vessel Voyager returned from the Delta quadrant with several reports of tetryon-based weaponry.'

Rayek smirked slightly as he filled in the blanks as to why Rihan scientists had theorized a tetryon-based shield.  The advantages of such a shield would put the Empire ahead of the Federation - if it worked.

"Arrain Rayek." Rayek's attention was drawn to the command chair as the Riov spoke to him.   "Status of the testing drone?"

Rayek glanced at his console, quickly calling up the unmanned ships status.  "Everything is ready. Remote command of the drone is 100% Sensor readings are strong and steady.  Tetryon-shielding standing-by to engage on your order, Riov."

"Erei'Riov take over Tactical. What is the ships weapons status?"

The Subcommander moved from his support position to the Tactical station replacing the junior officer that had been at the station prior, and called out "Reading at 100% and at stand-by, Riov."

"Excellent.  Let's see what she can take, shall we? Arrain Rayek raise shields on the drone."

Within seconds, the task was done. "Tetryon-shields raised," he announced.

All eyes turned to the viewscreen.  "Subcommander, Fire!"

kalen:  dagger
Arrain:  Centurion (similar to Lieutenant rank in Starfleet)
Riov:  Commander (similar to Captain rank in Starfleet)
Erei'Riov:  Subcommander (similar to Lt Commander rank in Starfleet)
Tal Shiar:  elite intelligence agency of the Romulan Star Empire
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Prompt - Annular confinement beam

Cadet Rayek
[Mars - Starfleet Technical Services Academy]

One of Rayek's most dreaded hands-on exercises in the operation services 101 class was that of Transporter technology. It wasn't that Rayek didn't know how to manipulate the transporter console controls.  As with most of these technical services classes, Rayek had plenty of experience and knowledge.  He could work the console easily - narrowing or widening the annular confinement beam as needed for the situation.  He knew when it was best to boost power to the confinement beam so to avoid degradation to the patterns.

And Rayek didn't dread the hands-on exercise out of boredom.  He rather liked the sense of responsibility and control he had when operating the transporter console.

No, what bothered Rayek the most was that each and every day after giving the class the situational assignment the Transporter Instructor would demonstrate the operation once with minimal explanation then call on Rayek first to repeat the operation perhaps in the hopes of having him mess up.   Whatever the man's reason for picking him, Rayek dreaded that first exercise.  To his classmates, Rayek always seemed to be overcautious about making a mistake, hesitating on the controls before performing the transporter operation.  However it wasn't his grades that had Rayek pausing, but rather, the class was always scheduled after lunch and the Instructor had the worst hygiene habits.  Rayek would swear an oath that the man didn't know how to wash his hands.

Today was no different, as Rayek was called up to take the first turn at the transporter console Rayek could immediately tell that the Instructor had eaten mexican for lunch as there were taco sauce prints all over the controls.  As had become habit over the past few weeks, Rayek palmed the sanitary wipe to his hand and as he made a show of considering what to do, he quickly wiped the console controls clean before unlocking the touch sensitive console.  His classmates never knew how much they owed him.
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Prompt - grief

'Centurion' Rayek
(Undercover Tal'Shiar - Acting Bodyguard for Ambassador Kalavak)
[USS Vanguard]

Ambassador Kalavak was dead.  The man survived  5 months under Dr. Mountain-Khan's care, before surcoming to the ravages of Pa'nar.   It had not been a pain-free or peaceful death in the least and Rayek could scarcely believe that the man had maintained his determination to forego the standard treatment that would have saved his life.

Rayek had called the Praetor just after the Ambassador's passing to make arrangements to have the body returned to Empire for a proper funeral and burial, but had been told to just have the Federation incinerate the corpse and for him to return immediately.  That had been yesterday morning.

Since that time Rayek had stayed with the body, keeping vigil.  He'd drawn on his own skin symbols representing Respect, and Remembrance.  It was variation of an archaic mourning custom but given that there was no other funerary rites being followed Rayek felt it was the least he could do to honor the man who had sacrificed his life for the well-being of the Empire.

As the Ambassador's sole remaining retainer - the others having left shortly after his transfer to the Starfleet vessel - it was Rayek who contacted the ship's Commander, then Captain, to make arrangement for the body to be burned.  Incineration was set for 2000 hrs ship's time. Currently, it was 0800.  Rayek tried not to think of what would come after the cremation but his thoughts were very dark and pessimistic despite his best attempt - focusing more on his own plight than the now-free-from-pain Ambassador.  Rayek almost envied the man.

A chime sounded at the door to the VIP quarters.  Rayek ignored it.   He ignored the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chimes as well.  There was a moment of silence when he believed his would-be visitor - the doctor no doubt, as no one else ever bothered to stop by - left.  But then the doors suddenly opened and Rayek turned to see Dr. Mountain-Khan hurrying in looking worried.

"Doctor?" Rayek questioned her presence.

"Oh! You're okay..? When you didn't answer... I was worried that... "  she left her sentence unfinished, as she moved to stand beside him by the Ambassador's bedside.  She looked exhausted and emotionally spent.

"You've been crying?" Rayek said in surprise as he studied her face.

Saqa7's eyes didn't turn to him, instead they settled on the Ambassador's face, as he lay  before them.  "I just needlessly lost a patient.  How would you expect me to feel?" Her voice as she spoke, quickly became thick with barely contained grief.

Rayek did not know what to say in response.  That she would weep at the death of the Ambassador should not have surprised him.  The doctor had changed much during their time aboard the USS Vanguard.  She'd gone from being wary and distrustful of her Romulan patient and guard, to greeting them daily with a cheerful and optimistic smile.  Rayek found himself missing that smile today.

"You did all you could.  He knew that."  Rayek said in an attempt to ensure that she knew that there was no blame.

"No, I didn't.  If I had - he would still be alive," she said miserably. "I miss his stories about Romulus.  He made it sound so beautiful."

Rayek nodded, recalling Kalavak's stories as well.  The man had been an excellent Ambassador - telling his stories with tears in his eyes, all so that he could obtain aid for his people.  "Yes, he had a way with words."

"I'd been to Romulus once - did I ever tell you that?  Of course I can't go into details but my ship the Bradbury was once invited there and I even got to spend an afternoon on the planet having a picnic with my fiancee.  But at the time I was so scared of your people... I couldn't enjoy it - not one bit.."

Rayek frowned at her story, recognizing at least part of it.  When he didn't say anything in response she turned to look to him and seeing his frown she quickly apologized.  "I'm sorry - I suppose that was rude of me to say.  I just ..  I wish I could have seen it through the Ambassador's eyes.  He loved his homeworld."

"Yes, he did and he loved his people even more...  It is unjust that he will be mourned more by his Starfleet doctor than by any Romulan alive."  Rayek commented bitterly.

"I wouldn't say any Romulan," the doctor replied quietly.  And at his questioning look she touched his face lightly and her fingers came away wet with tears he hadn't known he'd been crying.
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Prompt - deception

Major Rayek
(Tal Shiar operative)
[Warbird Falcon]

Rayek stood off to the side of the viewscreen, observing the exchange between the Warbird's Riov, Commander Delat - and the Vulcan  commanding the USS Courage, Rear Admiral Zaa.  He waited stoically for the connection to close before stepping forward to speak with Delat. "Commander Delat. A word with you in private."

He allowed Delat to lead the way to the Commanders office and waited until the doors slid shut before speaking in his coldest tone, as he circled around the Naval Officer much like a thrai stalking its next meal.

"Commander, would you kindly remind me of your -exact-orders for this mission? I wish to be certain of your incompetence before I have you demoted back down to Centurion."

"I understand my orders, Major," the Commander ground out between gritted teeth.

"Given your exchange with the Admiral, I somehow doubt that, Commander." Rayek slowed his circling and came to a stop directly in front of the Commander. "The Emperor has placed high value on the success of this mission. I will not allow you to jeopardize its success. I have been appointed Liaison Officer for this mission; I expect your complete co-operation and full obedience. Is that understood, Commander?"

"I understand my orders." Delat repeated mumbling more underneath his breath.

"Excellent, Commander. We have an understanding. Now, let me remind you Commander... while aboard the USS Courage or Bradbury, you will address me as Commander Rayek. A minor bit of deception.  It will stir less" Rayek paused a moment considering his words, "apprehension in our Federation guests, and we do so want them to be at ease while in our care, do we not Commander? False records have already added to the Falcon's database - just in case the Federation and it's precious Starfleet has means to access them." 

Rayek was not above believing that the Federation had their own version of the Tal Shiar.  A simple study of available Federation human history showed plenty of evidence of espionage.  Such distrust would not be weeded out of a species.  If anything it would grow deeper and more tenacious roots over time.  It was entirely possible that one or more of Delat's crew were spies for the Federation.  Rayek had yet to find evidence of such ... yet, but he prepared himself for the possibility of it - thus the false records.

"Yes, Commander." Delat answered with a bit of emphasis on the new rank.

Rayek smiled. Delat still sounded bitter but for the moment was obeying the directive.  "Good. I will leave you to prepare for our beaming over, and meet you in the transporter room, shortly."

Rayek left the Commander to stew over his dressing down, and headed to his VIP quarters to change uniforms to complete his ruse. Five minutes later, he was waiting aboard the Romulan transporter pad for beam over to the USS Courage, dressed in a Commanders' dress uniform with appropriate rank insignia.  'Let the deception begin...' he thought with a smirk before the transporters beam caught him.

Riov - Commander (equivalent to Starfleet Captain)
thrai - predator (similar to the Terran wolverine).
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Prompt - Denebian slime devil

Cadet Rayek
[Mars Colony - Underground Blackmarket]

Rayek glanced surreptitiously behind him for what seemed like the millionth time since sneaking out of the Academy grounds that evening.  There was no sign of being followed.  Good.

He checked the status of his 'borrowed' portable tricorder, in his pocket, which he had set to emit a false bio signal to cover his own bio-rhythms.  It was still functioning. Good.

Next, he checked his disguise. With limited supplies the most Rayek had managed to do was build up his forehead so that his V ridge was hidden and he could pass as a Vulcan.  His disguise, while far from perfect, should suffice.  Good.

Lastly, he checked that the 'borrowed' credit chip had the funds he would need.   Check.  He was ready.

From the busy well-lit main street, Rayek turned onto a empty street and from there turned again down into a darkened alley.  He studied each doorway in the alley as he passed, until he came to a door that met the description of what he'd been told.   He pressed the call button.

"Whaddya want? We're closed.  Come back tomorrow." A male voice answered in Federation Standard.

Rayek, mindful of his disguise kept his voice neutral and bland, as he replied back with the phrase that was supposed to get him past the underground security.  "I seek a Denebian slime devil."  He heard the door-lock click open and after a moment the metal barrier slid to the side, allowing him entrance.  Rayek stepped within the darkened room and was brought to a halt by a blue-skinned Andorian who stood blocking his way and  pointing a Andorian chaka towards him warily as the door behind Rayek shut.  "Vulcan huh?  We don't get many of your kind here."

"Your current posturing might suggest a reason why."  Rayek answered with typical Vulcan calmness. "Shall we proceed to the nature of my illegal request or do you need additional time to mentally process the proof of my presence here?"

A chuckle was heard from the darkness beyond the Andorian.  "Let him through." The Andorian looked skeptical but stepped aside and the darkness was parted slightly revealing a rather dirty and unkempt room where a man - Terran by appearances- sat at a table lit by a single lamp in the nearest corner of the room.  He motioned for Rayek to sit in the seat opposite as he got more comfortable.  Various drug paraphernalia littered the table.

When Rayek took a step towards the man, a sound, like moving chain alerted him to movement from the opposite corner.  It was dark but Rayek could make out the shadowy form of a meter long Denebian Slime Devil charging for him.


Rayek stood his ground and braced for the charge but the chain which the slime devil wore stopped it a meter short of its target - him.  The man laughed and motioned towards the chair once more.  Rayek raised an eyebrow in fair imitation of a Vulcan response and sat down, though he would have preferred to throw the laughing drug-dealer to the slime devil and enjoyed the resultant entertainment.

"So... what's your pleasure Mr. Vulcan?" the man asked with a tone of voice and expression that did nothing to hide the fact that the guy overly samples his wares.

Rayek ignored the obvious 'emotion' taunt just like any proper Vulcan would and got straight to business.  He passed across the table a small padd with a chemical formula noted on it.  "I require 100 units of this synthesized along with a forged medical script for the prescription."

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Prompt - Saurian Brandy

Centurion Rayek
[Romulus - Tal Shiar Head Office - 2385]

Rayek waited nervously in ante-chamber of the Vice-Chairman.  Finding the Tal Shiar Head Office would have been nigh impossible, had Rayek not received specific and detailed directions in a brief comm-call in which he was instructed to memorize the directions that would be provided.  He was told the directions once before his contact cut the call abruptly.   Thankfully Rayek had a rather good memory and had been able to recall the instructions well enough that he'd found the place right away.  The young centurion figured that the memorization and ability to locate the Head Office through verbal cues only was all part of the interview process.   

Nothing about the building, it's listed directory or its location hinted at all at what organization was truly within. This really was covert stuff and the young Romulan could scarely believe that he'd been one of the few screened-in,  because of his service record or maybe his family connections, for an interview.  If things went well, he could become an intelligence operative of Tal Shiar.  The idea of it was quite exhilarating.

A chime sounded and the guard standing at the doorway looked to Rayek and nodded.  "The Vice-Chairman will see you now."

Rayek rose from his seat and was allowed entrance to the office beyond.  The room was luxurious to say the least.  Furniture and art of the latest contemporary design accented the spacious office.  From the opposite side of a wide marble desk rose Vice-Chairman Vakis.

She was small in stature but everything about her bearing was alert and controlled.  From what little Rayek had managed to find about the female Vice-Chairman she had been in the Tal Shiar since before 2370.  That she had her eye set on becoming Chairman was obvious, which is why no doubt she was seemed so alert.  She likely had many enemies.

"Centurion Rayek tr'Lhoell, ma'am"  the guard announced.  Rayek offered the Vice-Chairman a salute, bending his elbow to bring his fist to his chest with his arm horizontal to the ground, then extending his arm out towards the Vice-Chairman sharply.  He held this position until his salute was acknowledged by a nod.  The Vice-Chairman regarded him for a long moment before nodding. 

"Jolan Tru, Centurion Rayek." She greeted as she waved off her guard who exited the room, closing the door behind; then Vice-Chairman Vakis motioned for him to take a seat at the chair positioned directly in front of her desk.

"Jolan Tru, Vice-Chairman Vakis." He responded and moved to take the seat she'd indicated.  While he did so, she moved away from her desk, to walk over to a mirrored cabinet. From it she pulled out a distinct looking bottle.


Rayek watched her saying nothing.  She glanced over to him and smiled, "Saurian Brandy. A perk of the job." She poured herself a glass all the while watching Rayek. That the Brandy was currently an illegal substance because of a trade dispute with the Saurian's who were in the process of joining the Federation was not lost on Rayek.

"Would you like a glass, Centurion?" she asked pointedly.  It was a test, Rayek recognized but what solution she wanted out of him eluded Rayek.  Best to play it safe yet give the impression of confidence.

"Your offer honors me, Vice-Chairman. But I would not presume to believe I have earned such a reward quite yet.  Ask me again after my first mission for the Tal Shiar and we can toast together my success." It was a bit of bold statement but it seemed to have been the right answer for she laughed and downed the drink in one gulp.

"Very well, let's talk about your future, Rayek."

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Prompt - Kelvans

Recruit Rayek
[Mars -  Starfleet Technical Services Academy]

Of all his classes at the Mars Academy, Rayek paid attention to the course material in Xeno Studies the most.   Rayek found it interesting the difference between how the Federation portrayed one species compared to how they were depicted by his own people.  Rayek was certain he knew which of the two had the right of it.

Rayek also enjoyed learning about those few obscure Federation member species and species that the Federation has encountered that Rayek had never yet studied, or even heard of, even as a Tal Shiar operative - species like the Kelvans.  Encountered during one of the Enterprises early missions when James T. Kirk was in Command.  The species, was from the Andromeda galaxy,  who in their native form were said to be over two times the size of a human with tentacles, yet were able to assume humanoid form.  Only a handful of them are known to exist in the Milky Way galaxy.  Rayek hoped one day to actually meet one.

The only downside to the class was that Rayek was often called on to provide what the Romulan xenophobic perspective of the species was.  Whenever he did so he was never looked upon favorably afterwards - as if by stating the perspective, he was saying he agreed with it.  If that were the case, Rayek never would have defected... were others not intelligent enough to realize that?
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Prompt - Isolation

Prisoner 3J4S735GL (Rayek tr'Lhoell)
[Penal Colony Faicol-lhui]

Rayek had been on Faicol-lhui all of 24 hrs before the first attempt on his life was made. It hadn't been unexpected, given that he had rooted out and helped in capturing many of the Empire's dissidents currently residing here.  The attack had been a straight on knife-fight where his opponent had a knife and he nothing but his bare-hands and the chain that bound them.  At the man's charge, Rayek moved aside the last second and deflected the blade away while wrapping his chains about the man's neck until he was strangled.  That incident earned him 3 days in isolation.

Isolation was a small 8 by 8 rock-hewn cell with no light and titanium plated door barring the rooms only entrance.  Within was pitch-black, no sound could be heard beyond and the smell of urine and feces was almost overwhelming.  The cell was damp -which was both a blessing and curse.  A curse because the dampness was cold and over time Rayek found he shivered almost non-stop to keep his core temperature up.  And a bless because during those three days neither food nor water was brought so Rayek subsisted on the moisture he could wring from his shirt that he hung off the dampest of rocks.

The next attempt was about a week later, this time the guards had been lax or paid off to be elsewhere during a brief work break.  Rayek was attacked three on one with just a miner's pick-axe to defend himself with.   He didn't escape quite so unscathed that time but he was the only survivor.  Once more Rayek was sent to isolation - this time for a week.  He was relieved to discovered sometime in between his 1st and 2nd internment, the cell had been hosed down.

His presence in that tiny cell became quite regular those first few months, but after awhile the other inmates either learned not to try anything with the former Tal'Shiar or Rayek had killed off all those he'd wronged.  Either way, the attacks stopped and it was just his occasional smart-ass remarks to the guards that earned him isolation-time afterwards.   In all Rayek estimated about he'd spent about 45 to 50 days in isolation before he was called back into service.
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Prompt - forgiveness

Prisoner 3J4S735GL (Rayek tr'Lhoell)
[Penal Colony Faicol-lhui]

Rayek was between isolation visits in his third month when he learned that his father, Talen tr'Lhoell, had been sentenced and imprisoned at Faicol-lhui as well.  Their work shifts and meals times were always opposite - quite likely planned that way by the prisoner warden.

For two days afterwards Rayek studied the guard patrols - how often they roved, who they checked on the most. He quietly spoke to other inmates, who by now  either feared or respected him for his survival of the attempts on his life. Plans were made and on the third day at the end of his 7-hr work shift, during the brief overlap when his shift came off and the other came on.. a planned distraction allowed Rayek to switch places with another just coming on shift that closely resembled him.

Rayek worked an exhausting second 7-hr shift.  One shift usually being tiring enough - the second was nearly too much for him being as poorly fed as he and the other prisoners were; his weary efforts drawing undue attention to himself in the last few hours, but noticing this Rayek redoubled his efforts and the guards moved on to harass another.  Once more at shift end a minor scuffle between two inmates provided the distraction needed to switch places again with another just coming on shift.

Finally Rayek was on the same work-shift as his father.  He moved through the long corridor of prisoners quickly - jumping the line when the guards weren't paying attention, looking for his father. It would be lights out for his own shift soon and the guards then were a bit more attentive to their duties.

After nearly a half-hour, Rayek found him.  He'd almost passed right by not recognizing him by sight so changed was he, working away at chipping out the stone from around a vein of dilithium. Gone was the tall upright figure of strength and authority that Rayek grew up respecting, a Romulan who after the take over of Praetor Shinzon had stepped up to help lead Romulus out of the chaos, a Romulan who spoke in the Senate for reforms that would benefit all of Romulus and Remus not just the Ruling Clans; and in his place now was a wraith of that man, slump-shouldered and broken-of-spirit by the harshness of prison life.

Rayek moved to his fathers side, tapping at the stone beside and quietly whispered to him.  "Father, it is good to see you - despite our circumstances."  Talen was startled at the unexpected greeting, but managed to calm himself at Rayek's subtle shushing gesture so as not to attract the attention of the guards.

"Son, so you are here as well.  I had hoped that would not be the case.  Have you heard anything of your mother or siblings?" Talen asked quietly as resumed his task of working at the stone with the ineffective pick-axe.

Rayek shook his head and kept watch for guards as he answered "No, I am sorry Father, I have not. I only just learned of your presence here.  I had hoped the Praetors' threat to act against you and the family, should my mission fail, was a bluff.  I should have known better and forewarned you.  I ask your forgiveness Father.  This is all my fault."

"Nonsense Rayek, I knew the reforms I was advocating were unpopular, and not likely to gain favor with the higher Clans.  My being here is my own doing.  I read many of your mission-reports, you have always done your best son.  You have done nothing that requires my forgiveness."  His father smiled briefly at him, straightening slightly somewhat - resembling more the man he used to be.

A commotion down the line caught Rayek attention, and he cocked his head slightly hearing running footsteps and raised voices from up along the mining corridor.  "They come for me Father.  I must go.  If they question you, we never spoke. Stay strong Father."  Rayek whispered before leaving his father.

Rayek moved back further towards the approaching guards, cutting into line just at the moment he noticed they spotted him to question another inmate about a prisoner named Talen.  Before the man could answer Rayek was grabbed by the guards.  He struggled in their grip and fiercely demanded to know where his father was.  The guards just laughed and dragged him away commenting to Rayek how he was overdue for another visit to the isolation cell.
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Prompt -  hasperat

Recruit Rayek
[Mars - Rayek's apartment]

Three months into his first year and Rayek attended his first 'potluck'.  It was a class gathering being put on by a pair of Terran students to celebrate in combination several Terran winter festivals including 'Xmas', 'Yuletide', 'Kwanzaa', and 'Hanukkah'.  Rayek's only instructions at the time when he received the invite in his computers mail was to bring food for the potluck.   

He did a bit of research on the celebrations which seemed varied but all seemed to reflect on the faith of goodwill and the coming of light, which made some sense given that the celebrations were centered  around the Terran winter solstice. How humans managed to come up with the traditions of a decorated evergreen or a fictional elderly man that  gives out gifts to good children eluded him, but he was curious so he decided he would attend this celebration.   He had his apartment food replicator prepare a large batch of one his favored Federation meals - Bajoran hasperat. 

[Thompson dorm room]
He timed his arrival at the gathering to match the time noted on the invitation but found that he was one of the few who had arrived on time.  His arrival was met with some rather uncertain looks by the twin sisters, Rachel and Rochelle Thompson, who were hosting the evenings festivities.  He was granted entrance but after he was pointed towards a long trestle table where he was asked to set his potluck dish, the two woman whispered to themselves, believing he couldn't hear.

"You actually invited him?!"
"I sent out the invitation to the entire class distribution list. Sorry, I didn't think he'd actually come."
"Well, what are we going do? You know no one else is going to stay long if he's here."

Rayek set the dish down on the table with a wry grimace before turning to walk back towards the two women.  Disdain on his face and in his tone.  "For future reference, I have excellent hearing - your whispers hide nothing."  Without further comment Rayek walked out; and spent the rest of the evening studying alone in the Academy library.

One would think, that the Romulan would be used to such attitudes, and he was but that evening left its' mark on Rayek.   He is reminded of the incident every time he has hasperat and the remembrance often sours his appetite.
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Prompt - dunsel

'Commander' Rayek (alias of Major Rayek of the Tal Shiar)
[USS Courage - Conference Room - Gomtuu system in Romulan territory]

The meeting between the Romulans and the Federation Starfleet officers of the USS Challenger and USS Bradbury was not going well.  It had all come to a head moments ago when Rear Admiral Zaa and Captain Savok joked in response to Commander Thraiin tr'Khellian's question.

"Did you or did you not send these creatures into Romulan space as your Security Chief seems to allude to? " Thraiin questioningly accused. "Is he saying these creatures plan next to take Romulus?  Are you truly in league with them and we have simply fallen into a trap?  If so it is well set but make no mistake you will fail." 

To which Rear Admiral Zaa joked to his Captain in an aside that was quite audible "Maybe, that is not such a bad idea! We could suggest it to the creatures and see what they do but I reckon they would see Romulus as a very developed society. Or would you think that they might consider it to be a primitive one that needs to be developed?" Zaa chuckled.

"I think the Tulacz would consider the lot o' them dunsels, sir." Captain Savok replied with a laugh of his own.

Rayek recognized the fact that he and his people had just been insulted but couldn't place the term dunsel at all.

That Thraiin didn't appreciate either comment much was evident from the Commander's sarcastic tone as he stood up abruptly. "Captain, your attitude astounds me. I will participate no further in this ruse. Rayek is better suited for this acquiescent-type behavior - I am not!"  Then without the customary bow, Thraiin turned in one neat militaristic move and left the conference room, leaving Rayek to continue planning with the Feds.

Perplexed, Zaa said, "I apologize for my joke -  it was not meant to offend. However, all that needs to be done to sort out this situation is for one of you Romulans to talk telepathically with these creatures. We can help you but you have to have the courage to take that step."

Rayek bristled at yet more insults in regards to him and his peoples courage. "So they can read our minds and wipe our memories like was done with the Riov? I think not."  Rayek answered coolly.  "Have your people come up with another means for us to communicate with these Tulacz since you are evidently so familiar with them.  We will not risk more Romulan secrets falling to the enemy."

Things only went downhill from there. In the end the mission failed and Rayek was made the scapegoat.
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Prompt - Klingon

2nd Lieutenant Rayek tr'Lhoell (of the Tal Shiar)
[2385 - Romulus -  Imperial War College]

Rayek's soft-soled boots made no noise as he strode along the marble hallways of the Imperial War College. It was a stark difference compared to the last time he walked these halls; military boots stepping loudly 5 years prior as he headed for his own convocation.
As he exited the arched marble hallways for the more ornate open auditorium, Rayek realized he had already missed the much of the ceremony's opening remarks.  He hoped Kemala hadn't noticed his absence, or he would never hear the end of it from her.  Rayek blamed his tardiness on the vid-call he'd received from Wurd, a Klingon contact used by the Tal Shiar to keep tabs on their neighbors.

Rayek quietly moved just to the side of the door to observe the graduation proceedings.  His dark eyes roved the auditorium.  He noted his father and mother present, seated near the front of the hall.  Standing in strategically key locations about the room, Rayek counted easily 10 Imperial Guards.  All alert to keep safe his father, given Talen tr'Lhoell's position as Proconsul among the Senate.

As each rank and name was called the cheers from the hall was deafening. "Uhlan Lorun tr'Khellian.... Uhlan Kemala t'Lhoell.... " Rayek, in the back, cheered and clapped along with the crowd, loudly celebrating his sister's success. Whereas his sister had graduated College and was now about to beginning her mandatory five year military service with the Romulan Imperial Navy;  Rayek, who had just finished his five years with the rank of Centurion, had signed again at a lesser rank with the Tal Shiar.  The next few years were going to be interesting times for both of them.

"Jaron tr'Man'dak..."  Once more Rayek raised his voice to cheer.  Perhaps not quite as loudly, Jaron was more his sister's friend than his own. Though friend might be an overly mild term now... their mother had mentioned that Jaron had approached Talen recently to officially court Kemala.  Rayek didn't know how he felt about that.  He was a tad bit overprotective of his sister at times, something she hated, saying that she could protect herself, she didn't need his archaic big brother attitude and that she could fight her own battles.

A vibe on his communicator, drew his attention away from further names being called. Rayek tapped on a small earbud device and quietly acknowledged the incoming call.  He listened a moment before sighing.  It seemed the Klingon contact insisted on meeting in person to pass on some sensitive information and Rayek had been chosen to go meet with him along the border.  This would mean Rayek would miss out on further celebrations with his sister.  It was disappointing news but duty came first.

Rayek took one last glance towards his sister, who was standing on stage beaming happily towards Jaron as she held his hand in triumph.  Rayek quietly wished them both well as he turned away and slipped out the auditorium doors to arrange his flight out to the border.
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Prompt - Parrises squares & Voth

Recruit Rayek
[Mars - Starfleet Technical Service Academy - Gymnasium]

The crowd cheered as the favored team ran out on the court.  Rayek, waiting in the hall just outside the dressing room with the rest of the last-minute drafted team-players, refrained from adjusting his ill-fitting unitard uniform as he for the 100th time imagined the terrible vengeance he would wreak upon Benos, the teams Captain, for tricking him into agreeing to this match.  No amount of Romulan ale was worth this embarrassment.

Parrises squares, being a team sport was not one that Rayek participated in frequently, in fact he avoided it unless it was part of the scheduled DPA.  His avoidance didn't change the fact that he was good at it; as Benos the blue-skinned trickster well knew.  Benos and Nalem had much to answer for after this.

"And introducing the challengers from STSA's freshman class...  The Omega Outsiders!"   Benos led the way into the court to a smattering of cheers.  Rayek followed and quickly took note of the other team.  They were all athletic individuals and Rayek noted immediately why Benos had been adamant that he play.  The favored team had a Vulcan player - as well as one species Rayek had never seen before.  By it's reptilian features, Rayek guessed the species to be Arkonian.  Benos however, at noticing Rayek's direction of gaze, offered up several different suggestions that Rayek hadn't even considered given the species were either rare or not from the Alpha or Beta Quadrants.  "Hey, pop-quiz Hot-shot - Arkonian, Voth, Gorn or Tosk?" 

Rayek glanced over to Benos at the Andorian's fondness for quoting ancient Terran's action films.   Rayek had heard this particular one in class numerous times - to the point where Rayek had searched the terms 'pop-quiz' and 'hot-shot' just to be sure it wasn't some manner of insult.  Benos waited for Rayek's response with a slight grin.

Rayek looked back towards the reptilian species and considered what he knew of each species named.  The Gorn though an Alpha quadrant species, had little interaction with the Federation other than a few skirmishes. He doubted they would have members present at at Parrises squares tournament.  The Tosk were a rarely encountered species from the Gamma quadrant - again he doubted members of that species being interested in participating in such an event.   Arkonian's were an Alpha quadrant species that had a 'friendly' history with the Federation.  So their participation here was viable.  As for the Voth,  Rayek had never heard of the species before - which suggested a newly encountered species - maybe a new Federation member or ally?

"One question.. where are the Voth from?" Rayek asked, to which Benos chuckled and shook his head.  It was Nalem, their Trill teammate, who answered, "Well, if the rumors are right from Earth originally, but the USS Voyager encountered them out in the Delta quadrant."

"Hey, you're helping him!" Benos complained.

Rayek nodded towards helpful Trill.  "Then I would have to say Arkonian." He answered the original 'pop-quiz' question.

"Aw. Nalem, you gave it away!"

They lost the game - 12 to 7.
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Prompt - Gratitude

'Centurion' Rayek - Romulan Attache/Bodyguard to Ambassador Kalavak (Tal Shiar operative)
[USS Vanguard -  VIP suite - yr 2391]

Rayek sat at the room's small desk re-reading on the computer display the most recent encrypted message he had received from his superiors.  As suspected, with the death of the Ambassador, Rayek was being recalled and the carefully written orders implied that he was being re-assigned to a 'special post'.  Which Rayek knew was a code word from his contact informing him that the new provisional government considered him a liability now and that he would be sent somewhere remote and out of the way, perhaps even back to prison. 

Rayek's future looked bleak.  His family dead or locked away for life, his career in tatters with no hope of being redeemed in the eyes of this new government - not with the allegiances he'd been forced to make over the years in order to do his duty - all of which were gone now.  He wondered at the point of it all. 

A chime sounded and Rayek closed the message before responding "Enter."

His day brightened with the arrival of Dr. Mountain-Khan.  She greeted him with a smile that he wished he could memorize and call to mind whenever he was in need of a ray of sunshine.

In the past few days since the Ambassador's death Dr. Mountain-Khan, or Saqa7 as she repeatedly asked him to call her, had been his anchor.  He owed her his gratitude for being there for him when he first  received his orders.   He had been quite despondent and she had made time for him.

She seemed to be able to read his underlying mood at any give time, and had listened nonjudgmental as he, in a moment of weakness, spoke out against the Empire and its unjust plans for him; and had even expressed genuine sympathy at his plight.   That had been the other night.  He had but 2 more before his transport back to the Empire.

"Ah, Dr. Mountain-Khan.  How good of you to visit." he greeted courteously.

The native doctor shook her head a bit and chuckled.  "I do wish you would call me Saqa7 - at least when it's just the two of us.  It's much less of a mouthful."  The doctor walked over studying Rayek's face and posture a moment and then placed a hand lightly on his arm as he stood up from the chair gesturing for her to take the rooms only seat.

Saqa7 ignored the offer and instead fixed Rayek with an accusatory look. "You've been brooding about your orders again, haven't you?"

Rayek gave a slight snort. "What else is there to do but brood?"

The doctor seemed to hesitate a moment, as if uncertain how to broach the topic.  "Well, have you considered.. not going back?"
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Prompt - Black Ops

Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Romulus - city of I'Ramnau]

Thirteen year old Rayek frowned at the incessant pestering of his younger sibling Kemala as she interrupted his one afternoon of freetime.  Rayek was up in his room, on his computer, setting up a blackmarket electronic to his display screen, when she came barging into his room demanding he take her to her friend Jaron's and play tag with them.

"Mother said it was your responsibility to watch over me today and I want to play tag with Jaron, so you have to play too." Kemala reasoned, with a child's logic.

"No, I don't.  You can invite him over, have his parents drop him off and I can watch the two of you over the security cameras and still fulfill my responsibility. I'm busy right now." Rayek countered as he finished attaching the last of the multi-colored wires. Obtaining the correct power adapters and wire connections for the unit had been difficult and cost Rayek the last of his saved allowance but once he got the unit working it would be so worth it, he thought.

"But I want you to play too, it's more fun when there are others." Kemala argued.

"Invite other classmates then." Rayek reasoned, his attention more on the powered up screen than on his younger sibling.  "I don't do games, Kemala."

Kemala pouted angrily beside him for a moment before her eyes fell on the odd looking lettering displayed on the screen.  "What language is that?"

Rayek belatedly attempted to cover the unit with a discarded towel, then sighed in resignation.  Rayek glanced to his sister and hesitated a moment before answering.   "It's English .. kind of like Federation Standard." He looked at his sister intently.  "You can't tell anyone I have this.  Not only would I get in trouble but so would Mother and Father.  So you have to promise to keep it a secret." 

Kemala regarded her brother skeptically for a moment but he looked serious so she eventually nodded.  "Fine. I promise. What is it?" she asked still curious. 

Rayek rolled his eyes at his sister's ignorance.  "It's a Terran video game console. It's called an Xbox One," he answered as he pressed the circular X button on the units handheld remote and flicked through the start up screens quickly and with ease.  He had been introduced to the Xbox unit several months ago by a schoolmate and the two had been engaged in several sessions together until last month when his schoolmate's console had been discovered and confiscated.

Kemala laughed at his reply.  "A game console? You just said you don't do games," his sister commented drily.

"This is much more than just a game, Kemala.  This is military intelligence and research material." Rayek answered back as he pulled out from his carry bag a circular disc with more of the English words written on it.

"What is that and what's it read?" Kemala demanded to know as she peered at the disc.  Rayek scowled, "If I show you - just this once - will you then just leave me be?" 

Kemala nodded and Rayek sighed as he took and held up the disc.  "This is a game disc called Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.  It's like ..."  he paused to find the right analogy as he slipped the disc into its slot, "a military training program.  'Black Ops' refers to covert military or political operations like assassinations and such.  Somewhat like the Tal'Shiar."

Kemala regarded Rayek for a long moment silently.  Rayek wondered if maybe he should have censored his explanation. He knew of many adults who did not dare mention the name of the Tal'Shiar lest it draw their attention to them.  His sister was only just turning 8 - it might be too frightening for her.  The screen flared to life with the image of a human soldier attired in various foreign weapons. Kemala glanced to the screen then back to Rayek.

"Sounds boring." Kemala remarked in her usual annoying tone, then turned away, "I'm going to go call, Jaron," she stated and left Rayek to his game.  Rayek watched her leave, bemused by her reaction but figured her lack of interest was probably safer for them all.  He knew she wouldn't break her promise - not intentionally, but if she had been interested in the game and pursued knowing more she might have eventually let something slip to Mother or Father.  This way she'd likely forget all about the game console after a short while - so long as she was kept occupied.  For once, Rayek found himself hoping that her friend Jaron would be able to come over - if just to keep her entertained.
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Prompt - Containment Field

Recruit Rayek
[USS Enterprise-E Engineering]

The wail of the red alert klaxon was loud in Rayek's ears as his security override code unlocked the emergency bulkhead door which was currently sealing Engineering off from the rest of the ship.  He double checked his tricorder to ensure that the bio-signs were still present.  There would be no sense in him risking his life to retrieve corpses.  Two life signs remained - weak but present.  An earlier scan had revealed the air within Engineering was toxic due to ruptured plasma coils.

Rayek retrieved his portable rebreather and set it into his mouth as he activated the doors to open.  Smoke immediately covered his vision but by using the tricorder Rayek was able to navigate his way through the smoke towards the two life-signs.

Given how weak the life-signs were displayed on his tricorder, Rayek had expected to find both individuals unconscious, instead his approach through the smoke was met with the sight of a Benzite male half supporting a Vulcan female who was half slumped across a console struggling to remain alert.

Rayek moved to the other side of the Vulcan and took over supporting her weight.  He motioned for the Benzite to follow but the man shook his head as he continued to work at the console now freed from the semi-conscious Vulcan.

It was however the female Vulcan who Rayek was supporting that answered.  "We have to...cough cough...  strengthen the containment field around the antimatter.. cough cough - if we don't the whole ship will blow."

Rayek took the rebreather from his mouth and passed it to the struggling Vulcan, who hesitated a second before accepting the portable breathing device recognizing the logic of sharing it.  His first inhalation of the toxic air burned in his lungs and Rayek had to fight back a cough which would only force him to breath in more of the toxins. 

"The ship is already lost.  The Captain has ordered the abandon ship." Rayek stated, risking another brief shallow inhalation to continue speaking. "I've been ordered to get any survivors from Engineering out and off the ship.  Now let's move!" His urging was met with resistance though as the Vulcan attempted to assist the Benzite at the console.

Rather than continue to argue with the stubborn Vulcan, Rayek adjusted his support of her to free a hand and with a quick move placed his fingers over specific pressure and nerve points on the woman's neck and shoulder and dropped her.  The rebreather fell from her slack mouth.

Rayek hefted her weight onto his shoulder then turned to the Benzite pulling his phaser.  "Step away from the console and lead the way to the exit or I will stun you and drag you out forcibly."  He rasped as talking meant breathing in yet more of the burning smoke and toxins.

When the Benzite opened his mouth to argue, pointing towards the anti-matter unit, Rayek fired his phaser and stunned the engineer.  He grabbed the Benzite by an arm and dragged engineer out of Engineering exactly as he'd warned.

[Mars - Starfleet Technical Services Academy]

"Computer end program," the instructors voice cut through the wail of the klaxon and suddenly the weight of the Vulcan female disappeared from his shoulder and the Benzite's arm disappeared from his grip.

Rayek assumed an at attention stance while the rest of the class filed in behind the instructor to hear the simulations assessment. 

"Rayek, would please explain why you felt it necessary to subdue both engineers?" 

(scene fade)
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Prompt - Deception

PO2 Rayek
[Betazed - Underground Security Compound - Secured Meeting Area]

While Commander Briggs explained to Captain Torngate about Rayek's suggestion about the hacked universal translator's, Rayek turned his attention to tracing back the leaked transmission.  As expected the signal was being routed around numerous satellites and ground stations, but Rayek was tenacious, and being more than just a little familiar in the art of hiding transmissions he knew what to look for as he worked back along the signal path.

Tracing back the signal was a slow process and Rayek knew that by the time he managed to locate its source, the hacker would have likely moved on.  It was something that he himself would do - not staying in one place long enough to be traced.  That thought  - the similarity between them - gave Rayek an idea.

The hacker had shared the Captain's words... to what end?  To sow distrust.. so why not play on that in return?  If Rayek could convince the hacker that Rayek's loyalty was no longer to the Federation cause of the words shared and that he could be of use to the hacker, then there was a chance that Rayek could be seen as an ally.  Deception was a tool that Rayek knew well. 

As he worked, the Romulan quietly whispered to himself and his listener.  "You've gone through a great deal of time and effort to hack these systems.  I hope it was not to merely disseminate medical files and ship logs.  There is value to the information you've gathered.  I know of several that would pay richly for such information.  Think about it."
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Prompt - Auxiliary Control

Recruit Rayek
[Mars - Starfleet Technical Services Academy]

Smoke and alarms filled the ship even within the service tube Rayek was crawling through, or rather the holosuite's representation of the service tube.  Rayek and his classmates were taking a part in a training simulation, wherein their objective was to retake the ship from hostile boarders.   Currently the last of the boarders, a handful of Jem'Hadar warriors, were holed up in Auxiliary Control with intentions of destroying the entire ship.   Transporters were down and the doors to Auxiliary Control were sealed from the inside.   While one team worked on trying to get the main doors open by phasering their way through, the team Rayek was assigned to was ordered to attempt to access the auxiliary bridge through the service tubes.

Though Rayek and his 4 other teammates were quick to move through the tubes, time was running short.  Ahead of him, his team leader Benos was hand-signaling the 'all-stop'.  Rayek, repeated the hand gesture for the benefit of those behind him then moved forward as the blue-skinned Andorian made space for Rayek alongside him in the narrow tube as the service shaft came to an abrupt end at a grate.  Beyond the grate Rayek could hear the Dominion controlled Jem'Hadar speaking among themselves as they worked at by-passing ship safety measures meant to ensure that what they were attempting to do couldn't happen.  He could also hear the steady thrum of the other security team still working to access the control room through the plated doors.

Benos gestured out his plan.  Remove the grate quietly  (since the tube appeared to be un-monitored and its a location between two control consoles  -Science and Communications - near the back of the room, meant that it was mostly out of sight); exit the tube and provide cover fire if needed while the others exited; then the five would take out the boarders in a head-on charge.  Phasers were to be set to kill.  To Rayek, it was an overly simple plan, even a little reckless but Benos was a team-leader, and Rayek's job as his 2nd was to act on the plan not critique it. 

Rayek nodded sharply then inched forward to take a closer look through the grate.  That's when he noticed a scanning device set on the floor its sensor pointed towards the access tube.  Rayek grimaced.  A quick rigged motion and heat sensor no doubt, set up to sound an alarm if they were try to just exit the tube as initially planned.  Rayek pointed it out to Benos then motioned him back since they didn't know how sensitive that scanner would be to changes in temperature but figured one body would give off less heat than two in such a cramped space.

From his duty belt Rayek pulled his phaser, and despite Benos'  wide-eyes warning him not to try shooting the scanner, Rayek curled around the phaser to muffle both it's noise and its heat as he fired off a brief split second burst down towards the floor grate they were crawling on cutting across a band of it.  Rayek had timed it with the phaser fire from the team at the door.  Rayek paused alertly to check if any of the Jem'Hadar had noticed the sound or if the sensor had picked up the heat but after second there were no alarms. Rayek then motioned for Benos to do the same along the floor grate for a 5 ft length from the other end.  Four feet was distance to the scanner.

It took less than 30 seconds for the two to cut out the length needed after which Rayek once more crept up to the access grate and ever so slowly inched the length of metal through the grate towards the scanner, where he then used it to carefully push on the corner of the scanner to slowly turn it inward so that it faced a console rather than the access grate.

Opening the access grate was easy after that.  Rayek was able to manage it ever so silently setting the grate aside as he then crept out of the service tube.  He quickly grabbed his phaser once more and moved up towards the edge of the science console to peer around the corner towards where the voices could still be heard discussing how to override the ships security lockout. 

The five Jem'Hadar  were spread out across the front section of the room.  Two stood at the ready facing the doors for when the Security team outside managed to  cut their way through which would be shortly.  Two more were busily working away at the Helm and Engineering consoles.  The fifth - their leader Rayek assumed - stood a bit further back, nearer the center of the room, overseeing the override work and Starfleet security's progress on the doors.  "How much longer?"  the universal translator in his right ear translated the Jem'Hadar's native tongue. 

"Less than a minute, sir.  We've just about broken through their lockout."

"You are cutting it close. That security team is almost through the doors.  Finish it quickly!  I want that anti-matter containment field down before those guards cut through. Our deaths will bring glory to the Founders!"

There was a gruff cheer from the other Jem'Hadar though they each kept focus on their tasks.

The Auxiliary Control Center was a small work area compared to the usual Bridge of a starship; containing all the same work consoles - just in a much more cramped space.  This was actually a benefit to Rayek and the Security team.  It meant that station consoles, which faced forward, jutted out further into  room providing excellent cover for the security team as member after member crept out silently after Rayek.

Rayek remained keeping watch until Benos appeared at his side and signaled a count of three.  One.  Two. Three.  Three members, including Rayek, of the five member security team broke from behind the cover of the Science console as phaser fire from the remaining two shot out towards the two Jem'Hadar keeping watch on the doors which were about to be breached.

The two battle-ready warriors dropped dead.  But that still left three to content with.  Rayek continued with the other Security to charge forward to get a clear shot on the Jem'Hadar working at blowing up the ship.   

Even as Rayek got into his new position and took out the Jem'Hadar at the helm console, from the corner of his eye Rayek saw the human member of their trio hesitate to shoot the warrior at Engineering - whether from fear, compassion or inexperience - it made no difference the result was the same.  Her hesitation cost them, as the Jem'Hadar leader turned suddenly, causing Benos to miss his shot.  The Jem'Hadar leader then double tapped his trigger as he switched targets from her to Benos.  Rayek was surprised to see both the woman and the Andorian drop.  Rayek now had two opponents to take down.  Assessing the situation quickly, Rayek took aim for the 'engineer', hoping he'd be able to take him out before he could finish sabotaging the engines but even Rayek fired the warrior turned and called out.  "It's done!" 

A new alarm sounded throughout the room.  "Anti-matter containment field failure."  The computers' feminine voice announced.  "Warp core breach imminent."   Rayek suddenly jolted as he was fired on by the Jem'Hadar leader..  his vision went black.  Fvadt!
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Prompt - Incompetence

'Commander' Rayek (alias of Major Rayek of the Tal Shiar)
[Romulan Empire - USS Courage - Engineering]

Having just arrived on the USS Courage, as one of the ship's three Romulan observers and the Romulan's lead Liaison Officer, Rayek's first order of business was to ensure that the Empire's stipulations regarding the visiting starships were adhered to.  He had listed them off to the Admiral earlier before insisting on a tour of Engineering.  The stipulations were that the Federation starships were to run without defensive shielding; all ship's weapons were to be powered down on both vessels; and no scans or probes were to be run while in Romulan space.

As the tour arrived at their first spot on the tour, Rayek took note of the added security outside Main Engineering – he smiled to himself thinking all this on their behalf. At least he assumed the full compliment was extra security; otherwise it seemed a terrible waste of manpower. "I will need to see the shield and weapons display." He stated to his tour guide – a Lt McKensie - a human/betazoid hybrid if intel on her was correct.  As a precaution, Rayek was forced to keep his telepathic shields up.   That meant he wasn't able to use his own abilities to read the Starfleet crew - at least not when she present.

"I'm sure our engineering staff will be only too happy to help you with any queries you might have," his guide commented as she lead the way into Main Engineering.  Rayek followed Lt. McKensie through the sliding door and was impressed to see yet another compliment of security stationed within.

Looking towards the warp core, he observed the telltale flicker of a force field protecting it. Normal procedure? Or due to his presence here?  Likely the latter. The Admiral was certainly attempting to not underestimate him and his colleagues - it was almost too funny.  Rayek smiled and nodded towards the two lady engineers that approached their small group and waited to be introduced.

"Welcome, I'm Lt. Cmdr Seacrest." Spoke the smaller of the two women.  "The ship's Chief Engineer. I'd also like to introduce my assistant chief engineer, Lt. T'Sarn." The woman motioned to the Vulcan at her side.

"Welcome. Live long and prosper, Commander."
Rayek nodded towards the Chief Engineer at the introductions, but didn't bother making effort to remember their names. He returned his attention to the human Chief Engineer without acknowledging the Vulcan's greeting. "Thank you Lt Commander, I can see that my visit is a bit of an inconvenience for you and your staff, so I will try not to take up too much of your time."

"We have a short tour if you wish, or was there something you particularly wished to see?" the Chief Engineer asked.

"I will need to see the shield and weapons status workstations, if you would be so kind?" Rayek answered.

There was a brief hesitation as the Chief Engineer glanced to the lead security officer that had escorted Rayek from the transporter room to Engineering.   The man nodded slightly, and the Chief Engineer forced a smile.  "Follow me."�

Rayek followed the Lt. Commander over across the room towards the workstation. There was something different. He glanced over the visible warp core distractedly then turned to the shield workstation only to realize that the station he turned towards was a back-up system and that the Lt. Commander was continuing on to a different location. Around him security tensed for a moment.

The lead guard stepped forward and pointed the way to the proper station. "This way, Sir.."

Rayek turned back to the others and continue following without comment. He noted this new location held the status display for the shield generators. It would seem that his intel on the layout of Engineering was inaccurate. Damned inconvenient.
Rayek studied the readings on the status board. Everything appeared exactly as requested. Perhaps a little too exact. Considering his own inclinations if in a similar situation..
He looked over towards his hybrid-Betazoid guide as she attempted to continue on. "Commander... Perhaps we should move on with your tour and let the engineering crew get back to their work?"
"In a moment, Lieutenant." Rayek replied, suspecting something was not as it seemed and turned to face the Chief Engineer. "Lt. Commander. Would you be so kind as to run a diagnostic of the shields and weapon banks for me?"

There was another longer hesitation this time.

"Get approval from the Admiral if need be. I will wait. While you are at it you can tell him, I request that shields be raised momentarily to 45%." added Rayek, then he turned to monitor the requested changes on status board.

"Seacrest to the Bridge.  Commander Rayek is requesting a diagnostic of the shield and weapon banks.  Permission to run to requested procedure?"�
On the bridge of the Courage, Admiral Zaa was waiting for Commander Delat, their other Romulan guest to arrive. The Vulcan Admiral listened to his Chief engineer, catching the note of tension in her voice.  She wanted the Romulan out of her engine room.  He couldn't blame her - he wanted them off his ship.  "Permission is granted, Commander Seacrest, please make sure that the inspection goes without a hitch," Zaa said
"Yes, sir."�  The Chief was quick to run the diagnostic. It was completed in just a couple of seconds.  Everything showed green.  "Also he requests that the Courage raise her shields to 45% momentarily."�
"Odd, but okay."� Zaa commented before turning to his tactical officer.  "Shields to 45%"�
Aboard the Warbird Falcon, the Tactical officer monitoring the Courage, suddenly glanced up and over to the command chair. "Subcommander Taelen, Sir. The Courage is raising shields!"

Taelen didn't hesitate. "Centurion, single distruptor beam across her bow. Get their attention. Then open a channel."

The Warbird fired off a single shot that streaked across the bow of the Courage harmlessly. A warning shot.

"Channel open, Sir."

"USS Courage. This is Subcommander Taelan, in command of the Warbird Falcon. Lower your shields. Comply or be destroyed."

Zaa was unprepared for the sudden warning shot and huffed at the ultimatum, but nodded towards his tactical officer before responding.

"Falcon, this is the Courage. We raised shields on Commander Rayek's orders. If you destroy us, you will destroy him too! Shields lowered. Courage out!" Zaa growled at the guile of the Romulan commander.  If he was correct, the commander had just tested the mettle and readiness of his own people, and in doing so risked a war with the Federation.  The man was either a fool or very sure of himself.
Down in Engineering, Rayek smiled as yet again his demands were met. He studied the status screen as the diagnostic was run - satisfactorily; and then as shields were raised and then lowered. Good. The readings were accurate. Zaa appeared to be a man of his word, which was often said of Vulcans. Yet Rayek expected that even Vulcans would cross their moral lines under the right pressure.

Rayek turned to the Lt. Commander. "Thank you for your time and co-operation, Lt. Commander. Ms. McKensie, I am ready to continue the tour."

Rayek followed the Lt. to their next destination on the tour.  He didn't particularly care where they headed now; though he did half expect a call from either the Admiral or Commander Delat, to come to the Bridge to explain his request.  He smirked, if things had gone as expected... a warning shot would have been fired.  If one hadn't, then Delat would be down one bridge officer shortly.  The Empire dealt with incompetence rather harshly.
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Prompt - Conspiracy

2nd Lieutenant Rayek tr'Lhoell (Tal Shiar)
[Romulus - tr'Lhoell home]

"It's like Shinzon all over again. Surely you see that."
Rayek had been back home on leave for less than 12 hours and already he was realizing that it hadn't been such a good idea. 

Rayek's father, Talen tr'Lhoell Vice-Proconsul of the Romulan Senate, was an astute and cunning man, which no doubt was part of the reason he had risen so high in the Senate. The tall and imposing man knew just how to talk to people, knowing what to say put them at ease or sway them to his position.  He was what one might call a natural politician.   However when it came to his son, the two were often at odds.

Rayek suspected it was from his father that he received his psionic abilities - not that he ever dared bring the subject up to his father or anyone one else.  He found it interesting that their clash of wills began soon after he had learned to shield himself.   Yet his father seemed oblivious.  Rayek after beginning his training in the Tal'Shiar, now suspected that his father was unaware of the subtle cues he picked up on from people.       
"I see many things, Father;  and hear many more." Rayek finally answered his father, trying to get across to his father his concern and reluctance to discuss the Praetor's most recent Reman policy. 

Rayek had not yet had opportunity to scan the room where he and his parents sat eating evening meal together, for any listening or recording devices.  He knew all too well that a high profile figure like his father would be the target of surveillance, both by the Tal'Shiar and by the private hired dirt-diggers looking to unseat his father.   

Thus far Rayek in his discreet searches of the Tal'Shiar database had yet to find anything incriminating on his father... but too many comments like that and they could easily build a case against him.

His father snorted dismissively.  "You worry too much, son.  The room was cleared just this morning."  His mother kept her own counsel and didn't speak.  She was like that most often - deferring to her husbands opinion. 

"Be that as it may, Father.  You should be wary of what you speak."  Then to force a change of topic, Rayek called to mind a bit of random fact that he'd picked up in his studies of the Terrans.  "Mother, did you know that the Terrans have specific days every year in which they celebrate on mass differ members of their household?  It's really quite fascinating."

But his father scowled upset at being warned like a child.  "How like you to be so paranoid and see conspiracy where there is none, yet to so glibly speak of your fascination with the Feds.  Don't let their ways corrupt you, son.  You are Romulan not Human!"  His father rose from his seat and stormed out of the room.  Rayek's interest in Terrans had always been a touchy subject between the two. 

"Rayek, must you upset him so?" his mother chided quietly "We see you so infrequently now, don't make your being home an unpleasant thing."  She stood up preparing to follow her husband.  "I will see to your Father - get him to cool down some.  Though he is not wrong. We are your family - you should value our beliefs over others."

Rayek said nothing in reply only offering a slight smile to his mother.  Once she left, he smirked. He admired his mother for putting up with his father, like she did.  He finished his meal alone afterwards, before walking a circuit of the room. 

He stopped at a mounted family portrait that from the fading of the wallpaper around it, appeared to have been moved slightly.   Rayek checked the frame and sure enough found a miniature recording device, which he crushed underfoot.  "Happy Father Day's, Father."
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Prompt - Dilithium crystals

Uhlan tr'Lhoell
[Remus - underground city of Shavokh - yr 2385]

As the green shimmer of the transporter faded from around him, Rayek, the recently conscripted Tal Shiar officer, found himself plunged into shadow.  He had barely been with the intelligence agency for a month, when Rayek was assigned this month long training exercise on Remus with orders to meet his instructor at the oddest of locations - an abandoned dilithium mine.  Rayek remained still, listening attentively as he let his eyes adjust to the near darkness around him.  A faint light approached from his left, and after first checking about him in the other directions, he turned to face the approaching light warily, it's light glinting off the small unmined dilithium crystals that lined the mine walls.

The Reman that came into view, holding a dimly lit lantern, had the typical appearance of one of its species.  It was tall - easily a foot taller than Rayek who stood 6'1".  It had whitish gray skin with very prominent facial features, with cheek and forehead ridges that protruded sharply.  The Reman stared at Rayek with dark pupiled eyes in a yellow sclera, sunken into blackened sockets.  It came to stop about a meter and a half away, saying nothing and merely watched Rayek, seemingly assessing him.  Despite knowing in advance what Remans looked like, this was Rayek's first time in the presence of one and he found himself a little daunted by the encounter, even if the creature was little more than a slave.

Not willing to let his fear get the better of him, Rayek straightened still watchful of the male Reman - at least Rayek thought it was a male, that was the impression he got from it as he made his own assessment of the Reman.  The Reman was dressed in long dark, tight-fitting leather, making his already lean form seem even taller and more menacing.  The hands which held the lamp were long and slender with well-groomed nails that were filed to sharpened points like talons.  It was definitely not the appearance he would have expected to see from a former mining slave.   Mind you it had been over 5 years since the Reman rebellion and Shinzon's coup, much had changed for the Reman's since then.  Few remained.   Most had voluntarily relocated to an uninhabited Klingon planet, rather than be hunted down and persecuted by their former masters.

Rayek had joined the Romulan Star Navy in 2380.  His first ship assignment aboard the IRW Mogai had been to track down escaped Remen after the death of Shinzon and the fall of his regime.  As a mere uhlan at the time, Rayek was always on duty elsewhere, when they had the prisoner executions, so he had to watch the recordings of them after the fact on his tablet.  The executions were mandatory training - reminders to all of what happened to those that didn't put the Empire first.  Now nearly 5 years later, Rayek was meeting his first Reman, face to face.  He wondered if the stories that said Remen could read minds like a Vulcan was true... and if so he wondered if this one was reading his mind right now?

The silence between them grew as Rayek weathered the assessing gaze of the other.  Finally, it grew too much for Rayek to bear any longer.

"I am Rayek of the clan tr'Lhoell." He stated hoping to prompt a confirmation from the Reman that he was indeed his contact.

The Reman smiled a craggy toothed smile. "We know who you are and why you are here - moreso than you.  Your mind, open to us now, will be trained to keep secure the secrets of your owners, and taught the ways of moving through the thoughts of others."

Rayek blinked in surprise at the Reman's words.  Trained to block his mind and taught how to read other peoples minds... How was such a thing possible? No Romulan was telepathic - not anymore.

The Reman chuckled harshly, watching him with odd yellow eyes.  "It is possible because you were born with the rare natural trait  - which you already unknowingly use to know the motivations of others. You just need to be trained to use it properly.   We have been ordered to be your teacher.  Come."

The Reman turned away and began walking back further into the mine with his dim glowing lantern.  Rayek had little choice but to follow, or be plunged into darkness once more.   He kept back about 3 meters still uncertain as to whether the Reman was speaking the truth; finding it hard to accept that his Tal'Shiar superiors intended him to be trained to use such highly feared skill.  Then again, such a skill if kept secret, would be of unimaginable value in routing out dissension and plots against the Empire.

He doubted the Reman was correct in his assessment of Rayek's 'natural trait', but decided to go along with the training regardless. He was stuck here for the next month anyways.  What harm could come from trying?
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Prompt - General order

Recruit Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Mars - Starfleet Technical Services Academy - yr 2393]

"Recruit tr'Lhoell.  You are oddly silent today." 

Rayek, who had been reading, refrained from grimacing as the Technical Services Academy instructor called attention to him, and his silence in an almost mocking tone.  Not that the man was wrong.  Rayek had been unusually quiet and attentive during the entire hour and a half long lecture (rather than his usual disruptive self - adding on to the lesson with comments and corrections), mainly because the topic of their lesson was a subject to which he had no familiarity.

The lecture today had been a brief overview of the 30 General Orders that guided all Starfleet personnel, and which officers would be responsible for upholding and protecting.  These were the rules and regulations Rayek would need to know to one day become an officer himself - a goal he still had every intention of fulfilling despite being relegated to the enlisted ranks rather than commissioned - yet so many of the orders made no reasonable sense to the Romulan recruit, and he wondered if this was some prank or if he had misunderstood some key phrasing in the first several orders.

Rayek glanced up from his notebook, in which he was reviewing the written Orders for better understanding and clarification - but they too read as he had interpreted hearing them.  He looked over towards the instructor who regarded him smugly, probably feeling self-important at Rayek's lack of commentary for once during the lecture.

Rayek straightened in his seat and acknowledged the instructor's observation with a curt nod. "Yessir, I am." he agreed mildly.  "It is difficult to correct your teaching on a topic I am unfamiliar with but that being said perhaps I could endeavor you to provide examples of where these Orders come into usage, because the first few especially seem most unrealistic and impossible to uphold so I suspect you have forgotten to pass on some crucial bit of information that makes these General Orders reasonable."

But as Rayek was to learn Starfleet and it's first few General Orders were just that unreasonable.
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Prompt:  Tube grubs

Prisoner 3J4S735GL (Rayek tr'Lhoell)
[Penal Colony Faicol-lhui]

"It's mealtime, rvak'na, don't just sit there."  The taunting voice of a nearby guard cut through the quiet murmurs of the inmates seated at other tables around the room, coming from a position behind and to his left.  "You'd best eat so you have strength enough to work tomorrow."  The 'helpful' suggestion was followed almost immediately with a prod to his side by the guard with the man's stun baton.  Rayek was surprised the nudge hadn't been accompanied by the expected low-voltage shock. 

Rayek had been on Faicol-lhui less than 5 days.  He had just been released from isolation that morning,  having been held there for 3 days without food or water after killing a fellow inmate during an altercation that happened on his first day at the penal colony.  This was his first meal since arriving and despite his definite need of nourishment, Rayek found himself in no big hurry to eat.  Instead he sat alone on a bench at one of the Mess Hall's trestle tables, looking unhappily at the bowl full of live food that wriggled about unappealingly.  "What are these?  Tube grubs?"

Rayek recalled overhearing from his time aboard the USS Courage that such a meal was considered a Ferengi delicacy.  Live tube grubs in a centipede sauce had been one of the many buffet dishes set out by the Federation during the 'Meet and Greet' on the Starfleet vessel as it began it's journey through Romulan space at the invite of the Romulan Empire.

The memory was not a fond one so Rayek was glad when his attention was called back to the present by a snickered laugh from the guard behind him.   "No.  You prisoner vermin aren't worth the trouble of shipping in tube grubs.  Those could be sold for a profit to the Ferengi.  These are maggots."  Rayek grimaced in distaste at that information, glancing over his shoulder towards the guard. "Enough of you die monthly, that we are able to grow our own supply."  Rayek dry-gagged at the mental image that conjured, which only made the guard laugh harder.  "You either eat them, or they will eat you, rvak'na.  Makes little difference to me."  The guard commented before moving on to patrol the room now that he'd messed with the newbie prisoner.

Rayek was left alone at the table to watch his squirming bowl of larvae.  The guard was correct.  Survival demanded he ignore the source of the meal and simple accept it as his only means of nutrition.  The fact that many ancient human cultures considered maggots to be a 'superfood' escaped his knowledge at the time.

Since the meal hadn't been served with any sort of utensil with which to eat with, Rayek lifted the bowl with its writhing mass to his lips and tipped it ever so slightly as he slurped a few into his mouth.   He fought back the almost instantaneous gag reflex and forced himself to chew the mouthful.  That was perhaps not the best choice, as the texture more so than the taste was rather revolting.  He set the bowl down and reached for his small cup of allotted water, downing it in one gulp to clear the maggot paste from his mouth.

A quick glance about showed Rayek that most of the inmates, merely swallowed the maggots whole either in small clumps picked up with their fingers or by tipping them into the mouth cavity, such as he'd done and swallowing without chewing.  Rayek steeled himself and tried again, tipping several into his mouth and this time dry-swallowing the lot of them down.

It was a strange feeling - swallowing live larvae.  They squirmed and wriggled against the tongue and along the back of the throat, but thankfully couldn't be felt any further down the esophagus.  It was strange but tolerable.  Rayek managed to finish his entire bowl by the time his section was called to head back to their cells for their sleep break.
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Prompt - Flux coupler

PO2 Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Challenger - Engineering - S1 between Episode 10 and 11]

Main Engineering was a bustle of activity the morning that Rayek had finally surcame to his nagging notion to attempt to speak to Lek.  It had bothered him far more than he liked to admit that the Ferengi had walked out in the midst of their conversation and was now seemingly avoiding him. Twice now, while passing in the halls or mess Rayek had offered greetings to the man and twice his overtures had been ignored (or not seen).

So today Rayek had arrived at what he hoped was the engineer's 'coffee' break time with a can of Slug-o-cola for the Ferengi as a 'peace offering', only to discover the Alpha Engineering shift doing an unscheduled training simulation.  He approached the nearest engineer, a crewman standing at a open power grid panel with his hands and attention dealing with a confusing mess of relays.  Rayek interrupted and inquired as to where to find Lieutenant Lek.

"I'm sorry sir, the Lieutenant just left with Damage Control Team Four to oversee the simulation being done in the nacelles." the engineering crewman whose name tag read Drass answered. "They likely won't be back for another half hour or so."

Rayek took in that information with a slight grimace, glancing down to the two drinks he had in hand - Lek's slug-o-cola and his own chai tea.  It would seem his social call would have to wait for another time.  But as he was about to turn away another engineer hurrying past them bumped his arm - hard. This resulted in his chai tea being sprayed forward onto crewman Drass and ... onto the open power grid panel.  Really? This was so not going to impress either Lek or Lt Erix.

To the crewman's credit, the enlisted man didn't swear at the unexpected mishap, despite the sparks that erupted from the open panel.  Hastily withdrawing his hand the crewman moved to the nearby console and began rerouting power.   Calling over his shoulder towards Rayek, Drass sought to get the petty officer out of Engineering before the Chief showed up and discovered the mess the Romulan had made.  "Sir, I think you should leave.  I'll let the Lieutenant know you stopped by."

Rayek hesitated, not liking the idea of leaving others to 'clean up' after him but getting the sense from the crewman that his presence was no longer welcome.  "I'd prefer to assist if I can. Tell me how can I help?" he offered.

There was an unmistakable scoffing sound from another of the engineers nearby, the ensign that had bumped into him in fact. Ensign Kasey James, if Rayek wasn't mistaken.  "Do you even know what end of a flux coupler to hold?" she taunted.

Rayek bristled at the slight. "Yes, ma'am I do - and unlike you, I know enough of engineering to know you wouldn't use a flux coupler in this instance.  Perhaps you meant did I know which end of a hyperspanner to use?"  Ignoring the ensign's stutters of incredulity at his audacity to talk back to her, Rayek walked over to the woman and pulled the hyperspanner from her tool belt and handed it to her handle first.  "I think you'll find that will work better than a flux coupler."

Then with a slightly apologetic nod towards the crewman Drass, for the extra work he'd inadvertently caused Rayek headed out of Engineering.  He'd try connecting with Lek another day.
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Prompt -  Sacrifice

SCPO Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Challenger - NCO Quarters - Deck 5]

Rayek read through the electronic notification from Starfleet Command for the twelfth time - and yet still was disbelieving of it's message.  This had to be some mistake or prank.  But every check Rayek ran on the letter and it's source came back as verified.  He covered his gaping mouth with a hand that shook slightly in excitement.  A a commissioned officer... and not to some low level Ensign.   Starfleet was finally recognizing his skills and had promoted him straight through to Lieutenant Commander.  There was just one catch.  To receive the promotion he had to accept a transfer to newly built starbase in the Gamma Quadrant.

Some might need time to think over the offer and it's cost.  Not Rayek.  He was experienced enough to realize that opportunities like this did not come along often.   While a transfer to a starbase might seem a bit of a sacrifice -  giving up what was fond and familiar such as close friends and amazing shipmates - Rayek knew he had to accept.  He had sacrificed far more on his path to this point  - family, home, even his precious loyalty to the Empire -  and now with his goal within in sight, there was nothing that would hold the Romulan back.
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Prompt - Dingoes

Major Rayek (aka 'Commander' Rayek)
Tal Shiar operative
Romulan Observer and Liaison Officer
Aboard the USS Courage

Rayek followed a few steps behind Lieutenant Star as she lead him and his escort of security guards on the required inspection of the ship.   It was Rayek's job to ensure that the USS Courage and her crew followed all Romulan laws and regulations while within Romulan space as guests of the Empire.  The Tal'Shiar operative, posing as a military Commander, followed the Lieutenant, not out of any deference to the woman or because he thought that the few feet of space might provide a barrier against the telepathic Lieutenant's mind invading his.  No, that would be foolish given just the other day she had slipped into his mind easily, despite his precautions, to question him from the ship while he was down on the planet.  Never had he heard of such a powerful telepath to connect to an unfamiliar mind across such distances.  It made his own ability to read others from across a distance of 50 ft seem rather weak. 

His following behind her was definitely no barrier.  No, Rayek followed the Lieutenant so that he could better envision all the possible ways he could attack her from behind.  A knife to back, a garrote around the neck, perhaps a snapped neck using the tal-shaya execution method.  He pictured each in vivid detail so that if the telepath dared see into his thoughts it might shock and scare her from doing so again.

It had taken high doses of sseikae-khoi - a synthetic beta-wave inhibitor - and his all too sincere threat to use his Tal'Shiar poison-capsule to end his life to get some small relief from her mind's invasion.  That had been just yesterday - and now due to the Praetor's orders, Rayek was to remain aboard the Courage during the next 2 to 4 weeks that the Federation ship was in Romulan space.  Rayek wasn't sure he could do that without resorting to killing the woman.  Yet that had been the one thing the Praetor had been extremely clear on -  at no point was Rayek to start a political incident - which killing one of the Federation crew would be.  So Rayek was stuck with little to do to vent his frustration than imagine the ways he would like to kill her. 

Currently, Rayek and his escort were headed down to Deck 13 where the Courage's fighter squadron - the Dingoes - were housed.   Rayek had been unfamiliar with the meaning of the name 'Dingo' when he first heard it during his first tour a few days prior when the Courage had first entered Romulan territory, and Rayek had taken the time since then to research the word.  Dingo, he discovered, referred to a feral canine that originated in a select section of Earth called Australia - generally thought to be a scavenger.  The animals were have thought to be descendant from domesticated dogs and were regarded as a vulnerable species in the early 21st century.   They were all but extinct now.  At first Rayek couldn't understand why that animal had been chosen to represent the squadron, until he happened upon an archived picture of the creature.  The canines were lean, hard-bodied and adapted for speed, agility and stamina. The usage seemed to make sense after that. 

"Commander," Lt Star's voice - thankfully audible and not in his head - interrupted his visualization tactics to keep her at bay.  Was it his imagination or did she seem amused?  "The Dingoes squad are awaiting your inspection." It was then that Rayek realized that they had arrived at the military unit's quarters.  Before him were assembled a crew 20 hardened military personnel; each who while at attention were still able to give off an almost feral feel - especially as they regarded the Romulan in their midst.  Rayek smirked.  Yes, the name 'Dingo'  definitely seemed apt for this 'pack'.

"Let us proceed then Lieutenant." Rayek commented as he began to move through the room in search of any 'bones' these 'dingoes' might be attempting to keep hidden from him.  Romulan laws were strict on what was permissible and what was not.  Rayek had no doubt that he would eventually find something the crew of the Courage were in contravention of  - and rubbing that infraction in the face of the Vulcan Admiral Zaa was going to be a pleasure.
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Prompts - Portrait and Velociraptors

SCPO Rayek tr'Lhoell
[USS Challenger - NCO Quarters - 2396

Never one to let an opportunity to gather intel pass by, Rayek, since his promotion to Chief of security, had been reviewing the ship's mission briefings.  When he finished with Challenger's, he turned to reviewing other ships' mission briefings.  In one such briefing there was a side comment to the report indicating that STEVE had been of assistance.  The capitalization of the entire name.. suggested that STEVE was an acronym for something, but Rayek had no clue as to what.  So Rayek did what he does best... and he did a computer search on the topic.  Unfortunately, Challenger had nothing on this STEVE.

[Starbase Columbus - Sickbay - 2396
Two months later, while recuperating at Starbase Columbus, Rayek tried again and this time found what he was looking for.   STEVE and it's companion program EVIE were holographic construct files.  As he read over the file, Rayek had to laugh...  STEVE stood for Simulated Terrestrial Evolutionary Velociraptor Experiment.  The Shran's crew, namely a Lt JG Ardyn Jaeger, had created a holographic dinosaur, the previous year and since then the hologram had quickly become the ship's crew pet and mascot. 

Opening up an image file attached to the main information, Rayek was treated to a photo portrait of the creature as a hatchling.


Rayek had to admit it was cute.  He read on that both STEVE and it's companion EVIE (Evolutionary Velociraptor Integrated Entity) were designated 'therapy' holograms.  As he thought back to Counselor Maddux and her tribbles, Rayek had to agree that he'd prefer a predator dinosaur over a furball, any day.

He wondered if he suggested the idea to the Dr. Vaughan and Dr. Maddux whether they would have connections with the Shran to be able to get a look at STEVE or EVIE's  programming details so that Challenger could have a ship pet of their own...  Or if it might be possible to download him from the Shran without their knowing?  Hmmmm....
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Prompt - Jeffries tubes

Crewman Recruit Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Mars - Starfleet Technical Services Academy]

If there was one thing that Rayek was, it was vindictive.

Rayek had been coerced into participating in a parrises square match - with the promise of Romulan ale - win or lose.  They had lost 12 to 7.   Benos and Nalem, the two other security recruits that had convinced him to participate, had yet to honor their end of the deal.  A month had passed, Rayek figured it was time to exact retribution and payment another way.

Rayek didn't so much 'plan' the situation as take advantage of it.

The class had been divided into two groups.  A small heavily armed 'enemy' force of 4 members against a larger but resource-limited Federation security team - basically the rest of the class.  Rayek had been assigned as a lead 'enemy' for this scenario.  Rayek picked his team of three others carefully:  Benos, the warrior caste Andorian; Nalem, an unbonded Trill and the Tellerite, Skaggarg.

Rayek and his team were given 20 minutes prep time to come up with a plan of attack. The four had been granted permission, at the Romulan's request, to do this planning at the Academy Mess Hall.  In a show of leadership and team-building, Rayek had kindly offered to buy everyone a drink.  He ordered four 'energy-drinks' - one for each, and briefly lead the discussion in regards to their plans.

"Nah, man, we need to go in hard! Storm the bridge!" Benos insisted, his antenna twitching slightly because of the additional caffeine and sugar he'd just imbibed.

Rayek shook his head.  "We may have greater fire-power but our numbers mean that we can't risk even one of us being taken out by a 'lucky' shot.  We'll beam in to just outside the battle bridge.  Take out the guards there, and then you three will access the Jefferies tubes and head straight to Engineering.  While I distract the security with some well placed and timed stun explosives."

"What?! No, you're the leader you have to be with the team." Nalem objected to the idea.

"No, actually I don't." Rayek reaffirmed coolly, "As leader, I'm telling you what to do, and how to do it.  Your job is to do it.  Do you think it looks good to the instructors if I have to hold your hand the entire time?"  The remark earned Rayek a quietly muttered swear from Nalem - which Rayek heard clearly.

"You can insult me all you like. But you'll do as I say, as leader.  That's the power of command." He looked around the table at the now scowling faces of his classmates and teammates.  He smirked.  "I think we're done planning.  I'll see you back in class."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The team assembled just outside the training area, where the rest of the class had already been sent 20 minutes earlier.   The 'Federation' didn't know when the attack was scheduled, but had been warned an attack might be planned.  So their defenses would be up and beaming in would immediately be noticed.

Rayek handed to his team their equipment. He had isolated signal comm badges for communication, rebreathers and molecular scramblers - as defense against gassing and site-to-site transport once they were aboard.  He also handed out the weapons and explosives.  With everyone geared up, it was time to go in.

The four-person team was transported in to their chosen beam in location - just outside of the ships battle bridge. As expected the second their transporter beam was picked up by the ships internal sensors - the intruder alert sounded.  And of course the 'guards' on duty outside the battle bridge heard the telltale whine of the transporter beam as the team materialized and had their phasers in hand ready to stun the team.  Rayek however, had utilized a tactic from his past and had the beam in come in not at ground level but directly above the guards.  It was amusing to Rayek how many people didn't think to look above when hearing a transporter whine.  These guards were no different - likely because he'd not used the tactic before now with any of his Starfleet instructors.  He doubted, he would be able to pass this trick off again after this since the training session was being recorded and would be reviewed afterwards by class and instructors.  But for now, it had worked.

The team of four as they materialized dropped down from above, easily taking out the two guards stationed outside the battle bridge. Then within moments,  Benos and  Skaggarg were in position covering the hall on either side while Nalem worked on opening the Jeffries tube access that lay directly across the hall.   Rayek turned to battle bridge door panel and set to work by-passing the locks.  A few moments later, both he and Nalem had their respective routes open.

"This is where we part.  You know your jobs. Skaggarg, you've got point while in the Jeffries tubes." Rayek stated, doing his best to tamp down the smirk that threatened.  The Tellerite gave a derisive sounding snort but entered the cramped access way and began moving along it's length on his hands and knees.  Nalem followed after.

Benos glanced over to Rayek, with his antennae waving about alertly, "You sure this is how you want to do this?  It's a shit-poor plan.. and you know it."

Rayek almost laughed - Benos was humorously close to the truth.  "You have your orders."

Benos gave a slight grimace but crouched down and entered the Jeffries tube following the other two.  Rayek quickly reset the access panel and sealed it up behind them.  Then turned his attention to setting up a couple of stun charges both were on a proximity trigger... though one was timed.  He placed these around the entrance to the battle bridge before locking himself within.

Rayek stood to one side of the door waiting.  He refrained from glancing towards where he knew the instructors camera was observing the exercise.  The moment the stun charge went off outside the battle bridge door, Rayek triggered the small signal-disrupter he had replicated when preparing for this assignment.  It would cut the video feed temporarily.

Rayek hurried to the nearest console set about hacking into the ship's computer system.  It was ridiculously easy for the former Tal Shiar operative, and he had the system open to him by the time the second timed charge went off.   Rayek installed his worm program, checked that it was in place then moved back to beside the door.  Rayek was back in place just as the video feed came back online.   Which was fortunate.. for while his instructors might suspect that he hacked the computer, they wouldn't have proof of it.  Rayek waited a moment longer than necessary to ensure the recording  showed him in the exact same spot.. before daring to open the battle bridge door.

Almost immediately, it opened to reveal a half a dozen security personnel piled up at the entrance unconscious.  Rayek smirked.  He prepared an additional two charges and in a quick move placed one on the door frame outside the battle bridge and another on the body of one of the down guards.  Even as he did this he came under phaser fire.  Thankfully, his classmates were rather poor shots when firing without taking time to sight and aim.  The shots missed.  Two even striking one of the already downed guards.  Rayek ducked back inside the battle bridge to prepare a set of stun grenades.

While he did this, Rayek followed the progress of his teammates as they called out their location in the jeffries tubes.  =/\= Approaching GNDN714 =/\= Nalem quietly announced as the team neared the planned exit point.  Rayek smirked and moved to other side of the battle bridge, to a position far from the rooms ventilation duct.

Rayek tapped his earpiece to open a direct comm line to the other on this team. Rayek spoke in code - just in case the comm line was being unexpectedly monitored.
=/\= Insertion team.  Protocol Heta Two Omega. Go now! =/\= he called out forcing the urgency into his tone.

In the Jeffries tubes the three immediately paused to pullout their rebreathers and set them in place.  At just about that time, thank to his earlier hacking, throughout the 'ship' canisters of anesthezine gas - often used on ships to take down intruders - was being used silently to knock out a large majority of the 'ships' crew. 

The amusing part was that at the much like how he'd hacked into the security protocols to trigger the release of the gas, he also edited the replicator program for the rebreathers earlier - they would be pretty much useless.

Now if Rayek had just left things like this his whole team would have easily won the practice - without a single casualty... but Rayek was looking for revenge and his worm-file  had more executable commands than just releasing anesthezine.

While his team was preparing to continue on to their target, a force field appeared in front and behind them, effectively trapping them in a small section of the Jeffries tube.

=/\=  Insertion leader, our route forward and back have been cut off by forcefields, repeat route forward and back has been cut off by forcefields.  Any chance you can figure a way of dropping them?  =/\=. Benos risked being affected by the anesthezine gas to request assistance.

Yes! Everything was going according to plan. Rayek tapped his earpiece to reply.  He wasn't concerned about the gas.. as he'd programmed the release signal to skip the battle bridge and a certain section of the jeffries tubes.

=/\=  I could.  But I'm honestly not inclined to want to. As I recall the last time I did you and Nalem a favor... I got nothing in return. But not to worry, I'll complete the rest of this mission on my own. =/\=  He answered as he silently counted out a full minute - ensuring that the gas had time to effect those that might in the hall.   

=/\=  Huh? What are you talking about?  You can't just leave us here!  =/\= Benos complained.

=/\=  Actually, I'm rather certain I can.  =/\= The Romulan smirked.

There was a soft groan in the background from Nalem and her voice filtered over Benos' comm line.  "He's talking about the parrases squares game.  We promised him a bottle of Romulan Ale - win or lose. You forgot to take him out for that drink, didn't you? "  Nalem accused.

=/\= You gotta be kidding me?!  Listen up Rayek, we're supposed to be a team working together.  Turn these force fields off! =/\=   Beno demanded.

=/\=  Well, it seems that is still something I need to work on. =/\=  Rayek commented back  =/\=  Though I did take enough of an interest in my 'team' to learn their dietary restrictions.  I suppose that could be called 'working together'. =/\=

At about that time Skaggarg, at the front of the line of security crewmen trapped in the enclosed space of the jeffries tube, issued a groan.  "I don't feel so good".  Rayek could envision the Tellerite's face screwed up in discomfort as the Tellerite's digestive system rebelled strongly and swiftly.

There was a very pregnant pause before Benos spoke again accusingly =/\=  What the hell did you do, you Romulan bastard?  =/\=

Before Rayek could answer there was a loud sound, like ripping fabric, and a sigh of relief from Skaggarg.

From the still open comm line Rayek could hear Benos comment  "Aww man, Skaggarg you did not just let one rip in here!"

But the Tellerite had; it was an obscure medical fact that caffeine did not sit well with their digestive system resulting in swift and odorous flatulence, and if Rayek was correct about the amount of caffeine that was in the energy drink he'd provided his team then Skaggarg would be flatulent for at least then next half hour. 

Rayek heard stifled gagging and then Nalem's voice in the background of the comm line.  "Why can I smell the stench through the rebreather?"

Rayek did laugh this time.  He had sabotaged the replicator program for those three rebreathers before handing them out earlier... they couldn't filter a thing.  Benos and Nalem would either suffer the indignation of being stuck in an enclosed space with a flatulent Tellerite or find a way to lower the force fields on their own and surcome to the anesthezine gas like the rest of the ship's crew.

=/\=  tr'Lhoell! You bastard! I'm gonna get you for this =/\=  There was another ripping sound and more groans of disgust from the three in the Jeffries tubes.

=/\=  You can try. =/\= Rayek answered back smugly  =/\=  Til then you can just wait there for the instructor to release you;  I have to go.  I have a ship to take over  =/\=  He cut the comm... and left the earpiece behind, dropping it on the floor as he inserted his own properly programmed rebreather in this mouth and headed out into the hallway where bodies littered the ground and turned to head for Engineering....

The team technically succeeded the assigned mission, but Rayek received a failing mark for his lack of teamwork and leadership.  He still thought it was worth it.
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Prompt - subordinates pet

Uhlan tr'Lhoell (of the Tal'Shiar)
[yr 2385 - Romulus - Imperial War College]

A week had passed since Rayek had met with Vice-Chairman Vakis, and during that time Rayek had gone through various strenuous physical and mental processes to test his knowledge, skills, abilities and limits.  His main examiner - or perhaps interrogator/torturer would be a better term - was a middle aged Romulan in his mid-60's.  A senior Tal'Shiar operative who had the unfortunate task of assessing Rayek's skills and providing him a crash course on what was expected of the young wet-behind the ears officer.   The man's name was Tanibak and he was ranked as Major - having been with the agency for at least 30 yrs.  He was a skilled operative that the higher ups thought the younger Uhlan's could learn from.  Rayek wasn't positive but he got the sense that while the man was undeniably steadfast in his loyalty to the Empire and the agency, and held a strong sense of duty and integrity,  Tanibak seemed overly discontent - or maybe that was just his serious nature.

Today, Rayek had received instructions to meet the Major at the Colleges' weapons training area.  Rayek grinned.  He enjoyed weapons training - even if it was painful when he lost - which was more often than not when he was pitted against more senior members.  As he entered the training area, Rayek was surprised. 

Tanibak was standing in the center of one the training mats - but that wasn't what was surprising.  No.  What surprised the young would-be operative was the fact that at the older man's feet was Rayek's sister's pet set'leth.  A bad feeling formed in the pit of Rayek's stomach at the sight of his sister's cherished companion surrounded on all sides by weapons designed to kill.

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Prompt: Ferengi Commerce Authority

2nd Lieutenant Rayek tr'Lhoell (Tal Shiar)
[IRC 1964 T'Met -  Briefing room]

As Rayek stepped into the T'Met's tiny briefing room, he glanced about the room, noting its' ornate tapestry of the Empire's symbol which hung on the wall behind the Subcommanders seat, likely hiding an escape route.

Rayek took another step forward and offered the Subcommander a Romulan salute, his hand in a closed fist, rising at right angle to hold above his heart for a moment before extending it sharply towards the Subcommander as his hand opened to a flat-palm.  He held it there until the Sub-Commander acknowledged the salute with either a nod or a salute in return.  Rayek received a nod.

"Erein tr'Lhoell, Erei'Riov, reporting as ordered."

The Subcommander looked toward the junior officer with a slight scowl.  He'd been ordered to bring along the upstart officer to the trade talks with Ferengi Commerce Authority, having been told the Erein would be able to ensure a smooth and profitable process.   What had resulted had been anything but smooth or profitable. 

"Explain to me, how we traded away an entire shipment of Romulan ale for self-sealing stembolts?"

Rayek could read the disapproval and anger directed towards him from his Commanding officer.  He was rather upset at himself as well.  But how was he supposed to know that he wouldn't be able to telepathically read the Ferengi.  No one had ever suggested such to him.  Rayek had done a bit of research afterwards and it seemed it was common knowledge among the Federation that Ferengi were unreadable. 

"I was careless Erei'Riov.  I will be more wary for Ferengi trickery next time."

"Next time!? You think I would deign to keep you around after this fiasco.  No.  You'll be transferring off at our next port. Be glad that is all that I do to you."

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(not a prompt... but so not a scene I want forgotten)

Cmdr Rayek tr'Lhoell
[Katra Station - Deck Two - Executive Officer's private quarters]

Upon returning to Katra after his long absence, nearly 6 weeks away because of his capture by the Drecacon and Thinkers, he opened his personal inbox and found at the top of the list a response from Lek.  He opened the recording and frowned at its contents.  Lek's tone had been clipped.  It was clear he still was upset at Rayek for trying to read his mind. 

But still he had replied.  That alone gave Rayek hope that their friendship was salvageable.

Once more Rayek opted to write down his message to Lek.   Before he began, Rayek moved to his bedroom door and peered within to where Tess lay sleeping then quietly shut the door so that the light from his desk wouldn't disturb her rest.

Resuming his seat, he began.

Jolan tru Lek,
My apologies at not responding sooner but I was tied up and unable to get away.

Rayek smirked slightly at his play on words.  He enjoyed such puns, telling things honestly but in such a way to have his words misconstrued.  He doubted that Lek would believe he was literally captured and bound.  Instead the Ferengi would likely take his words to mean that he was just very busy.

It is disheartening to hear your news of Mr. ch'Verret.  He was a  good security petty officer.  Please pass on my best for him in his new role, though perhaps I will message him myself and see how bad the situation is.  I am quite familiar with addictions and perhaps that's what the alcohol has become and if so an intervention may be needed.

I am also saddened to hear of Helga's change of heart.  I was hoping things would work out well with you two.

Speaking of relationships, I too have news...

Rayek paused at hearing a noise coming from his room and glanced over.

Tess stirred from her sleep. She wasn't sure what had woken her up. When she realised she was alone in the room she rolled out of the bed and walked into the adjoining room where she found Rayek sitting at his desk. She crossed the now much more furnished room and once she reached Rayek she wrapped her arms loosely around him from behind as she bent down. She kissed his cheek before glancing over at the screen. "Hey, what are you doing?", she asked still a little sleepily. 

Rayek smiled, taking in for a moment, Tess' mussed hair yet vibrantly alert eyes. "Writing a letter to my friend Lek.  I was just about to tell him .. about us." he answered as he turned back to his desk preparing to put away his writing utensils to finish his letter another time.

When he said he would finish the letter later Tess reached out to grab his arm gently. "No need to, really. Please go on. I bet he's been waiting some time for a message from you." Tess peeked over his shoulder to read what he had written so far - and suddenly laughed. "You've been tied up and unable to get away ... indeed you were", she chuckled. But she became more serious as she read the rest of the letter. Then she reached the part where he had stopped to tell about their relationship. "Hey, why don't you - instead of writing a letter - make a short video message?", she suggested, still standing behind him. "Wouldn't that be nice? We both could say hello", she smiled.

Videos were never a favorite thing for Rayek, possibly due to some manner of aversion of being seen or recognized  but Tess' suggestion of a video of them both...  Rayek liked that idea. 

"I think Lek would appreciate that." He turned in his swiveling chair and pulled her down onto his lap, smiling widely.  Rayek then spun the chair back to face his desk where his PADD lay.  He reached out and propped it up on it's stand, then tapped its' screen a couple times to begin video recording.

"As I was noting in my letter, I have some news of my own....

Lek, I'd like to introduce you to Lieutenant Tess Moreno...  my future wife... when she permits me to formally ask for her hand in marriage."

Tess chuckled when Rayek pulled her down to sit in his lap. She leaned back against him comfortably, her hand seeking to hold his. She waited until he had set up the video and then smiled widely into the camera. Her heart skipped a beat with happiness the way he introduced her. She kept looking at the screen and lifted her free hand to wave briefly into the camera.

(  (

"Hello Lieutenant. I've heard Rayek speaking all good about you. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet sometime." She then turned her head to look at Rayek. "And permission granted, Commander", she said with a lowered voice and a little grin on her face. Somehow she hadn't been aware anymore that he'd been waiting for this.

Rayek's heart leapt into his throat at her quiet words and he was struck mute for a moment before whooping with joy.  He hugged her close, the video forgotten for the moment.  He was ecstatic but had to ask. "You are certain?" 

Then a dreaded thought came to mind.  "The ring..." He hadn't had time in the short time they'd been back to have the design he had in mind to be commissioned much less made.  But he was undaunted by its lack.

"This is certainly not how I envisioned this moment but I will not waste a single second waiting on the ideal setting or props.  You know the depth of my love for you Tess, and you have just granted me the permission I said I was waiting on to ask.  So ask I shall."

Releasing her with one hand, he unbuttoned his uniform jacket to pull from it's place under his shirt the Romulan heirloom neckace she'd gifted him during their April lunchdate ( a couple months earlier. 

"Tess, you gave this to me to celebrate my promotion to Commander, and I have kept it close to my heart since the moment I realized that I was in love with you.  I ask that you accept this temporarily, in lieu of a ring - which I will have made for you...."

Rayek held up the necklace and recalling for a moment that this was being recorded, showed it to the camera before turning to face Tess once more.  "Tess Moreno, with Lek as my witness, I love you with all that I am and all that I hope to become. Will you marry me?"

Tess couldn't help but grin happily when she noticed his excitement. Although she just had confirmed to him that she would want to marry him she didn't expect what was to follow ... right about now. She watched as he unbuttoned his uniform shirt to retrieve the necklace with the Romulan pendant. She looked a little confused but also it dawned on her what he was about to do. His words made her heart pound hard in her chest as she stated at him wide eyed. This was really happening... now? She knew they wanted to marry but to have him actually ask right here and now brought tears of joy to her eyes. She covered her mouth and nose with her hands as she looked at Rayek when he proposed his question. "Yes", she brought out with a shaky voice and sobbed briefly as she tried to keep the tears in but the intense emotions of happiness, joy and luck were flooding her. "Yes I will!" She hugged him to her, half sobbing and half laughing before she pulled back again to look at him, her hands cupping his cheeks. "I want to be your wife. I love you so much", she whispered.